Devil Chapter 63


Chapter 63:三个誓约

[The Three Vows]

“I’m coming.” Followed by a voice, there was suddenly an additional person in the room.

Like everyone else here, he was draped in a very thick dark brown cloak, though the fabric was clearly different from the ones Ji Huan had been commonly seen in these days; the colour was low key, however the quality of the material was very expensive at first glance.

As that person spoke, he plucked down the cloak that covered his head, revealing a pale face beneath. In human terms, this was a man in his forties, moderately good-looking, solid and square jaw which left a deep impression on people. 

“You’re on time as usual.” Sitting at a section of the dining table facing the front door, Ah Jin closed the ‘learn how to read book’ in his hand and placed it conveniently on the table.

The visitor’s line of sight flickered over the cover of the book, although he couldn’t read the words on the cover, he could probably guess what kind of book it was about from the bare pictures. Moving his line of vision from the book cover to Ah Jin’s face, he said calmly:

“You too. As always, you read every kind of book.”

Ah Jin smiled slightly and gestured kindly to the food on the table, “Let us eat first! Today’s main course is your favourite Kemm meat, cooked using a unique method of the place I previously visited.”

He tilted and turned his head slightly, “Of course,presumably if your tastes haven’t changed in these past one hundred years.”

“My tastes are difficult to change.” With his mouth full, the man readily accepted his good advice, sat down and took the seat opposite to Ah Jin. 

The food was already cold, but both of them still ate all of the food anyway; the people here did not waste food, it was engraved in their bones and did not change because of how much money they had later.

Both of them whose body types were not considered to be sturdy had emptied the food in the dining table. After they wiped the corners of their mouths with napkins, they raised their heads and looked at each other at the same time.

Time to get down to the main matter had arrived. 

“The house you entrusted to me, today I officially hand it over to you, here is the title deed.” The man took out a wooden box from under his cloak and with a flick of his hand, the box passed in Ah Jin’s direction: “According to our arrangement, in all these years no one has ever entered into this house one step even I, also here today for the first time, up to this point, our first vow has been fulfilled.”

Taking the box with one hand, Ah Jin opened and took a look at it. Inside were two pages of paper that looked slightly yellowed because it was a little old, but still in very good condition.

The top one is the house’s deed while the paper at the bottom is a trusteeship agreement, with the trustee being Zin Murfitt Firzah and the entrusted one is Rockfini Gmuro. The time limit for the term of custody is three hundred years. Both sides agreed that if the trustee did not return within the time limit of the contract, all the objects entrusted by the trustees will belong to the entrusted.

At the bottom of the paper were the two men’s signatures, one blue and one red, two badges were stamped.

The badges were intact, proving that both of them did not break the contract.

“Very good.” Ah Jin said softly, extending his middle finger, which he pressed against the emblem beneath the signature of Zin-Murfitt-Firzah. With a slight zipping sound, the mark slowly disappeared. Next to this badge, the other badge gradually faded from the paper.

“The first vow is completely fulfilled,Rocke, thank you for your trustworthiness!” Ah Jin looked up, “However, every person on this deed needs to change it a little. Since all changes to the deed here require your signature, so why not do it all together today?”

“Oh? You’ve sold this house?” The man known as Rocke was immovable like a mountain. 

“No, not sell it out but a present. I’m giving this house to someone else.”

“Is it the person who lives in the house right now?” The fact that Ah Jin had brought someone back had been known to the man from the first day of his return.

“That’s right. ” Ah Jin nodded slightly.

Not surprised by his answer, the man simply pulled out another piece of paper from under his cloak. After signing his name on it, he tossed it to Ah Jin.

Ah Jin took a look at the writing on it and filled in two lines. He placed this piece of paper and the previous papers in the wooden box.

“Then it is time to confirm the second vow between us.”

After he finished talking, Rockfini suddenly stood up. His cloak swung off his body, revealing the black clothes inside. He walked straight up to Ah Jin, lowering his head as he extended his gloved left hand. The red mark that covered his entire palm was exposed to the air impressively as he removed it.

It was actually exactly the same emblem to the one on the first contract!

That mark was especially large that the man’s entire palm appeared to be bloodred. This was only the part that was exposed!

“One hundred and three years ago, this oath was made between you and me. You entrusted me with your ‘force’ for me to take care of it. During the time limit, I was allowed to use it at my own accord. I have fulfilled that promise. Today, I will return it to you.” Spreading his palms out, Rockfini lowered his head while concentrating his attention on and he gazed intently at Ah Jin who was still sitting at the table, as he spoke word by word at a time.

He spoke solemnly, staring for a moment at the intact crest on the blood red palm. Ah Jin stood up as well so the both of them once again looked squarely at each other.

The usual lifeless eyes gazed silently into the grey-blue eyes of the other person. Ah Jin suddenly asked, “Did you kill that person with your own hand?”

Here, he asked, “Did you kill that person with your own hands?” but not “Is that person already dead?” Ah Jin had seen the news of that person’s death by continuously reading the old newspapers for twenty days. 

“Yes, I killed him with this hand. I killed him with my own hands.” Hearing this question, the man who had always been calm and reserved suddenly became a little excited: “That’s right! With the ‘force’ you lent to me, I killed him with my own hands!”

As Rockfini said this, his grey-blue eyes instantly eventually tinged with a faint red.

The corners of Ah Jin’s mouth then curved lightly, “Very well.”

His pitch-black eyes gazing at the man opposite him, Ah Jin slowly lifted his left arm and extended his left hand. He took hold of Rockfini’s left hand which had already stopped halfway in the air for quite a while. 

In the air, it was as if a wave of energy had suddenly exploded. 

The huge amount of energy surged from Rockfini’s body into Ah Jin’s through their clasped hands. The transfer of the “force” was extremely painful as if it was about to explode, kind of agony! Rockfini pursed his lips tightly, veins bursting from the backs of his hands while his arms trembled even more and more, and finally——

With the sound of a blood vessel on the back of his hand burst open. The huge amount of blood spurted out, turning into black ashes as soon as it hit the air.The next thing that happened was even more incredible: as the “force” continued to be transmitted, Rockfini’s appearance began to change visibly. The skin that had been taut became loose, his dark blonde hair slowly turned frosty white and wrinkles appeared on his bare skin. He unexpectedly had gone from being in his prime to an old man in an instant!

In contrast to him, Ah Jin who was standing opposite him at the moment; nothing had changed on the surface, however, only he himself knew that one or two areas of his body were still decaying under his clothes. With the sudden infusion of this “force”, the decayed flesh instantly turned to black ash and scattered in the interstices of the clothes, while new skin and flesh grew quickly. The body that had been dried up was nourished beyond measure and instantly became powerful.

Not enough, this is not enough … far from the time when I was at my peak…!

Ah Jin let go of his hand. Almost as soon as he did so, the tall and big man opposite him went weak in both knees before he fell to his knees, prostrated on the ground and gasping for breath for a long time before he slowly stood up.

At this point, he already looked completely different from his appearance when he entered the house. 

His face was wrinkled, his hair was white, his back that was previously straight, had become stooped and his knees were bent in a way that prevented him from standing straight. He looked already completely like a dying old man.

“Thank you for your fidelity, Rocke.” Ah Jin extended one of his hands in a gesture of support, “And like this, our second vow is fulfilled.”

Shaking his head, Rockfini refused his assistance and slowly backed up to his original seat. He shakily picked up the cloak that had been thrown over the back of his chair with a hook; it took him a great deal of effort to wear it back and cover his head with it. To be like this, he then finally looked the same as when he arrived.

“In that case, I should then take my leave.”

Yet it was different after all. His voice had become hoarse and old. When he spoke there were many airy sounds in his throat.

Ah Jin did not speak, but merely watched him slowly walk in the direction of the gate.

The hunched back suddenly stopped as he reached the door, without turning his head, Ah Jin heard the other party’s voice coming from under his cloak.

“At this aspect…. Prior to being able to see you return, my heart is happy.”

“Although I don’t know what’s in your mind, however to me, you are the only friend I have who is still alive.”

“I wish you all well.”

After finished saying these words slowly, the man did not stay any longer. He pushed open the wooden door as ‘honor did not allow one to glance back’ so he walked out of the door. 

Standing at the same place for a moment, Ah Jin resumed sitting back on his former seat, picking up the wooden box and looking at it, his expression as calm and composed as ever. 

He sat in the dark for a long time.

It was at the first glimmer of dawn when he saw the table full of empty plates was in a mess, only then did Ah Jin stand up and roll up his sleeves. He decided to do something.

So by the time Ji Huan got up according to his usual routine, all he saw was the busy Ah Jin standing in the kitchen.

“Ai? Ah Jin, did you buy new plates?” Looking at Ah Jin who was carefully carrying the plates into the cupboard, Ji Huan immediately noticed that the colour of the plates in his hands was white which he had never seen in the kitchen before.

The plates in the kitchen were all in sets. One set was red while the other set was dark blue with a beautiful gold decorative pattern on it. The aesthetics were a bit different from where Ji Huan had lived before. It was quite an exotic style of tableware.

“Uh …When I washed the dishes, I used a little bit of force, therefore the red parts on it were wiped off, so you can also consider it as a new set of cutlery,ba!” The man who was always calm, had a rare look of slight embarrassment. He soon cast off his embarrassment. Putting the last plate into the cupboard, Ah Jin smiled at Ji Huan.

Ji Huan: =-=

Ah Jin felt that it wasn’t right to leave it like that after all, so he went out that very morning and got a set of tableware back. That was an unusually fine set of tableware, even finer than the one he had damaged. By just one glance, it was not the kind of goods that could be bought on the market they often went to.

Along with the tableware came a large packet of seeds as well as a box of books.

He even bought back a pair of presbyopic glasses that were even more suitable for Grandpa’s eyesight and a baby onesie (jumpsuit)!

Together with the deed to the house, Ah Jin gave all of these to Ji Huan.

“Ah Jin, are you … leaving?” He was dumbfounded looking at those many things and Ji Huan suddenly realized something.

Ah Jin then nodded his head.

“I will leave after this (now).”

Without any time to prepare, Ah Jin actually said he would leave then he was really leaving! 

Ji Huan was stunned. 

“Why so soon …you wait for me a minute!” As he mumbled and said a sentence, suddenly Ji Huan turned around and ran towards the kitchen.

Sitting in his usual rocking chair, Ah Jin inclined his head to look at the teenager who was rarely a little flurried and then he looked at the little black demon that was lying on a pile of things and was sniffing left and right.

Ah Jin smiled faintly at him.

That little devil creature reflexively withdrew his neck. Therefore, after a long time, he unexpectedly raised his little paw and waved it toward him.

Only after being in daze for a long while, did Ah Jin realize that this was a “greeting” gesture.

The young man named Ji Huan was very good at training this little demon. After teaching the little creature to greet him for some period of time in the past, he then forced him to greet Ah Jin every day. The little creature was so scared of Ah Jin that usually his entire body stiffened up when he saw him but Ji Huan often had to lift his little paw and wave it on behalf of him. Yet unexpectedly——

He had actually learnt to do it!

Looking at the little devil who was clearly scared but still insisted on waving his paw at him, Ah Jin suddenly didn’t want to scare him anymore. He extended his hand, he also waved his hand toward the little devil.

After making this somewhat childish gesture, Ah Jin suddenly smiled.

Not the usual reserved smile but one that was so bright and hearty that it was a little childish.

“Good bye.” He waved at the little demon again.

Ah Jin left at the time when the light radiation was at its strongest.

Carrying the luggage that Ji Huan had prepared for him —— an exquisitely woven straw ware box.

It was said to have been personally made by ‘that Calas’ (it meant Grandpa who made it), using the sun-dried ‘weeds’ from outside.

Bringing the straw luggage in his hand, Ah Jin was sitting in the blond driver’s van. In Ah Jin’s mind, the face of the young man named Ji Huan suddenly appeared before his eyes.

Before leaving, he asked Ah Jin a question: “Why are you … being so nice to us?”

At that time, he did not answer.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to say but he didn’t know (how to answer). 

But now if he thought about it, it was probably for a simple reason.

“Because I’m a very nice and gentle person ba!?” He murmured as his index finger and thumb gently stroked his chin.

Living until now, he (JH) was the only one who had ever said that about himself. Even more, it happened many times! This caused him didn’t want to destroy the other party’s image (about him). He wanted to be the ‘gentle’ and ‘nice guy’ in front of him.

That’s probably the reason for it right? 

The car then drove extremely fast, out of Yefaer’s range.  


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1 不作不死/ No zuo no die: If you don’t do it, you won’t die, a popular internet slang word. The full sentence is “If you don’t do it, you won’t die. Why don’t you understand? 

Meaning behind it : Everything is just fine or okay but you are looking for trouble (seeking for death), then the result of it is you out of luck.

2 四声: The four tones of Middle Chinese: 1.level tone 平聲|平声

2.rising tone 上聲|上声

3.departing tone 去聲|去声

4.entering tone 入聲|入声 

the four tones of Modern Standard Mandarin

3 The way to say ‘I’ when talking to a superior


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