Don’t Be Jealous, I Will Bend Myself
Don’t Be Jealous, I Will Bend Myself Chapter 24

Translated by Novice Translations 

Arc 2: The Overbearing President Falls in Love with Her – 05 

Excessive Indulgence Will Cause the Kidney to Weaken and Hands to Tremble 

    The next day, Ke Li didn’t dare to confront Shi Lin Luo. She wasn’t Ke Zhe and couldn’t do all kinds of things in the name of love to the female lead willingly.  

    When she got up early, Shi Lin Luo was still asleep. 

    Ke Li helped Shi Lin Luo pull the quilt up a little, it’s said that the president’s wife is very good, although she resembled a rice worm a little, but it wasn’t easy.   

    From a freelance writer, she suddenly became the president of a company and worked from nine to five and really wasn’t used to it.  

    After she washed, Ke Li put on light makeup. After she changed her clothes, she appreciated her beauty in front of the body mirror. Yesterday, she stared at the female host for too long. She thought her face was too cold and hard. If it was softer, it would have been better.  

    Ke Li knew that Shi Lin Luo was still asleep, so there were no scruples. She approached the mirror and straightened out her collar. Since she couldn’t be soft like the female host, she could only honestly be the overbearing president.  

    Ke Li was more satisfied with her appearance. She was particular with her uniform. She begun to like the suit more and more, it looked crazy cool and looked good at any occasion. Finally, she couldn’t help but face the front of the mirror.  

    Ke Li opened her mouth and felt that someone was staring at her from behind. She felt a chill through her whole body and hurriedly gathered her expression and suddenly turned around expressionlessly.  

    The eyebrows and eyes were cold, the thin lips were tight and the suit on her body was meticulous and her body was straight.   

    However, Shi Lin Luo was still asleep, and it was impossible for her to peek at her.  

    Ke Li thought about it more and felt it was too narcissistic. Although the female lord shook m a little, she didn’t pay close attention to her secretly. She knew the woman’s heart clearly. 

    Ke Li turned around again, pulled the corners of her mouth in front of the mirror, straightened her collar and entered her character state completely. She was ready to go eat breakfast and go to work.  

    [Host, your mission isn’t just going to work, remember to develop your feelings with the female host.]   

    Going to work was merely a side occupation, developing feelings was more logical.  

    “Oh, she’s still asleep, I’ll talk after the meal.” Ke Li went downstairs to eat breakfast and spent about ten minutes or so to eat. When she felt that Shi Lin Luo was almost awake, she went back to her bedroom and was ready to be a bossy president with filial piety for 24 hours.  

    However, when she returned to the room, Shi Lin Luo was still asleep, which was seriously inconsistent with her daily routine. At first, Ke Li thought she had consumed too much wine at the reception yesterday.  

    In a flash, she felt that she might be pretending to sleep in order to prevent herself from becoming intimate towards her.   

   To also say, wasn’t she shaking m?  

    Pretending to sleep was also an opportunity to take advantage.  

    Ke Li also didn’t care whether Shi Lin Luo was pretending to sleep or not. Her heart was full of disgust but yesterday she managed to gain some face.  

    She stared at Shi Lin Luo for a while and saw that it was almost time. Her steps were light, and she secretly left the bedroom and felt reluctant.  

    She also wanted to sleep like the female host and to wake up naturally, but unfortunately it was impossible that the bully can’t easily give up her job unless it’s for her beloved girl.  

(TL Note: Give up her job AKA call out sick for the day or be absent to work)  

    Shi Lin Luo who was on the bed obviously misunderstood Ke Li’s reluctance.   

    At the moment when she was stared at, she wondered whether Ke Li would kiss her. If she did, it would mean that Ke Li had kidney deficiency these days. If she didn’t, she would be really sick.  

    However, not only did Ke Li didn’t kiss her, but her eyes still lingered on her face for a long time and she actually felt great reluctance and affection. 

    If Ke Li likes her very much, she had never doubted it. Otherwise, Ke Li wouldn’t have taken every measure to marry and take her home. She just didn’t know why Ke Li likes her.  

    Shi Lin Luo felt a little troubled and frowned, and lazily sat up.  

    For the first time, she didn’t reject Ke Li so much. She wanted to find some clues, so she got up from the bed. At last, she only found one hair on Ke Li’s pillow. The hair was very long and straight, high quality.  

    Ke Li’s whole person was conscientious and even her single beautiful hair on her head attracted attention. If Ke Li was just a stranger, Shi Lin Luo felt that she would appreciate her, even admire her.  

    However, she was her wife. 

    Shi Lin Luo took the hair and looked at it. There wasn’t a problem with the single hair. It was just that Ke Li’s reactions planted seeds of doubt in her heart.  

    She just wanted to test Ke Li. She wanted to know whether Ke Li was ill or not. As for what would happen after she was sick, she didn’t think about it. In a word, if she was sick, she would be free.  

    The premise was that Ke Li was afraid of infecting her and didn’t want to get close to her.  

    Shi Lin Luo held the long piece of hair, laid on the bed regardless of her image and felt that she suddenly lost her life’s goal.  

    Now she eats and sleeps every day, sleeps and eats, and does nothing else. She used to worry about Ke Li’s unfairness towards her every day and her heart was hung at any given time. As long as she doesn’t see Ke Li, she thought life would be very good.  

    And now that she laid in this big room, she felt a sense of loneliness.  

    It’s time for her to find a job. 

    Shi Lin Luo got up and went to wash, after she took her cellphone and laid down on the bed to look for a reliable job. She was ready to send her resume, however, when she looked at it, her fingers were shaking. She went to look up the symptoms of various kinds of STDs, as well as cures until she heard Ke Li’s return.  

    In the past, Ke Li didn’t return at noon, but in order to make more time to get along with the female host to increase her affection, she could only make assistant Zhang take on more responsibilities.  

    Ke Li admitted that she was also looking forward to seeing Shi Lin Luo. 

    Before entering the door, Ke Li grimaced and tried to make herself look domineering and hypnotized herself to forget about yesterday’s embarrassment.  

    However, when she didn’t see Shi Lin Luo’s figure in the living room, she felt lost again and her face became colder.   

    “Xiaojie, you’re back.” Aunt Li wasn’t afraid of Ke Li at all, but she was afraid of the young married couple’s silent treatment from time to time.   

    “En.” Ke Li didn’t look concern. “Aunt Li, where is Lin Luo?”  

    “Furen isn’t up yet.” Aunt Li was long-winded. “Oh, by the way, she didn’t even get up for breakfast.”  

    “Is she sick?” Ke Li said that without waiting for Aunt Li’s answer, she went upstairs directly. When she opened the door, she became cautious again for fear of waking up Shi Lin Luo.  

    She remembered that when she left, the female host was still fine, there wasn’t any signs. Was it because she was sick that she didn’t wake up in the morning?  

    Ke Li blamed herself for not noticing and walked to the bed.  

    Shi Lin Luo was on the big bed. Her body was still in the nightgown from last night. Her cheeks were reddish and seemed to have a fever. Ke Li wanted to reach out and touch her. When she was about to touch her, she retracted her hand and whispered, “Lin Luo?”  

    There was no reaction.  

    “Why did the female host suddenly fell ill?”  

    [I don’t know.] Doudou replied as if it didn’t know what was going on. 

    “Is she pretending again?” Ke Li remembered that in the original plot, there was a time that Shi Lin Luo pretended to be ill in order to not exercise in bed, but now she didn’t touch Shi Lin Luo. Why would Shi Lin Luo needed to pretend to be ill?  

    This thought was directly rejected by Ke Li. 

    Ke Li tried several times to reach out to see if she really had a fever. In the end, she could only ask Aunt Li to try. If she was really sick, it wasn’t too late to ask a private doctor to come.  

    The moment Aunt Li touched her, Shi Lin Luo woke up. Naturally, she wasn’t ill, but bored.  

    As for the blush on her face, she just checked the information on the Internet. Then, in the next moment went back to sleep with her cellphone still under the quilt. Naturally, she was worried about being dismantled. She also wanted to try and see if Ke Li really wouldn’t touch her.  

    “How are you? Is there any discomfort?” Ke Li saw that Shi Lin Luo woke up, her tone was a little urgent and then converged.  

    I’m very anxious about your illness, but I’m a tyrant, so I can’t show my concern.   

    Shi Lin Luo looked up at her and felt that Ke Li was a little strange. She sat up and said, “I’m fine, I just fell asleep accidentally.”   

    “En, then get up and let’s go eat.” Ke Li’s face was cold again. Then, she thought it was okay since the chief bully was still there.  

    During the meal, Shi Lin Luo sat together with Ke Li. She keenly noticed that Ke Li shrank to the side while she sat, but the expression on her face was still normal, but she rejected intimacy.  

    It’s said that curiosity killed the cat.  

    Shi Lin Luo never thought she would be curious about Ke Li, but now she was really curious why Ke Li wasn’t close to her. She used to think Ke Li was making a move, but now she thought Ke Li was sick.  

    However, in any case, it hasn’t been verified, it was just her wishful guesswork, but her heart was still more inclined to believe that she was sick.   

    For the first time, Shi Lin Luo and Ke Li had the same dish, they reached out towards the vegetable dish which would have made their hands accidentally touch.  

    “…” Ke Li’s eyes and hands moved quickly. She didn’t let their hands touch and her face was taunt while she uncomfortably ate.   

    Shi Lin Luo also ate quietly and felt even more strange in her heart. Ke Li looked like a frightened rabbit, less indifferent, more alert and lovely than she usually does. However, it reminded her of her careful self.  

    Shi Lin Luo’s curious heart hardened again, and increasingly felt that Ke Li was sick. 

    Ke Li’s fragile little heart was guarded and felt more and more that this woman was shaking m.   

    She gave her freedom to go out and had been in pain three times yesterday. How come the female host wouldn’t let her off?  

    After the meal, the two had their own thoughts. After a few words, Ke Li went to work again as if she had finished her task. 

    Shi Lin Luo has never been so relaxed. Ke Li really didn’t touch her, but she was also worried about Ke Li’s illness. What kind of illness did she have? Was it so serious that she couldn’t even have physical contact?  

    In the afternoon, Liu Meng was worried that Shi Lin Luo would be bored. She wanted to ask her out to chat. At the same time, Shi Lin Luo had something she wanted to ask her, so she asked her to meet at Qing bar. 

    Before leaving, Shi Lin Luo systematically told Ke Li her whereabouts. As expected, Ke Li’s response was like last time and didn’t stop her.  

    Liu Meng saw her girl friend again and secretly looked her up and down as soon as she arrived.  

    Her concern spilled out and her heart was understood by everyone.  

    Shi Lin Luo knew that she was concerned about her and generously admitted: “Don’t look sister Cocoa, there are no hickeys to see.”  

    These days of buffer, she was able to face the hickeys and not to mention, Ke Li hasn’t touched her, the red marks on her body were long gone. 

    This made Liu Meng curious. She saw that Shi Lin Luo’s appearance was better than before, it was obvious that she had a good time recently. She leaned over and said in a low voice: “Ke Zhe’s nature changed?”  

    Shi Lin Luo thought: “I don’t know.”  

    Liu Meng’s brain hole was very big, and she was an optimist. She joked, “Is it that you fell in love with her?”  

    They all understood the concealed hickeys.  

    “I can’t like her.” Shi Lin Luo quickly denied.  

    She was afraid that Liu Meng would guess that, she told Liu Meng about Ke Li’s shaking from time to time and added her own conjectures.  

    She admitted that she was moved by compassion. If Ke Li was really ill, whether it was possible to infect her or not, Ke Li herself was very young, even if there was a cure, it was a pity.  

    “Luo Luo, let’s go to the hospital to check.” Liu Meng would do things straightforwardly, but when she stood up, she relaxed. “Didn’t you just have a checkup before you got married? So, she can’t have a STD.”  

    Shi Lin Luo wasn’t convinced, maybe it had happened later. She was used to viewing Ke Li with the most malicious intentions. Now, she didn’t think there was anything wrong with her thoughts.  

    Liu Meng still wasn’t at ease. She took out her cellphone and looked up the diseases that could cause hands to shake more than three times a day. There were many results. What she noticed first was the kidney deficiency.  

    “Isn’t it kidney deficiency?” 

    To excessively indulge is quite likely to cause the kidney to weaken, even if the kidney weren’t weakened, the hands would shake, right? It’s not normal for them to shake.   

    Although Liu Meng was a single dog, she was a single dog with rich theoretical knowledge.  

    Shi Lin Luo knew what Liu Meng wanted to say and said expressionlessly: “She hasn’t touched me these days.”  

    “…” Liu Meng could feel the fire of gossip burning from within. If the person in front of her wasn’t her best friend, she would have stood up and shook Shi Lin Luo in her arms and force her to say things that couldn’t have been said.  

    However, as a girl friend, her face was sullen, and she curiously asked: “You haven’t even kissed?”  

    “En.” Shi Lin Luo was still expressionless and said, “And when we slept, she stayed far away from me.”  

    Liu Meng instantly was possessed by Conan, she held her chin with her right index finger and thumb and her eyes were bright and clear. She said: “Luo Luo, why didn’t you suspect that you were sick?”  

    Shi Lin Luo: “…” 

TL Note: Conan as in the anime Case Close – Detective Conan.   

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