Don’t Be Jealous, I Will Bend Myself
Don’t Be Jealous, I Will Bend Myself Chapter 25

Translated by Novice Translations 

Arc 2: The Overbearing President Falls in Love with Her – 06 

No, She Doesn’t! 

    Shi Lin Luo was stunned.  

    Ke Li suddenly refused to be close to her and didn’t kiss her like before. They have no physical contact in bed. The shaking hands also occur once she touched her. So, it was a great possibility that the problem lies with her.   

    When something happens, people are always used to doubting others first and ignoring themselves. Was it really caused by them?  

    Was this why Ke Li wasn’t close to her?  

    Shi Lin Luo suddenly felt that there was some truth. She got up and placed Liu Meng’s hand on her waist, then placed it on her shoulder. She mimicked yesterday’s posture and leaned on Liu Meng’s arms.  

    Liu Meng was stunned to see Shi Lin Luo’s sly movements and finally touched her forehead: “Luo Luo, are you really not sick?”  

    “…” Shi Lin Luo was conducting an experiment. Ke Li hugged her like this last time and her hands were shaking. Since Liu Meng was okay now, it meant that Ke Li was still sick and it wasn’t caused by her.  

    Shi Lin Luo concluded from her own test results. 

    After confirming that Ke Li was abnormal, she was somewhat worried.  

    The problem turned around again and returned to Ke Li’s body.  

    As a close friend for many years, Liu Meng could easily guess Shi Lin Luo’s worries and comforted her: “I want to say that this isn’t a bad thing. Didn’t Ke Zhe always say that she loves you very much? If she is really ill, she will definitely refuse physical contact for you, then secretly cure it.” 

    “And you wish for her not to come near you, so it’s just right, it’s the best of both worlds.”  

    Shi Lin Luo didn’t speak, for her, it wasn’t a bad thing, but for Ke Li…  

    Liu Meng continued to hold her chin and analyzed: “If you still think it’s inappropriate, then…there is only one possibility, unless you already awfully care about her.”  

    “Impossible.” Shi Lin Luo’s response was so great that she almost refuted it the moment she heard the word “care”.  

    How could she care about that beast! 

    “Well, in fact, there’s nothing wrong with Ke Zhe. She has money and looks, but her possessiveness is too strong, but the tyrants in the novels are always like this. She’s trying to seize things, but she isn’t a he.” Liu Meng told the truth, regardless of whether her girl friend wanted to listen or not.  

    She always felt that Shi Lin Luo couldn’t escape. Instead of fighting blindly, it was better to choose to slowly be closer to Ke Li.  

    This was the same reason as choosing the one person you love, or the person who loves you. The key was that Shi Lin Luo has no love yet and the person who loves her was strong.  

    Besides, they were both married. If Ke Li has turned a new leaf and could make a good relationship, it was naturally better. If the deadlock continued, even if it ended in a divorce, it would be detrimental to Shi Lin Luo. She would become the ex-wife of president Ke, who would dare go against Ke Li?  

    Unless the other party was also a big person, but there were few such people, and who could ensure that they wouldn’t be another Ke Zhe?  

    Shi Lin Luo looked at her friend who for some reason said good things about Ke Li to help her. She still insisted: “Anyway, I don’t care about her.”  

    Liu Meng secretly rolled her eyes. “Well, you don’t care about her, but these are all our conjectures. Even if she is really ill, it isn’t necessarily contagious. The diseases related to not going to bed and shaking hands are not the only ones. Don’t trivialize.”  

    “En.” Shi Lin Luo was somewhat uncertain if she desired for Ke Li to be ill.  

    Liu Meng joked: “Maybe your eyes were blind at that time from seeing her hands shake. Maybe she doesn’t touch you anymore because she’s tired of you, which makes everyone happy. It’s better to follow my example and be a single dog for a lifetime.”  

    “…” Shi Lin Luo felt that after she had talked with Liu Meng, it didn’t relax her, but made her more uneasy.  

    Whether the problem lies with her or Ke Li’s illness, this problem was around her, she knew that no matter how she tried not to think about it, she would think about it all the time.  

    However, she has been flustered recently. She had nothing to do except think about things in bed.  

    Shi Lin Luo was more determined to find a job.  

    She held a cocktail glass at a very low angle, she absentmindedly thought about what job to look for and how to tell Ke Li.  

    She didn’t realize it herself, but before she did anything, she formed a habit to always ask for Ke Li’s input first.  

    Suddenly, Liu Meng patted Shi Lin Luo’s shoulder, her chin was pointed to a certain direction and said, “Luo Luo, now you can test it.”  

    Shi Lin Luo turned towards the direction and saw Ke Li walked towards her. Her face as cold as ever. For a moment, she couldn’t think of the reason why Ke Li was here, she could only guess that she came to fetch her.  

    Shi Lin Luo’s face also cooled. 

    “…” Liu Meng only felt that she was afraid the pond fish would suffer a calamity. She also felt that they had similarity in features of an old married couple, even the cold expressions on their faces were the same. 

    Ke Li was originally working. When she learned that Shi Lin Luo came to Qing bar to chat with Liu Meng, she didn’t worry too much.  

    After a while, she suddenly remembered that Liu Meng’s role was a supporting character, but she was the supporting character for the sake of the male and female leads.  

    In the original plot, the female lead and Liu Meng will meet here, then they would finally meet the male lead. Ke Li remembered the plot after the scum system and came here for fear that something might happen to Shi Lin Luo. After all, the male lead wasn’t a warm man.  

    However, she didn’t see the male lead, instead, she saw Shi Lin Luo leaning in Liu Meng’s arms from a distance. Somehow, Ke Li suddenly felt that this supporting character girl friend wasn’t pleasing to the eyes. She stood there for a while, but she didn’t see the male lead’s figure, so she came over once her mood was better.  

    “Lin Luo,” Ke Li’s voice sounded.   

    The sound wasn’t big nor small, and the expression was also faint. Ke Zhe didn’t look happy based on her appearance.  

    Shi Lin Luo pretended to be surprised and her tone was light, she said, “Why are you here?”  

    These days, they didn’t talk much, unlike before, Ke Li always went to bed without saying a word. In addition, Liu Meng’s presence reduced Shi Lin Luo’s preparedness and gave Ke Li face.  

    Ke Li slowly sat down and casually said, “I happened to have an appointment to meet here with a friend from the shopping mall. I came over when I saw you.”  

    Talk about business here? 

    Shi Lin Luo wanted to take back the face she had just given. She even suspected that Ke Li came to fetch her. If she didn’t trust her, why did she agree to let her go out in the first place.  

    She drank the cocktail with a cold face and didn’t speak. Liu Meng signaled to her to test it quickly, not to say that she should touch her, but to see if it was true or false.  

    Shi Lin Luo reluctantly sat next to Ke Li. 

    Ke Li thought that Shi Lin Luo wanted to show softness and had an unprecedented sense of satisfaction in her heart. However, she did a good job to take measures of precaution to avoid physical contact between the two.  

    The aura from her body originally prevented others from getting close. Shi Lin Luo couldn’t just lean over directly, so she asked, “Have you talked with your friend?”  

    Ke Li’s intuition felt that something was wrong: “Talked.”  

    “Oh.” Shi Lin Luo was expressionless, but suddenly she spilled the cup and the wine just happened to spill on Ke Li’s thigh.  

    Ke Li: “…” 

    She didn’t expect this to happen. When she saw that Shi Lin Luo wanted to reach over to wipe her, she felt her thighs tremble before she even touched her.  

    Ke Li said that it was fine with her face taunt and she retreated from Shi Lin Luo’s hand, but their hands inevitably met.  

    The direct contact between their hands was originally painful. In addition, Doudou was sleeping lazily and was dormant, it didn’t shield the pain for her. The feeling of thousands of needles piercing her body was clearly felt. Ke Li’s fingers shook violently and even her heart tightened.   

    She retracted her hands and endured the pain. Expressionlessly she said, “I’ll go to the bathroom and wipe it.”   

    Then she left with a stiff face. 

    The waiter quickly came to clean up the scene. Shi Lin Luo stood up and looked at the direction of Ke Li’s departure, then said to Liu Meng, “See?”   

    “Yes, I see that not only was her hands shaking badly, but she was also frowning. It seems as if she was very uncomfortable as if she was really ill.” Liu Meng seriously said, “I think she came to see you specifically.”  

    In fact, she felt that there had been a qualitative change in the relationship between the two. Although Ke Li still appeared as the tyrant president, in all respects of being her best friend, she tried her best to protect her, but it was unexpectedly unnecessary as her best friend was avoided by her family’s president.   

    She didn’t know what happened.  

    Shi Lin Luo emphasized with a stout face: “I don’t care.”  

    “…” Liu Meng disagreed with this sentence and scolded it three times in her heart. The suspicions were as certain as if there were 300 silver teals that wasn’t hidden here1. For the sake of her girl friend’s future, she said: “Actually, I think she is very good to you.”  

    This time, Shi Lin Luo finally figured out Liu Meng’s intentions. She understood what Liu Meng wanted to express, she said with her eyes cast downwards: “Sister Cocoa, I know that she likes me, but I have no obligation to respond to her.”  

    “…” You are a married couple, hey. Liu Meng fought her urge to laugh out loud, “This is your matter, do as you see fit.”  

    After dealing with the wine stains on her body, Ke Li was afraid that the female host was intentional. After her continuous body contact with her, she saw that something was wrong, but it would have been known sooner or later. Now she doesn’t know how to explain, the female host should be happy.  

    She didn’t expect that Shi Lin Luo would have thought it was an illness and that type of illness. After all, it had nothing to do with an illness.  

    Ke Li came back and found that everything was normal. After sitting for a while, she was worried that Liu Meng’s supporting character role was too strong in regards to summoning the male lead. She stood up and said, “Lin Luo, Miss Liu should also go back. Let’s go.”  

    Liu Meng who planned to eat melon seeds here: “…” 

    No, she doesn’t want to! 

    But she didn’t dare provoke Ke Li. She also stood up and said, “Luo Luo, I’m in a hurry, so I’ll go first.”  

    “En, see you next time.”  

    After Liu Meng left, Ke Li and Shi Lin Luo followed immediately. At the moment that they got into the car, they were silent again.  

    Ke Li wondered when the female host knew that she couldn’t touch her body, but it was easy to guess. She wanted to know what the female host was thinking, so that she can take the right medicine.  

    Shi Lin Luo thought about what Liu Meng said before, was Ke Zhe really good to herself?   

    She thought it was better than before, but it was naturally since she didn’t give her a bad experience in bed. She didn’t thank Ke Li at all. Besides, Ke Li didn’t touch her because she was ill.  

    But if Ke Li could give her more freedom, then the feelings would be better.  

    In order to verify Liu Meng’s words, Shi Lin Luo pondered over some words and suddenly said, “I want to go back to work.”  

    Her cold voice sounded in the car and didn’t address anyone, but Ke Li felt flattered.  

    “En, go.” In the original plot, the female host put in great effort to go to work. Roughly speaking, she agreed to take Ke Zhe’s demands and finally obtained her majesty’s permission to go to work.  

    Ke Li thought that if she agreed so easily, would it improve her affection value? She tried to pull Doudou out, but it was still asleep.  

    Ke Li was so crisp and neat that Shi Lin Luo was surprised. She thought that Ke Li would arrange a position in a company that was under the Ke, then it would be a pavilion near the water2. At once, she raised a request: “I don’t want to work in a company under the Ke name.”  

    Otherwise, she would be under Ke Li’s control and still wouldn’t be free.  

    She thought that Ke Li would never agree easily, however, things were not what she thought.  

    It was rare for Shi Lin Luo to speak so much. This was also a good opportunity to improve the affection value, so Ke Li agreed without hesitation and finally put forward her own requirements.  

    “But you have to let the bodyguards protect you at any time, or I won’t feel at ease.”  

    The male lead was a time bomb, she always has to be on guard.  

    Shi Lin Luo stared at Ke Li and looked at her again until she knew that she really didn’t lie to her. Afterwards, she nodded and said, “Okay.”  

    The two people each retreated a step just to live together in harmony.  

    Shi Lin Luo no longer cared whether Ke Li was sick or not. Anyway, she doesn’t touch her and Ke Li no longer was eager to have a good relationship with the female host. She can only strive for the best long-term relationship as a normal couple.  

    They both had their own concerns. Shi Lin Luo thought of what Liu Meng had said, okay, she admits that Ke Li was a little better to her, at least a lot better than before.  

    Ke Li also suddenly understood the essence of her mission, that is, slag attack in a good way and spoil Shi Lin Luo unconditionally, but she can’t be spoiled in bed. She felt that this “slag attack” was wrong.  

    Ke Li’s face suddenly became a little hot and she felt strange, she blamed Ke Zhe’s body that was too beastly, which made her have evil thoughts.  

    Anyway, her work had been left behind. Ke Li wanted to integrate into Shi Lin Luo’s life, they would have to start from the small things in life to become friends.  

    The reason why Ke Zhe and the heroine weren’t destined to be together wasn’t only because of their personality differences, but also because they didn’t understand each other.  

    Ke Zhe believed that as long as she gave her best to Shi Lin Luo, whether she wanted to accept it or not, she gave her no time to do small things such as shopping in the supermarket. However, Shi Lin Luo was an ordinary person, shopping in the supermarket was her way of life and a way to relax. 

    Ke Li suddenly asked Shi Lin Luo to accompany her to the supermarket, also they were now idle.  

    “…” Shi Lin Luo was surprised again. She never thought that Ke Li would want to go to the supermarket with her. This workaholic suddenly said it as if it was nothing. Why was it so strange? Fortunately, these things were normal to the moody Ke Zhe, so she naively replied, “En.”  

    The two people came to a large-scale lively supermarket together. Ke Li treated herself as a xiaobai3 and was only responsible for merely following Shi Lin Luo.  

    In fact, she was very xiaobai. She often goes to the supermarket, but she always buys instant fruit and instant noodles. She was afraid that she was the only one who couldn’t cook while living alone.  

    Ke Li wore a smart and professional suit, she pushed a shopping cart in her hand and followed Shi Lin Luo. How did she felt that it worked against her? Fortunately, the time was when people were still at work. There were not many people in the supermarket, most of them were elderly and no one knew them.  

    Ke Li looked down at Shi Lin Luo who bowed her head in the fresh produce area and suddenly felt at home. When she was a child, she also liked to go shopping with Shen Qing.  

    “What would you like to eat?” Shi Lin Luo wasn’t comfortable at first. Later, she saw that Ke Li was only responsible for pushing the shopping cart, so she relaxed and bought as usual.  

    “Whatever.” People like Ke Li, who only goes to restaurants or get take-out on weekdays, really didn’t know how to make all kinds of delicious dishes. Anyway, the female lead in her novel was very skillful in cooking.  

    Shi Lin Luo also ironically thought that Ke Li, lived like a princess since childhood, must not know the taste of home cooking due to the things she normally ate. Anyway, she cooked for Ke Li last time and discovered her preference based on that experience.   

    They bought food quietly together in a silent agreement.  

    After returning home, Aunt Li looked at the small and large supermarket bags and felt that she was about to lose her job. She quickly took it and said, “I’ll do it.”  

    “It’s okay, let me do it.” After all, it should be regarded as a reward to Ke Li, she could go to work in a few days and Ke Li no longer touched her which made her felt very comfortable.  

    “I’ll help you.” How could Ke Li miss such a good opportunity, then said: “Aunt Li, go and have a rest, we will go do it.”  

    “No, no, da xiaojie, how can you go to the kitchen?” Aunt Li was eager to do this job until she was old. She saw that Ke Li’s face was no longer cold and suddenly had a flash of inspiration and understood that it was in the interest of the two. Then, she was worried that she would be unemployed in the future.  

    Aunt Li left the kitchen unwillingly, Shi Lin Luo began to prepare the dishes, and didn’t take Ke Li’s words of help seriously. 

    Ke Li was so happy, anyway, she would only make the female lead uncomfortable when she was close.  

    She quietly looked at Shi Lin Luo’s busy figure and suddenly gave birth to an urge to embrace people from behind. She thought so and did so.  

    She slowly approached and when she was close, Shi Lin Luo suddenly turned around and said, “Give me some cooking wine.”  

    “En.” Ke Li shuddered and stopped herself in time.  

    Shi Lin Luo was scared. She laughed at herself for relaxing her vigilance. Although Ke Li would tremble when she touched her, the ghost knew whether she would tremble and also wanted to have sex on the spot.   

    Ke Li was also frightened by herself. She didn’t know why she had the urge to embrace Shi Lin Luo. The point was that she felt this scene was familiar, as if it had happened before.  

  1. 300 silver taels not hidden here (fig) to reveal what one intends to hide 
  1. A pavilion near the water (fig) to use one’s proximity to the powerful to obtain favor 
  1. Xiaobai – translate into little white (slang) novice, greenhorn, fool, idiot.  

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