Don’t Be Jealous, I Will Bend Myself
Don’t Be Jealous, I Will Bend Myself Chapter 36

Translated by Novice Translations 

Arc 3: Fairy Doll X Beautiful Nun – 1 

She is Upright Butt Naked in the Female Lead’s Bosom! 

    Ke Li’s body was completely naked and flushed. She was starkly watched by others. What’s more terrible, that person was her future stepmother!  

    Ke Li was so embarrassed that her whole body was full of tension and blood. She felt like dying and her face burned red. Then she thought of something. After pinching her legs, she hurriedly held her arms to her chest.   

    If her gender was different, she really had doubts that she had ill intentions towards herself. It was clearly her future stepmother, so why did she take off her clothes? The point was that her chest was like an airport, which became flatter without undergarments, and was seen!  

    Now she just wanted to play dead. She regrets waking up on impulse. If she had known earlier, she would have laid down and waited for a while until Shi Jin helped her put on her clothes and wake her.  


    Ke Li couldn’t help but start to wonder if she was undressed last time? She just happened to wake up with her clothes on. 

    Ke Li sat on the bed in a daze. She tugged the quilt and was anxious that it would expose herself more, then covered herself with difficulty at her intimate areas with her hands. She managed to cover all the places that needed to be covered when she fiercely said to Shi Jin: “You, come out quickly!”   

    Still watch? Not afraid of the needle-like gaze!  

    At this time, she looked at Ke Li firmly with a smile on her brows unconsciously. There seemed to be a flash of light in her eyes. When Ke Li roared, she didn’t talk much, but turned around very tenderly and explained herself in a warm voice: “You were sweating. I was wiping your sweat.” 

    Wiping sweat? 

    Was it necessary to personally wipe the sweat? 

    Ke Li didn’t believe it at all. When she found her clothes on the bed, she felt completely alive after she dressed herself. However, when she thought that she was completely exposed, she felt uncomfortable. To leave behind the novel world reluctantly and return in a confused state of mind.  

    “Did you undress me last time?” 

    She said before that Shi Jin was gentle and envious of Shi Jin’s good figure, but Shi Jin took off her clothes without her consent, that’s awful! 

    It was even more unexpected that her mother’s task of finding her a spouse without permission.  

    “You were wet last time too.” Shi Jin’s voice sounded very serious, and of course it sounded good, but Ke Li was anxious to find a hole to hide in. 

    Ke Li: “…” 

    Sure enough, you can’t judge people on the surface. No matter how gentle the appearance is, it will reveal a yellow chamber.  

    She still doesn’t have much strength now. Her legs are a little soft when she got out of bed and almost fell down as if she had just exercised vigorously.   

    Shi Jin quickly came to help her, and gently reminded her: “Be careful. You’re still in a period of mental weakness. Lie in bed first, then come down.”   

    Ke Li reluctantly laid in bed and managed to ask Shi Jin for a quilt. With the cover of the quilt, the feeling of being seen naked was much lighter.  

    “Where’s my mom?” She must ask this question now. She doesn’t want to do any more tasks. 

    Shi Jin helped tuck in the corner of the quilt and said, “She will come in a moment.”   

    Ke Li replied with, “Oh”, then turned around to pretend to go to sleep. She could feel Shi Jin’s eyes move across her body and was very focused. It seemed that she was deliberately hiding something. Anyways, she was very upset for being seen. 

    Shi Jin was pursued by her mother, didn’t she just like women? Shi Jin was bent, and she was almost bent. Just recalling that she was completely seen, she felt as if she had been seen by a boy.  

    She turned her head a little awkwardly, and said in a bad tone: “Can you stop looking at me?”   

    She looked at her as if she betrayed her love.  

    Shi Jin restrained herself. She didn’t know what she was thinking. As expected, she left. When Ke Li suspected whether what she just said was too heavy, Shi Jin returned with a cup of soup in her hand.  

    “You’re a little weak. Come and have some soup first.” 

    Suddenly, Ke Li felt embarrassed. Compared with Shi Jin’s calmness, she was like a child who jumped, so naïve and ridiculous.  

    Ke Li sat up and drank the soup, which couldn’t be seen. As expected, she felt much more relaxed. She felt as if her eight veins were opened and had the strength to look for Shen Qing, but instead Shen Qing arrived.   

    Ke Li heard the familiar voice from a distance: “You little brat, how do you feel?” 

    Ke Li sat on the bed pretending to be stupid and said, “What’s the matter?” 

    Shen Qing came over and touched her forehead, then said: “The feeling of falling in love, do you have an urge to find a girlfriend now?”  

    “It’s not so good. It’s forced anyway.” Ke Li pretended to be natural and had a deliberate depressed tone. She just wanted Shen Qing to give up on making her do tasks.  

    However, Shen Qing didn’t say anything, just looked at her with a smile, her eyes were somewhat intimidating.  

    Ke Li was worried that if she didn’t say anything, she would be taken to the next world, “Mom, have I ever been sick before?”   

    And it was a memory loss illness, which was something she desperately wanted to know in the novel world, so she stared at Shen Qing’s face aggrieved searching for some clues.   

    Shen Qing froze slightly but forced herself to be watched by her. She could only nod her head and say, “En.”  

    Ke Li almost stood up in shock. She was really sick, but she didn’t know about it? And her memory wasn’t missing at all, she just wanted to ask what the disease is.   

    Shen Qing was as unreliable as ever, then just said, “You had polio when you were a child, do you believe it? How else would you be so dim-witted now? Be obedient, go and learn how to fall in love, then find a girlfriend. It’s okay if you can’t find one, mama won’t hold it against you.”  

    But she turned her face away as if avoiding her.  

    “…” As expected, no matter what she said, the result was to go find a girlfriend. Ke Li silently said: “Mom, I’m serious.”  

    Shen Qing said with a solemn face, “I’m serious, too.” 

    Ke Li: “……” 

    She knew it was impossible to find out why. Then from the corner of her eye, she saw Shi Jin attentively watch her with a soft and gentle gaze as if she was in love. It resembled the warm sun in winter and her heart suddenly thumped. In her heart, she said she must be mistaken. Shi Jin must have been looking at her mother.  

    Although Shen Qing was older, she properly maintained herself, thus there was a feeling of CP when she stood beside Shi Jin.[mfn]CP means couple – like lover couple[/mfn]  

    Ke Li silently slandered her mother as an old cow that ate tender grass, then her head was suddenly knocked on: “What are you thinking about?”  

    “I’m wondering when you’re going to introduce me to my stepmother.” Ke Li deliberately asked as she wanted to hear them admit their relationship.  

    Shen Qing’s expression was unnatural, then she blushed strangely. At last, she replied, “Little brat, why should your mother introduce you to my girlfriend?”  

    Ke Li: “…” It seems to make sense. 

    Ke Li was unwilling to give up and wanted to ask again, but finally shot a glance at Shi Jin again who was looking at herself. She was afraid to ask and be scared away by Shen Qin’s peach blossom eyes, then she closed her mouth well-behaved and made preparations to get out of bed to run away like a wisp of smoke so she wouldn’t have to do the task.  

    However, as soon as she was about to get out of bed, Doudou’s voice sounded in her mind: [Host, is it time to start the mission?] 

    With her previous experience of suddenly going to the mission world, Ke Li promptly said: “No, I just want to get out of bed and see the outside world.”   

    She doesn’t know how long she’s been here.  

    [The minister da ren said that as long as the host is vigorous and lively, then the next world can be entered.]  

    “…” In an instant, Ke Li wilted, then became soft and laid on the bed. She looked like she was dying and stared angrily at the source of her problem, Shen Qing.  

    Shen Qing smiled smugly and said: “Be obedient, have a good night’s rest. Tomorrow, I will introduce you to mama’s girlfriend.”  

    “Won’t meet!” The girlfriend was right in front of her, what good was it to meet her? Ke Li thought in the event that Shen Qing was aware of her Shi Jin was looking at her, she wasn’t sure how she would react. On second thought, she thought to herself that she must not wreck Shen Qing’s rare autumn romance.[mfn]So the real meaning is romantic relationship between an elderly couple – implying shes old as fuck and she just found love…like 50+ old….so falling in love at the autumn of one’s life…cause right after autumn is winter aka one’s death[/mfn] 

    Shen Qing still smiled: “If you don’t meet, you can’t avoid being envious.” 

    “…” Ke Li didn’t know if the problem lies with the decoction, but she was drowsy. She lied down and slept quietly.   

    Shen Qing looked at Ke Li’s unruly appearance that contrasted her previous indecent conduct that needed a spanking, then said to Shi Jin: “Xiao Jin, don’t worry. Take your time.”  

    Shi Jin’s eyes were especially soft, and her fingers lightly caressed Ke Li’s face and replied, “En, I can wait.” 



    When Ke Li woke up, she felt that she was in a white state. She pinched herself hard and felt strong pain and verified this wasn’t a dream.   

    “Doudou, I didn’t arrive at the mission world again, right?” 

    Why was it always so unexpected? 

    Does she always do tasks as soon as she falls asleep? 

    [Yes, right now we are selecting the mission world. The host has Oedipus complex. Do you want to choose one with a big age difference?] Doudou kindly suggested.  

    At present, Ke Li didn’t want to admit she had Oedipus complex. When she thought of what just happened, she knew that Shen Qing must be hiding something from her. She can’t say for sure, but Shi Jin is probably aware of it too and they both chose to not say anything.   

    She rubbed her hair and said, “You can choose any that you like. It’s better to choose someone who is neither an enemy nor a love rival.” 

    [OK, see you in the next world.] 

    Before Ke Li could react, she felt that she fell into a deep slumber. She wanted to open her eyes but couldn’t open them. She could feel her head resting on a soft mass, and the faint fragrance on the tip of her nose. She didn’t know which novel world this was. 

    [Host, be prepared to accept the general plot of this world.] 

    “Okay.” When Ke Li saw the story in her mind, her face turned black.  

    This was a love story that transcends the secular world.  

    The female lead was Wei Ming who was a nun that scrupulously abide to the rules and regulations while the male lead was Zhang Chao who is a child of an aristocratic family, to be more precise the gongzi of the current dynasty’s prime minister. 

    The two developed inextricably feelings after their first meeting. Finally, after the female lead contacted the male lead many times, they made a mistake, overcame many difficulties and obstacles, and transcended the secular world. Finally, they were together.  

    One of the supporting female leads was a milk doll that the female lead picked up one winter. The milk doll wasn’t an ordinary milk doll, but an immortal doll.   

    She was originally a mokugyo made from sandalwood a wooden fish made of sandalwood. She was beaten by a senior monk every day and unexpectedly accumulated spirituality every time she was beaten. She listened to the senior monk chant sutras every day and gained a high level of understanding. When the senior monk became an immortal and ascended, unexpected immediately afterwards she became an immortal too and succeeded in transforming into a human form. However, because of her natural disposition of being naughty and mischievous, she slandered the way of the Dao and was punished to come down and cultivate again.  

    The milk doll that fell into the mortal world has a task. Every time her master chanted sutras, she has to become a mokugyo that was beat by others, cultivate and practice meditating. But this time, her master wasn’t just someone, it was the woman whose heart was dedicated to Buddha, the female lead Wei Ming.  

    Ke Li felt that if she continued to be beaten like this, the milk doll will grow up to be bald.   

    However, the reason why she was bald at this time was because she wore a milk doll that had no hair, and this milk doll was sitting naked in the female lead’s arms, with nothing on her body.  

    Why was she always stripped naked when she wakes up? 

    To really have a bald head!  

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