Don’t Be Jealous, I Will Bend Myself
Don’t Be Jealous, I Will Bend Myself Chapter 37

Translated by Novice Translations 

Proofread by Iris 

Arc 3: Fairy Doll X Beautiful Nun – 2 

Indecent Assault! 

  “Doudou, can’t you be more reliable?” Ke Li almost vomited blood and her shame nearly burst out.  Can’t she have a normal task? 

    Doudou said innocently: [Host, this is exactly what you wanted, an age difference, and you and the heroine are neither love rivals nor enemies.]   

    “…” Ke Li wanted to cry without tears. She felt that the system has it against her. This age difference was too big. The female lead was like her mother. How could she do the task if she’s wearing a baby doll?! 

    Not a love rival, nor an enemy, couldn’t she be a close girl friend or something? How come she has this form! A relentless nun raising an immortal doll.  

    With her current fighting power, she’s afraid that she wouldn’t be able to fight even the male lead’s one finger. If she wants to steal the male lead’s woman, she pondered, this task would be very difficult.  

    Ke Li remembered the weak male lead she created but knew that he was a little more energetic due to the scum system. He would no longer be easy to deal with. She asked, “What is the plot after the scum system?”  

    [Host, please wait a moment.] Doudou then passed the scum plot to Ke Li. 

    After seeing the plot, Ke Li was confused again. Maybe it’s because the man in the previous world was too weak and she didn’t even bother having to personally eradicate him. So, in this world, she suffered retribution. 

    This time, the male lead is definitely the biggest threat. He’s the gentle gongzi of a noble family, but when he was born from his mother’s womb, it wasn’t an exaggeration to say he was delicate and fragile. As a result, he often went to the temple to pray for good health. Although his father is the current prime minister, he also devoted himself to study to gain scholarly honor.  

    However, Chao Zhong, Jiang Jun’fu[mfn]Means general/high ranking officer’s household[/mfn] and Xiang’fu didn’t get along with each other and the children of the two families couldn’t even talk to each other. When Zhang Chao, the male lead, discovered that he liked a nun, he didn’t know who to choose, at the time, he was ridiculed by the gongzi of Jiang Jun’fu and a group of dandies[mfn]Dandies is like good for nothing[/mfn] that his illness was a calamity and he didn’t resemble a man and so on.  

    In order to improve his cultivation within a short period of time and beat these people to the ground, Zhang Chao unexpectedly listened to the demon’s slanderous words and fed it his own blood essence. In the end, he even joined forces with the demons to cause disaster to the world and kept pestering the female lead.  

    In general, the scum male lead wasn’t important to the female lead, but the male lead will always pester her. The task wasn’t just obtaining the female lead’s heart, but also to protect the world for her, by eliminating the demons and scum male lead.  

    Ke Li moved her small body. She was a fairy doll, who had fallen to the earth for a long time and knew some small cultivation skills. If something were to wrong while she was in this little body, wouldn’t she be slaughtered by the demons?   

    Not to mention she has to become a mokugyo[mfn]A Chinese wooden fish block used in temple rituals[/mfn] every day and be knocked by the female lead.   

    Ke Li’s blood centrifuged, and she wanted to touch her head, but her hands were too short to reach. Instead, the person holding her was startled and softly said, “What’s wrong?” 

    The voice was like the sound of nature, gentle and soft, but indifferent and clear, like a clear spring washing the heart. Ke Li knew this was the female lead’s voice. 

    The female lead didn’t have hair. She was bald, which was the best way to measure her beauty. She wanted to see her baldness but found that she couldn’t open her eyes and struggled to the point of crying.   

    “…” Ke Li’s face was almost black, so she just closed her eyes and didn’t move. Then the cry slowly weakened. She asked the system: “Doudou, what time is it?”  

    [On the way back from practice, the female lead picked up the host’s doll and didn’t know what to do with it. At present, the female lead and male lead haven’t met yet. Host, this can fully play to your advantage.]  

    Ke Li: “…”  

    The host is the host, what is the host’s doll? 

    And what advantage does she have? 

    Ke Li remembered that the temple here is called Meditation Temple, where the female lead grew up as a nun from a young age. This temple is very efficacious in praying to God and worshipping Buddha, so the incense is always very strong and there were frequent pilgrims.  

    Zhang Chao was one of those people who came to burn incense. Only in this way can he meet the female lead and become full of affection. There were a lot of pilgrims in the temple on the weekdays. Among them, there were many men who seek merit. The rules of the temple were strict, and men were not allowed to stay overnight.  

    Fortunately, the male and female leads haven’t met each other yet, so the seedling of love can be killed in its cradle. When Ke Li became relieved, she suddenly felt her small body was lifted up. A cool wind blew, and her small body couldn’t bear it. She drilled herself further into the female lead’s arms, then she heard the conversation between the two.  

    Jing Chen curiously said, “Senior sister, is this milk doll a male or female? Master said there cannot be any male guests in the temple.” 

    Wei Ming held Ke Li’s small body and looked solemnly: “Let me take a closer look.” 

    Ke Li shrank in her swaddling clothes: ” … ” Don’t look at me, this is indecent assault! 

    Although she was naked now, it was cold. She was wrapped in a swaddle, then she felt a hand lifting the swaddle. Ke Li shuddered violently and listened to the unknown calm voice: “Fortunately, she’s a female benefactor.”   

    “…” Ke Li really wanted to roll her eyes and leave, but she couldn’t even open her eyes. She didn’t know whether it was because she was hungry or frozen. Since she has arrived, she tried to adapt to her body. She could only cry and whine about her current situation.  

    Ke Li’s little chubby face was full of glittering tears, looking especially pitiful. Wei Meng embraced the person in his arms even further, then felt this posture was wrong and said: “Jing Chen, can I trouble you to please go and get some rice porridge she can drink.”  

    “Senior sister, then you take care of her first.” Jing Chen turned around and left through the door with consideration.  

    At this time, there was only one big and one small person in the room. Her eyes were softer. She reached out and touched Ke Li’s bald head. She couldn’t even feel peach fuzz, as if she was just born.  

    She said to herself: “Why does this milk doll have no hair, was she born to convert to a Buddha?” 

    Ke Li: “…” 

    After thinking for a while, Wei Ming teased Ke Li: “You and I were predestined to meet each other in the snow. Presumably you will be blessed with longevity in the future.” 

    Ke Li: “…” 

    No, she’s not! 

    She never want to hear the word ‘shou’ again for the rest of her life.[mfn]Shou is the character for longevity[/mfn] 

    Ke Li struggled and resisted twice, but to no avail, she was still taken by the unknown.   

    Soon, Jing Chen returned with a small bowl of porridge. Wei Ming held Ke Li in one hand and fed her carefully with the other. Neither of them had any experience in raising children and directly gave the milk doll the rice porridge. As a result, Ke Li almost choked. Fortunately, she stopped in time and let Jing Chen change it to thinner rice porridge.  

    At this moment, Ke Li finally had some strength. She barely managed to open her eyes and saw an antique room. The surrounding furnishings were genrally natural and simple in style.  

    She raised her head slightly and saw a figure in a blue monk robe. The large robe covered her graceful posture and Ke Li’s head was lifted up hard, again. Of course, her head was smooth with a delicate and beautiful face.   

    The female lead’s face value was very good. Although there wasn’t a trace of hair or rouge on her face, she was still gorgeous. It was difficult to forget after a single glance. She was unforgettable.  

    Ke Li worked hard to calm down. She said to herself that it was no wonder the male lead never forgot his love for the female lead. At first sight, he will miss the female lead for the rest of his life, because the female lead was extremely beautiful and unique in flavor.  

    She remembered that in the setting, she had no hair herself, and was born to be a nun. Therefore, in the original timeline, the female lead will take her in later and they will become teacher and apprentice.  

    Ke Li didn’t know what her milk doll looked like, because she couldn’t see herself. If she was blind, then other people’s eyes were blind.  

    As for the female lead’s beauty, Ke Li was immune. Afterall, all female leads were beautiful. These days, even the vicious supporting female lead she wore was also beautiful. Now, it’s not a vicious female supporting lead, but a milk doll. As a result, she turned into a baby with no beauty or ugliness.   

    Ke Li stretched out with her little fat hand and wanted to know what it would feel like to touch the female lead’s bald head. Her hand was short and if she wants to touch people, she could only rely on the female lead’s cooperation.  

    Ke Li was about to rely on the fact that she was a milk doll and could do whatever she wanted to the female lead, but heard Jing Chen come back and hurriedly said, “Senior sister, master asked you to preside over the evening glass. What should I do with this milk doll?”  

    “…” Ke Li silently retracted her outstretched hand and wanted to touch herself. She was about to touch her bald head, but as a result, the little fat hand was still too short and couldn’t touch it!  

    Thinking that she was going to become a mokugyo, Ke Li was a little desperate, she really was bald!  

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