Don’t Be Jealous, I Will Bend Myself
Don’t Be Jealous, I Will Bend Myself Chapter 38

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Arc 3: Fairy Doll X Beautiful Nun – 3 

She Feels Hot Under Her Ass… 

  Jing Chen’s words reminded Wei Ming and she looked down at the milk doll in her arms and said, “I will go immediately, as for her, I will talk to Master.” 


  Wei Ming had intended to leave Ke Li behind initially, but when she first found the milk doll lying in her swaddle in the wild, it was snowing with cold wind blowing everywhere. There may even be beasts lurking nearby.  


  Presumably this was also a child abandoned by her parents.[mfn]In a sense she was since she was thrown out of the heavens for being too mischievous! LOL[/mfn] 


  Wei Ming didn’t know who her parents were, because she was also picked up by her master— the abbot of this temple and has grown up there to this day.  


  Buddha said its fate and she also believes in fate, otherwise Ke Li wouldn’t have cried out to be found by her as she passed by.   


  Wei Ming carried Ke Li to her bed, covered her with the quilt, and carefully tucked her in. Then she went to the main hall to host the evening class.  


  Ke Li contemplated about her current life while in the quilt. She only has this short body, short hands and feet. How could she get along with the female lead in the future?  


  She knew what happens next in the plot, that the female host would take her in, but then what? 


  Let her hold this body and fall in love with the female lead in this body? This is tantamount to forcing the female lead to change her affection towards her into love. Besides, she was still a milk doll without hair!  


  Ke Li’s little body was wrapped tightly in the quilt and she couldn’t move. She could only lie down and call out to the system, complaining about her difficulties.  


  Doudou said righteously: [Host, it’s against the law to court a baby.]  


  Ke Li: “…” 


  You know it’s breaking the law ah?[mfn]Doudou knows its breaking the law but still transmigrated her into this world in these roles lol, pig teammate[/mfn] 


  Doudou had a strong desire for survival and hurriedly said: [But, I have a way to allow the host to fall in love with the female lead.]   


  Ke Li guessed, “Do you have a way to quickly grow hair?”  


  She now had a head that doesn’t grow hair, so even if she grew up, it was useless.[mfn]Well her main form is a wooden drum…and drums naturally doesn’t have hair like other species..[/mfn] She was cute with a bald head, but with long hair she would be a beautiful girl. But if both of them were bald, it feels too stimulating, like a nun and monk in a movie who fell in love, then the task will definitely be more difficult. 


  Doudou mysteriously said: [No, host you guess again.] 


  ”There’s hormone therapy that will make me grow up fast?” Ke Li retreated and tried her second guess. If she grew up too quickly, even if she was bald, she knew that it would seriously violate other people’s apprehension and she would definitely be treated like a demon and killed by a mob.  


  Doudou said silently: [No, as long as the host accumulates merits and virtues can the host have the appearance of an adult woman, but this is subjected to conditions and restrictions.] 


  Ke Li: “…” 


  She hated hearing the word “but” the most in her life! 


  Ke Li didn’t speak, waiting for Doudou’s next words. 


  [But only at night, after dawn, the host will still become a milk doll, and when the female lead needs the mokugyo, the host will become a mokugyo.] 


  Doudou didn’t dare to say it all at once because it was afraid that too many conditions would cause Ke Li to be angry and practiced the saying “give a slap, then give a red date”[mfn]So slap the person first, then give a date (fruit) to the person to lessen the blow[/mfn], then changed the topic: [The host will have hair at night.] 


  Ke Li was much happier when she heard that she would have hair, that she said, “How can merit be accumulated?”  


  Could it be that she has to study Nezha[mfn]It’s one of the deities of protection[/mfn] and bear three years in the human world burning incense in front of the temple?  


  [As long as the host is knocked by the female lead for three months and doesn’t resist for those three months and devote yourself to Buddha without any distractions in the whole process, you will surely succeed.][mfn]knocked by the female lead in the form of a mokugyo of course[/mfn] 


  ”…” Ke Li couldn’t help but want to touch her head eagerly. If she was knocked upon for three months nonstop, wasn’t a dent going to form?  


  She still hasn’t recovered from her own roasting when she felt her body slowly float up and penetrate the quilt, gradually moving away from the bed, then looked around and discovered that she was out of her body, just like in a Lin Zhengying’s movie, those soul collective, her soul was out of her vessel.  


  Ke Li’s soul was still a milk doll and didn’t return to normal size. At this time, she was very uncomfortable, but she finally saw her own baby’s appearance. 


  The milk doll was fat and chubby. Her face and arms were full of meat. She was sleeping with her eyes closed. Her head was like a wig liner that actors used to wear wigs in movies, there was no sign of long hair at all. She looked like a strange person.  


  But it was quite reasonable, mokugyo has no hair. 


  Ke Li also wanted to look at other places, but before she could lift the quilt, she found that she wasn’t in control of her soul and that it was “floating” towards a certain direction.   


  This was a quiet place of Buddhism to cultivate with the blessing of Buddha. Ordinary monsters dare not to enter, but Ke Li wasn’t a monster, she was a genuine immortal fairy doll.  


  She was pulled by some kind of force, through the door, through the wall, and even directly through people. Finally, she arrived where the female lead led evening class— the main hall.  


  Wei Ming is the senior sister of the temple. When the head monk had something to do, she presides over the evening classes.  


  She sat upright on the prayer mat in front of the big golden body of Buddha, saying “Amitabha Buddha”. She grasped a bullock in hand and knocked upon the mokugyo while chanting the sutra. The mokugyo in front of her moved a little, before settling quietly.  


  Wei Ming thought she imagined it, so she didn’t think much about it and just closed her eyes and concentrated on chanting.  


  When Ke Li arrived at the main hall, suddenly, like a beam of light, she flashed into the mokugyo in front of Wei Ming. Then she felt her bald head being knocked on by the female lead over and over again, with a clear sound above her head.  


  ”…” Ke Li could only be comforted that her own female lead’s hand strength wasn’t too strong as there was nothing that could be done. Since it came to this, she was calm.  


  She was helplessly knocked upon for a while. She wanted to turn around and take a peek at the female lead. She found that the mokugyo was facing the Buddha statue and that now she has become the mokugyo and the mokugyo has become her. Her figure was also fixed in place and she couldn’t move at all.  


  Her head was knocked over and over again. Ke Li’s head felt very painful, because she was a milk baby now, her skin wasn’t rough and thick. Her heart was very sour because she couldn’t adapt to this task for the time being.  


  Recalling the conditions that Doudou mentioned, in order to accumulate merits, Ke Li tried to focus on listening to the chanting of the sutra. The sutra was chanted rhythmically by Wei Ming and her voice was pleasant alongside the echoing sound of the knocked mokugyo.  


  Though Ke Li herself was very calm, she was usually fickle and impatient during the day. However, at this moment, she felt especially calm and even begin to recite the sutra with Wei Ming’s rhythm. Although Ke Li didn’t know the sutra, the immortal fairy doll knows ah.  


  After two hours and fifteen minutes, Wei Ming finished reciting the sutra, then looked at the mokugyo and found that the sandalwood in front of her eyes seemed shinier, as if there was suddenly spirituality. She just found that even the knocking sound was different as if the sound struck everyone’s heart.   


  At the end of the evening class, Wei Ming feared that something happened to the baby, so she hurried to the room to see how she was, only to find that the baby was still sleeping. Her eyes softened unconsciously.  


  As soon as the female lead arrived, Ke Li’s soul was immediately summoned back into the milk doll. This perfect combination of soul and body was the best.[mfn]She is insisting that her soul is the perfect combination with that baby doll versus being a mokugyo[/mfn] The uneasy milk doll, Ke Li burst into tears.   


  Ke Li: “…” She didn’t want to cry. 


  Wei Ming thought she was hungry again. She quickly held and coaxed her. She went to ask for medicated rice soup. At this time, Ke Li finally settled down.   


  After eating the medicated soup (dinner), it was time to sit and light incense. Wei Ming didn’t leave until she covered Ke Li in a quilt.  


  Ke Li was clear of Wei Ming’s work schedule. Being a monk wasn’t an act of escaping society, in fact, monks were actually very busy. When she wrote this novel, in order to learn more information, she interviewed a group of nuns. Although the content wasn’t thoroughly research, she was more informed of a monk’s daily work compared to others.  


  Wei Ming sat quietly and finished sometime between 7-9PM. She returned to her room and brought baby Ke Li to see her Master Wu Nian. She had taken action before reporting, although she desired to leave the baby behind.  


  After listening to Wei Ming’s words, Wu Nian wasn’t surprised. Obviously, she already knew about the baby’s matter, then nodded her head and agreed before starting on another topic.  


  ”Wei Ming, do you know why teacher took you in and gave you the Buddhist name Wei Ming?” 


  Wei Ming understood and said: “Master wants me to learn Buddhism. Although we don’t know or understand many things, we must uncover their mysteries.” 


  “No, the name Wei Ming[mfn]Her name means unknown/mystery btw[/mfn] is because your heart is unclear and you wish to be capable of letting go of mortal affairs in your heart.” Master Wu Nian continued, “Wei Ming, you were brought up in the temple since you were a child, you do not know about the mundane world outside, remember to not be greedy and to not have unwarranted thoughts.”  


  Wei Ming’s body moved forward and replied: “Disciple solemnly obeys.” 


  And Ke Li who was lying in the female lead’s arms, moved unnaturally. She really didn’t want to say this was a waste of the head monk’s painstaking efforts, because she will be the one who will bring the female lead into the world of mortals, but the male lead was also a huge disaster. 


  Wei Ming noted that Wu Nian looked pensive.  


  The child was always very sleepy. When they returned, she put Ke Li into the bed, then went to fetch water to clean themselves in the room.  


  Ke Li didn’t fall asleep, knowing that the female lead was taking a bath. She took a peek with her eyes twice, then didn’t look anymore, because she always felt it was a profanity against the female lead.  


  And being bald really saves a lot of shampoo. 


  Wei Ming remembered that there was a baby in the room after she finished bathing. She was a little nervous but relaxed in the next moment. After all, she was just a baby. What was there to worry about?  


  Wei Ming began to prepare to sleep, but suddenly realized that there was a body next to her. Indeed, she wasn’t accustomed to it, even if the other person was a baby, but it was out of the question as the weather was really cold.  


  She wanted to get closer to the milk doll, but suddenly noticed Ke Li looking at her with embarrassment. 


  She also didn’t know that she would ever see this kind of complicated expression on a baby’s face.  


  ”What’s wrong with you?” Wei Ming realized it was a little stupid to ask that question before she even finished speaking. The baby was still too young and can’t speak at all. She thought that Ke Li was sick and sat up, prepare to open the quilt to check.  


  ”…” Ke Li’s face was still very embarrassed, tinged with some fear. She wished Wei Ming wouldn’t get closer, but it was impossible. 

  I’m dying! 

  She felt the heat under her ass warmed up … 

Author’s Notes:  

Female Lead: How terrible, the milk baby eats too much. 

Ke Li: Want to die! Just die immediately! 

Try to explode more tomorrow. 

Specially added a group of nuns, but as soon as they entered, they were silent.  

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