Don’t Be Jealous, I Will Bend Myself
Don’t Be Jealous, I Will Bend Myself Chapter 40

Translated by Novice Translations 

Messed around by Snacks – ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°) 

Arc 3: Fairy Doll X Beautiful Nun – 5 

Children Needs to Drink Milk 

  Zhang Chao’s chest and wide sleeves were soaking wet, the smell coming from his body was obviously different from water, this attracted a crowd of pilgrims. 


  Some pilgrims covered their mouths and noses immediately, while others retreated far away, as if there was something unheard of on Zhang Chao’s body.  


  Zhang Chao: “…” 


  With a gloomy expression, he memorized the faces of everyone who pointed out to him in his heart, then left the Mediation Temple. He thought of Wei Ming and the nun Jing Xuan who had received him.[mfn]He’s already harem collecting![/mfn] 


  This place is really a good place, who said a Buddhist nun from the nunnery in the countryside aren’t soft and tender? Moreover, to reject the world for a monastic life is easier said than done, especially these young nuns who just haven’t met the right person to fall in love with.  


  Zhang Chao felt that this person would certainly be himself, then thought of his weak body and felt sad again.  


  Meanwhile, Wei Ming carried Ke Li to her room, closing the door in order to start training the cub.  


  ”Tutu, what happened with you just now?” Wei Ming asked sternly, holding a long wooden cane in her hand, with her head bowed in a serious manner. [mfn]Mom is going to spank her![/mfn]  


  It seems that as long as Ke Li’s reasoning wasn’t clear, she would suffer the cane.  


  ”…” In fact, Ke Li actually felt very shameful in her heart. She just kept reminding herself that she was just a child and wouldn’t be beaten when she did anything wrong. That’s why she used such a nasty trick. 


  However, all of this was the thick-faced male lead’s fault. If she hadn’t done this, the matter wouldn’t end. If the female lead had carelessly made a promise to the male lead, wouldn’t her task difficulty factor be much higher?  


  As a dedicated task executor, Ke Li will never allow such low-level errors to occur. 


  [Host, you can really debate it.][mfn]Basically have a long argument with Wei Ming about her actions and try to persuade her so she doesn’t get her ass paddled[/mfn] Doudou didn’t expect Ke Li to do such a thing to burden herself. She even dared to do such a thing that would become a black history in the future, but the effect was indeed immediate.  


  Ke Li said vigorously: “This means that those who plan big events, can’t bother about trifling matters. If you want to carry the beauty back, you must first learn to sacrifice one’s life.”   


  Doudou: […] 


  It got served. 


  The truth is that when it comes to talking to Doudou, Ke Li could easily explain herself, but she wasn’t good at explaining in real life, and didn’t have the ability to organize such language.   


  Ke Li simply stood silent and looked up at the “high above” Wei Ming, then looked at the cane curiously, thinking that her pants were still wet and felt uncomfortable in the winter, she would get sick.  


  ”…” Wei Ming also felt that she was bullying. The baby doll in front of her looked like a little bean. She just stood up to her knee. She squatted down and seriously said, “You did that deliberately, right? ” 


  Everyone with eyes could see that she did it intentionally, but it was all still very strange, Wei Ming felt that there were too many things about Ke Li that were strange.  


  For example, she hasn’t seen hair after such a long time. Furthermore, at such a very small age she unexpectedly felt shame and has never peed the bed since that first incident.  


  Wei Ming thought Ke Li was simply a genius but also a worrisome child prodigy. 


  If she was to be considered well-mannered, that would be contradicted as she was someone who would do something like this in public just to cause another person embarrassment. But saying that she’s bad-mannered was wrong too, as she was someone who would care for others, which can be seen from the way she would remind Wei Ming to sleep early.  


  Seeing that Ke Li still refuses to speak, Wei Ming couldn’t do anything about it and was forced to glare at her. They stared at each other, one stood while the other squatted, plus they were both bald, the scene looked somewhat profound.  


  Ke Li couldn’t be compared to Wei Ming after all, and her pants eventually turned to ice. The feeling of skin sticking to the fabric was like directly touching ice. Her chubby little hand grabbed the hem of her clothes, shivered and said: “Wei Ming, pants…” 


  ”…” Wei Ming who originally intended to let Ke Li experience the consequences of peeing her pants, was now worried that she would get sick.  


  She reluctantly changed Ke Li’s pants and wiped her little wet pp. She then said in a stern voice, “Tutu, do you know what you did wrong?”  


  If she doesn’t take the opportunity to teach children, they will become little devils when they grow up. Although she doesn’t know of any little devils, it doesn’t affect her heart that wants to educate Ke Li.   


  Ke Li still remained mute, pretending to feign complete ignorance.   


  Wei Ming stared at her strangely. The two were testing each other’s patience, and Ke Li’s eyes were getting sore. She could only widen her eyes. Suddenly, her black pearl-like eyeballs turned and filled with tears that swirled within.  


  Wei Ming: “…” 


  Ke Li couldn’t hold back the tears in her eyes. The big bean-sized drops fell, sliding down her cheeks and her small mouth shriveled, which made her look more aggrieved.  


  ”…” Wei Ming lost, she reached out and wiped her tears, then said warmly, “Tutu, you can’t do this again in the future, otherwise you’ll be spanked.” 


  Wei Ming had been following her master, dealing with affairs over the years and have met many dignitaries. So, she developed a pair of smart eyes. Although the pilgrim suffered from a serious illness, he had an extraordinary status at first glance. He must be a son of a family with status and wasn’t someone that Ke Li can provoke.   


  Although they were on Buddhist grounds, they were also imprisoned by the secular world and ruled by the imperial court. As the saying goes, big first-class government officials push dead people, not to mention they are only small monks. 


  She was worried that Ke Li would be bullied. She wanted to warn her but didn’t think that the little person would eventually cry.   


  ”Wei Ming…” As soon as Ke Li saw, she sucked in her little red nose, then looked at the bare head in front of her, so she reached out and touched it.  


  Wei Ming turned away her head and said: “Wash your hands before touching.” 


  She knew that Ke Li like touching her head while she was asleep. In fact, she also liked to touch Ke Li’s head. Her one hand could almost cover her entire small head. With no hair, it was really interesting to touch. [mfn]Feel like they have some kind of fetish[/mfn] 


  ”…” Ke Li looked at her clean, white and tender chubby hands, they weren’t dirty at all. She kneads her hands grievously, and said with a milky voice: “Wei Ming, wash hands.” 


  Suddenly there was a sense of pride in bringing the child back from the bitter sea. She fetched water to wash Ke Li’s hands while reproaching, “Tutu, I’m your master now. You can’t call me Wei Ming anymore. You need to call me shifu as before, do you understand?” 


  “…” Ke Li just wanted to deceive Wei Ming, before she had no choice but to call her shifu. If she kept calling, she would be uncomfortable later. She admitted that she thought too far, but this was her reason.[mfn]Basically, when Ke Li will start seducing her, she doesn’t want to keep calling her shifu/master all the time[/mfn]  


  After thinking about it a few times, Ke Li thought it was better to call her that, just to satisfy the current female lead’s vanity who wants to be a master. 


  Ke Li smiled flatteringly and said, “Master.” 


  Wei Ming called out “ai” with satisfaction, then after washing the little fat hands, she said, “You’re not allowed to sleep with me tonight, or you might suddenly pee on me from being unable to endure it.”  


  Without some punishment, children won’t remember their wrongdoings.  


  Ke Li: “…” 


  This night was undoubtedly the first night Ke Li had to keep herself company on the empty bed alone. After teaching Ke Li a lesson in the day, Wei Ming went to out to perform her duties again. So, when she went to bed as soon as she returned, she didn’t forget that Ke Li wasn’t allowed to be in her arms.  


  Ke Li squeezed the flesh on her body boringly, looking at the sleeping Wei Ming beside her. She really misses those good old days, this kind of intangible feeling was really making her head bald. At last, she shrank into a small ball to sleep alone.  


  Although Wei Ming was tired from the long day, she didn’t forget about Ke Li. She worried throughout the night and had turn her palm lightly to check whether Ke Li was covered with the quilt. As a result, she saw that Ke Li biting her finger, sucking as if she was eating something delicious and her mouth overflowed with drool.  


  ”…” Wei Ming carefully wiped Ke Li’s saliva, then blew out the candles to go to sleep, but couldn’t sleep.   


  Since she brought the baby back, she felt that she couldn’t sleep peacefully at night. Though she no longer checked if Ke Li could breathe or not like before, she would inevitably worry about other problems. She realized the hardships her master faced when raising her in the past. 


  In fact, Ke Li was usually very obedient but occasionally she was really mischievous.  


  Wei Ming doesn’t know if she’s raising a little Buddhist nun or little novice Buddhist monk, anyway, she herself wasn’t as obedient as a child. 


  However, life has been a lot of fun. Every day when she returned to her room, a little baby girl would come clinging to her knees. The sound of the baby calling out Wei Ming, then when they go to bed, the child would still climb into her arms. This kind of fun was something that had to be personally experienced.  


  In the following days, Wei Ming constantly worried that Zhang Chao would come to the temple to stir up trouble, but he didn’t, so she set her heart down and concentrated on training her baby.  


  Time flew by quickly, Ke Li has already been here for almost three months, and there was still no hair growth on the top of her head. Unexpectedly, Wei Ming was anxious and asked Master Wu Nian, “Master, look at Tutu, what’s wrong with her?”  


  As she said this, she moved Ke Li in front of Master Wu Nian’s face and Ke Li’s head was touched again. These days, she was often touched by the nuns in the temple. The touches to her head killed the romance and made her feel bald.  


  Ke Li recalled that she would hit the three-month mark of being knocked within two days, then she would become a beautiful girl with hair after accumulating her merits.  


  Master Wu Nian touched Ke Li’s head and felt nothing. She looked closely and saw nothing. However, she thought that she couldn’t lose face in front of her apprentice and said, “Wei Ming, this child is brought to us by fate by Buddha. As master has told you, practice to cultivate the mind, and hair has nothing to do with practice.”  


  Ke Li:” … ” 


  So, the nuns in your temple are all bald? Why don’t you learn the practice of having hair from TV series?  


  ”…” Wei Ming wanted to say something, but Wu Nian evaded the urgent matter and turned to the Tibetan Scripture Pavilion. 


  Wei Ming can only hold Ke Li: “Tutu, did you hear? You have a fate brought together by Buddha.”   


  In fact, she thought that Ke Li must have been born with some kind of strange disease, as there was no fetal hair at birth, thus she was abandoned by her parents in the snow. Then she immediately treated Ke Li better.  


  These days, Ke Li has been able to speak complete sentences, has grown a few small baby teeth and walked steadily. However, her body was still small and in the shape of a baby. These days, she hasn’t grown in height at all.  


  Wei Ming noticed this early in the morning and was afraid that it was symptom of a strange disease but didn’t want to believe it.  


  Wei Ming thought about it a lot these days, apart from eating rice porridge, and she had only learnt how to cook these past few days, so the needed nutrition cannot keep up just yet.  


  ”Tutu, eat more today.” Wei Ming fed a piece of tender tofu to Ke Li’s mouth. 


  Ke Li obediently ate but cleverly said, “Master, you eat too.” 


  In fact, she’s been eating vegetarian these days and was dying. She desperately wanted to eat fried food, but as a nun, she still had to abide by the rules and regulations. Never break the rules, otherwise she won’t be a good nun.  


  She can guess the reason why Wei Ming wanted her to eat more, but she was an immortal doll. She was born with the appearance of a milk doll, so for her lifetime, she won’t grow up, unless she accumulates merits systematically to become an adult.  


  After feeding, Wei Ming realized this method wasn’t good, so she wanted to consult her master again. However, Master Wu Nian was still in Tibetan Scripture Pavailion, so she could only consult with Jing Chen. 


  “Junior sister, don’t you think Tutu hasn’t grown these days?” Wei Ming pointed to Ke Li in the distance.  


  She was anxious because every day she was with Ke Li, so she was used to seeing Ke Li. Wei Ming couldn’t tell if she grew so she decided to ask Jing Chen, who didn’t see Ke Li often.  


  Jing Chen stared at Ke Li and thought, then strangely said: “Really hasn’t changed much from her previous baby appearance.”   


  Wei Ming’s heart sank and said, “Junior sister, why do you think Tutu hasn’t grown up?”   


  Don’t say that her fate is brought together by Buddha.  


  Jing Chen pondered for a while and it wasn’t known what she was thinking of. Her face turned red, at last, she whispered: “Senior sister, I heard…all children needs to drink milk to grow up.”   


  ”…” Wei Ming’s ears turned a little hot, but she thought that Jing Chen’s words made a lot of sense. 


  Ke Li must have never drunk milk, so that’s why she wasn’t growing? But where does milk come from?  


  Ke Li in the distance: “…” 

Author’s Notes: 

Where does milk come from? (child resting chin on hand) 

Tomorrow’s baby should be able to grow up ● v ● 

Awarded a supporting role award to the bald sister (● — ●) 

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