Don’t Be Jealous, I Will Bend Myself
Don’t Be Jealous, I Will Bend Myself Chapter 41

Translated by Novice Translations 

Messed around by Snacks – ( ͡°⁄ ⁄ ͜⁄ ⁄ʖ⁄ ⁄ ͡°) 

Arc 3: Fairy Doll X Beautiful Nun – 6 

    The two sisters, Wei Ming and Jing Chen, glanced at each other, then finally both blushed.  

    Ke Li wasn’t a normal baby. Even if she really was a baby, she can’t find anything to play with in this empty temple. The reason why she pretends to have a good time was just to make herself look like a child, as to not draw suspicion, but she didn’t expect to hear the two unruly sisters discussing the problem of milk.  

    Even if you give her milk, she won’t drink it, ok?  

    She’s not so casual. 

    Ke Li fears that Wei Ming would really find milk for her, so she dashed across with her short legs to interrupt the two’s conversation and prepared to take her serious female lead away from the especially debased junior sister.  

    “Master, I want to sleep.” After urinating, Ke Li had another excuse to escape from the scene—sleeping. 

    Anyway, she’s a baby. She can do anything she wants, as long as she doesn’t do anything that made her look especially adult-like.   

    Wei Ming had to stop her conversation and wondered where she was going to find milk. Anyway, she felt embarrassed now. She squatted down and picked Ke Li up, then looked at Ke Li’s energetic appearance and said with doubt, “Tutu, it’s so early, you’re already sleepy?” 

    “En.” Ke Li pretended to yawn a lot and turned her head and saw that Jing Chen’s face was still red, then said, “Goodbye Aunty Jing Cheng.”  

    Jing Chen responded with a smile, then said to Wei Ming, “Senior sister, please take Tutu to take a nap.” 

    “En.” Wei Ming brought Ke Li back to their room. As expected, Ke Li was still very energetic, and didn’t have any sleepiness on her face. She wanted to blame Ke Li for lying to her, but she also reflected and thought the child was still young and can be slowly taught later.  

    Wei Ming touched Ke Li’s bare head, and said worriedly: “Tutu, why aren’t you growing?”  

    “……” Ke Li really wanted to say that as long as her head wasn’t touched so frequently, but unfortunately as a baby she couldn’t say this. In order to avoid this issue, she simply pointed to the bed and said, “Wei Ming, sleep.”  

    Wei Ming didn’t scold Ke Li for not calling her master, instead she accepted her words and took her to the bed, covered her with the quilt and told her: “Tutu, sleep well. Don’t kick the quilt.”  

    “En.” Ke Li closed her eyes and began to sleep, imagining in her mind what she would look like when she grows up. Would she become a beautiful royal elder sister? Or an iceberg beauty with a sculpture-like face? Anyway, as long as it wasn’t a baby doll.  

    Ke Li thought randomly while sleeping, then gradually fell asleep. She didn’t know how long she was asleep for until she was awakened by Wei Ming’s voice.  

    “Tutu, it’s time to wake up.” 

    Ke Li opened her eyes, still thinking about sleeping until tomorrow night so that she can transform. Then the female host wouldn’t have to worry about her growing up, but how she can suddenly grow up so quickly.  

    But before she responded, she saw a rare blush on Wei Ming’s face and her eyes swimming as if she had done something wrong. Then she was held up by her butt.  

    Ke Li’s chubby little hand clasped Wei Ming’s neck tightly, stared at her eyes, confused. Obviously, she wasn’t fully awake from her sleepiness, her milky voice sounded in a whisper, “Master?”   

    “It’s me. Tutu be good. I will take you to eat good food.” Wei Ming said, then walked along the path. 

    “…” Ke Li suddenly had an ominous premonition, her drowsiness disappeared in an instant. She began looking around with vigilance. 

    Her woman’s intuition was indeed right. Ke Li was taken by Wei Ming into a room specially prepared for pilgrims. Inside, there was a fat woman who wore a simple coarse cloth, with a very good physique, a typical bucket waist and a pair of max-size milk breasts bulging out.  

    Ke Li: “…”  

    The woman smiled as soon as she saw Ke Li, giving Ke Li a feeling of being abducted into a thief’s den, and the pair of chubby hands clasped Wei Ming’s neck even tighter.  

    The woman looked at Ke Li again and again, then said to Wei Ming: “Master Wei Ming, your apprentice is really good-looking, but unfortunately she doesn’t have hair. I heard that she’s a baby girl? Won’t she be cold like this?” 

    Ke Li: “…” 

    Please, she’s a nun’s apprentice, even if she has hair now, she will have to shave it later.  

    Afterwards, the married woman realized that she really strayed from the topic, then patted her breast to reassure Wei Ming. “All my family’s cubs grew up drinking my milk, now they are all fat and strong. After little master drinks, she is sure to grow tall.”  

    “…” Ke Li knew what she needed to do, she tugged and grabbed onto Wei Ming’s big fat paw, trying to jump down to run away.  

    Wei Ming held on to Ke Li’s troubled hands and feet, handed her to the woman’s arms and said with a red face, “Then, thank you for your trouble, benefactor.”  

    In fact, when she talked about this topic with Jing Chen today, she also felt very embarrassed. But in order for Ke Li to grow up big and healthy, she had found this woman who was still in her breast-feeding period, intending to give Ke Li a “tonic” nutrition. 

    The strange embrace made Ke Li want to escape even more. Unfortunately, the married woman was involved in a lot of farm work had great strength, so she was easily imprisoned in the broad arms. She smiled and said, “Little master, don’t move. I will feed you, so you can become plump.”  

    Ke Li: “…” Help ah! 

    As the woman said this, she lifted her lapel. Before Ke Li could react, her face was pressed onto a pair of oversized softness. She kicked her two short legs and struggled hard. As a result, her butt was slapped twice, and her mouth opened from pain and finally succumbed to reality. Tears filled her eyes and she sucked.  

    “Doudou, I don’t want to live anymore. Don’t stop me, let me die!” 

    Doudou pretended to see nothing, and comforted: [Don’t be discouraged, be optimistic. You can get revenge on the female lead in the future.] 

    “…” Ke Li gnashed her teeth[mfn]wtf, isn’t she still sucking? Dude that sounds painful for the benefactor, unless this is the idiom where she’s just fuming with rage[/mfn] and said, “You’re really a little clever and quick-witted person, then why don’t you personally try it yourself?” 

    Since doing the task, her bottom line of shame constantly refreshed. There was no shame, only more shame. As a result, Doudou still stood and spoke without a backache, it was really irritating![mfn]Basically Doudou just sits there and gives her advice without having been in that same situation of suffering pain. Basically, it’s one of those people who always puts in their 2 cents like they know it all but weren’t in your shoes.[/mfn] 

    [Host, don’t overthink it, after all, she’s the female lead.]  

    “…” Ke Li couldn’t help but want to swear. If the female lead has the ability ah, she should come take[mfn]there’s a pun here, the actual word used is milk, but its one stroke away from take. So basically, the FL should have been the one taking the milk personally instead of her.[/mfn] it herself.  

    With tears in her eyes, Ke Li cried and took the nutrition in a resigned, tearful way. Only when the woman finally released her grip from behind her, she said with a simple smile to Wei Ming, “Children are like this. If they are disobedient, they will be obedient after a few smacks. 

    “…” Wei Ming saw that it hurt and hurriedly took Ke Li and coaxed the crying baby, then said, “Thank you very much benefactor.”  

    The woman had a sense of accomplishment as if she had saved Ke Li and waved her hand to indicate that it wasn’t a big deal. She also asked thoughtfully: “Master Wei Ming, do you still need me tomorrow? My baby can eat now and doesn’t need to drink milk. I have enough to feed the little master.”   

    Wei Ming thought of Ke Li’s reaction and hesitated for a while without speaking. Ke Li who had a fierce crying face, then interjected: “No need.”  

    Wei Ming: “It’s unnecessary for the time being. But I won’t be polite if I need to bother benefactor.”  

    “Good.” The woman left with a smile. 

    Ke Li was crying the entire time, but not because she wanted to cry, but because she felt too suffocated. She didn’t want to drink milk, nor did she want to drink milk in front of the female lead. As a result…the woman’s slap hurt so much that a lot of tears came out.  

    What a bully! 

    Ke Li wiped all her tears on Wei Ming’s clothes, then sulked with a cold face. 

    Slag female lead, she must have revenge when she grows up! 

    “Tutu?” Wei Ming felt that Ke Li had a great grudge against her and it appears that she overreached herself.[mfn]The other meaning is to try to be clever and end up with egg on one’s face[/mfn] Seeing that Ke Li didn’t speak for a long time, she put her in bed, then found a cloth to dry her small pink face, carved from jade, and explained herself: “It’s so you can grow up quickly after drinking.”  

    “…” Ke Li turned away silently. 

    “I didn’t drink it when I was a child and Master fed me rice soup.” In fact, Wei Ming doesn’t know whether she ever drank milk or not. Anyway, as long as she could fool this little ancestor, she would.  

    It’s a pity that Ke Li wasn’t easy to deceive. She still didn’t speak and doesn’t even look at Wei Ming.  

    “…” Wei Ming had a big headache, did she provoke this child prodigy?  

    When she went to bed that night, Ke Li was still sulking. In fact, the taste was good, but… she was such a big person and still drank milk, so she felt embarrassed just thinking about it.  

    Ke Li was so manic that she wanted to be reborn again, but not in this world. It was as if it was challenging her shame. If she goes on like this, how can she still live? 

    No, she wants to grow up, she wants to suppress the female lead and get her revenge.  

    As soon as she thought that she could grow up to be an adult tomorrow night, Ke Li went to sleep contentedly and didn’t even think about the consequences that would arise when the female lead discovers her. In her opinion, there was no shame bigger than being forced to drink breastmilk.  

    Wei Ming laid on the bed and looked at Ke Li’s small sleeping face. She thought about it and guessed that Ke Li was simply just shy.  

    She decided not to stay at the scene next time. In fact, she felt very shy when she saw the breastfeeding scene. 

    The next day, Wei Ming didn’t get up as early as before, while Ke Li deliberately didn’t get up and held back her urine and decided to sleep until it was night.  

    Wei Ming returned and saw Ke Li still didn’t get up, at first, she thought she was sick, but after checking again, found that her eyes were still swimming under her eyelids. Then warmly said: “Tutu, want to drink breastmilk?”  

    Ke Li: “…” 

    If she was forced to drink milk again, she really doesn’t want to live! 

    Ke Li decided not to talk to the female lead until she grows up. This was the worst female lead she has ever met. Now she was still forced to drink milk and she was already 25, not two and a half years old nor two nor half a year old.  

    Wei Ming continued to tentatively ask: “Or do you not like to drink?” 

    Ke Li immediately said very seriously: “I don’t like it.” 

    When she finished speaking, she didn’t hear any movement. She continued to sleep while holding her legs. She really didn’t want her to coax her again or she really wouldn’t be able to hold back.  

    After a while, Wei Ming brought a bowl or warm thick white liquid, looking at Ke Li who shrunk into a ball, then said: “Tutu, you don’t even like this?” 

    Ke Li smelled sheep from far away and really didn’t want to drink the milk but couldn’t hold it anymore. Finally, she crawled out of bed and looked at Wei Ming’s smile. She couldn’t bear to refuse again and shook her head with her legs clamped and said: “Master…”  

    “…” Wei Ming was stunned and immediately understood. She put down the goat’s milk and took Ke Li away to relieve the issue. When they returned, she washed her hands and said, “Tutu, you can only grow bigger after drinking it. I wasn’t good yesterday and forgot our Tutu was shy.”  

    “…” Ke Li’s face was a little red, and she pinched her nose and drank some of the goat’s milk. She thought that she would grow up this evening and gravely said with a serious face: “Wei Ming, I’ll grow up.”  

    Wei Ming smiled and repeated: “You will grow up by drinking more and become as big as Master.”  

    “…” Ke Li didn’t speak. She thought she would become taller than the female lead, otherwise, how would she be the one to attack?  

    She said: “I want to grow taller than you.” 

    Wei Ming stroked her head: “Then drink more milk.” 

    Wei Ming didn’t want to argue with Ke Li, as she was taller than the average woman and Ke Li hasn’t grown for the past three months, to become taller than her would take no less than a miracle.  

    Ke Li fell asleep for most of the day, so she passed the day quickly. In the evening, she became a mokugyo for class. After having her head knocked on, Ke Li went to bed early.  

    She really wanted to become an adult when she wakes up. Although being a baby was good, she had no personal freedom, not even to drink something. Although bald people didn’t need to wash their hair, but every time someone talk about this topic, she thought it was better to be a beautiful woman with hair.  

    However, Ke Li didn’t expect that she would become an adult when she woke up, or an adult that had nothing on her body, what happened to her clothes?   

    The point was that the adult was now pressing on Wei Ming.[mfn]Finally the attacker![/mfn] 

    Ke Li: “…” 

    Should she pretend to be asleep, or directly get revenge? 

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