Don’t Be Jealous, I Will Bend Myself
Don’t Be Jealous, I Will Bend Myself Chapter 44

Translated by Novice Translations 

Messed around (PR) by Snacks – Just a friendly reminder that baby Ke Li=Tutu 

Arc 3: Fairy Doll X Beautiful Nun – 9 

Just Rub, You’re Not Allowed to Overstep the Boundary. 

 Ke Li was really convinced that Wei Ming had a brain hole.[mfn]Meaning the imagination is too strong and illogical! That’s why author’s says, I just wrote a brain hole novel.[/mfn] Jing Chen said that when the demon is with people, it feeds on people’s essence, after all, it wasn’t because those men were horny and wanted to be intimate with a demon.  


  Is that something she can do as a baby? 


  Ke Li secretly rolled her eyes in Wei Ming’s arms. 


  Know yourself, know your enemy to emerge victorious in every battle. Although she knew she didn’t have any capabilities to do anything about it, Wei Ming asked: “Junior sister, do you know what kind of demon it is?”  


  “I do not know, but I heard that she’s a woman dressed in white. She looks like an immortal that resembles an orchid. Her body is boneless and her specialty is seducing people in their sleep.”  


  As Jing Chen spoke, she saw Wei Ming’s eyes staring fixedly at her, then explained with a red face: “Senior sister, when I went to study the mantra for a long time today, I accidentally overheard others, I…I haven’t seen her myself.”  


  ”…” Wei Ming thinks that Jing Chen knows too much, but these descriptions were completely consistent with Ke Li. 


  Wei Ming doesn’t know why she’s angry. Maybe it’s because she didn’t expect that unscrupulous woman to not only seduce her in her dreams, but also others outside. The biggest issue was that she killed people.   


  However, when they discovered this kind of thing, they only knew about it. They were simply helpless and could only chant Buddhist scriptures to help the departed soul find peace.    


  Wei Ming brought Ke Li to meditate in the hall and recite scriptures in the daytime, as at night there were some complications. She felt that she should straighten out Ke Li as early as possible, but felt she wasn’t in the position to do so. She was afraid that Ke Li would force herself on her, although she didn’t seem to have spiritual much energy, she was still a demon who likes to put her hands on women after all.  


  Wei Ming sat by the bed chanting scriptures for a long time as she was afraid something would happen to Tutu after she fell asleep. She was also worried that Ke Li had been attentively watching her since early on and had other goals.     


  Seeing that Wei Ming was dozing off and still insisted on staying awake, Ke Li was anxious. She thought she needed to go to the dreamworld in order to explain herself, so she waved her hand and Wei Ming fell asleep. Then, kept by her side, she waited for midnight to arrive.  


  As for the demon, it definitely has something to do with the male lead. At this time, Doudou said that the plot has been influenced by the scum system, with the male lead becoming a demon, but Ke Li thought he would be a fierce beast like a tiger. She didn’t expect it to be some kind of specialized seductive demon that was an alluring female. 


  Ke Li pinched the soft meat on her arm and asked, “Doudou, what kind of demon is it?” 


  Doudou replied: [Host, don’t worry. It’s just a fox-spirit.]  


  It was completely expected that it was a fox-spirit, but obviously Ke Li’s real concern wasn’t this, so she asked: “Can I beat her?”  


  As long as I can win, I won’t be afraid. What I’m afraid of is that we won’t win and I’ll be caught between its teeth.  


  [It’s hard to say if you will win or not, but running away is also winning.] 


  Ke Li: “…”  


  At midnight, the baby on the bed suddenly became a woman, then turned into a white light in Wei Ming’s sea of consciousness.  


  Wei Ming was dreaming again. These days, she dreams every day, and it was the same kind of dreams. As soon as she closes her eyes at night, she was in a dream. Tonight wasn’t an exception, at least this time it was slightly different, as she was still clothed. 


  Wei Ming saw that Ke Li was sitting in front of her and seriously reprimanded her: “Benefactor Ke Li, demons have demons, humans have humans,[mfn]This means that demons should have sex/take energy from other demons while humans do it with other humans[/mfn] everything are all living things, why do you kill innocents indiscriminately?”  


  ”I don’t know why Master Wei Ming thinks of me this way.” Ke Li said as she got closer, with an expression as if she was wronged.  


  Wei Ming leaned her body back and coldly said: “Besides you, who else is such a wicked demon.”[mfn]She says this as an affirmative, like she is answering her own question and is confident so no question mark.[/mfn]  


  They wore the same clothes, so she doesn’t believe she was mistaken. 


  ”…” Ke Li, who was approaching Wei Ming, leaned her head on Wei Ming’s chest and said, “If I don’t do something, I’m still wronged for nothing.”[mfn]Ke Li exercised self-control by not molesting FL but she was still accused wrongly lol[/mfn]  


  In the first place, Wei Ming wasn’t angry at all, but when she thought of what Ke Li had done outside, she felt very angry. She shoved Ke Li away and scolded, “Wanton!”  


  Ke Li fell back and looked at Wei Ming with grievances. She really wanted to explain. But why did the fox-spirit decide to wear white clothes similar to her, this lead to her being implicated.   


  Wei Ming didn’t pay attention to Ke Li. She ignored the discomfort in her abdomen, closed her eyes and quietly meditated.  


  Ke Li’s trick of injuring herself to gain the enemy’s confidence didn’t work neither did her beauty trap, so she sat up and solemnly said: “Master Wei Ming, that demon really wasn’t me. You must believe me.”   


  Before she knew it, Wei Ming opened her eyes and stared back at Ke Li’s black clear eyes. Seeing that those eyes were indeed full of sincerity, she hesitated and said: “Really, it wasn’t you?” 


  Ke Li replied: “Of course it wasn’t me. I only like Master Wei Ming in this life, how can I be like that with others.”  


  ”…” Wei Ming felt she was being teased again. She blushed and didn’t know how to refute, so she could only recite Amitabha non-stop. After she completely calmed down, she also felt that Ke Li’s inherent qualities weren’t bad.  


  If she had to seduce people, she would rather Ke Li only seduce herself, so she doesn’t harm others, then suddenly thought of something. Wei Ming was curious and asked: “That day, I didn’t do anything to you, right.”  


  ”Which day?” Ke Li really didn’t know, so she couldn’t respond.  


  Wei Ming slowly said word by word: “That day, when we were naked.”  


  Ke Li replied: “Oh that’s right, no you didn’t.”  


  That was all an illusion she created. The purpose was to make Wei Ming take responsibility for her, but as a result, someone recited the mantra all night long.  


  Wei Ming clearly breathed a sigh of relief, then they were silent again. She asked with curiosity: “What are you?”  


  Is it possible that she is really a fox-spirit? 


  Ke Li said “mokugyo” with a black face.  


  ”Mokugyo spirit?” Wei Ming suddenly recalled that her mokugyo had become more spiritual, but she just realized it.  


  Wei Ming thought that the mokugyo was an object that she often had contact with and wasn’t as seductive as a fox-spirit. Wei Ming unknowingly was reassured and continued to chat with Ke Li: “Do you know what kind of bewitching demon she is?”  


  She thought that since they were all demons, it was almost like a family, they probably knew each other. She felt like Ke Li was tricking her, so she felt uncomfortable. 


  Ke Li honestly replied: “It’s a fox-spirit, specializes in seduction.” 


  As expected, it was a fox-spirit. Wei Ming asked, “Then, do you know her?”  


  Or is there any business deal between you, these words, Wei Ming thought it wasn’t convenient to ask, so she didn’t voice it.  


  Ke Li: “We don’t know each other, but me and her are enemies.” 


  ”Oh.” Wei Ming’s brows suddenly frowned, and she felt her abdomen cramp.  


  ”Master Wei Ming, shall I rub it for you?” Seeing that the female lead was suffering from dysmenorrhea, how could Ke Li give up this opportunity to brush her good feelings?   


  Wei Ming didn’t reply yet when she felt Ke Li was getting closer to her again. She helplessly replied: “Just rub, you’re not allowed to overstep the boundary.”  


  ”En.” Ke Li condensed her energy at her fingertips and rubbed Wei Ming’s belly warm. With this and many days in a bad mood, Wei Ming quickly fell asleep first.[mfn]Dude she fell asleep in her dream lol, a dream in a dream?[/mfn] 


  Ke Li was worried that Wei Ming would be targeted by the fox-spirit and that she was more powerful than her. She wasn’t sure since the fox-spirit wasn’t a character she personally constructed. Anyway, she has to take extra measures of precaution. Moreover, the female lead has always been depressed recently, as if she was overindulgent and had sinned a lot.[mfn]overindulgence is usually use for having sex way to often in a day….in CN novels I see them like get sickly or die from having too much sex. Cough, I guess having wet thoughts makes female lead overindulgent by itself LOL[/mfn] 


  In this way, the capital was calm for a few days before another family’s gongzi had an accident. There were also many fake Taoists in the capital who were deceiving people. In fact, they claimed they were demon hunters to make money, but they actually hurt more people in the process.  


  Some people assumed that their lives were guaranteed and protected, so they continued to spend all their time indulging in sensual pleasure. They could hardly imagine that all those talisman paper and charms they were sold were fake.  


  That day, Wei Ming and Jing Chen were invited to a family home in order to recite the sutras. She was worried that Ke Li would go after the baby, so she left her in the main hall to accompany Master Wu Nian to recite sutras as a precaution. But when she returned, she couldn’t find the baby anywhere.  


  Wei Ming was so angry. She thought Ke Li had hidden Tutu again, but she didn’t know how to find Ke Li at all, so she had to anxiously wait until dark for her dream. 


  But before she could even dream, Tutu came back. By then, it was already between 11pm and 1am, moreover her entire body was filthy.[mfn]Ancient people measure things in 2 hour increments, so Ke Li came back in her baby form before midnight.[/mfn]  


  Wei Ming checked and inspected her. She found no wounds and felt relieved, then asked with a cold face, “Tutu, were you abducted again by that beautiful sister today?” 


  ”…” Ke Li really didn’t want to talk about it. She was bored today, so she wanted to gaze at the stars outside the main hall but found that no one wanted to accompany her. She was helpless, now she was just a baby, and no one was willing to take care of her. She didn’t expect to be abducted so suddenly. The other party was Zhang Chao and that fox-spirit demon.  


  “I can’t believe there is an immortal fairy spirit hidden in this little nunnery.” The gorgeously dressed fox-spirit said with a smile and her interest in Ke Li was far greater than Zhang Chao’s. She despised Zhang Chao, but his body was pure yin.[mfn]Yin is feminine while yang is masculine[/mfn] Although he was a man, his yang was insufficient, thus he was the most suitable to combine with a demon like her.  


  Ke Li looked at the male lead and fox-spirit, one man and one demon were merged. She didn’t look like a man or woman. At first, she thought it was a tranny, then recalled that she couldn’t beat it. She simply opened her mouth, bit the fox-spirit, then ran away.  


  The fox-spirit and male lead didn’t chase after Ke Li. After much difficulty, she managed to return back to the Buddha statue.  


  It was also at this time when she ran that she became dirty. After all, her short legs weren’t long enough. Even if she cast a spell, she still came into close contact with the earth several times. 


  After Ke Li recalled this, she suddenly held Wei Ming’s knee and looked pitiful. She shivered and said: “Master, there was a demon.”  


  Wei Ming: “Demon?” 


  “En, demon, but I was saved by the beautiful sister in white clothes.” Ke Li thought to herself that it wasn’t enough, so she elaborated and said she was chased. Of course, she didn’t mention that she cast a spell. She only elevated the female lead’s image of her to save herself the trouble of being wronged by the female lead.  


  ”It turned out that she saved you,” Wei Ming frowned, “Tutu, do you know where she is now?” 


  ”Beautiful sister is injured.” Ke Li invented nonsense so that the female lead would look at her in a good light tonight.   


  The frown in Wei Ming’s brows deepened, but she didn’t ask about her further. Instead, she said, “Tutu, you’re not allowed to run out alone in the future. As long as you keep following Master, there will be no demons.”  


  ”En.” Ke Li reached out to hug her. She was exhausted and wanted psychological compensation. Now, she just wants to sleep. 


  ”Take a bath first.” Wei Ming had been worried the entire night. Now, that she saw that Tutu was okay and the person who saved her life was Ke Li, her heart was a little complicated.  


  Wei Ming stripped baby Ke Li and lowered her head to bath her. It turns out that the person in the water wasn’t only hot, but also started to overflow the tub while being washed. That small wooden basin could no longer hold the Ke Li who became bigger. 


  Wei Ming silently withdrew her hand, then strangely looked at Ke Li who was in a strange posture sitting in the small tub.  


  Ke Li: “…” 


  This is the most miserable way to fall off a horse.[mfn]Means for a secret to be exposed[/mfn] 



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