Don’t Be Jealous, I Will Bend Myself
Don’t Be Jealous, I Will Bend Myself Chapter 45

Translated by Novice Translations 

Messed around by Snacks – Tutu = Ke Li 

Arc 3: Fairy Doll X Beautiful Nun – 10 

There’s no Shame in this Matter! 

  In the first place, the wooden basin wasn’t big at all. It wouldn’t be able to fit an adult but it was just big enough for Tutu who was a baby to sit and bathe in it. But now that the baby unexpectedly grew up into a woman, the current scene was quite strange. 


  Ke Li’s heart felt complicated, I want to die! I want to die immediately! 


  If she died like this, she might be able to reduce her sense of shame. She wondered if the world was deliberately opposing her everywhere. She had just improved her image a little bit, but in the next second, life played such a joke on her.  


  Previously, the body that was soaking in warm water was a baby with the two little feet propped on the edge of the tub. Ke Li had no shame then. 


  Now with the sudden growth, not only did the water only cover part of that intimate place, but also exposed everything else to Wei Ming’s eyes. Moreover, the two short legs that suddenly became long slender legs, were in the shape of a “Y” facing Wei Ming. The girl’s intimate place which should be covered by mosaic was facing Wei Ming.  


  Ke Li: “…” 


  It wasn’t the same as in a dream. In a dream, she could attack the female lead like a demon without worry, with a thick face and skin, but what was this now?  


  The villainess attacked the second she changed to a baby. 


  And this caused her to end up giving the female lead a spectacular show. 


  Ke Li’s determination to die was once again confirmed. 


  Because the tub wasn’t large enough to hold her, Ke Li was trying to slowly withdraw her large long limbs back into the tub. The water in the tub was disturbed with her movements and overflowed. This picture was very strong and very shameful.  


  Ke Li felt that time froze. She lowered her head and didn’t dare to look at Wei Ming or move too much. She didn’t have a sense of security until she finally shrunk herself in the small tub.  


  Ke Li was curled in the wooden tub, her arms wrapped around her knees to cover the key areas, then looked at Wei Ming with a red face.  


  ”…” Wei Ming never thought that the baby she worked so hard to raise for three months would be a demon, and it was the same demon in her dreams that had been seducing her.   


  She automatically discarded the indescribable scene she just saw. then looked at Ke Li, whose face was completely shy. From her wet eyes, she saw emotions such as shyness and a guilty conscience.  


  Seeing that Ke Li didn’t speak for a long time or try to explain herself. Wei Ming looked away expressionlessly as if nothing had happened. She went out to get a mop and began to deal with the spilt water.  


  During this period, Ke Li was settled in the tub and dazedly stared at Wei Ming’s actions. She didn’t dare to move because if she made the slightest movement, the water at the edge of the basin will overflow again, then Wei Ming would have to mop again.  


  Wei Ming had simply ignored Ke Li. After she was done cleaning the floor, she prepared to take a bath herself when she came to a sudden realization that Ke Li was no longer that small innocent baby. Her hands stopped in the middle of undressing herself, and she ended up simply washing her face, then settled down in a vacant spot to meditate. 


  Ke Li: “…” 


  But when Wei Ming closed her eyes and knocked on the mokugyo, Ke Li who was stupefied in the tub had her soul directly sucked into the mokugyo.  


  The top of her head was knocked with a “De de de” and Ke Li could definitely feel that she was angry. Because the strength of Wei Ming’s knocking was much heavier than usual, after some time of being knocked, she had no doubt that her bald head would be concaved in.  


  After she was sucked into the mokugyo, Ke Li was able to see her body in the tub from a new perspective. Her shame became even more intense. The hands on her knees didn’t fully cover her bits, instead she was half-exposed.  


  Ke Li didn’t even need to see it. She just felt that her skin would prune before this session of knocking finished. Knowing that she couldn’t pretend to be pitiful, she should have swallowed her shame and came out of the water earlier.  


  However, Wei Ming knocked for more than half an hour that night. This was the first time she knocked in the middle of the night, but the yard where she lives is isolated and won’t disturb others.  


  Wei Ming opened her eyes and those beautiful pictures she had just seen were gone. However, when she saw Ke Li sitting in the wooden tub naked and her white skin was covered with a layer of goosebumps, those beautiful pictures entered her mind again.  


  Wei Ming’s eyes instantly froze. She wanted to open her mouth to say something but was wordless. Finally, she put down the mokugyo in her hands and helplessly said, “You, come out.”  


  Ke Li just returned to her body just now, and her whole body shivered from the chilly cold water in the tub.  


  When she heard Wei Ming’s words, she stood up at once and the water from the wooden tub naturally spilled onto the ground again. Before Ke Li could figure out if she wanted to cover herself or not, she heard Wei Ming’s emotionless and unpassionate voice: “Once you come out, go back to where you came from originally.”  


  ”…” Ke Li instantly wilted. She was like a child who made a mistake. She didn’t say a word and silently wiped her body with a dry towel.   


  The places that was soaked in water wasn’t only wrinkled, but also a little rosy. She didn’t want to use magic, but she didn’t dare ask Wei Ming for clothes. Instead, she secretly changed her clothes. She decided to use less magic in front of Wei Ming from now on, then she pretended to be pitiful and begged Wei Ming to not abandon her.  


  At this time, Wei Ming put away the prayer beads, scriptures and mokugyo, then laid in bed to sleep. She directly laid in the outermost side, effectively preventing Ke Li’s intentions to climb onto her bed.  


  ”…” Ke Li was left behind to clean the water from the ground, then she stood by the bed. She looked at Wei Ming’s eyes that weren’t completely closed, completely ignoring her intentional meaning. She looked at the place where she slept before and terribly envied the herself from before tonight. 


  Ke Li stood there for a long time. Wei Ming who had been watching, felt her calm heart of 20 years suddenly became extremely itchy.  


  Thinking that Ke Li was a demon, she continued to sleep, but these days of sleeping with the baby had become a habit and suddenly being alone made her unable to sleep at all.   


  After about half an hour of trying to sleep, Wei Ming heard a slight coughing sound from Ke Li. Although Wei Ming wasn’t sure whether demons can catch a cold, she couldn’t sleep anymore. She shrank her body into the bed and whispered: “Come and go to sleep. But don’t paste yourself to me, let alone enter my dreams without permission.”  


  In fact, she was waiting for Ke Li to explain herself, but Ke Li seems to have suddenly lost all her courage. She wasn’t as arrogant or shameless as before when she was in her dreams. So far, she hasn’t said a word, let alone explained.  


  When Ke Li heard Wei Ming’s commands, she ‘swooshed’ into the bed warmed by Wei Ming’s heat. In fact, she didn’t need to be reminded by Wei Ming as she didn’t dare. 


  The reason why she dared to do that before was because she was only a stranger and demon in Wei Ming’s eyes. Now that she lost her horse,[mfn]Snacks – horse is a metaphor in chinese, a high horse, something like pride[/mfn] the situation was naturally different. 


  She clearly knew Wei Ming’s temperament. Although she didn’t show her emotions on her face and her tone was still easy-going, she knew that Wei Ming was seething.   


  Once the gentle person became angry, it was very terrible. If she even exceeds her boundaries a tiny bit, she will definitely be blacklisted. Now, she could only pretend to be pitiful to be able to stay first.  


  The two stayed in bed like this, without the closeness from the past, and said nothing.  


  Although she still misses Tutu, she didn’t think that Tutu wasn’t genuinely Tutu, but a demon waiting for an opportunity.  


  Humans and demons walk different routes, Wei Ming couldn’t have known if Ke Li had mischievous intentions, she had still stayed behind. 


  Since Ke Li was planning to die, she can’t leave. Anyway, when she transforms into a baby in the daytime, she can always pretend to be coquettish and deceive Wei Ming again.  


  Thinking in this way, Ke Li felt that she forgot she was a child and the sudden fall from the horse wasn’t a big deal. Instead, the plot was ahead of schedule, but she never thought she would shamefully fall off the horse this way.  


  Ke Li was too ashamed to ask Doudou the favorability and intimacy value because she knew that Doudou was secretly laughing at her in a corner.  


  Doudou: […] 


  Since the host thinks about it so much, then it will come out and make soy sauce.[mfn]This is like an internet buzzword that means like I don’t care or pay attention. Basically, if your walking down the street and some random person asks you a question from the news about current trends, you yell playing/making soy sauce meaning that you don’t care or pay attention to those trends.[/mfn] 


  Until the later half of the night, Ke Li felt that Wei Ming didn’t fall asleep. She was worried that Wei Ming will become more mentally fatigued tomorrow, so she secretly cast a spell for Wei Ming to fall asleep.  


  Wei Ming had a dreamless dream that night. She slept and was naturally awakened by the sun that penetrated through the gap in the window.   


  Recalling last night’s events, she suddenly opened her eyes, turned around to look beside her. There was no attractive face, instead it was Ke Li who became a baby again.   


  Because yesterday’s clothes were changed, Ke Li was now in her most primitive state with plump hands and feet. At first glance, the whole body was fleshy, a healthy baby.  


  ”Tutu?” Wei Ming cried out softly, even wanting to touch her to see if she was real. As a result, she just reached out halfway, then withdrew her hand as she didn’t forget yesterday’s scene.  


  Wei Ming had to get out of bed to deal with things. Her morning class has been delayed by her and she had to wash first. When Ke Li, who was lying in bed, heard the movement, she subconsciously shouted with her eyes closed: “Master, need to pee.”  


  Every morning, her biological clock tells Ke Li that she needs to use the bathroom. After she called out, she realized that she lost her horse yesterday. Her face suddenly turned red and she used the corner of her eyes to secretly look at Wei Ming.   


  ”…” Wei Ming didn’t give any response, but just stared at Ke Li as if wanting to see what else she was going to do. Finally, she said expressionlessly: “You should leave.”  




  Whether she leaves or not, Ke Li really was in a hurry to pee. She turned over and sat up, wanting to dress herself, but later remembers that her little hands were stubby and short so she couldn’t dress herself at all. She could only stare at Wei Ming.  


  Wei Ming pretended that she didn’t see it and said: “Do it yourself.”   


  ”…” Compared to dressing herself, Ke Li felt the urgent need to use the bathroom first, so she didn’t wear clothes. Anyway, she has no figure right now and she was shameless since she was a baby with soft meat all over her body. 


  Ke Li wanted to directly jump off the bed, but she was usually carried up and down the bed by Wei Ming. Now, she stood at the edge of the bed and looked down and felt that the height of the bed was as high as a cliff.  


  Ke Li: “…” 


  Would she use spells or not.  


  As a result, Wei Ming saw Ke Li slowly stretch out her short legs, exploring the edge of the bed. However, she was afraid of falling and violently withdrew it. This caused her to forcibly hold her urine in, so she could only stretch out her short legs again, then her body was unstable. She fell directly from the bed and made a ‘peng’ sound and rolled a few times on the floor.  


  Wei Ming didn’t care about anything else, she rushed to pick up Tutu and nervously asked: “Tutu are you okay?”  


  ”Master, it hurts …” Ke Li’s mouth shriveled, and it seemed she was about to cry soon. In order to gain sympathy, she didn’t use any magic and actually fell down. She was afraid that there was a big bump on her head.  


  This bald head will soon have a big bump and she will soon look like a gourd baby.[mfn]A gourd is like what people put water or alcohol in and the head of the water spout actually looks like a nipple haha so she envisions her head looks like that[/mfn] 


  After turning into a baby, she dared to do things that wasn’t easy when she was an adult. After Ke Li spoke, her eyes filled with tears. 


  ”Where does it hurt, Master will rub it for you.” Wei Ming rubbed and recalled Ke Li’s affairs from yesterday. She then realized that Ke Li was deceiving her, as how can a demon actually fall from the bed, and even if she did fall, she wouldn’t be injured.  


  She wanted to directly throw Ke Li down, but instead she threw Ke Li back to the bed for fear that she may smash that little head full of melon seeds.[mfn]melon seeds…is an euphemism for her brain matter, so she doesn’t want to throw her on the floor just in case her little head exploded that contains her melon seeds…[/mfn] She said with a cold face: “Ke Li, is it fun to always mess with me?”  


  Ke Li: “…” 


  She finally got out of bed with much difficulty, why did she have to throw her back?   


  Ke Li’s small face choked, and her voice changed into anxiety. “Master, I didn’t trick you. I really need to pee.”  


  ”…” Wei Ming still thought Ke Li wanted to seize the opportunity by pestering her endlessly, so she ignored her.  


  As a result, she saw Ke Li shrink on the bed, her two legs crossed each other, her body trembled, and her face looked like she couldn’t hold it in much longer. She was afraid that Ke Li would pee on the bed. After all, it was a demon that could do anything.[mfn]Anything but go to the toilet by herself at this moment lool[/mfn]  


  Ke Li felt her bladder was unbearable as it was overwhelmed.   


  ”Master, I can’t use magic during the day.” Ke Li decided to confess in a panic first, then continue to become an obedient baby later during the day. Otherwise, she will be driven away sooner or later. Although she wasn’t being honest, she can win sympathy by pretending to be weak.  


  Wei Ming looked around and saw that Ke Li didn’t seem to be pretending and said with doubt: “You can’t change back?”  


  Wasn’t she nimble yesterday? 


  Ke Li gritted her teeth and replied, “I can’t change back.” 


  She could hardly hold it in. 


  ”…” Seeing that Ke Li’s words were said sincerely, Wei Ming stepped forward to pick up Ke Li. As a result, she held Ke Li’s butt and held her in her arms, then felt there was hot liquid flowing from her arms.  


  Wei Ming: “…” 


  She had said to herself that Ke Li would pee in her arms sooner or later. 


  Ke Li: “…” 


  In ancient times, there was many forms of humiliation such as being forced to receive castration. Today, Ke Li directly peed in the female lead’s bosom in order to complete the task. This matter wasn’t shameful, wasn’t shameful at all!  


  Just let her directly die!  



Author’s Notes: 

Everyone shouted together: Shameless! 

Ke Li: (╯ ‵ □ ′) ╯︵┻━┻ 

Slag: Be good, the author mother will immediately arrange your play[mfn]author mother in this case is the author of this novel.[/mfn]  

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