Don’t Be Jealous, I Will Bend Myself
Don’t Be Jealous, I Will Bend Myself Chapter 48

Translated by Novice Translations 

Messed around by Snacks – who’s keen for overindulgence? 

Arc 3: Fairy Doll X Beautiful Nun – 13 

Death From Immediate Wind?[mfn] “Sudden death”, the common name is “immediate wind”. It includes not only sudden death during orgasm, but also death after sexual activity. Before the onset of the disease, both parties had no warning and mental preparation, so they often lacked preventive measures and could not be rescued. Think Cardiac arrest/stroke from Sex[/mfn] 

  Wei Ming didn’t know why Jing Xuan knew about her dream, but just thinking about it made her feel embarrassed. Her back went cold and she felt her privacy was inexplicably violated. As for Yan Hu, she must be that fox-spirit.  


  Wei Ming was about to ask Jing Xuan how she knew, but there were loud footsteps from behind her.  


  With dawn, Ke Li naturally turned into the familiar baby. She ran to Wei Ming and stretched out her hands to be held. She called out in her milky voice: “Master.”  


  With her here, naturally Wei Ming won’t ask how Jing Xuan knows. She buried her head in the sand, held Ke Li and wanted to prove she was ‘innocent’ by saying Ke Li was just a baby. As for the spring dream, she should never have had one. Then her eyes warned Jing Xuan to not speak nonsense.  


  Jing Xuan nodded with a smile. She has the same temperament as Wei Ming. She wasn’t good at taking the initiative to interact with others and the two weren’t very familiar. But at this moment, she genuinely hoped that Wei Ming was in the same camp as her, then their situations would be the same.  


  One is a nun while the other wasn’t even human.  


  ”Good morning senior aunt Jing Xuan.” Ke Li greeted politely. She has been awake for a sometime. Naturally, she overheard the whole conversation between the two. Thinking about the spring dream, she rubbed Wei Ming’s chin intimately. 


  She can enter Wei Ming’s dream at will. The fox-spirit was good at illusion magic and naturally had her own ways of entering Wei Ming’s dream. But according to normal circumstances, it was unusual for Wei Ming to have a spring dream. 


  Wei Ming can’t desire her now and it was impossible for her to talk about that dream. Maybe it was the fox-spirit, but she didn’t notice her at all. As a fairy doll that was tasked to protect the female lead, she really is a failure. 


  ”Good morning.” Thinking of what Yan Hu said to her after last night, Jing Xuan’s face got a little hot again. Her eyes glanced at Ke Li’s face in disapproval. It seemed she wanted to see what Ke Li would look like when she became an adult. 


  All these things were what Yan Hu told her. She believed this deeply and thought of Yan Hu’s instructions. She said: “Tutu, she wants to see you.”  


  ”No,” Ke Li refused without hesitation. 


  Last time, the fox-spirit wanted to catch her so she could strengthen herself. If it wasn’t for her short legs that ran so fast, her soul would have been lost, not to mention she wouldn’t have a life.   


  Don’t even think about bringing your girlfriend over. Even if that sentence was said with difficulty, the female lead isn’t so silly to agree. She isn’t stupid.  


  She’s also a person who wants to save face. Those who have died were real people. It’s impossible to cover up this fact because of a sentence stating difficulties. As a just person, naturally she won’t forgive the fox-spirit because of this. 

  Ke Li stubbornly turned her head, let’s see what that fox-spirit demon wants to do.   


  Seeing that there was no way to deal with the baby, Jing Xuan looked towards Wei Ming who was holding her.   


  Wei Ming: “…” 


  She suddenly felt threatened, but she didn’t admit personally to having the spring dream. Should she be threatened or not?  


  Wei Ming knows that Jing Xuan was a person who couldn’t distinguish from right from wrong. However this person who was seduced by that fox-spirit was still her junior sister. She wasn’t sure how dangerous this situation was. So she could only shake Ke Li’s chubby little hand and let Ke Li make the decision.  


  ”Then we will reluctantly go.” Since she saw the beautiful spring dream from last night, Ke Li thought that the fox-spirit may be the same as her, so she was less wary. Even if the fox-spirit was a demon, she could always grasp her weakness. 


  ”Aren’t you afraid that she’ll catch you?” Wei Ming was worried. 


  ”Don’t worry. I’m very capable.” Ke Li reassured Wei Ming so she wouldn’tworry about it anymore.  


  As for the spring dream, Ke Li didn’t know about it. Anyway, she didn’t care about the general details. What she wanted to know about the dream specifically was, what kind of dream was it, who was on top, who was on bottom, who provided service.   


  While Ke Li was still thinking about yellow garbage, Wei Ming asked: “Junior sister, where are we going to meet?”   


  Jing Xuan replied with a smile: “Wait for me for a moment. I’ll go back to my room and get something. Wait no, how about you follow me. Let’s go.”   


  Ke Li and Wei Ming entered Jing Xuan’s room. The bed was still a little messy, not hiding the fierce actions that took place last night. However, Jing Xuan turned around and took something out of the cabinet. Ke Li thought about the two people who were here last night, so she looked up to see Wei Ming. As expect, she saw Wei Ming’s ears were red.  


  ”Master, what are you thinking about?” Ke Li asked deliberately, holding her chin. 


  ”Nothing.” Wei Ming had a guilty conscience. Although the things in that spring dream wasn’t what she wanted, she did break a rule and it was the most indispensable rule of lust. As a nun, she can’t even think about it. But now she had dreamt about it and the object of her desire was her own apprentice.  


  Ke Li didn’t believe it: “How come your face is red?” 


  Wei Ming uncomfortably rubbed at her face and scolded Ke Li. Jing Xuan saw how intimate the two were, handed them a small jade bottle and said, “Take this pill.”  


  Ke Li was cautious: “Is this thing poisonous?” 


  Jing Xuan explained: “She said to let you eat it because she was afraid you would be found by bad people. It should be non-toxic.”  


  ”…” Ke Li understood. She swallowed the pill with Wei Ming and her body’s aura was suddenly concealed. She couldn’t smell anything.   


  Jing Xuan took them to the back of the mountain, and they didn’t stop until they arrived at a pine forest.  


  ”It’s that male benefactor.” Wei Ming asked with a complicated face, “Junior sister Jing Xuan, we’re here, that…what does Yan Hu want with us?”  


  Almost called her fox-spirit, that would have been rude.  


  Jing Xuan replied: “I don’t know, she hasn’t told me yet.” 


  Zhang Chao stood there, full of spirit, a man with charming eyes, especially looked seductive.  


  Ke Li: “…” This is what happens when you are possessed by a fox demon. 


  After seeing them, Zhang Chao’s body shook a little. Then a white shadow flashed from Zhang Chao’s body. A pretty woman suddenly appeared. The woman was dressed in white and had an excellent figure. There was a fur collar like a fox’s tail wrapped around her neck. She looked very beautiful.  


  ”…” Ke Li was very dissatisfied. Why are others so beautiful when they turn into a human? And she has to also split her time between being a baby and an adult?  


  After Yan Hu appeared, the remaining body, Zhang Chao, collapsed to the ground. It was as if half his soul was suddenly extracted. His eye sockets were sunken, his lips were peeling and his skin was as thin as paper. He had the appearance of excessive indulgence. 


  ”Is he dead?” Wei Ming subconsciously tried to cover Ke Li’s eyes and later realized that the person in her arms wasn’t a genuine baby.  


  Yan Hu looked at them and calmly said, “Not yet, but he won’t live past a few days. Who told him to be this romantic, sooner or later he will die from immediate wind.” 


  Ke Li: “……” 


  Naturally she understood the meaning of immediate wind. After taking a glance, Wei Ming obviously didn’t understand what it meant. She just stared at Zhang Chao who was passed out on the ground, then guessed the meaning of immediate wind. While Jing Xuan was completely different, her face was red, obviously an old driver.  


  ”Come here.” Yan Hu hooked her fingers towards Jing Xuan who walked towards her with a shy expression. 


  Ke Li: “…” This is real seduction. 


  She asked Wei Ming to hold herself a little higher, at least level with Yan Hu, so that she wouldn’t look like a loser. 


  When Yan Hu didn’t notice it, she said: “Hello old friend. My name is Yan Hu, I’m a fox.”   


  ”…” Ke Li sullenly replied: “My name is Ke Li, I’m a mokugyo.” 


  ”Pfff …” Yan Hu laughed out loud rudely. Jing Xuan looked as if she was in a daze while Wei Ming was the calmest.  


  Ke Li felt uncomfortable and transmitted her voice with a cold face: “Tell me, why are you looking for us? What do you want, I’m not performing or selling my body.”  


  Yan Hu also transmitted her voice: “Nothing, I just wanted to ask, were you satisfied with today’s gift?”   


  Ke Li looked distracted for a while, then said: “That’s right, you were the one behind that spring dream.”  


  Yan Hu naturally replied: “Otherwise, your master who always obey the rules and regulations all day long, how can she be enlightened? Only this way will she take the initiative to pay attention to you. Although I don’t know why you can’t transform at will, but it really makes me want to laugh.”  


  ”…” Ke Li said with a cold face: “Don’t forget that there’s enmity between us. You don’t need to deliberately solicit me.”  


  She almost became a snack, so she won’t be soft-hearted! 


  Yan Hu seems to have heard a big joke. She looks at Ke Li with her seductive pair of eyes and said, “What happened that day, do you really think your short legs could outrun me?”   


  Ke Li: “…” She… she threw the game?  


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