Don’t Be Jealous, I Will Bend Myself
Don’t Be Jealous, I Will Bend Myself Chapter 49

Translated by Novice Translations 

Messed around by Snacks 

Arc 3: Fairy Doll X Beautiful Nun – 14 

She’s Actually Very Pure. 

  Ke Li recalled that day when she was captured, there was no chance to resist or even react, but for some reason it was very easy to escape without the slightest injury. She got dirty, but it did seem that Yan Hu really did let her go.  

  She’s a demon and I’m a fairy doll, why is the gap so big?[mfn]So, I’ve been calling her fairy doll but she’s really a Daoist immortal baby…fairy doll is much easier to remember and type.[/mfn] 

  Humph, short legs are short legs, it’s not like I’ve never had longer legs in another world.  


  Ke Li suddenly got distracted, thinking about Shi Jin’s long legs. She shook her head and turned her head, grievously nestling it on Wei Ming’s shoulder. After taking two breaths, she felt more comfortable.  


  The voice transmission between Ke Li and Yan Hu couldn’t be heard by others. For a moment, from Wei Ming and Jing Xuan’s perspective, it looked like they were like both fighting like children. From her reaction, it appeared that Ke Li was defeated this time.  


  Ke Li rubbed the back of Wei Ming’s neck and it itched uncomfortably. She shrunk uneasily and gently patted her back to reprimand her.  


  And Jing Xuan poked Yan Hu on the back of her hand and whispered, “If you have anything to say to senior sister, say it, she will be busy later.”   


  Yan Hu smiled at Jing Xuan which was secretly tinged with sadness. Finally, she got to the main topic and said, “Tutu, let’s cooperate.”  


  ”…” This sudden request for cooperation caught Ke Li off guard. She was just roasting me about my short legs a moment ago, but now she wants to cooperate with me. How can I cooperate when I feel so uneasy?  


  Ke Li climbed up so her little body was slightly taller than Wei Ming. She said with a serious face, “Aren’t you the real boss?”  


  She thought she had to deal with foxes, but now it doesn’t seem to be the case.  


  Yan Hu didn’t understand: “Boss?” 


  Ke Li explained: “It’s the leader behind the scenes.” 


  Yan Hu shook her head and replied: “No.” 


  “But didn’t you kill all those people? Do you think I would dare cooperate with you? And why should I cooperate with you?” Ke Li asked righteously. She was here to fall in love. She has the right to ignore other things that has nothing to do with the task.  


  Yan Hu looked at Jing Xuan and softly said, “I want to be with her.” 


  ”And then?” Ke Li didn’t express her opinion. These two have already shared a bed, if they don’t end up together, they’ll be labelled as scum. Isn’t this normal? 


  Yan Hu’s lips were curved, and her chin pointed towards Wei Ming. She said: “And… you also want to be with her. We are the same kind of people.”  


  Ke Li: “……” 


  This is too much ah, she hasn’t even properly confessed.  


  Ke Li’s chubby little hand touched Wei Ming’s head and comforted her: “Master, don’t listen to her nonsense. I will properly confess myself, so don’t listen to her spouting nonsense.”  


  Wei Ming: “…” 


  Wei Ming thought of the contents of the spring dream and suddenly felt the top of her head was itchy. It was clear that she has been touched there before. Her face became a little red and she was silent.  


  ”…” Yan Hu and Jing Xuan were silent. 


  Ke Li glanced at them. She hadn’t made a single move yet. So, who would be responsible of scaring away the female lead? She said: “What does that have to do with cooperation?”  


  She doesn’t need her people to be chased by others.  


  ”Your present situation is very dangerous, don’t you know?” Yan Hu said quietly, “Last time it was coincidental that I caught you. As a result, you bit me and ran away with your short legs.”  


  Ke Li: “…” 


  Yan Hu knew that in Ke Li’s heart, she was disgusted by her. She frowned, raised her eyebrows and seriously said: “I didn’t kill those people.”  


  Seeing that Ke Li and Wei Ming were looking at them, Jing Xuan’s eyes became indifferent and cold towards the death of those men, she added without hesitation: “They were the ones courting death.”  


  Ke Li: “…” She suddenly wanted to know how such a fox-spirit swindled Jing Xuan to make her so obedient, how can she also swindle Wei Ming.  


  Yan Hu’s face suddenly became gloomy and she slowly began to talk about her entire development from the beginning.  


  She was originally a fox who cultivated in the mountains but she was suddenly caught and became a demon that was raised by others.[mfn]So Ke Li is a mokugyo spirit and this fox used to just be a fox as well cultivating but suddenly became a demon, so Ke Li can become one as well technically.[/mfn] Since she was merged with Zhang Chao, she became stronger but was controlled the entire time. The person behind the scenes was a demon called—Taoist Devotee Yufan. 


  Yan Hu coldly said: “Those men were all wretched. They all have a lot of love affairs. Even if I didn’t kill them, they will be killed by another demon and wouldn’t be able to have a good death in their own homes, okay.”  


  Ke Li concluded: “Then you mean you were nothing more than the scapegoat.”   


  Yan Hu: “…” Yes. 


  Ke Li yawned again. Her little chubby hand rubbed her eyes and said: “So many people died, and you made senior aunt Jing Xuan wear so many green hats?”  


  ”…” This was the main point.  


  Yan Hu clenched Jing Xuan’s hand and explained: “I just use an illusion to make them think we were…in fact they all died in their own fantasies, then lost their souls. As for the souls, naturally they are all in the hands of that demon.”  


  So, this is the cause of immediate wind death? 


  Ke Li deeply admired this world for a second, then her eyebrows twisted in puzzlement: “Why does the demons want those souls?”  


  “Not seeking the correct path, just a dissident sect, what do you think he wants to do?” Yan Hu pointed to Zhang Chao who was still knocked out, “Naturally he wants to use these greedy people as steeping stones on his way to success.”  


  There was nothing more to say. Ke Li also knows that she was in danger. This demon’s ambition wasn’t small. It was possible that she could be caught and taken away. She and Wei Ming doesn’t have much information, but Yan Hu obviously knows a lot. She decided to hug her thigh and asked, “What do I need to do?”  


  ”Protect her for me.” Yan Hu said solemnly, then looked at Jing Xuan wordlessly. The light in her eyes surged, then finally the two suddenly kissed and hugged each other recklessly.[mfn]Did anyone else noticed, all the supporting female leads are all lesbians in every arc so far[/mfn]  


  Ke Li: “…” 


  ”…” Wei Ming quickly turned around and covered Ke Li’s eyes with her hands.  


  ”…” Ke Li couldn’t see things again and could only hear the other pair’s breathing gradually thicken. After waiting for a while, she still heard some movements and said, “You’re not going to do this in the wild, right?”  


  Her voice was young and milky, saying this kind of colorful thing, somehow it didn’t sound right.  


  Yan Hu and Jing Xuan gradually stopped and exchanged eye contact for a moment. Yan Hu kissed Jing Xuan’s lips again and finally turned into a white light. That light went into Zhang Chao’s weak body, which stood up like a zombie and left the pine forest. 


  The back of her white dress suddenly looked so lonely. Jing Xuan just stared at the figure, her eyes gradually becoming wet.  


  Wei Ming has never felt love so she couldn’t relate to her junior’s feelings. Suddenly, she felt an irritation in her heart.  


  The two people kissed when they wanted to kiss, and separated when they decided to separate. They really didn’t waste any time with their decisions at all. Ke Li just returned to her senses, didn’t have enough time to even gag in their direction when she realized the fog in the forest started to disappear.  


  After Yan Hu left, the fog slowly dissipated. It turned out this place was an illusion. They had unknowingly returned to the house without Yan Hu.  


  Ke Li discovered that they were still in the nunnery and her heart was much calmer. Jing Xuan’s tears slowly condensed and suddenly fell.  


  “Junior sister are you okay? Do you know what she’s going to do?” Wei Ming asked.  


  ”I’m fine.” This was the first time Jing Xuan released her emotions and she wiped her face uncomfortably. “I don’t know. I will wait for her.”  


  Ke Li intuitively believed that Yan Hu’s task this time is extremely dangerous as well. She should take action in regard to Yan Hu’s cooperation, so she divided some of her divine sense to protect Jing Xuan.   


  Jing Chen from the distance, saw that the atmosphere between the three of them was a little depressing. So, she walked over and said, “Sisters, what’s the matter with you? You’re all going to catch a cold standing there.”  


  ”En.” The three visited the breakfast room absentmindedly before returning back to their room sullenly. 


  Staying in her room was too stuffy, so Wei Ming went to the backyard to fetch water. Ke Li watched as Wei Ming struggled to draw water from the bottom of the well, then turned to the bucket on the side of the well and cast a spell, making the water much lighter.  


  Wei Ming wasn’t happy. She doesn’t know what she did wrong. She had just picked up a baby from the snow but didn’t expect that same baby would have sinful thoughts towards her. She could try to ignore all this. However, what she should she really do next? Let things run naturally? And then be like Jing Xuan, living a secular life?  


  Suddenly, she felt that Master Wu Nian gave her a very good name. Her heart was indeed uncertain.[mfn]uncertain/unknown = Wei Ming[/mfn] Now she didn’t know what she wants to do or should do.  


  Wei Ming continued to draw water. 


  It’s probably because Yan Hu walked away heavily. Now, Ke Li always felt uneasy when she sees Wei Ming’s cold attitude. But she was worried about the deal with Yan Hu so she paid attention to Jing Xuan’s safety. Not to mention she has to finish her own task of pursuing her wife. Her head was about to explode. 


  Ke Li reorganized her thoughts, trotted over, grabbed Wei Ming’s clothing and suddenly asked: “Master, will you be returning to a secular life?”  


  “Why should I return to a secular life? Isn’t it good to be a nun?” Wei Ming pretended that she didn’t understand Ke Li’s meaning and continued to do her own thing.   


  Ke Li: “…” 


  “Doudou, what immortal world have I transmigrated into? What kind of immortal love did you mention? There hasn’t been any progress in my task at all. We even saw Yan Hu and her wife sprinkle dog food. The dog food’s already been eaten yet the female lead is still cold and joyless.”  


  Since it hasn’t been called for a long time, Doudou felt flattered and replied: [Host, do you want to see the intimacy and favorability value with the female lead now?] 


  Ke Li didn’t dare: “Is this information useful? It doesn’t mean anything until the goal is attained, otherwise all previous efforts can become futile at any time.”[mfn]So, remember the last world of Shi Lin Luo, how her intimacy and favorability always fluctuated from negative and positive, this is what Ke Li learned in her last experience, so she never ask Doudou about ratings since it was worthless to her in that overbearing president world[/mfn]  


  [Congratulations to the host for fully understanding how difficult this mission is, so please ignore the data and accept reality’s abuse.] 


  Ke Li: “…” 


  She really wants to die. 


  “Senior aunt Jing Xuan wants to return to the secular life, Master, you really haven’t thought about it?” Ke Li said. She has never seriously confessed to anyone before. It’s even worse now as all she has is her baby appearance and no other advantage. However, if her other baby-faced self had some success, then there should be no problem. 


  Ke Li did what she thought, regardless of whether Master was Master or not. She faced Wei Ming and said seriously: “Wei Ming, do you want to..” fall in love?  


  If you don’t want to directly discuss about getting on the bus, then just discuss before getting on the bus. It’s perfect![mfn]She left her question open-ended so she doesn’t shoot herself in the foot. She won’t ask directly but she implied it[/mfn] 


  Wei Ming thought about something as she heard Ke Li’s words. She asked, “I want to know what immediate wind[mfn]Remember from last chapter: “Sudden death”, the common name is “immediate wind”. It includes not only sudden death during orgasm, but also death after sexual activity.[/mfn] means right now?”  


  Ke Li: “…” 


  Who will be the first to greatly corrupt her.  


  She’s actually very innocent. 

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