Don’t Be Jealous, I Will Bend Myself
Don’t Be Jealous, I Will Bend Myself Chapter 51

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Arc 3: Fairy Doll X Beautiful Nun – 16 

Let’s Return to Secular Life Together. 

  Wei Ming looked at the mokugyo, visible in the faint candlelight. It looked as if it was about to burst into flames in front of her eyes and she felt very content. She continued to knock on the mokugyo but her strength was very light. It was like flicking a lover on the forehead with your finger.  


  ”Tutu, how is Jing Xuan over there?” 


  “Senior Aunt Jing Xuan is okay. She’s warm.” Unlike her, who was sleeping at the foot of the bed and wasn’t covered by the quilt properly. And now, she was summoned to become a mokugyo and couldn’t move.  


  Ke Li was so sleepy that her voice tapered off. When the strength on her head became lighter, she became sleepier.  


  Wei Ming’s tapping on the mokugyo became slower and slower, then her voice suddenly became cold: “Are you sleeping with her on the bed?”  


  “En.” Ke Li hasn’t felt this sleepy for a long time. Before she planned to stir up some trouble in Wei Ming’s dream, but now she just wants a good night’s rest. However, in the next moment, she won’t be able to sleep.  


  Quiet, dead silence. 


  There was no sound of the mokugyo being knocked or Wei Ming’s voice. Ke Li wanted to know what happened but couldn’t see. She could only ask, “Wei Ming what’s wrong?”  


  She jumped hard as the mokugyo. She jumped up a little, then fell again, over and over, as if she was unsuccessfully trying to pick herself up after falling down.  


  “Wei Ming? Master? Master Wei Ming?” Ke Li called out more and more nervously. Was there an accident? For a while, she forgot that as long as Wei Ming didn’t knock on the mokugyo for a while, she had to leave the mokugyo.  


  ”It’s nothing.” Wei Ming was just a little uncomfortable when she thought about Ke Li and Jing Xuan sleeping together in the same bed. The main issue was that Ke Li had promised her before leaving, but she had obviously turned a deaf ear to her words.  


  No response was heard.  


  Wei Ming put down the stick. She knew that as soon as she knock on the mokugyo, Ke Li will return. But just now, Ke Li had obviously woken up from slumber. Her voice had been soft and sticky. It wasn’t right for her to wake her up, not to mention it was rude of her to be knocking on the mokugyo in the middle of the night.  


  With the arrival and departure of Ke Li, Wei Ming became less unsettled in the night. She raised the candle and looked over at the mokugyo in front of her. The wood was still bright and lustrous. It was similar to touching the top of Ke Li’s head, but the touch wasn’t quite as satisfying.  


  The top of Ke Li’s head wasn’t as cold as the mokugyo, which held no warmth.  


  Wei Ming collected her thoughts. She put away the mokugyo, extinguished the candle, climbed into bed and went to sleep.  


  After Ke Li returned to Jing Xuan’s room, she could no longer fall asleep. She was worried that something had happened to Wei Ming and panicked. Otherwise, why would Wei Ming knock on the mokugyo in the middle of the night to summon her? Was she afraid of ghosts in the middle of the night?  


  But Wei Ming wasn’t a person who was afraid of ghosts. 


  After becoming an adult, Ke Li sat upright at the end of the bed and her body was uncomfortable. Instead of lying down again, it would be better to go see what Wei Ming was doing.  


  After Ke Li convinced herself, she quietly sat up and tried to lighten her movements. However, just as her foot touched the ground, she heard Jing Xuan said: “Remember to close the door.”  


  ”… Ok.” 


  Ke Li arrived at Wei Ming’s door immediately. Without knocking, she entered the room, then stood by the bed to watch Wei Ming. There was a feeling that she was being stared at and cursed by a female ghost by the bed. 


  Wei Ming felt strange and tentatively said: “Tutu?” 


  ”It’s me.” Ke Li stroked her long hair and said with disappointment, “It’s not fun. How did you guess it was me? Couldn’t it be a demon or something?”  


  ”…” Wei Ming found that her calm heart became restless again. She opened her eyes, turned her head to face the shadow beside the bed and said: “It’s because of your smell.”  


  “Smell? Really? I didn’t know.” Ke Li sniffed her arm and didn’t smell anything. At first, she was very reserved as she just wanted to stand by the bed and look at Wei Ming. Now after Wei Ming pointed it out, she didn’t say anymore and climbed into the bed silently.  


  Wei Ming moved to the inner side of the bed to make space for her, then said: “En, it’s a nice smell, like milk.”  


  Ke Li: “…” Rogue! 


  Ke Li held the quilt. I really doubt Wei Ming likes me, otherwise, why would she say things like this?  


  ”…” Wei Ming obviously realized what she said was terrible. That Ke Li who was a baby had a unique milk fragrance. As for the current Ke Li…she was suddenly uncertain.   


  She retreated into the bed, her body almost leaning against the wall and said to the shadow in front of her, “You’re here. Is Jing Xuan safe?”  


  Ke Li finally covered herself with the quilt and confidently said: “Don’t worry. I left a bite of my divine sense on her. There won’t be a problem. Even if there was a problem, it will be me who take the brunt first.”  


  ”Oh, let’s sleep then.” Wei Ming laid on her back. After she adjusted to the darkness, she could gradually see faint outlines in the room. However, she didn’t dare turn her head to see Ke Li’s present appearance.  


  The words she just said, in addition to the dreams she had before, triggered her guilty conscience. But in the first place, she hasn’t done anything in real.  


  But Ke Li didn’t come to fall asleep with Wei Ming. She came to cultivate feeling and said: “I can’t sleep.”  


  Wei Ming couldn’t sleep either. She finally turned sideways and looked at the outline of Ke Li’s face and said: “Then let’s talk about something?”  


  Ke Li and Wei Ming looked at each other: “Good ah.”  


  Wei Ming thought Ke Li’s eyes were too sharp, but she continued to look at her and said: “Let’s talk about your previous life.”  


  ”Previous life?” 


  Codeword?[mfn]Slang – refers to the process of creating works by online novel writers, called codewords. Basically, her previous life of being an author that’s always creating new online novels.[/mfn] Or doing missions in various worlds?  


  Wei Ming suddenly became interested: “En, life before meeting me.”  


  Ke Li pondered over her life before meeting Wei Ming. She has never experienced it herself and only had host memories. She sneered: “I used to be powerful. I’m a fairy doll, do you understand? A fairy doll is different from other babies. My former master was an old Buddhist monk. He only knew how to recite and comprehend buddhist scriptures. He was amiable looking but definitely wasn’t as good-looking as you. His chanting voice also didn’t sound as nice as yours.”  


  Wei Ming: “…” 


  Men and women, old and young, really don’t know where the comparability comes from.[mfn]Basically Ke Li was shallow and only compared their age and gender at this point lool[/mfn] 


  Ke Li didn’t hear Wei Ming’s response so she emphasized: “What I mean is true, you’re really beautiful.”  


  ”…” Wei Ming replied, “You’re also pretty.”  


  Ke Li was very optimistic about this, other than being disappointed in the beginning, she was usually very confident about her appearance. She nodded and said: “I know that.”  


  You don’t need to say it. 


  Wei Ming: “…” 


  Ke Li continued to talk about the old monk’s affairs: “That old monk was pretty serious and wasn’t as good to me as you are. He only knows how to knock on my head day and night, which lead to me becoming an immortal. In a way, I still want to thank him, otherwise I wouldn’t have become a fairy doll.”  


  With Ke Li’s reminder, Wei Ming finally knew where the gap between her and Ke Li was. They weren’t people of the same world. Now when they laid in bed and talked, they could only say that fate was really a wonderful thing.[mfn]They are people from two different worlds, but their paths crossed and now they together.[/mfn] She said: “Did you enjoy your days above?”  




  It took a moment for Ke Li to realize that ‘above’ refers to the sky. She didn’t experience that mysterious place herself, so she could only say: “It wasn’t fun, that’s why I came to meet you. Wei Ming, can I touch your head now?”  


  She always seeks benefits for herself.  


  “En.” Wei Ming leaned in and her face almost touched Ke Li’s chest. A unique fragrance of milk and woman emitted from her. Her heart tightened almost instantly, as if it was being grasped in a hand. She didn’t know what to do.  


  Ke Li’s hand gently stroked Wei Ming’s head. There were short stubbles on the top of her head, which made it a bit prickly.   


  Ke Li murmured: “If you had hair, it would definitely look good.” 


  Wei Ming pushed Ke Li away a little, but she only felt her head itch and said uneasily: “I’m a nun. Even if I keep my hair, it’s useless. It would only add to my troubles.”  


  Ke Li suddenly widened her eyes and said: “Does this mean I’m currently full of troubles?”  


  Wei Ming: “En?”  


  Ke Li took Wei Ming’s hand, guide it to caress her head and said: “You see, my hair is so full and long, so isn’t it full of troubles?”  


  Wei Ming was stunned, Ke Li’s hair was naturally tousled. It was excellent in quality; smooth, silky and the texture was impeccable which was a sharp contrast to her baby form. After she touched it, she withdrew her hand and said: “For you, it’s not troublesome.”  


  “Then there shouldn’t be any troubles for you either.” Ke Li caught Wei Ming’s hand when she talked. Their two breaths overlapped, and a trembling feeling arose spontaneously. Ke Li’s breath was burning hot, but she suppressed herself.  


  Wei Ming felt it and wanted to withdraw her hand but Ke Li held it tightly. She helplessly said: “Ke Li, I’m a nun. Don’t force me to break the rules.”  


  Ke Li’s real motive was this. She said: “Master Wu Nian said that cultivating Buddhism is also cultivating the mind. I haven’t done anything yet ah. This only shows that you still care too much about it. I guess this means you aren’t qualified and have poor comprehension, otherwise you will be enlightened, like me. So, let’s both return to secular life together.”  


  Wei Ming: “…” Nonsense!  


  Ke Li hit the iron while it was hot: “Wei Ming, I’m serious.”   


  Wei Ming replied, “I’m serious too.”  


  ”You’re just stubborn… ugh …” Ke Li said and suddenly clutched at her chest. The tearing pain almost made her think that she had returned to the previous world, that Wei Ming before her was Shi Lin Luo. Her throat tasted sweet and she spat out blood.  


  This sudden change caught them both off-guard. Wei Ming sat up, supported Ke Li and anxiously asked: “Tutu, what’s the matter with you?”  


  “I’m fine. Something happened to Senior Aunt Jing Xuan.” Ke Li covered her mouth and swallowed the blood that oozed from her throat. She was in a rush and didn’t care about anything else. She quickly rose her hand and formed an enchantment, protecting Wei Ming inside and rushed to Jing Xuan’s room.  


  Wei Ming suddenly found herself trapped in an invisible barrier that emitted a golden light. She was unable to get out at all and could only watch as Ke Li left.  


  When Ke Li arrived at Jing Xuan’s room, she didn’t encounter the fighting scene that she expected. However, she saw Jing Xuan holding Yan Hu on the floor. Although Yan Hu was seriously injured, she wasn’t in danger, only unconscious.  


  Ke Li was somewhat confused and said, “Senior Aunt Jing Xuan, are you okay?”  


  “I’m fine.” Jing Xuan replied, but her eyes were dull and dim.   


  Ke Li felt that Jing Xuan’s voice was a little strange. Her voice seemed to tremble. She thought it was because of Yan Hu’s injury, so she squatted down and said: “So…how is her injury?”  


  Jing Xuan suddenly took a deep breath, her eyes were wet and she choked: “Tutu, you help me hold her first.”  


  “En.” Ke Li didn’t question her. She raised her hand to pick Yan Hu up. However, just when she touched Yan Hu, she felt a strange and dangerous aura strike her. Before she could react to it, she saw Jing Xuan piece a short sword into Yan Hu’s heart.  


  ”…” Ke Li pulled Jing Xuan away and watched as Yan Hu’s body turned into thick smoke, then transformed into a cultivator in a black robe. The short sword clattered to the floor. 


  Ke Li knew this situation wasn’t good. She didn’t have time to locate the real Yan Hu. She stared at the cultivator in black.  


  Jing Xuan picked up the short sword, handed it to Ke Li and said: “Tutu, this is a special sword used to subdue demon cultivators.”  


  “Senior Aunt Jing Xuan, hide.” Ke Li took the short sword and looked at the evil old man in front of her. She knew that this was the demon cultivator—Taoist Devotee Yufan. 


  This demon’s status wasn’t good. It seems that the sword that pierced him really hurt him. Ke Li immediately understood what Yan Hu meant by cooperation. She didn’t know what the price would be, but she really had to go all out to grasp this opportunity in order to eradicate this demon cultivator.  


  Ke Li’s adult form made her actions much smoother. She exchanged multiple hits with the demon cultivator. When the short sword and the horsetail whisk met, they made a sound resembling the clang of iron. Ke Li used all her magical abilities available in this fight.  


  It wasn’t clear how many knife wounds were etched on the demon’s body, but her own clothes were shreded to pieces by the horsetail whisk and hung messily on her body. It was bad to the point that there was a possibility of unintentionally flashing everyone at any time. 


  Just as Ke Li thought she won the battle, the demon cultivator in front of her suddenly transformed into Zhang Chao. No, at the next moment he became a variety of men, it seems that he was transforming into the souls of those men Yan Hu had collected.  


  Still more?  


  Ke Li supported her body with the short sword and could barely stand up. She felt that she would collapse at any time. Only when she stood up straight, she saw the demon spit out a mouthful of red blood, then drew his own blood in order to draw a formation in the air for a summoning.  


  Ke Li reacted as quick as lightning, she used the sword to cut her wrist. With her blood, she completed the demon cultivator’s formation which ended up reversing the formation on to the demon cultivator. At this time, she felt her body was floating in the air like a piece of paper. As long as the wind blows, she will drift far away.  


  Fortunately, the cultivator had suffered a lot of injuries from Yan Hu. His body quickly disappeared at a speed visible to the naked eye, then finally turned into a dark mass and the souls of those men also disappeared.  


  Wei Ming was trapped behind the barrier and could only hear the sounds of fighting outside. When she saw the barrier getting thinner, she rushed out, only to see Ke Li lying in a bloody pool on the ground.  




  Wei Ming gazed at Ke Li who was laying on the bed, then thought of the baby who often followed her. She couldn’t calm down and anxiously said: “Master, Tu…how is Ke Li’s injury?” 


  Master Wu Nian replied, “She isn’t seriously injured, just has excessive blood loss. She will wake up eventually.”  


  “What if she doesn’t wake up?” Wei Ming forced herself to plan for the worst.  


  Master Wu Nian gave a meaningful glance to Wei Ming and said, “Then there’s no other choice besides returning to where she came from.”  


  ”…” Wei Ming knew that Master Wu Nian must have seen something. She couldn’t find an excuse. She stayed silent and watched over Ke Li quietly.  


  Ke Li’s body was covered with various wounds from the horsetail whisk. Some of them were fine cuts while some were deep gouges with the bones faintly visible. Inevitably there were cuts on the face as well, so her whole person was wrapped in white cloth and resembled a mummy. 


  Ke Li thought she was really amazing. In order to defeat the demon cultivator, she almost sacrificed herself. Now, she felt her blood coagulating and her body couldn’t move at all. There was pain all over her body, but she was too numb and weak to react. At least she was conscious and awake.  


  “Doudou, did your system make a mistake? Why is it getting so bright and I haven’t turned into a baby?”  


  Could it be possible that Wei Ming had already fallen in love with her? 


  Ke Li was agitated by the good news and felt even more pain. 


  [Host, please stop your daydreaming. The main reason why you haven’t turned into a baby now is because our system will be suspected of child abuse. Then the Department will surely investigate thoroughly and pass an audit report to the superior without fail. Even if an investigation doesn’t happen, maybe the department head will be implicated.]   


  Ke Li: “…” You really are a cold-blooded system! 


  In order to prove that it wasn’t cold-blooded, Doudou kindly added another sentence: [Host, carefully be aware of the moment. The female lead’s heart is just around the corner.]  


  Ke Li: “…” 


  Wei Ming also thought it was strange that Ke Li didn’t turn back into Tutu at daybreak. She was still the adult Ke Li, laying still in bed.  


  These days, she takes care of Ke Li’s daily necessities. Now she can freely look at this face during the day, which lead to a feeling of doubt and crisis for the future. She thought that if she was given another chance, she would have really considered the matter of returning to the secular life.  


  Wei Ming personally nursed Ke Li every day. There were too many bandages on her body, so she couldn’t wipe her body. She could only apply and feed her medicine regularly every day.  


  After ten days of this treatment, Ke Li felt she was full of medicine. If she wasn’t an immortal, she would have died from the taste of medicine or choked to death from the smell of it…  


  Often at such times, Ke Li would be very glad that Wei Ming knew that she wasn’t a mortal, otherwise she would have long since…  


  When Ke Li’s thoughts drifted away, she suddenly felt her clothes were being peeled off one by one. These days, she was used to it and didn’t feel shy. However, the facts were often opposite of what she expected. Suddenly, Ke Li heard Yan Hu’s voice: “Master Wei Ming, what are you doing?”  


  ”!!!” Ke Li wanted to hold her thigh but she couldn’t move. Fortunately, Wei Ming’s hands were fast. The moment when she heard Yan Hu’s voice, she was covered with a quilt already. Otherwise she had to find a piece of tofu to hit her head against to die in order to prove her innocence.[mfn]Usually in ancient times, they crash into a pillar to die to prove their innocence, but in this case, Ke Li is so injured that she doesn’t need a pillar but a piece of tofu…[/mfn]   


  Ke Li let out a sigh of relief once the quilt covered her. There seems to be a small animal’s whimper by her ear, but she didn’t think much about it. After all, she was overwhelmed herself and was too preoccupied to care about small animals at all.  


  After Ke Li breathed in and out, she finally eased from the fright. But the next moment, she heard Wei Ming’s explanation: “Tutu loves to wet the bed most days. Although she isn’t an ordinary person, she can’t move these days and I worry about her…”  


  Ke Li: “…” Stop, don’t worry about her!  


  Ke Li was so angry that she wanted to jump out of bed and throw Wei Ming down on the ground at the spot, then ask her, when did she love to wet the bed the most?  


Author’s Notes: 

Conservative estimate, there are about two or three chapters left for this world. I got this illness of wanting to kill off the protagonist once they get together.  

Next World [Fireproof, Burglarproof, Friendzone Proof] 

This time Ke Li will probably be a normal girlfriend (I’m not sure) 

Ke Li: (╯ ‵ □ ′) ╯︵┻━┻ 

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