Don’t Be Jealous, I Will Bend Myself
Don’t Be Jealous, I Will Bend Myself Chapter 52

Translated by Novice Translations 

PR by snax 

Arc 3: Fairy Doll X Beautiful Nun – 17 

She’s Probably a Little M. 

  Ke Li wanted to question Wei Ming, but unfortunately couldn’t move at all right now. She could only lie still and perk her ears to eavesdrop on Wei Ming and Yan Hu.  


  Following the sound of tingling laughter, something jumped out of the room. Finally, the room was quiet, and the quilt was lifted again.   


  “Almost let you be seen by Yan Hu.” Wei Ming’s voice whispered, “But right now you’re covered with cloth[mfn]bandages[/mfn] from head to toe, so she can’t see anything.”  


  ”…” For a moment, Ke Li thought she was actually awake, as Wei Ming was talking to her. She tried to open her mouth to form responses, however it wouldn’t move at all. Suddenly, she remembered that she could still send a voice transmission to Wei Ming.[mfn]So, the reason why Ke Li can hear and ‘see’ her surroundings is probably cause she isn’t using her naked eye but her divine sense instead since her body is that damaged…[/mfn]  


  Wei Ming wasn’t aware of the turmoil in Ke Li’s heart. She just looked at the current Ke Li and couldn’t help but feel sad. She softly said, “Tutu, you need to get better soon.”  


  Wei Ming’s extremely soft and tender voice stopped Ke Li from reaching out through voice transmission.  


  These days, Wei Ming comes to take care of her every day without fail. However, she hasn’t talked to her yet. In a TV series, the female leads always likes sharing her heart when the male lead is in a coma. She wanted to take this opportunity to listen to what Wei Ming will say to her.  


  Ke Li waited patiently for Wei Ming to talk to her, full of expectations and rampant thoughts. Following this, Wei Ming didn’t speak anymore, but started to move.  


  Ke Li: “…”  


  Wei Ming’s action was very light. She helped Ke Li uncover the white cloth on her face to expose her face. The wound on her face had faded and her skin was healthy and rosy.  


  Wei Ming suddenly felt that her worries were ridiculous. Ke Li wasn’t an ordinary person. During this time, she had just consumed only medicine, and Wei Ming couldn’t help but worry whether she needed to excrete or not.[mfn]Uh so now we know why she said Ke Li likes to wet the bed….[/mfn] 


  Wei Ming continued to unravel the other clothes on Ke Li’s upper body. The wounds weren’t perfectly healed yet, but this was unexpected.  


  Ke Li’s physique has always been different from ordinary people as she wasn’t a human. So, despite the serious injuries, she was mostly healed after so many days. Most of the wounds on her body have scabbed over, but compared to her face which was almost flawless, they obviously were still in the process of healing.  


  Wei Ming didn’t look away but tried not to obviously stare at the plumpness and fullness of all the long and thin scars. She shook herself out of being distracted and mumbled to herself: “How come the scars on her face were resolved so quickly, but the body is still like this?”  


  Ke Li: “…” 


  It’s the face, no matter how severely injured a person is, the face can’t be wronged. So, she increased her regenerative efforts to make her face better first. As for other places, she wasn’t that worried.  


  Ke Li felt a chill run through her body. She wanted Wei Ming to stop looking at random places, but then remembered she wanted to listen to Wei Ming’s heartfelt words to her, so she endured it.  


  Since she came to this world, she felt that her face and skin had become very thick. Now it wasn’t a problem to go out and hit on girls at all.   


  Wei Ming couldn’t help herself. She continued to stare at Ke Li for a while, then caressed her smooth face involuntarily. If she ignored the wounds on the rest of her body, it looked as if Ke Li was simply asleep.  


  Wei Ming was very aware that she was only deceiving herself. Ke Li has just stepped away from the gates of hell, whatever happens from then on, is up to luck.  


  With the thought of the wounds possibly getting worse, Wei Ming continued to uncover the cloth covering Ke Li until the person on the bed was stipped bare. Most of the injuries were concentrated on the upper body, so there were not many wounds below. Now the body can be wiped clean.  


  Wei Ming’s heart relaxed. She covered Ke Li with the quilt and lowered her head to Ke Li’s forehead before leaving and said: “Tutu, wake up soon. I promise I won’t knock on you every day.”  


  Ke Li: “…” 


  The delicate fragrance at the tip of her nose made people intoxicated. Ke Li began to daydream of what Wei Ming will do next, like nothing more than steal a kiss. She was very nervous and was eager for this passive kiss, or to do other things that were more excessive.  


  She admitted that she was probably a little M.  


  Ke Li waited quietly, feeling that Wei Ming’s breath was getting closer and closer to her. Right when their lips were about to touch, Wei Ming paused for a while, then retreated.  


  Ke Li: “…” Don’t retreat ah. 


  A sense of emptiness and loss emerged. Ke Li really wanted to thrash herself twice. What kind of immortal physique does she have? She couldn’t move on the bed because she was too injured, and she also wanted to do those kinds of…wonderful things. Couldn’t they take care of these wonderful things first like a lively dragon and animated tiger first?  


  [The heart is rippling. The body is naturally going to be like that, host you should know this.] 


  Ke Li: “…” No, she doesn’t know! 


  Wei Ming doesn’t know why she suddenly had the desire to be close to Ke Li’s lips. Just now, she was close to Ke Li and even wanted a taste. Fortunately, she was aware enough to stop in time before making a huge mistake.  


  Wei Ming closed her eyes and meditated: “Amitabha.” 


  Ke Li: “…” Slag!  


  Wei Ming gathered her thoughts and went to fetch hot water to wipe Ke Li’s body. These days, Ke Li had various medicines applied to her, so naturally her body had a herbal scent. It was strong but not pungent. It was a good smell. However, the skin would be inevitably stained from the herb juices.   


  Wei Ming carefully lifted her hand and wiped her. After wiping with a white towel, it turned a little black, which were the residues of the drug stains left on her skin.  


  ”…” Although Ke Li couldn’t move, she was able to use her divine sense to see what Wei Ming was doing, which consumed some of her energy. Just by doing so, she felt like she had vigorously exercised, and her physical strength felt overdrawn.  


  How dirty was she ah, no wonder Wei Ming won’t even kiss her. 


  Ke Li suddenly wanted to take a bath once she was better, but not she couldn’t bear it. When she thought of some of her indescribable places that was already seen by Wei Ming, she wanted to pretend to be dead, rather than be consciously aware.  


  Wiping Ke Li’s current adult body was completely different from bathing a baby. Wei Ming’s face went a little red. When she saw that Ke Li’s big and small wounds on her body had already scabbed, it meant that it was no longer necessary for her to be wrapped in cloth. She just put on a loose tunic on her. Then after she finished putting everything away, she noticed that Ke Li’s face was also red.  


  Wei Ming was surprised and said: “Tutu are you awake?”  


  ”…” Now Ke Li couldn’t let Wei Ming know that she was conscious, so she continued to keep silent.  


  Seeing that Ke Li didn’t respond, Wei Ming thought she was thinking too much. These days, before going through the door every day, she longed for Ke Li to wake up. With this, she was pretty used to this current situation already.  


  Wei Ming left the room disappointed and was going to ask Master Wu Nian to come and give Ke Li a look. As soon as she went out, she saw Jing Xuan standing outside, as if she was waiting for her.  


  Jing Xuan didn’t wear a nun’s robe anymore but instead wore an indigo-colored gown with a hat on her head which just covered her bald head. She looked like an ordinary teenager who held a white fox in her arms.  


  Wei Ming reluctantly asked: “Are you going to leave?” 


  ”En, since my heart is clearly not with Buddha, I will not waste my time here.” Jing Xuan said with a smile, “I hope that senior sister can understand her heart as soon as possible.” 


  Wei Ming didn’t answer her. She looked at the little fox in Jing Xuan’s arms, suddenly thought of Ke Li’s injury and asked: “Is she okay?”  


  Jing Xuan reached out and caressed the little fox in her arms. Her eyes were soft and she said in a warm voice: “She’s okay. She can talk and run. It’s just that she can’t take on a human form for a while, but it’s just Tutu…”  


  Before Jing Xuan finished speaking, the little fox in her arms licked her paw and said in human language, “Yes ah, Master Wei Ming, instead of worrying about me, you should worry about your little apprentice.”  


  Wei Ming replied: “Her injury is almost healed.” 


  The little fox rolled her eyes and said, “I’m not worried about this. I mean your family’s baby is already awake. You should worry that you don’t get swallowed in one bite unknowingly.[mfn]Get taken advantage of[/mfn]” 


  ”…” After hearing this, Wei Ming didn’t ask for any more details. She turned and re-entered the room. Ke Li was still motionless on the bed, but she knew that Yan Hu didn’t lie to her.  


  If Ke Li was already awake, then what she did just now was discovered?  


  Wei Ming suddenly wasn’t embarrassed, instead she was anxious to know Ke Li’s current physical condition. She sat by the bed, bent over and said with a smile: “Tutu stop playing around. I know you’re awake.”  


  She said as she looked at Ke Li with an anxious expression. She didn’t know if Ke Li was really awake.  


  Since she was already discovered, Ke Li stopped pretending and sent a transmitted message to Wei Ming: “Almost awake.”  


  Hearing the transmitted message and seeing that Ke Li still hasn’t moved on the bed, Wei Ming was worried again and asked, “Then why can’t you move?”  


  “I’ve been lying down for ten days, so my body is stiff. I can’t move even if I wanted to. Can you give me a massage Master?” Ke Li said. She really felt she has been lying for a long time. With her current position of lying down, normal people would have become ill.  


  ”You still have wounds in other places. Let me massage your face first.” After Wei Ming hesitated, she held Ke Li’s face and rubbed it gently. 


  Ke Li thoroughly enjoyed the attention, and slowly felt that her face was finally able to move. As soon as she opened her eyes, she saw Wei Ming’s haggard face, but there was light in her eyes, which shone her concern and worry.  


  Ke Li stared at Wei Ming and suddenly felt her heart was filled.  


  Wei Ming stiffly stopped her hands and recalled that Ke Li knew what she had done before, so her face was uncomfortable.  


  Ke Li suggested: “Or do you want to massage other places? It’s no use to just massage one area.”  


  “En, but your injuries. I need to be more careful.” Wei Ming rubbed Ke Li’s arms and thighs until her own face turned red.  


  ”Is it better now?” 


  Ke Li tried and said, “I can only move my head. It still hurts when I try moving at other areas.” 


  Wei Ming was worried that she hurt her and anxiously said, “Then you should take good care of it first. Don’t worry, you’ll get better as the days pass.”   


  “En, don’t worry.” Ke Li looked at the dark circles under Wei Ming’s eyes. She wanted to reach out and rub them but couldn’t move. She could only say, “Master, I want to rest. You accompany me.”[mfn]The ‘me’ she uses is a really intimate pronoun between lovers[/mfn] 


  ”Okay.” Wei Ming answered. It was still early, only noon. She closed the door and laid down beside Ke Li.  


  Seeing Wei Ming’s response to her request, Ke Li suddenly doubted whether or not Wei Ming had finally sorted out her feelings these days. Her eyes swam and she tentatively asked, “Master, come and hold me?”  


  She suddenly felt that calling Wei Ming, Master at this time, felt like she was committing taboo.   


  ”Okay.” Wei Ming followed along with Ke Li. She held Ke Li in her arms, worrying that she may agitate the wounds if she used too much force. She held Ke Li gently.  


  This kind of intimate action was still quite innocent, so Ke Li pushed for more by shyly asking, “Master, come and kiss me?”  


  ”…” Wei Ming was obviously stumped, with the word ‘helpless’ written in all caps from the bottom of her eyes. Just when Ke Li thought about it, she heard Wei Ming whisper: “That…then close your eyes first?”  


  ”Okay.” Ke Li obediently closed her eyes and smiled, waiting for Wei Ming’s kiss. 


  Wei Ming didn’t know if she was doing it right or wrong. She hoped that Ke Li would be so happy that she becomes lively. There wasn’t anything wrong with going slow and at her pace. She closed her eyes and slowly approached Ke Li with the determination to do or die.  


  It exceeded the expected distance and she still didn’t touch those soft lips.  


  Wei Ming thought something was wrong, so she opened her eyes and discovered that Ke Li had become a baby with her lips puckered waiting for her.   


  Wei Ming: “…” 


  What to do if I suddenly can’t kiss you?  


  Ke Li waited for the soft touch from her imagination for a long time, so she could only open her eyes to see the situation. Then saw that Wei Ming was looking at her fixedly.  


  Ke Li: “…” 


  [The host’s body is almost healed. Now there’s no need to worry about child abuse.] 


  Ke Li: “…” Watch me grow up and take care of you! 


Author’s Notes:  

Ke Li: I want to drink milk and grow tall. 

Wei Ming: …You can lie down straight.  

Ke Li: _ (: з 」∠) _ 

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