Don’t Be Jealous, I Will Bend Myself
Don’t Be Jealous, I Will Bend Myself Chapter 53

Translated by Novice Translations 

Messed around by Snacks 

Arc 3: Fairy Doll X Beautiful Nun – 18 

“No…Not Allowed to Look!” 

  Ke Li as a baby, was really too small. Wei Ming felt that she didn’t have such a fetish for this kind of thing. She retreated and took a deep breath, and sighed in relief. Actually, she was very nervous just now, she had originally planned on kissing Ke Li on her cheek, but she knew she was going to end up kissing her on her lips.  


  The fitted clothes from before looked wider and larger on Ke Li’s current body. Now she looked like she was cocooned in a pouch, with an expression full of loss. Not to mention how wronged she was.  


  She felt that her three views and integrity were broken.   


  “Tutu, aren’t you tired of changing like this?” Wei Ming felt very tired. These days, not only did she have to explain to her junior sisters where Tutu was, but also explain who the woman lying in the room was. Now she has to explain where the woman went off to and where Tutu come back from. 


  ”……” Ke Li resisted the urge to pull out Doudou and beat it violently. She tilted her head under the clothing and said with grievances: “You said you would hug and kiss me.”  


  Wei Ming pulled up the clothes for her a little and said, “I’ll kiss you when you grow up.”  


  Ke Li was immediately pleased and bent her brow: “After midnight, I’ll grow up.”   


  The implication that after midnight she will be kissed, she finally felt she was treated well by the world.   


  ”… En.” Wei Ming didn’t know why she made such a promise to Ke Li. She was afraid that Ke Li would request more excessive demands. She laid down beside Ke Li again and said, “Jing Xuan returned to the secular world.”  


  “Congratulations ah.” Ke Li thought of the voice she heard before. She tilted her head and said, “How’s Yan Hu?”   


  Wei Ming helped her straighten her head and said, “Sleep well, otherwise I won’t give you a massage when you have a cramp.”  


  She felt like a baby. 


  Ke Li immediately straightened her little head, like a well-behaved baby.  


  Wei Ming said, “She said she was okay, but she has become a little fox. She should have been seriously injured. But she probably said that to reassure Jing Xuan.”  


  Little fox? Ke Li finally realized where the sound of the small animal she heard before came from. She was surprised and exclaimed: “Were…were.beast?”  


  The taste is too heavy, okay.  


  ”En?” Wei Ming looked suspiciously at the unruly baby and felt that her thoughts weren’t good.  


  ”No … nothing.” Ke Li smiled slightly. 


  She had said that she ended up recuperating in bed for so many days, while Yan Hu, who was bait, was still vigorous and lively. It turned out that she was injured to the point where she was forced to change into her original form. In hindsight, it wasn’t a big deal to find out that she laid like this for several days.   


  Ke Li shook her impure head, opened her eyes wide and said: “Wei Ming, I want you to hold me to sleep.”  


  Wei Ming: “…” You really don’t intend to save face?  


  Wei Ming held Ke Li in her arms. Her soft little body was very comforting. She felt at ease, the worry and stress that she’s accumulated gradually fell away. She slowly fell in a deep slumber.  


  Ke Li was also very satisfied. In fact, she wasn’t in a hurry. It was an interesting sensation to be held this way. She secretly tested her legs. After her body became smaller, the heated surface was much larger.[mfn]heated surface meaning Wei Ming’s skin can cover more of her as a baby versus when she’s an adult[/mfn] She felt that she should be able to walk when she woke up, then also closed her eyes to sleep.  


  It was dark when Wei Ming woke up. The light in the room was dim. She looked at the little baby in her arms and her heart suddenly softened. In fact, as long as she wasn’t lying in bed motionless, it was really easy to hold and kiss her.  


  Wei Ming stared at Ke Li’s chubby face until she saw her eyes move beneath her eyelids. She smiled and asked, “Tutu, are you hungry?”  


  Ke Li hurriedly opened her eyes and replied, “Hungry, I want to eat meat.”  


  Since she arrived into this world, she hasn’t touched any sort of meat, except for that time when she drank milk.  


  ”……” Wei Ming wasn’t so keen about meat, preferring a light diet. She chose to ignore Ke Li’s words and said, “You lie down. I’ll cook you some porridge.”  


  It seems they weren’t going to eat meat until they return to the secular world. Ke Li moved her legs and feet, but she was still stiff. She got up, opened her small palms and said, “I want to go with you.”  


  Wei Ming was both worried and happy: “Can you walk now?”  


  Ke Li spread open her hands: “En, compensation.”  


  ”…” Wei Ming could only carry Ke Li in her arms and went to the kitchen. Jing Chen also happened to be there but she looked listless.   


  ”Jing Chen, what’s the matter with you?” 


  Jing Chen looked at Ke Li and didn’t have the heart to ask when she had returned. Instead she looked at Wei Ming with a curious face and asked, “Senior sister, tell me, why do you think senior sister Jing Xuan suddenly decided to return to the secular world?”  


  Jing Chen has always been restless with a lively disposition, but her heart was pure. She couldn’t understand many things unless it was explained to her. Wei Ming thought for a moment and replied, “Maybe she didn’t have the heart to study Buddhism.”  


  “Then why did she inadvertently practice Buddhism in the first place? Haven’t all her years here been good?” Jing Chen couldn’t contain herself and asked. After this time, she felt that her senior sister has never been comfortable in the monastery.  


  Wei Ming thought about it again and replied, “Probably met the right person.”  


  “I see.” Jing Chen suddenly nodded and said, “Senior sister you too as well?”  


  Wei Ming placed Ke Li on the small stool beside her and strangely said, “What do you mean?”  


  Jing Chen replied: “To return to the secular world ah.”  


  ”…” Wei Ming shook her head: “I don’t know yet.” 


  Back to the secular world with a baby ah? Even if she wants to fall in love, she has to make sure that Ke Li Is okay and have recovered. At the moment, she was still undecided. 


  Jing Chen didn’t expect that Wei Ming would reply with this kind of uncertain answer. She thought Wei Ming was determined to stay single for a lifetime. Now it seems this was no longer the case. She became somewhat lost and said, “It seems that senior sister will return to the secular world sooner or later.”  


  Wei Ming: “…” 


  After Jing Chen thought about it, she was curious again: “Senior sister, who is your beloved person?” 


  Wei Ming: “…” She never said she had one. 


  Ke Li, who was sitting on the small stood, wanted to take the opportunity to say it was her, but when she saw Wei Ming’s warning eyes, she wilted. She could only use her eyes to hint say that if she understood Jing Chen, who was a melon-eater,[mfn]melon-eater is a gossiper[/mfn] then she would know she was unqualified to know.   


  Jing Chen saw her wilt, then squatted down to ask with concern: “Tutu are your eyes cramping?”  


  Ke Li: “…” 


  Single people’s words have a certain kind of strength. 


  Afraid that Ke Li would say something stupid, Wei Ming quickly said with a cool voice: “She just woke up. Her skin is itchy. Don’t worry about her. She’ll be fine after moving around.”   


  Ke Li: “…” 


  ”…” Jing Chen didn’t dare ask any more questions. She excused herself and left the kitchen, leaving Ke Li to continue cramping there.  


  ”You’d better settle down and don’t talk nonsense.” After Wei Ming warned Ke Li, she went to cook porridge with peace of mind. 


  Ke Li: “…” 


  “Doudou, tell me, the female lead has already made up her mind, but why haven’t I become an adult?” In fact, Ke Li felt that her line of thinking was just a fantasy, whether a person’s mind can be certain couldn’t be measured by words.    

  [Host don’t worry. It may change to a certain extent.] 


  ”Oh.” Ke Li also warned again, “You’d better not be as devious as before, or I will sue you for abusing your privilege.”   


  Fortunately, it was just a kiss before. If they were going to be more intimate, wouldn’t she die from frustration?  


  Doudou explained itself: [You can’t wrongly accuse me. This was in strict accordance with the relevant requirements of the department. According to Article 362 of the Department, it stipulates that during the execution of the task, the system and host can’t abuse children. After all, children are the flowers of the motherland, the pillars of the future.]  


  ”…” Ke Li remembered her novel in the last world was locked and said with ridicule: “Then why didn’t your department say anything when I carried out the previous task and was spreading the love?”[mfn]This is a joke, so in China, they are heavily censored for any smut and Ke Li last novel, the original Ke Zhe did a lot of hentai stuff to Shi Lin Luo that made those chapters ‘locked’ on the writing platform due to smut. Being locked = censorship. So basically, in the last world, the department didn’t do anything to Ke Li when she technically broke the modern China ‘laws’ of censorship by having some smut while accomplishing her mission.[/mfn]  


  [This is the physiological needs of normal people. Host, you have free rein, I won’t stop you.]  


  Ke Li: “For the sake of you being a little yellow soybean, I will reluctantly believe you just this one time.”[mfn]Old joke – soybeans means yellow bean in Chinese, yellow is porno or dirty, so Doudou is a dirty bean who has dirty thoughts and wants to watch some actions, that’s why Ke Li thinks its allowing free reign[/mfn] 




  While Ke Li and Doudou were chatting, Wei Ming cooked porridge. Ke Li took the opportunity to seek benefits and insisted that Wei Ming handfed her, but she didn’t dare eat too much. As an adult, she didn’t need to eat or drink, so naturally she didn’t need to think about excretion. But when she was a baby, she had to constantly restrain herself.[mfn]LOL she has to consciously keep her poop and pee inside, or it might accidentally leak.[/mfn]   


  Ke Li turned her head and said, “No more.”  


  Wei Ming worried, “Is the porridge bad, or you don’t have an appetite?”  


  Ke Li stared at the porridge for a while. In fact, as long as it was personally prepared by Wei Ming, the taste was fine. She said weakly: “I’m afraid of drinking too much and wetting the bed.”  


  ”…” Wei Ming didn’t take her seriously: “It’s okay. Remember to hold it in and tell me.”  


  ”…” Ke Li still wanted face. In the past, she could be detached for their teacher-apprentice relationship, so there was nothing wrong with her occasional incontinence. But now the relationship has almost been determined. She really doesn’t want such a thing to happen again. Fortunately, she will soon become an adult.  


  Ke Li was determined not to eat anymore. Wei Ming had to eat by herself. Wei Ming secretly laughed in her heart. It’s not like this hasn’t happened before, now she wants to save face?  


  Ke Li caught Wei Ming’s smile and exhaled angrily: “I want to take a bath.”  


  The medicine stains on her body wasn’t cleaned off yet.  


  Wei Ming didn’t agree: “You’re still injured.”  


  Ke Li lifted her clothes, revealing her chubby arms and grinned: “Look, it’s basically gone now.”   


  Wei Ming looked carefully and compromised: “That’s good, just don’t get bigger while I’m washing you.”  


  “Won’t happen.” If Doudou dares to do this, she will reveal its wrongs in front of Shen Qing.   


  ”It’ll be good If it doesn’t happen.” Wei Ming went to prepare a wooden basin and hot water for Ke Li to wash up. Every time she was scrubbed, the medicine stains came off. Ke Li couldn’t bear to directly look at the stains. She felt that it looked like leg stretching medicine.[mfn]it’s a type of medicine that is highly toxic and dangerous and shouldn’t be used lightly…so basically, all the medicine stains on her body looks toxic and dangerous so she can’t bear to look at it.[/mfn]  


  Black history, suitable black history! 


  Ke Li waved her short hands and helped scrub her body. Until the medicine stains on her body faded and the water changed, Ke Li felt more comfortable. She laid in the warm water comfortably and imagined that she was soaking in a hot spring. The advantage of being small was her convenient imagination.  


  ”Be careful, don’t get water in your mouth.” Wei Ming thought she should make a bigger tub so Ke Li could swim in it and be safe, but wasn’t she watching over her?  


  She was shocked by this thought. Wei Ming thought of the time when she picked up baby Ke Li in the snow. At that time, she couldn’t bear to leave her and honestly even if it was another baby, she would have picked them up as well. Now, this baby unexpectedly became her own companion?  


  As soon as the words came out from her mouth, Wei Ming thought it was unbelievable. How could she so easily accept it now? Was it because Jing Xuan set the example?  


  Wei Ming felt something was wrong while she washed her. Ke Li was a little hot and she felt this situation was familiar. She saw a flash of white light and Ke Li who was a baby in the wooden tub became an adult again.  


  ”…” Wei Ming’s first thought was that this basin really couldn’t fit her, and it should be replaced by a different tub before the next time.  


  Looking at Ke Li’s funny posture, Wei Ming had a smile on her face but seriously said: “Didn’t I told you to not change into an adult when you were taking a bath?”  


  “Why are you having such random thoughts at this time?” Ke Li wanted to cover Wei Ming’s eyes but she couldn’t reach her. She was just imagining herself swimming a backstroke, so her current posture was like a turtle turned on its back while the wooden tub was her shell.  


  ”Hahaha …” Wei Ming could no longer hold it in and nearly suffocated in laughter. 


  ”No … not allowed to look!” At last, Ke Li could only reach out and cover her eyes. This way she stuck her head in the sand to slightly lower her sense of shame.  


  It’s unfortunate to have such an irresponsible system around her. If she was going to change, it should have reminded her in advance. Although she doesn’t have any countermeasures, at least she could prepare herself.  


  After she returns, she will ask Shen Qing to cp[mfn]cp-couple so marry it off to something or pair it with new host[/mfn] Doudou to a disappointing partner, so it can be dissatisfied every day. Then she wished for Doudou to experience max shame every day!  


  [Host, as long as the conditions are met, our systems can self-attack and self-receive. A variety of modes can be activated casually, today an imperial older sister, tomorrow a loli…]  


  Ke Li: “…” Very good, you can get down on your knees too.  


Author’s Notes: 

Suddenly the brain is filled with a cp of a human and robot,[mfn]cp of Doudou x Ke Li[/mfn] and electricity can leak without warning at any time ● v ● 

The world will be over tomorrow, red envelope warning- 

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