Don’t Be Jealous, I Will Bend Myself
Don’t Be Jealous, I Will Bend Myself Chapter 54

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Arc 3: Fairy Doll X Beautiful Nun – 19 

Can I Still Salvage This If I Drink Milk Now? 

  Wei Ming stood there trying to hold back a smile, but she couldn’t hold it in at all. It’s very rare to see Ke Li’s embarrassed appearance. After she smiled kindly, she tried to adopt a serious expression.  


  She saw Ke Li cover her eyes with one hand and the other trying to cover her body. The girl’s body was in front of her eyes. Her skin was smooth and delicate, her waist and legs weren’t plump but slender. Her face…. was rosy because of her embarrassment. She looked absolutely delicious.  


  Wei Ming suddenly didn’t dare to look directly at such a Ke Li, but she couldn’t help but want to see at the same time. Originally, she looked at her openly. But after this impure thought, her eyes became less magnanimous and she felt a little guilty for looking.  


  Wei Ming coughed twice to disguise this, then walked over to pull Ke Li out of the tub.  


  As soon as their skin touched, it was hot and scalding. Wei Ming collected her thoughts, turned around and gave Ke Li a towel. She squinted and said, “Dry yourself and go to bed.”  


  “En.” Ke Li’s voice was barely audible. Her body was wet, and her face was burning hot. She was completely in a weak position while the well-dressed Wei Ming appeared to be in the attacking position.  


  Ke Li quickly took the towel, then casually pulled a nun’s robe over her body, covering her body’s charming scenery. She stood with her back to Wei Ming and wiped herself dry, then as soon as she threw aside the towel, she got into the bed.   


  ”…” Wei Ming grabbed the towel that Ke Li threw and tried not to look at Ke Li.  


  Ke Li used magic to dry her hair and pulled the quilt over her head. At last, her shame was finally much more manageable. The breath from her nose was hot. After a while, she was sweating quite a bit, but still remained buried under the quilt, motionless.  


  After a while, it was really too hot. Ke Li quietly lifted the corner of the quilt to ventilate herself. She heard the sound of Wei Ming cleaning the floor with a mop. She continued to shrink into the quilt.  


  Then she heard the sound of Wei Ming bathing, Ke Li immediately perked her ears to listened to the movement.  


  As for peeping, she wasn’t so wretched. Surely, she can openly watch in the future.   


  After Wei Ming cleaned up the water stains in the room, she saw Ke Li still hiding in the quilt. It seems she won’t be coming out for a while. She took a bath in the tub first. For the sake of safety, she sat facing Ke Li. After a while, she saw that the quilt in front of her was slowly lifted.  


  ”…” Wei Ming shrank into the water again, only letting the water sit above her shoulders, then waited readily.  


  Ke Li couldn’t hold back. She gently lifted the quilt. Anyway, Wei Ming has seen her many times. Now she was giving a courtesy glance, but she didn’t expect she would immediately meet Wei Ming’s bright gaze.  


  ”…” Ke Li’s blood surged, and her face turned red like a hairy crab. She had a guilty conscience and didn’t look anymore. She directly shrank back, then laid still and pretended to sleep.  


  Wei Ming: “…” Is this still the Ke Li who took the initiative to strip naked in her dream? 


  Wei Ming was also shy after all, so she understood what was going through her mind. She rubbed her hot earlobes and quickly took a bath. She spent some time wiping her body, then slowly climbed into bed.  


  They both held their breath. The atmosphere was stale for a while.  


  Wei Ming wasn’t the type of person to avoid difficult situations. After lying down for a while, she still turned on her side to face Ke Li. The candlelight in the room wasn’t extinguished yet. With the flash of the fire, together with the shadow under Ke Li’s eyelashes, it became obscure.  


  Wei Ming gazed at her and suddenly said, “Tutu, are you completely grown up now?”  


  She still likes this name the most, it was amiable and smooth, and it was her who gave her this name.  


  Seeing that Wei Ming didn’t tease her regarding the previous matter, Ke Li opened her eyes and pressed down the restlessness in her heart.  


  She checked with Doudou, and when she heard Doudou’s promise that she would not revert back into a baby again, she replied with ease: “En, I’ve grown up. Wei Ming you can’t bully me in the future anymore, don’t you feel regretful?”  


  As soon as the topic was raised, the relaxed and peaceful atmosphere naturally reverted. Wei Ming raised her eyebrows and asked, “When did I bully you?”  


  ”For example, you’ve seen me countless times.” After taking the initiative in her own hands, Ke Li became one hundred percent shameless.   


  Wei Ming reflected and ‘en’, but seriously said: “What’s good-looking about your body?”  


  Chubby all meaty.  


  “… Where doesn’t it look good? Didn’t you see it today?” Ke Li put on a vicious expression, “Master Wei Ming since you saw it. You have to be responsible for me. It’s standard for a scum to always not take responsibility.”  


  Wei Ming helplessly replied, “En, I’m responsible for you.”  


  Ke Li smirked with bad intentions, “Will you keep that promise from before then?”  


  Turning it around, that topic was brought up again. Wei Ming answered, “Sure”. She leaned into to Ke Li, getting it over with so that both of them could go to sleep. But as she withdrew, Ke Li pressed on to her shoulders.  


  Wei Ming asked: “What’s the matter?” 


  ”Let me do it instead.” Ke Li felt that Wei Ming’s kiss was certainly without passion. Even if there was, it was a little at most. At that time, it could be described as a dragonfly skimming the water and passing by in an instant.   


  ”Okay.” It’s true that Wei Ming can’t help but treat Ke Li as a child and wanted to indulge her.  


  She looked at Ke Li, staying motionless until she saw Ke Li slowly approaching towards her, her heartbeat was getting faster. She was nervous, expectant, flustered… all kinds of inexplicable emotions gathered, but together, felt natural.  


  Ke Li indulged in Wei Ming’s lips as she desired, the soft lips molding to each other. The two mutually absorbed each other’s fragrance. Only when Wei Ming was panting and worn out did Ke Li stop and looked at her with a smug expression.  


  ”…” Wei Ming squeezed her lips tightly. Her chest heaved violently until the numbness on the tip of her tongue subsided and her breathing began to normalize. She stretched out her hand to try and touch Ke Li’s bald head, but it was now full of hair. She was stunned and gasped lightly while she scolded: “Next time, you’re not allowed to kiss for so long.”  


  ”I have good physical strength and will take good care of you.” Ke Li has never been so glad she was an immortal fairy doll. Her physical strength and vital capacity were absolute.  


  She reached out and wanted to hold Wei Ming in her arms, then realized that she was petite and was more suitable to be cuddled instead. She retreated into Wei Ming’s arms with a peace of mind.  


  ”…” Wei Ming hugged Ke Li’s waist and her chin rested on the top of her head. Instead of continuing the unreasonable topic, she said: “Tutu, have you thought about where you want to go?”  


  Ke Li didn’t take long to think before she responded: “I just want to be where you are.”  


  Wei Ming playfully rolled her eyes, thought carefully, and said: “Then, have you thought of what you want to do in the future?”  


  Ke Li raised her head strangely and said: “What do you mean?” 


  Wei Ming smelled a distinct fragrance again that was Ke Li’s own special scent.[mfn]Maybe the fragrance of HORNINESS?![/mfn] She swallowed subconsciously and said, “Don’t you want to return to secular life with me? What are you going to do to support me after we return to secular life?”  


  Ke Li seriously replied: “Tell me where you want to go first? Then I will decide on how to support you.”  


  Wei Ming thought for a moment and deliberately said, “What if I want to stay here and practice Buddhism?”  


  Ke Li pretended to be fierce and replied, “Then I will entice you to break the rules every day until you are expelled from here. After that, you can only follow me.”  


  ”…” Wei Ming replied: “What if I want to stay in the capital?”  


  Ke Li: “Then I’ll open a shop and make you the boss.” 


  Wei Ming continued: “What if it’s the countryside?” 


  Ke Li: “Then I’ll buy a few acres of land and let you be the landlady.”[mfn]So they will buy acres of land to rent out for farmers to till their crop unless they plan to make housing to rent out too…but pretty sure its for farmland.[/mfn] 


  Wei Ming: “…” 


  In short, it’s set that she will be following her? This question remains to be discussed. Wei Ming stopped deliberately teasing Ke Li. The two stayed in bed intimately for a while then went to sleep in each other’s embrace.  


  Holding a young girl after waking up was something she never dared think about before. Because Ke Li always likes to be devious, as long as she was in bed, she was restless. Wei Ming didn’t sleep in today, instead she went to an early class. When she returned, the Ke Li in bed was still Ke Li. Because Ke Li didn’t get up in the morning, her scattered hair was still messy and needs to be combed.  


  Ke Li knew what she was doing, but Wei Ming didn’t know that. She offered to comb Ke Li’s hair. As a result, she, who has been bald for 20 years, doesn’t know how to deal with her hair to make it look better.  


  Wei Ming awkwardly put down the comb that she had finally found: “Come do it yourself ah. It actually looks pretty good scattered like this.”  


  Ke Li made a refreshing hairstyle for herself, tiptoed to touch the top of Wei Ming’s head and comforted her: “Wei Ming, you should grow out your hair in the future. Otherwise, you’ll be cold in the winter ah.”  


  ”…” Wei Ming touched her head and felt the little stubble of hair she grew out. It was hard and didn’t have a soft texture. She used to say that Ke Li didn’t even have a pile of hair on top of her head, but the current Ke Li told her this.  


  If she didn’t know that she would be returning to the secular world sooner or later, she wanted to shave her head. 


  As her wounds are healing, they will prepare for life in the secular world. However, during this period, they couldn’t have intimacy until they have left.  


  Ke Li was happy that she would never become a baby again. But she also blamed herself for the many different conflicting emotions on Wei Ming’s face. She didn’t push for more than was given and allowed Wei Ming some time to get used to this.  


  Half a month later, Ke Li became lively again. There were no scars left on her skin. Wei Ming entered Master Wu Nian’s favorite Tibet Scripture Pavilion.  


  ”Master, this disciple has something to say.” Wei Ming knelt on the ground and lowered her head. She didn’t dare look at Master Wu Nian. She always treated Master Wu Nian as family. However, if she continues to stay here, she will only bear more self-guilt by breaking the rules. Her mind has been enlightened and her staying here will affect others’ practice.  


  Master Wu Nian’s eyes were calm. She seemed to know what she was going to say for a long time. She lightly said: “You say it.”  


  Wei Ming replied: “This disciple wants to return to secular life. I beg Master for your permission.”  


  “If you want to return to secular life, it’s useless for me to stop you.” Master Wu Nian’s thoughts weren’t known. “Wei Ming have you made up your mind?”  


  Wei Ming nodded, “Yes.”  


  Master Wu Nian: “Who is the person?”  


  Wei Ming thought for a moment, then replied with embarrassment: “I can’t say.”[mfn]She can’t say its her baby disciple Tutu!! Makes her a pedo![/mfn]  


  “Fine, fine.” Master Wu Nian took an envelope from out of her sleeves. “This is what Jing Xuan left for you before she left. Keep it well. From now on, you will no longer be my disciple.”  


  Wei Ming accepted the envelope and her voice was choked: “Yes.”  


  “When you remember, come back and visit this old woman.” Master Wu Nian also pointed out with interest, “Remember to bring that person with you too.”  


  ”… Yes.” Wei Ming’s eyes were red, and finally kowtowed to Master Wu Nian. She said goodbye to her junior sisters in the nunnery before she left Meditation Temple.  


  Wei Ming had no relatives, so there was no place to go.  


  Ke Li walked on the road, thinking where their life would be better. She didn’t need to worry about money, but Wei Ming was an orphan. Like duckweed, she had no roots and nowhere to go after leaving Meditation Temple. What she wants now was a long-term home.  


  “Wei Ming, make the final decision, do you want to stay in the capital or go live in the rural villages? We can also live in the mountains and be like fairies in the fields.”  


  ”…” Wei Ming took out the envelope expressionlessly and glanced at it. Then said: “Jing Xuan said to go find them.”  


  ”… Okay.” Ke Li also thought it was very troublesome to find a place to live right now. It was better to go directly to Jing Xuan. At least she doesn’t need to find a suitable place to live immediately. Besides, she wasn’t an ordinary person. If there was another demon cultivator who would target her, Yan Hu would be a valuable ally.  


  Because Wei Ming’s hair was pitifully short, she and Ke Li pretended to be husband and wife along the way. Wei Ming has seen all kinds of things she never seen in Meditation Temple before, and Ke Li’s appetite was satisfied. Half a month passed before they arrived at Jing Xuan’s residence.  


  Jing Xuan lived in a small village at the foot of the mountain. It was surrounded by mountains and close to water. This beautiful environment suited Yan Hu, a fox who has been cultivating in the mountain for many years. It was also suitable for Wei Ming who likes to live peacefully.  


  “Senior sister, Tutu.” This time, Jing Xuan’s clothes were changed to that of an ordinary farmer’s. She still wore a hat on her head and held a little fox in her arms.  


  Ke Li was curious about Yan Hu’s body, like she was curious about looking at a baby. She greeted, “Senior Aunt Jing Xuan”, then ran over to tease the little fox.   


  The little fox’s coat was extremely pure, without a trace of impurity. At first, she slouched lazily in Jing Xuan’s arms. But after being touched by Ke Li, her hackles raised almost immediately. 


  ”…” Ke Li immediately retreated to Wei Ming’s side and asked curiously, “Foxes’ fur can also raise their hackles?”[mfn]It’s what cats and dogs do, their fur will raise out of deep emotions..[/mfn]  


  Yan Hu’s tone was cold and replied: “What’s so strange about this? Some older babies still wet their beds.”  


  Ke Li: “…” 


  Jing Xuan smoothed Yan Hu’s fur and blushed: “She’s been in a bad mood recently. Tutu don’t provoke her. By the way, call me Ning Lang in the future. This is my name before I became a nun.”  


  “Okay ah, Senior Aunt Ning Lang.”   


  Four people live in a yard which wasn’t big. It was located on the far side of the village. There were no neighbors nearby and there was a sense of being isolated. Three people and one fox discuss their plans during the day. At night, Jing Xuan and Yan Hu lived in the room on the left while Ke Li and Wei Ming lived in the room on the right, separated by the hall in the middle.   


  These days, Ke Li and Wei Ming slept together on the same bed without fail. There is a feeling of intimacy but no further progress. Mostly because Ke Li doesn’t want to give Wei Ming the impression that she was a lustful demon and that idea never crossed Wei Ming’s mind.  


  Ke Li lazily laid in Wei Ming’s arms, wondering how to appear natural. Then suddenly heard something in her ear. She arched in Wei Ming’s arm, inhaled a deep breath, kissed Wei Ming’s neck and said: “Wasn’t Yan Hu a little fox just now?”  


  Wei Ming’s temperature rose from Ke Li’s action. She reached out and pushed Ke Li’s head. Her voice slightly distorted: “En, a little fox, Tutu, what are you trying to say?”  


  Ke Li cast a magic spell to make the surrounding area completely silent and mysteriously said: “You listen carefully.”  


  A familiar gasping groan came from the room on the other side. 


  ”…” Wei Ming hurriedly covered Ke Li’s ears and said, “Don’t casually eavesdrop. You’re shameless for still listening casually when you’re so far away.”  


  ”My hearing is good.” There was no use in covering Ke Li’s ears. She was about to use her divine sense to sneak a peek. But she found out that Yan Hu, in the middle of her busy schedule had put up a boundary field, it seemed like it had just been set up.  


  Ke Li: “…”  


  The voices suddenly became inaudible. The world became quiet again. Wei Ming didn’t know what Ke Li would do next.  


  Ke Li moved her body up, stared at Wei Ming, blinked and said: “Wei Ming, do you think I’ve grown up now?”   


  Wei Ming: “…” 


  You were never small. When you grew, it was uncontrollable.[mfn]Ke Li was either a baby, or an adult with a fixed body shape/height. She never “grew”[/mfn]  


  Ke Li ignored Wei Ming’s reaction and moved closer. Until her face almost touched Wei Ming’s face, then sincerely said, “Master, you say, do you think I can salvage this if I drink milk now?” 


  Wei Ming: “…… ” 


Author’s Notes: 

The roller coaster goes up, but there’s no more today. If someone accidentally locks it, there will be no chapter tomorrow.[mfn]on JJWXC – writing platform, readers can report chapters for being too smutty and have the website lock the chapter so its not viewable anymore until author fixes the smut…big censorship[/mfn]  

Wei Ming: Jing Chen, what do you say now? 

Jing Chen: The child is spoiled by you, of course it’s because you keep yielding to her ah.  

Ke Li: ● v ● 

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