We Monsters Are Not Allowed to Be Single

Since the last time he met this Tai Su, no one knew how much blood essence[1]The original text is 血气, a vague term usually means the essence of the human body and hatred this monster had consumed to turn itself from a heavenly endowed spiritual creature to an evil-looking monster.

Taotie wasn’t too picky with food but he still found it disgusting if he had other options.

Besides its bad taste, he would probably suffer from stomachaches.

Biting his finger in hesitation, he watched the Tai Su begin to crawl inside Zhao Qunfang’s gaping mouth. Finally, he decided to act——let me knock him down first before considering his taste.

The moment he made a move, Tai Su sensed his presence. Ages of living in hiding made him very alert. He suddenly stood up and extended two hands to wrap unconscious Zhao Qunfang on his back. Two more tentacles extended from under his armpit to assume a defensive position. An eyeless head faced the man stepping out from the shadow.

When he could make out who the man was, his whole body trembled. A high-pitched voice uttered the name with fear and hatred. ”Tao Tie!?”

The days in which he was locked up as a food source for the Tao Tie were the most frightening and awkward period of life for him after gaining human intelligence. After he managed to escape from the Tao Tie’s lair, his desire for power became more intense while becoming more cautious in killing people.

But, he would never forget the feelings of fear and helplessness imprinted on his mind.

After a duplicate of his was devoured by Tao Tie last night, he planned to leave Jiang City wearing a new human skin.

Never had he expected that Tao Tie would track him down to his hiding place.

Filled with hatred, old and new, he twisted his body to extend multiple tentacles from his body, preparing to avenge the past suffering at the Tao Tie’s hand.

Jiang Lan looked disgusted.

The decaying smell was growing more intense the closer he got. A moment ago, when the Tai Su was a plump human, he looked tasteful. But now, the sight of many wriggling tentacles could only be described as repulsive.

After taking a step backward, Jiang Lan said to Tai Su in a sincere tone. ”You looked way prettier the last time we met.”

The Tai Su erupted in rage at this. His tentacles shook in a frenzy and pounced on Jiang Lan in unison.

Jiang Lan was about to launch his counterattack when a stern voice came from behind. ”Stay out of the way!”

It was Ying Qiao’s voice. After pausing for a second, Jiang Lan decided to leave the fight while evading the attacking tentacles and retreated to the rear.

In the meantime, a white flying sword thundered across, cutting the attacking tentacles off the Tai Su.

Tai Su roared in anger, then retracted his remaining tentacles and stared at the approaching Ying Qiao and Cheng Hua furiously.

“You are from the Monster Bureau? As monsters, why do you help humans and betray your own race?”

Recovering the sword, Cheng Hua took a step back in disgust to stay away the tentacles on the ground.

“Even a monster needs to save his face. What do you mean by “betray your own race”? As ugly as you, do you think any self-respecting monster would agree to be counted as your race? If we were in ancient times, creatures like you must have already been devoured by legendary monsters.”

What Cheng Hua didn’t know was that this Tai Su had barely escaped the fate of being devoured by the Tao Tie. A random sword throw pierced the Tai Su’s heart with great precision.

In response, the Tai Su howled in fury. Shaking off the unconscious Zhao Qunfang on his back, he pounced on Cheng Hua.

While his full attention was on Tai Su, Cheng Hua noticed from the corner of his eye that Ying Qiao, that heartless bastard, had dragged Jiang Lan to a safe distance, leaving him alone to handle the attacking Tai Su.

After cursing his partner, Cheng Hua had no choice but to parry the attack with his nose held against the stench.

Jiang Lan was a little embarrassed by Ying Qiao’s protection. Standing behind Ying Qiao, he craned his neck, trying to have a glimpse of the fight. ”Is it ok to just stand and watch? Do we need to help him?”

“Oh, no, my boss is perfectly capable of handling that Tai Su alone.”

Ying Qiao was not in the least bothered by leaving Cheng Hua alone to fight the Tai Su. He turned to talk with Jiang Lan, with a tone of disapproval. ”Why do you come here alone? Didn’t I tell you to contact me in situations like this?”

If they didn’t come to the rescue in time, this little monster might be hurt.

Ying Qiao felt a little uneasy at the thought of those repulsive tentacles wrapping around Jiang Lan. If not for Jiang Lan’s presence, he was willing to step in to teach that Tai Su a lesson.

“Oh, I forgot.” Jiang Lan widened his eyes. His acting was getting better after the first attempt. He tried to shed a few tears, performing the role of a frightened little monster. ”I suspected Zhao Qunfang might have something to do with the Tai Su, so I followed her here……I didn’t expect that Tai Su to be this scary.”

Pointing to Zhao Qunfang laying on the ground unconsciously, he added with a twitch of the nose. ”It is her. I think she aided Tai Su’s crime.”

Ying Qiao’s eyes grew softer. ”You are very smart. My boss took a lot of trouble to track him down, but you get here first.”

Jiang Lan lowered his head in feigned embarrassment and thought to himself: Of course I am faster, I am very hungry.

But now, enjoying Tai Su’s meat was out of the question.

This new development saddened him, making his performance even more convincing.

Ying Qiao took his saddened face as a sign of his fear. Rubbing his head, he tried to comfort him. ”You have done well but are a bit too rash. Don’t take risks alone next time.”

Jiang Lan nodded.

Ying Qiao smiled in satisfaction. In the past, Geng Chen always talked about adopting a cub. At that time, he didn’t care for fragile cubs. But looking at Jiang Lan now, he felt very good playing a protector to a cub like him.

After slicing Tai Su in half with his sword, Cheng Hua turned just in time to glimpse the sugary smile on Ying Qiao’s face.

After cursing in his mind, he turned around to intensify his attack.

Tai Su was originally a spiritual creature with a gentle temperament, not to mention that it was peaceful in nature. Because of that, the Tai Su tribe was endowed with heavenly privileges to ensure its survival.

But the Tai Su in front of Cheng Hua went beyond the stereotype of a Tai Su. Not only it looked disgusting, but his attacks were devious.

He was like a gigantic earthworm, almost impossible to finish him off. If you cut him in half, the severed half would join the fight like reinforcements.

To make it even more repulsive, his tentacles excreted a reddish mucus.

Grinding his teeth, Cheng Hua swung his sword to chop the Tai Su into smaller pieces, with bits of Tai Su’s flesh flying all over the place.

Watching from a distance, Jiang Lan instinctively felt like a great waste of meat. Then he comforted himself that these meats taste bad anyway.

The troubled look on Jiang Lan’s face gave Ying Qiao the wrong impression that he was worried about Cheng Hua. Squinting at Cheng Hua, Ying Qiao admitted that he did cut a dashing figure with that graceful swordplay.

He reminded Cheng Hua. ”Boss, it is almost half-past twelve.”

It is a polite way to say: ”Hurry up. Stop dawdling.”

After hearing these, Cheng Hua thought to himself: ****, why don’t you do it yourself!!”

While cursing, he quickened his pace of attack. The fighting power of Tai Su was, after all, quite limited. After recognizing his weakness, Cheng Hua began to prevail over the Tai Su, with the Tai Su being reduced to half its original size.

Realizing he was losing, the Tai Su stepped away. ”I gave up. I surrender. If you let go of me, I will renounce my past. Are you recruiting? I want to join the Monster Bureau!”

Cheng Hua struck him down with a swish of his sword while sniggering. ”You are out of your mind. What are you taking the Monster Bureau for? A junkyard?”

The desperation then turned into venom. The Tai Su wriggled, shouting in despair. ”Why? When humans were persecuting us, you stood aside and watched. Now it’s my turn to have my revenge. You choose to intervene! Heaven has always sheltered us. Why don’t you?”

“Do you think Heaven is still sheltering you?

Ying Qiao brought Jiang Lan forward and looked at him coldly and with great contempt. ”What Heaven has sheltered was the Tai Su tribe. But you had chosen to murder your own kind for the benefit of your cultivation.”

The Tai Su tribe’s path to cultivation was hard. So Heaven endowed them with extraordinary luck. As Heaven’s favorite race, even humans might incur bad luck if they offend Tai Su without proper cause. That’s the origin of an ancient saying: “Fan Tai Sui”(The original text is 犯太, which literally means crossing the Tai Su. It’s a Taoist terminology with many layers of meaning)).

But the Tai Su in front of them didn’t discriminate between his own kind and the human race in his killing spree. In his body, the blood essence of humans was mingled with the anger of his own people.

“If Heaven is still sheltering you, why is it so easy to find you?”

Ying Qiao shattered his illusion.”Because you have collected too many blood debts, now your end is near.”

Then you gave Cheng Hua a look, indicating it’s time to send him to the Monster Bureau.

The Tai Su’s faceless head, appearing to contain intense emotions, suddenly jerked around to face Jiang Lan and shouted in a high-pitched voice.” It was you, if not for you…….”

Jiang Lan moved quickly to put a foot on his face to shut his mouth, said in a harsh voice.” What about me? I haven’t settled accounts with you yet!”

The Tai Su tried to say something, but Jiang Lan stomped his feet on his face.” On, you haven’t given up?”

Tai Su’s head was flattened. Not a single syllable could come out.

Jiang Lan was finally satisfied.

Ying Qiao didn’t expect this mild-tempered little monster to erupt in anger. When he stepped on the Tai Su’s face, he looked like a bully.

Ying Qiao dragged him aside, burrowing his brow.” Enough, your shoes are dirty.”

Jiang Lan saw his shoes were smeared, so he bent down to wipe the sole.

Ying Qiao said.” No need, I will buy you a new pair.”

Jiang Lan accepted this offer without question. The stench was so unbearable.

The Tai Su: ****you!****you! You heard me?!

Now their attention turned to Zhao Qunfang.

She had acted as an accomplice of the Tai Su, and they didn’t hold her in high regard. Finally, Jiang Lan chose to call the Police and let the Police deal with her.

Cheng Hua was supposed to deliver the Tai Su to the Monster Bureau with Ying Qiao. But Stung by the stern look on Ying Qiao’s face, a new idea sprung to mind. He quietly went to the car alone, started it, and stepped on the gas.

Leaving Ying Qiao alone by the roadside.

Leaning out of the window, he waved his goodbye while shouting in delight.” Ying Qiao, I need to hurry to the Bureau. You two stay here to wait for the Police.”

Then he sped off.


1 The original text is 血气, a vague term usually means the essence of the human body
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