We Monsters Are Not Allowed to Be Single

It took half an hour for the Police to arrive at the scene. And the officers on duty were sort of acquaintances to them——the two police officers who went to Zhao Qunfang’s home during the day.

The police officers were shocked to see the bites of meat lying all over the place and were equally surprised to see Jiang Lan. “You again? What happened here?”

Jiang Lan described what happened here. The young officer became increasingly surprised as he listened to Jiang Lan’s account. He couldn’t help but interrupt him. “Wait a second, you mean the murders we are investigating were all committed by a monster? And Zhao Qunfang was the monster’s accomplice? And you have subdued the monster after an intense fight?”

Jiang Lan nodded. “That’s what I am trying to tell you.”

The young officer gave him a stern look and began to lecture him. “Little comrade, now we are in a modern society founded on science. As a member of the government workforce, how come you believe in superstition?”

Jiang Lan was confused. In the past, when he was on missions as a member of the special service branch, he had cooperated with the Police on several occasions, and his counterpart knew the existence of the Security Department. Their communication and cooperation with the City Police always went smoothly. So he assumed that this time, these two police officers should know everything. But now, the young officer was looking at him as if he thought Jiang Lan was losing his mind.

Reaching into his pocket, Jiang Lan wanted to show the officers his special service branch ID but changed his mind after realizing he couldn’t show it in Ying Qiao’s presence. He asked Ying Qiao with an innocent look. “I forgot to bring my work ID. Do you have any documents by chance? If not, can you ask your boss to explain?”

Ying Qiao of course brought his ID, but it was a special one that he also can’t show in front of Jiang Lan. So he just showed his civil ID to the officer. “I don’t have a work ID on me. But you can call Captain Liu in the City Police to verify. Captain Liu has personally asked the Special Service Branch to step in.”

The young officer appeared not to buy it. His eyes even grew wary. He thought he had plausible reasons to suspect that these two were just putting on a show. Perhaps they were members of an evil cult.

But the old officer knew a little about the background of this case. He had heard that this case was about to be handed over to the criminal department. But before the formal announcement came, the case was temporally in their charge. “I have heard the name of the Security Department mentioned before by our Captain. It’s better to confirm it with him.”

Then he began to dial the number.

The young officer walked over to wake up Zhao Qunfang and handcuffed her.

When the Captain was on the line, the old officer described what they saw and heard and mentioned Jiang Lan and Ying Qiao’s names. It was not clear what was said on the other side of the line, but the old officer’s face put on a strange expression.

After the phone call, the old officer immediately apologized to them. “I am so sorry for the misunderstanding; you are indeed our comrades from brother units.”

The young officer was shocked, mouth agape. After asking the old officer to step aside, he whispered in his ear. “They didn’t make up that stuff about monsters? The Security Department was real?”

It was the first time the old officer run into a special case like this, which challenged his worldview. But his superior did ask him to cooperate with them, which must confirm what they said.

It was just that cases like these were usually out of reach for them.

The young officer looked bewildered. No matter how much he tried, he couldn’t help glancing up Jiang Lan and Ying Qiao from time to time. It looks like many questions were going through his head.

The old officer brought Zhao Qunfang to the car, but he wasn’t sure how to deal with meat shreds on the ground. He asked tentatively. “It is not appropriate to leave this stuff here. Do comrades have any way to take care of them?”

Ying Qiao nodded. A blue flame suddenly appeared on his fingertip and then landed on the ground, spreading quickly. In about two minutes, the flame went out, burning off the meat, leaving not a single trace behind.

The officers: “!!!”

They exchanged a look. Then the young officer asked them to come along courteously.

Because Ying Qiao said there would be someone to contact them about the case, the officers just gave them a ride to Jiahe Apartment Complex. Before they got off the car, the young officer asked a little awkwardly. “Comrade Jiang Lan, if we run into a special case like this, can I ask you questions from time to time?”

Hanyang Police Department and Hangyang Street Administration Office are like brother departments in the same district.

It might be an opportunity to take on extra works. So Jiang Lan agreed without hesitation. After exchanging WeChat friend requests, they parted ways.

Ying Qiao looked at his happy face. “Why are you so happy about it?”

Waving his phone, Jiang Lan said seriously. “This might be an opportunity to get extra works.”

Police departments deal with far more cases than Street Administration Office. But the recruitment standards were very strict for the police department, so he settled for the Street Administration Office instead.

Ying Qiao laughed.

He knew the Security Department had increased the amount of staffs in the root level governmental departments. Newly recruited staffs were comprised of little monsters and human cultivators with limited cultivation. No one in the higher up expected these new additions to the workforce to pull off something big. Parts of their duty were to detect any anomalies in society and report them. After their report was verified, they were rewarded accordingly.

Ying Qiao heard Tai Feng complained that many new employees had adopted the lousy work ethic from humans. After they got the job, they became lazy.

Jiang Lan, who treats his job seriously, was definitely in the minority.

“After this case was concluded, I will ask my boss to apply for a bonus on your behalf.” said Ying Qiao.

His work attitude deserved a reward.

Jiang Lan cheered up with eyes shining. He looked quite eager while feeling embarrassed for appearing so. “I am not much help. Is it ok?”

Ying Qiao nodded. “Of course.”

Recalling his role, he felt it’s not his place to give a definite answer. So he dragged in Cheng Hua. “My boss is in the special service branch. He can apply for it.”

Jiang Lan froze, thinking he must hear it wrong. “Special Service Branch?”

He didn’t expect Ying Qiao’s boss was in the Special Service Branch.

Although members of the Special Service Branch spent most of their time in the field, rarely running into each other, but on the off chance that they meet, it could be very awkward.

Jiang Lan began to regret lying in the first place. Once you lie, you have to make up a thousand stories to sustain it. He felt trapped.

But Ying Qiao took his reaction as a mere surprise.

Special Service Branch was composed of powerful high monsters with very advanced cultivation and fierce temper. In the eyes of a little monster, the name inspires awe and respect.

He asked casually. “Do you aspire to get a position in the Special Service Branch?”

How do I answer that? Pausing for a second, Jiang Lan nodded.

Ying Qiao said. “Those monsters in the Special Service Branch were an odd bunch with legendary temper. “

Ying Qiao thought to himself, a mild-tempered monster like you wouldn’t fit in. You would probably be scared to tears. And what’s so special about the Special Service Branch anyway? It would take a load off his mind to keep him close. Why not work for me as a secretary? It was well-paid compared with a position in the Special Service Branch.

But Jiang Lan didn’t put on a scared look as he expected. Instead, he lowered his voice to refute. “……not everyone is bad-tempered.” Like me, I was easy-going enough.

Ying Qiao thought he must still harbor some illusions about the Special Service Branch, so he decided to step up the game. “Have you heard about the ancient evil monster called Tai Tie? He is in the Special Service Branch. Bad-tempered as he is, he would eat little monsters like you for breakfast.”

Then he waited for the scared look on his face, thinking it should be enough to shatter his illusions about the Special Service Branch.


Jiang Lan was both shocked and felt wronged. He didn’t expect Ying Qiao, who appeared so reasonable, to have such prejudice against the Tao Tie. He treated Ying Qiao as a friend, but he chose to badmouth me in my face. It was outrageous to spread rumors about me!

He was mad, but he couldn’t confess being the Tao Tie to Ying Qiao. After trying to control his temper for a while, he decided to suspend his friendship with Ying Qiao for a day. Glaring at Ying Qiao, Jiang Lan left a word “nonsense” and entered the Apartment Complex.

Ying Qiao:”???”

How come he became mad all of a sudden? He couldn’t figure it out. Finally, he came to the conclusion that the little monster was being rebellious. He was still young and probably going through a rebellious phase. No wonder he got mad after I tactlessly shattered his illusion about the Special Service Branch.

Turned out it was not easy to raise a cub.

I had to figure out a way to appease him.

Jiang Lan was upset by his new friend’s misunderstanding. After getting home, Suan Ni rushed out to greet him. He picked up his little brother while talking to himself. “I will return to my original form to scare the shit out of you.”

Picturing the scared and stunned look on Ying Qiao’s face, Jiang Lan felt better.

While remaining at the entrance of the apartment complex, Ying Qiao made a call to Tai Feng. He asked in a boastful tone. “Do you have any idea how to appease an angry cub?”

Tai Feng:”???”

Checking the phone screen, he confirmed it was indeed Ying Qiao’s number.

“Are you sleepwalking in the middle of the night? You are always alone. Where is the cub coming from?”

Ying Qiao felt superior. “You don’t have one doesn’t mean I don’t have one. I just adopted a cub.”

Tai Feng: “……”

He vaguely guessed the purpose of his call in the middle of the night. Slowly distancing from the phone speaker, he feigned bad connection. “Hello? I can’t hear you. What did you say? I have bad reception here. Can we talk tomorrow?”

Then he hung up promptly.

Laughing, Ying Qiao called another number.

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    I don’t really like the dynamic in Ying Qiao considering Jiang Lan an adopted cub of sorts, but I’m also gonna keep reading this, so I can trash talk YQ when he finds out who Jiang Lan really is. I’m going to laugh at him so hard.


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