Entertainment Circle’s Mascot
Entertainment Circle’s Mascot: Chapter 11

Lian Qing still failed to spend the 600 yuan.

When he hesitated and asked for Sister Cheng’s opinion, she gave him a *supercilious look. Afterward, Sister Cheng took him and Assistant Chen to the hot pot restaurant for a meal.

Show/Hide Note*bai yua – supercilious(disdainful, patronizing)/ roll of the eyes

Lian Qing ate until his brow beaded with sweat, and his body and mind were greatly satisfied and happy. He couldn’t help but think that Sister Sha had been right. He was really lucky. All the people he had met were good people. First, there was Sister Sha and Zhao Chengyi, and then Director Li, followed by Sister Cheng. All of them were good people! Don’t be fooled by the fact that Sister Cheng criticized him from time to time, she was actually *hard-mouthed but soft-hearted.

Show/Hide Note*(嘴硬心) the mouth is hard but the heart is soft (idiom) – The mouth does not submit to softness but the heart admits defeat. Refers to people who are strong-mouthed. Origin: Dream of the Red Mansion. It sounds like a Tsundere.

After a satisfying meal of hot pot, Lian Qing was sent back to the hotel by Sister Cheng. As for Sister Sha, she had night scenes and may have to stay up all night.

Upon returning to the hotel, the Little Monk followed Sister Cheng’s request and scrolled through his Weibo. In addition to seeing many messages saying that he was cute, good-looking, or meng in the background mailbox, Zhao Chengyi had replied to his comments.

[Zhao Chengyi V: I won’t ask you what’s important to you anymore. I don’t want to get hurt again, QAQ]

Lian Qing also saw that Sister Sha replied to Zhao Chengyi: [That’s enough ba, at present his current favorite is now hot pot, and Sister Cheng said that he was eating very contentedly tonight.]

Zhao Chengyi: [Sister Sha, you have to get him to control himself. He is an artist now. He has to eat healthily in order to lose weight!]

When Lian Qing saw this comment, he frowned and quickly replied: [I can’t be fat!]

Seeming to have been lurking online all the time, Zhao Chengyi replied in seconds: [That’s because you used to eat vegetables! Now it’s different. You eat meat. There’s a higher number of calories!]

Lian Qing thought for a while. It seemed to be reasonable. He shook his head and replied earnestly: [I won’t be fat. I will work hard to exercise and consume calories!]

Zhao Chengyi did not reply, but many netizens replied with “hahaha”.

[Feeling the little monk’s strong desire for food 2333]

[Splitting laugh, I can properly consume the calories I eat. Ha ha ha…]

[Why is this little monk so cute? I died of extreme meng 333]

[Da Cheng beat it, don’t bully the Little Monk]

[I am  Chengzi’s fan but unexpectedly I want the Little Monk to roast Da Cheng hhh]

[Since the birth of the little monk, Da Cheng has gradually fallen out of favor. Ha ha ha…]

[Little Monk is too cute! He dares to set up any flag for food 333]

[Sister Sha, please don’t listen to Da Cheng. He is always forced to control his diet. Now he can’t wait to bring people from all over the world to control with him]

[Exactly, Da Cheng you’re too much. The Little Monk is still a child and needs to eat meat and grow his body 333]


Lian Qing silently liked the comment saying that he needed to eat meat to grow his body. It was really what was in his heart! Although his body was basically set.

The consequence of liking it was that many netizens started shouting “the little monk is so cute”, and their passion made Lian Qing feel scared. He supposed that in any case, he had logged into Weibo today, which could also be considered as having completed the daily task assigned by Sister Cheng.

So he read Director Li a prayer for half an hour and then bathed and slept.

After a dreamless night, Lian Qing was taken to a school by Sister Cheng the next day to have additional classes with several other people. Sister Cheng also told him that this is a closed acting crash course specially opened in the school. It lasted for one week, and the teacher was a returning teacher. This kind of class quota was not easy to get, so Lian Qing was expected to study hard.

Lian Qing naturally put out 120000 energy to learn and strived to absorb the knowledge points taught by the teacher.

He worked hard unaware of the fact that the variety show he first appeared in with Sister Sha was broadcast on the weekend.

The director of the program team was very friendly and tried his utmost to cut in some of  Lian Qing’s clips as much as possible. Later, in Sister Sha’s personal clip, many scenes of Lian Qing were basically restored to the original state as per her request.

As soon as the program was broadcast, Lian Qing Little Monk unexpectedly caught fire. However, he only learned about it a week later when he finished the acting crash course and was picked up by Sister Cheng.

Sister Cheng, holding a document in her hand, took the time to read it and said to Lian Qing, “Little Monk, brush your Weibo, you are on the hot search.”

Lian Qing was confused and clicked the Weibo hot search list. To his surprise, the content related to him ranked in the top 20 of the hot search list.

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Sister Cheng said, “When this program had just been broadcast, you were the first search to catch fire, but now it has already been three days, and the *level of heat has dropped a little.”

Show/Hide Note*(re du) Lit: level of heat – Fig: fervor/ zeal

Lian Qing nodded and reached for the top one – # Lian Qing Little Monk #.

As soon as it opened, he could plainly see *overwhelming pictures and all kinds of words.

Show/Hide Note*(pu tian dai di) Lit: Hiding in the sky and covering the earth (idiom) – Fig: earth-shattering/ overwhelming

[What kind of *immortal character is this ah? Ha ha ha…]

Show/Hide Note*(shen xian) Lit: immortal/supernatural entity – Fig: lighthearted/ amusing person

[This episode of {Star Wars} is very lively. I never expected to be attracted by a simple monk 333]

[After watching the few scenes of  Little Monk in the program, I went to the video website and searched for the personal clip of Sister Sha. Can you guess what the results were?]

[Laugh till your stomach hurts hhhh]

[Like Sister Sha, she laughs until she becomes a *sand sculpture. Ha ha ha…]

Show/Hide Note*(sha diao) – originally a homonym for ‘silly d*ck’. It is now used o refer to funny or interesting people. It is mostly used to refer to those laughs caused by the stupidity, natural stupidity, or deliberate stupidity of the party, but it can also be extended to all funny behaviors.

[Damn! Which mountain is the Little Monk from? I’m going to add incense to that temple 333]

[He said it was Sanlian Temple.]

[I have heard of this name. When I was a child, the temple that my grandmother went to on the fifteenth day of every month seems to have the same name. It was also built on the mountain. But my grandmother passed away a few years ago, and I don’t know how to get there.]

[Upstairs address 333]

[It’s time to add more incense, thanks to the Little Monk’s master for letting him come down the mountain! He is now my source of happiness Ha ha ha…]

[After watching the personal edited version of Sister Sha, I burst into laughter from the beginning! The start is: *Many men, a great force. I went with you because of your large number, not because of a meal!]

Show/Hide Note*(ren duo shi zhong) Lit: Many men, a great strength – Fig: Many hands provide great strength; there is safety in numbers.

[I couldn’t stop laughing. He said that Sister Sha was too old to call him little brother 3333]

[Asking about Sister Sha’s psychological shadow area 666]

[Don’t ask. If you ask again, it will blow up. Ha ha ha…]

[Sister Sha, what are you doing? That’s the Little Monk’s chicken wings! You want to lose weight!        # Screenshot #]

[The Little Monk waiting anxiously as the chicken wings were taken away by Sister Sha, his expression looked like he was about to cry hahaha…]

[The little monk who ate meat for the first time… felt a little sad]

[Am I the only one who thinks Sister Sha is speaking facts? The little monk can eat so much, and the master in the mountain definitely resented his big appetite, and *solemnly drove him down the mountain. 3333]

Show/Hide Note*(guan mian tang huang) Lit: High sounding – Fig: Dignified; pompous. Used to describe a solemn or modest appearance

[Cute appearance when eating, mouth bulging, looks like hamster 333]

[I feel that the little monk can have fun with mukbang, this table manners lured Sister Sha~hhhh]

[Ah Ha ha ha, I’m splitting with laughter! The Little Monk is endearingly silly. Sister Sha obviously did not care about the outcome, but he vowed to win 333]

[When I saw that he could knock down a man two or three times stronger and who was so much taller than him  I felt two words in my heart # Picture #]

[Don’t say it upstairs, I know which two words – *WTF!]

Show/Hide NoteIn Chinese, it’s *wo cao* (the two words)

[Terrible, are all those who become monks so fierce? 333]

[Ha ha ha ha ha, stop it, Little Monk ah, don’t pull people’s black belts ah. Ha ha ha]

[Wild laughter, the Taekwondo man was so scared he almost cried, shrinking behind his teammates like a little daughter-in-law 333]

[The little monk unexpectedly returned Amitabha Buddha, hahaha…]

[Dying, I’m laughing until my stomach hurts. I’m need to call an ambulance. Ha ha ha…]

[Little Monk awesome TM, I will be shy. What in the devil? 3333]

[At this very moment, I laughed until I became like Sister Sha, simply a sand sculpture hhh]

[Am I the only one who thinks he is very powerful? Holding Sister Sha in his arms, holding the fruit basket, and stepping on the toe press, he ran back and forth smoothly…]

[He is very powerful. At first glance, it’s clear he’s practiced martial arts. He is worthy of being a little monk from the mountains 333]

[Sister Sha laughed from the start to the finish line, and was still laughing at the starting point 3333]

[The little monk is too cute! After watching the clip of Sister Sha, I laughed all night and felt my abdominal muscles were sore 333]

[For those who just discovered the Little Monk, here are directions to Zhao Chengyi’s Weibo, there’s a pleasant surprise 333]

[I stole a glance at Zhao Chengyi’s Weibo, and now I’m a fan of the little monk 333]

[Little Monk, fire me up! When the fire is burning, there will be meat every day!]

[No, no, no, Little Monk, come with me, I will take you to eat meat every day!]

[There’s nothing to say about Sister Sha’s vision, and she is so decisive! The next day, she directly signed the Little Monk as an artist]

[Cheating the Little Monk with a meal, this deal is too good. Are there more?]

[I also want a *similar Little Monk ying~]

Show/Hide Note*tong kuan – similar (model)/ merchandise similar to that used by a celebrity.

[Crowdfunding to buy a similar Little Monk 333]


Seeing that Lian Qing had quit Weibo, Sister Cheng smiled and said, “This program has a good response, and your performance has attracted a lot of fans. With the live broadcast that Zhao Chengyi helped you do, your total number of fans has exceeded 3 million, approaching 4 million.”

Lian Qing was not sensitive to data, so he had no response. This made Sister Cheng a little helpless. The Little Monk had no idea how fast he had garnered new fans like this! Take Zhao Chengyi’s live broadcast the other day for example. At that time, there were only 1.3 million people watching the live broadcast online. As a result, nearly a million fans became fans of the Little Monk after the live broadcast.

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That was just a live broadcast!

This time, too, there were very few continuous TV scenes, because he was only an amateur after all. No matter how nice the director was, he couldn’t play too many scenes for him. He just left a few cute scenes for him.

But the Little Monk attracted many fans to go see the personally edited version of Shaman with these clips, which was only for members to see! In addition, the Little Monk gained more than 2 million fans!

Lian Qing didn’t notice her helplessness. He looked up at Sister Cheng and asked, “If I’m on fire, can I eat hot pot and barbecue every day?”

“If you are not afraid of acne and constipation, you can!” Sister Cheng replied ruthlessly.

Lian Qing hesitated: “The stars depend on their faces to eat… The stars I’ve seen on TV are very good-looking, and no one has acne…”

Sister Cheng had hit the nail on the head in a single brushstroke, she didn’t tell him that it was the contribution of makeup artists and filters. She said *nonchalantly, “Yes, so if you want to be able to afford to eat, you should protect your face. You should maintain a proper diet and also eat meat and vegetables together.”

Show/Hide Note*(ruo u qi shi) Lit: As if nothing had happened – Fig: Calmly/ nonchalantly

Lian Qing reached out and touched his smooth face, feeling a little melancholy. Can’t eat meat every day ah… Life is really painful!


People always ask, what is the meaning of life? Of existing. Why were we brought into this world?

Little Monk Lian Qing: To suffer. *smoking jpg*

The greatest philosophical question answered by Xiao Hesheng. 

Meat is life, life is meat. No meat no life. 

Life + NO meat = pain, and suffering! Amitabha!


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