Entertainment Circle’s Mascot
Entertainment Circle’s Mascot: Chapter 12
Cheng Lan took Lian Qing to a building, walked inside, and said, “This is our company, whose external name is Sha Man Studio. Among performing artists, we have nine, they are Sha Man, Zhao Chengyi…”

She introduced the stars to Lian Qing one by one. Considering that the Little Monk had just descended the mountain, she also made a rough statement about the positioning and representatives of each star. He was also told about, the company’s employees, major figures and the contents some departments were responsible for.

Lian Qing listened carefully and tried as much as possible to memorize the details. This was what he might encounter when working in the future, he could not be careless!

Looking at the Little Monk’s earnest side profile, Cheng Lan’s eyes were full of smiles. Although the child was naive and a little silly, at the very least he was willing to work hard and had talent in acting. Moreover, this person also had a strong sense of variety, so he didn’t have to only take the performing arts route.

She took Lian Qing to the 28th floor of the building and took him into a company whose interior decorations gave a simple and clean atmosphere. Then he led him to each department to greet everyone one by one.

During the whole process, Lian Qing didn’t meet any artists.

After visiting the company, Cheng Lan poured him a cup of tea and gave him a document. She smiled and said, “Generally, the company’s artists seldom come to the company. Everyone is very busy. In the future, you will rarely come to the company, unless there is something wrong. This document is a schedule I wrote for you. You can see if there is any problem. If there is no problem, I will help you plan the schedule, that is, announce it to people.”

Lian Qing took a look at it and returned it to Cheng Lan: “Sister Cheng, you can arrange it. You are the professional in this respect.”

“Are you sure I should arrange it all? So much trust in me ah!”

“Sister Cheng is a good person, I believe you.” Lian Qing said very resolutely.

“You youngster, inviting you to eat hotpot makes me a good person? You’re not afraid of being betrayed by someone one day…” Sister Cheng said while laughing, but she was suitably smoothed in her heart. She added: “You don’t have any works now, and it’s easy to attract criticism from fans. While the enthusiasm of your millions of fans hasn’t dissipated, I picked up the unit theatrical drama you just saw.”

“The production cost of this play is not high, and because of various reasons, we decided to imitate the production method of South Korea. That is, the actors shoot while broadcasting weekly in the form of an online drama. What I have won for you is the role of male number three. There are not many scenes in the drama, but the character is very likable.”

Lian Qing nodded, he’d just seen it a moment ago.

“Your role in the drama that Sister Sha is currently filming can only be regarded as a guest character. Now this one is your real work. But you don’t have to be nervous. This role also happens to be a monk.” Cheng Lan joked, “It should not be too strenuous for you to act. When your acting skills are polished and become more mature, I will connect you with other roles. In addition, I will see if there is any gap when you are filming. If there is, I will connect you with better variety shows. We will arrange this later.”

Lian Qing was not a person unable to tell good from the bad. He knew that such an arrangement ought to be the most favorable for him. He thanked Cheng Lan earnestly and took the script from her.

After that, Cheng Lan took him to his personal apartment arranged by the company, which was located in a quiet and nice neighborhood.

She took Lian Qing up the elevator to the 18th floor, walked to a door, opened it, and said to him: “The security facilities here are very good, and many people living here are star artists. Zhao Chengyi also lives here, in the apartment opposite yours. However, his schedule is quite full, and he often stays away for the whole month. And he has other places in the city, so you should not easily meet him.”

The apartment had a beige minimalist interior style with one bedroom and one living room, one kitchen, one toilet, and a small balcony. All categories of furniture in the house were complete and *everything that should be there was there– not different from what was popular.

Show/Hide Note*(ying you jin you) Lit: Everything that should be here is here (idiom) – Fig: All one can think of is on hand/ to have all one needs.

Cheng Lan then gave Lian Qing a day off, taught him how to order takeout, and sent him 200 yuan through WeChat. It was agreed that the company would provide his food, clothing, housing, and transportation. These two hundred were for his meals for the following day. With the remainder, he would go to the supermarket to buy frozen food to put in the refrigerator. The refrigerator in this apartment was currently absolutely empty.

Cheng Lan was not at ease, but her family urged her to go home, so she had to hurriedly send a map of the neighborhood and public transport to Lian Qing, and then hastily rushed to leave.

Lian Qing, who had nothing to do, enjoyed the blowing wind on the balcony and took a pen and paper from his bag – he wanted to write a letter to the master and the younger martial brother on the mountain.

However, when the letter was finished, he began to feel melancholic again. They were not sent to the mountains by express delivery, and there was no internet or telephone in the mountains. He could only send it to the canteen at the foot of the mountain, waiting for the master to go down the mountain once in a month or two, and take the chance to ask the shopkeeper’s wife to give it to him.

Just… He didn’t know how long it would take until the master saw the letter!

Lian Qing’s heart could only fill with loneliness and solitude. He picked up the script that Sister Cheng gave him and read it.

Early the next morning, he went out of the neighborhood according to the map left by Sister Cheng and ran to the street outside the two bus stops.

The busy streets were bustling with the noise and excitement of rushing office workers and student parties who got up early in the morning. Lian Qing bought two large steamed buns and a bottle of water and ran to the nearby park to eat while watching the old ladies and gentlemen play Tai Chi.

He was a young man, sitting in front of these old people, but unexpectedly, he was not out of sorts! He even chatted with the old people, talking happily, and was also pulled by the enthusiastic old people to play some Tai Chi.

As the sun grew stronger, Lian Qing said goodbye to the old people and left the park. Sister Cheng said that stars depend on their faces to eat. He couldn’t get sunburnt!

He trotted to the largest supermarket nearby, bought two bags of foodstuff with great speed, and walked back with them.

Along the way, he always felt that people were more or less watching him, especially in the supermarket. Lian Qing even heard some of them discussing whether or not he was a celebrity or wondering whether he was the recently popular Little Monk. This was the first time that Lian Qing had encountered this kind of situation, he felt somewhat helpless and was forced to *gaze forward fixedly.

Show/Hide Note*(mu bu xie shi) Lit: Not a glance sideways (idiom) – To gaze fixedly

When he came out of the supermarket, he was walking along the side of the road to the sidewalk when he saw a car suddenly deviate from the track and ran straight toward a girl walking not far in front of him.

Lian Qing didn’t have time to think about it. As soon as he dropped the things in his hand, he rushed forward and pulled the frightened girl back to avoid the car. The car stopped only after it hit a tree trunk.

The girl who was held by Lian Qing was still in shock. Her legs weakened and she sat down on the ground, stroking her chest and panting heavily. She could not speak.

Lian Qing stood in the same place helplessly looking at the passers-by who were coming around, and didn’t know what to do. He had no acquaintanceship with this girl, so it was no problem for him to leave. But at the moment, she was too scared to stand. It seemed that it was not good for him to walk away…

Just as he was in a dilemma, he saw the doors of the car that hit the tree trunk open and two people came down. An ordinary-looking middle-aged man, who was originally sitting in the driver’s seat, had blood on his forehead. The other one was a young man who had quite an outstanding appearance and seemed to be in good condition. He was four, five, or six years older than him.

The two men first checked the fuel tank of the car and then walked straight toward them. The young man squatted down and asked the girl in a low voice, “Sorry, the car is out of order. Are you all right? Do you need to take you to the hospital?”

The girl shook her head, but her tears were uncontrollable.

Lian Qing said at this time, “She is terrified.”

The man looked up and looked at Lian Qing. But when he saw his face clearly, there was a flicker of amazement on his face.

He stood up and asked, “Are you her friend?”

Lian Qing shook his head and said, “I don’t know her. I just saw that she was in danger and gave her a hand.”

The man said, “Thank you.”

Lian Qing didn’t know why he said that, “Why do you want to thank me? It’s not you who I saved.”

The man was stunned and laughed: “You saved her, my car didn’t hit anyone, otherwise I might have been burdened for the rest of my life.”

“Oh…” Lian Qing understood and was about to say something when he saw that the girl sitting on the ground had calmed down and stood up and bowed to him.

The girl cried: “Thank you, really… Thank you so much!”

Lian Qing was at a loss and waved his hand: “It’s okay… it doesn’t matter!”

The middle-aged man behind the man also stood up, solemnly apologized to the girl, and thanked Lian Qing. The girl didn’t get hurt, so she generously apologized and thanked Lian Qing again and again before leaving.

Lian Qing wanted to leave but was stopped by the young man.

“Are those two bags on the ground yours?”

“What’s the matter…” Lian Qing muttered and looked back and saw two bags of things lying on the ground quietly not far away. It was because he threw food on the ground in order to save people!

He immediately screamed out: “Egg! My egg! Terrible! Terrible, it must be broken…”

Man: “…”

Does this person know that his words are connected, that is, my egg is broken.

He could not help but smother his laugh, and the passers-by around responded by roaring with laughter.

Lian Qing squatted on the ground to check the contents of the bag and really saw that several eggs in the fresh-keeping bag containing eggs were broken. He wore a mournful expression and checked the other things in the bag. He found that even the instant noodles had broken a lot, and suddenly the whole person looked like a frostbitten withered eggplant.

At this time, the young man walked up to him, reached out to him with a hand, and asked with concern, “How are you?”

“Not good…” Lian Qing said bitterly, “Egg broken, noodles broken.”

The man smiled and said in a low voice, “Stand up first and I will compensate you for your loss.”

Lian Qing didn’t take that hand. He got up slowly and shook his head. “No,” he said

Immediately, he walked to the traffic lights with a sad look intending to cross the road. The man ran up quickly and said seriously, “Can you tell me your name?”

Why did he want to know his name ? He said bluntly, “My name is Lian Qing.”

After saying this, the light happened to turn green. Lian Qing said goodbye to the man and quickly walked away.

Man: “Hey…” At such a time, shouldn’t you *return politeness for politeness and ask me my name?

Show/Hide Note*(li shang wang lai) Lit: Proper behavior is based on reciprocity (idiom) – Fig: To return politeness for politeness.

“BOSS, what should we do now? This time, it must be man-made, otherwise, it would not be so opportune…” The middle-aged man came to the man and asked impatiently.

The man’s expression suddenly cooled down and said, “The police have been alerted, and Secretary He has also asked someone to come and deal with the matter. You should go to the hospital to treat the wound first. Then if there is anything that the police need cooperation with, I will have someone contact you.”

“OK. So, BOSS, are you not injured?”

The man shook his head and said, “It’s nothing.”

He paused and said to himself, “Thanks to him again this time…”

The author has something to say:

The Little Monk whose egg was broken had his heart broken.

Give him five-star praise to comfort him


*Plays the wedding march* Tarantantan tarantantan Here comes the ML. 

What is up with the Lian Qing and saving people. It’s not giving little monk but superman vibes. 

His poor eggs and noodles *ying*

The baby’s day has been ruined *hugging jpg*

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