Entertainment Circle’s Mascot
Entertainment Circle’s Mascot: Chapter 13
Back home, Lian Qing soaked two bags of badly broken instant noodles with sorrow, and after thinking about it, he added ham inside.

After finishing, he went to the bathroom and practiced in front of the mirror. This was the method taught by his acting teacher. Since he wanted to act, he had to take it seriously. After all, Sister Cheng had asked teachers to teach him acting one-on-one and then sent him to school for training for a week, which was expensive.

On the morning of the next day, Assistant Chen Qi came to pick up Lian Qing, and they went straight to the film and television city.

Without Sister Cheng this time, Assistant Chen Qi was not familiar with the crew, Lian Qing had to find the director according to the photos given by Sister Cheng and get familiar with the crew members and actors with the help of the director.

In addition to the male and female leading actors, most of the other actors in this drama group were newcomers or all-year-round popular actors. There was no competitive relationship between them, and they could get along very well.

Lian Qing also exchanged contact information with several leading actors and then began to work.

This online drama was called “Supernatural Records”. As the name implied, the narrative had something to do with supernatural elements. The background of the story was modern times. It told about the various supernatural incidents that the male and female protagonists, that is, a brother and sister pair in the Taoist school, met and solved when they went down the mountain to learn through experience.

The second male was the protagonist of the first part of the story with yin and yang eyes. Later, he secretly fell in love with the female protagonist and found an excuse to follow the male and female leads around.

As for Lian Qing, he was the third male lead, a monk. In the first part of the story, the male lead took his master’s keepsake and went to the nearest Buddhist temple to ask for help in saving the female lead. The master of the Buddhist temple asked his proud disciple to go down the mountain, and furthermore, he followed the male leader to learn.

When the director asked Lian Qing to put on makeup and change clothes, Lian Qing felt his hair quite regretfully and his mood became gloomy.

The makeup artist knew him, and seeing that he was in a bad mood, he was baffled, “Little monk, are you unhappy?”

“A little.”


Lian Qing felt his hair and said, “If I shave my hair, I will be ugly for several months.”

The makeup artist was stunned for a moment, and then laughed: “Pfff… little monk, why are you so funny! Ha ha ha…”

Lian Qing looked back at her bitterly and said seriously, “I was bald before I went to primary school, but after I went to primary school, my classmates always wanted to touch my head, and some people said I was ugly. Later, the teacher requested Shifu, and he allowed me to grow my hair…”

“Ha ha ha ha… It’s too funny. I can’t hold it anymore. Ha ha ha…” The make-up artist held the make-up counter and very heartily laughed at the top of her voice.

Other people were attracted by her laughter and began to ask what was going on. Even the director came over, “What’s the matter?”

The makeup artist waved her hand and repeated Lian Qing’s words with a laugh. The director couldn’t help laughing. He patted Lian Qing on the shoulder, and asked, “Do you think we would let you go bald-headed?”

“Won’t you? I see all the monks on TV are baldheaded…” Lian Qing remembered that there are basically no monks on TV with hair.

“No, our play is set in modern times. Modern monks don’t have to be bald, do you understand?”

Lian Qing’s eyes shone, “Just like me?”

“Yes, just like you.” The director smiled, touched his clean hair, and said, “But I think your bald head must be lovely. Your head shape is very good.”

Lian Qing shook his head: “The students all said it was ugly…”

“They lied to you. You must have been too good-looking when you were a child. They were jealous.” The director laughed. “If you don’t believe me, think about it. When you were a child, did the adults always praise you as good-looking and cute?”

Lian Qing really thought about it for a moment, and then nodded: “It seems like this…” Lian Qing still remembered that on his first day of school, the teacher touched his little bald head and kindly praised him as well-behaved and good-looking and that his head was as smooth and tender as a shelled egg.

Thinking about it this way, the director was very reasonable! He immediately smiled and said, “Thank you, director!”

The director said cheerfully, “Don’t mention it, don’t mention it. But although the hair doesn’t need to be shaved, it still needs to be trimmed. Rest assured it will not be ugly, you just need to have a good time and properly get your make-up done ah!”

Lian Qing nodded heavily, immediately sat upright, and said to the make-up artist, “Sister Fang, come on.”

Sister Fang smothered a laugh and said, “Can you not look like a heroic martyr?”

Lian Qing: “I don’t!”

“Well, well, no, no. Sit down properly, come…”

After leaving the dressing room, the director touched his head, laughed, and said to the people around him, “This child is very amusing, just like teasing a child.”

“He’s very amusing, but also very serious.”

“En, he has a good moral character worthy of once being a monk. Stop talking, get ready quickly, we are tight on time…”


Lian Qing has been filming for three days in a row and had changed locations several times. In these three days, everyone was almost working around the clock. Lian Qing on the contrary was a bit better off. His role did not have as many scenes as the leading actors. However, he did not take more rest because of this. Instead, he often ran up and down in the crew to understand the working process of those machines without affecting the work of others.

In the course of time, following the cast and crew, he ingratiated himself with the staff members and actors, and actresses. He was gentle, straightforward, and a bit endearingly silly. He was quite popular.

On the morning of the fourth day, the director asked them to put on makeup for the costume photos. After completing the makeup photos, he would let them go and then come back the next week, that was, three or four days later.

Since it was set to imitate the production method of Korean dramas, it was naturally impossible for the crew to shoot the entire drama at once. About two episodes of content would be filmed in a week and broadcast on the weekend after the post-production. Then, according to the reaction of the audience, they would see if they needed to improve it so as to make the content better.

Just when Lian Qing finished taking the costume photos and was ready to change back, the crew came in again with a video camera.

One of the staff members, holding a paper card in her hand, said with a smile, “Lian Qing, can I have a little interview? I’ll ask questions, and then you answer.”

“Yes, sister.” Lian Qing said, and sat down on the chair according to the instructions of the staff, with his hands on his knees, looking at the staff.

The staff cleared her throat, smiled, and asked, “Why did you take the role? Was it because you were previously a monk?”

Lian Qing was a little confused and asked, “Do you want me to tell the truth?”

The staff smiled and said, “Of course.”

Lian Qing: “This role… was actually taken by my agent.”

Staff: “Cough… at this time, you should say that because this role is similar to yourself, or that this role is very good.”

Lian Qing looked innocent: “Didn’t you say I should tell the truth?”

Staff: “emmm… OK, then continue to tell the truth. Next question, this is your first film…”

“It’s the second time.” Lian Qing clarified, “As a matter of fact, this is not my first time.” Guest actors are also filming!

The staff laughed and said, “I see. So are you nervous about filming the second time?”

Lian Qing nodded: “I was nervous at the beginning, but now I’m fine.”

“So how did you get over your nerves?”

“Because of my agent.” Lian Qing smiled as he talked about his agent “She said if I film well, she would take me to have barbecue when I finish filming.”

“So you are not nervous because you can eat barbecue after filming?”

Lian Qing nodded again and again, with a shy smile and bright eyes: “Yes, I just want to work hard and finish shooting as soon as possible. With this thought, I can’t remember being nervous.”

Staff: “… is that why you stay in the crew whether you have something to do or not when filming?”

“En, I wanted to see if there was anything I could do to help, so as to accelerate everyone’s speed and try to finish shooting earlier. But these days… I don’t seem to be able to do anything except film…” Lian Qing was a bit disappointed when he said this.

Then he cheered up again, “Fortunately, it is over now. I have made an appointment with my agent.”

The staff had a complicated look and asked after a long time, “Aren’t you afraid that your agent will hit you after hearing these words?”

“Not afraid, she’s no match for me.” Lian Qing looked serious.

“I suddenly feel a little sorry for your agent…”

Lian Qing hurriedly waved: “I’m joking. Sister Cheng is very nice and won’t hit me.”

“But your expression is very serious…” The staff couldn’t help roast. “At first sight, I knew your words were heartfelt.”

Lian Qing looked at her helplessly. After a while, a good idea suddenly occurred to him. He couldn’t help leaning forward a little, and said very flatteringly, “Otherwise, let them cut this section and don’t let it out, OK?”

The staff member’s righteous words: “Not good.”

“Older sister, please! I… I’ll buy you a drink later?” Lian Qing said tentatively.

“Well… then I’ll tackle a difficult job…” That’s strange! The staff thought to themselves that later they must look back! Department! Broadcast! Production!

Show/Hide Note*(mian wei qi nan) Lit: Tackle a difficult job (idiom) – Fig: To do something reluctantly

Seeing the Little Monk’s relieved expression, the staff smiled and asked, “So, what do you think of your role now?”

“Thoughts?” Lian Qing shook his head. “No thoughts.”

Staff: “…” You fool. Will you be able to do business or not?

“So, what do you think of the other actors in the cast? What do you want to say to them?”

Lian Qing said with an ineffable face, “Everyone is very good. As for the words… we usually have finished.”

“No, this time I want you to look at the camera and deliver what you want to say.”

Lian Qing was even more confused. “I can talk to them directly after I go out…” He could obviously talk to them face to face. What was the point of speaking to them through the camera if they could not hear him?

Staff: “… can’t you just do something as a token of appreciation?”

To do something as a token of appreciation? Lian Qing thought for a while, but couldn’t think of what to say. He said tentatively, “Jia you?”

Staff: “…”

After the interview, as soon as Lian Qing walked out of the room, he closed the door and heard the crazy laughter of the cameraman coming from inside.

“Ha ha ha ha ha…”

In the burst of laughter, there was also a faint good-natured heckling from the young lady who interviewed him: “Laugh, level off, level off, ah you…”

Lian Qing touched his nose and thought to himself, he should have said the right thing

The author has something to say:

Sister Cheng: I always feel as if I have forgotten something

Little sister interviewing: You forgot to teach your Little Monk how to do business, Hello ah!

Little Monk’s unconventional business: confused, innocent, helpless, and pitiful


Everyone can’t help but fall for our endearingly silly Little Monk

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