Entertainment Circle’s Mascot
Entertainment Circle’s Mascot: Chapter 22

Yu Wenning quickly served two bowls of noodles, placing one in front of Lian Qing. Upon the milky-white noodles, the shiny golden egg and two pretty sausages made Lian Qing squint his eyes with a smile of gratitude. He thanked Yu Wenning sincerely, but unintentionally noticed that Yu Wenning’s bowl of soup noodles was plain and white with only a little scallion, without any egg or sausage.

Frowning, Lian Qing asked, “Why don’t you have anything in your noodles?”

Yu Wenning smiled and said, “I don’t like eggs or sausages.”

Lian Qing didn’t believe it. How could anyone dislike both of these things? He probed, “Is it because you only have one egg and two sausages left at home?”

Yu Wenning paused his noodle-eating motion for a moment, then quickly said nonchalantly, “No, I just don’t want to eat them.”

However, Lian Qing, whose attention had been on him all the while, had already sensed his unease. He whispered, “Don’t lie to me. I’m not stupid. I’ll feel bad if you’re like this.”

Yu Wenning sighed and smiled helplessly. “Okay, then how about you give me one sausage, as I really don’t like fried eggs.”

Lian Qing happily compared the sausages and picked the thickest one to give to Yu Wenning. He thought to himself that Yu Wenning was really nice and sincere, a good person!

After finishing their supper, Lian Qing went to wash the dishes voluntarily. Although Yu Wenning tried to stop him at first, he let him do it in the end.

When Lian Qing finished washing and came out, he saw Yu Wenning had just finished his shower and come out of the bathroom. He was wearing a dark blue silk pajama, with his wet hair dripping on his head and occasionally dropping some water. If he was outside, someone might shout “F**k, so sexy!” However, Lian Qing just admired him for a couple of seconds and then frowned: “Why didn’t you dry your hair before coming out? You might catch a cold like this!”

Yu Wenning laughed indifferently, “I’m too lazy to bother with it. I’ll just let it dry naturally.”

Seeing that Lian Qing didn’t quite agree, he immediately softened his tone, “I’ll wipe it off in a bit. Do you want to take a shower? I have spare bathrobes and toiletries here. Do you need them?”

After a long day of running around, Lian Qing naturally wanted to take a shower, so he accepted. When he took the new toiletries and bathrobe that Yu Wenning gave him, he realized that the spare items were actually unopened.

Feeling a little embarrassed, he walked into the bathroom with the items, silently resolving to be nicer to this friendly neighbor in the future and show some gratitude.

The bathroom in Yu Wenning’s house was much larger than Lian Qing’s, and it even had a bathtub. Lian Qing’s eyes widened at the sight of the bathtub. Yu Wenning noticed and said, “If you want to take a bath later, there’s a switch here that automatically gives you a massage in the tub.”

It even had a massage function!

Lian Qing’s eyes lit up, and he said happily, “That’s too cool!”

Yu Wenning shook his head and said, “You can try watching TV, drinking something, and taking a bath at the same time. That’s when it’s really comfortable.”

Lian Qing was tempted, but he restrained himself. He decisively shook his head and said, “No, taking a bath takes too long. I’ll just take a shower.”

Taking a bath would inevitably waste more time, and he didn’t want to disturb Yu Wenning’s rest in the middle of the night!

“Okay, since you live next door, just come over when you want to try it out.” Yu Wenning didn’t insist and just left the bathroom.

Lian Qing took a quick shower, and when he came out, Yu Wenning had already blow-dried his hair. At this moment, he was opening the refrigerator and asked, “What do you want to drink?”

“Huh?” Lian Qing was confused.

Yu Wenning was holding a bottle of beer and asked, “Red wine, whiskey, or beer? What do you want to drink?”

Lian Qing felt embarrassed and said, “Do you have Coke or orange juice?”

Yu Wenning replied, “…No.”

“Oh…then I’ll just drink water.” Lian Qing was a little disappointed. He didn’t expect to not be able to drink any beverages. As for alcohol, he still preferred drinks that were sour, sweet, and stimulating!

Yu Wenning silently put the beer back into the fridge, took out a 1L bottle of milk and poured two glasses. In his mind, he thought, “I’ll have my assistant buy a box of Coke and orange juice when he comes back.”

Without Coke or orange juice, milk will do. After drinking one glass, he went straight to the sofa, rubbed his eyes and said in a milky voice, “Goodnight.”

Yu Wenning patted his arm gently and said kindly, “The sofa is too small. Don’t sleep here, you can sleep in my bed.”

“If I sleep on your bed, where will you sleep?” There was only one bed in the house.

“I’ll sleep on the floor. There’s no reason to make a guest sleep on the sofa.”

Lian Qing didn’t agree, “But we’re friends, we don’t need to be so particular. I think sleeping on the sofa is fine, I can sleep well anyway.”

Yu Wenning was taken aback, then laughed, “You’re right, we’re friends, we don’t need to care about those formalities. So, do you mind sleeping with me on the bed? My bed is almost two meters wide, it’s more than enough for two people.”

Lian Qing was a little tempted, the sofa was indeed uncomfortable. He said hesitantly, “Then I’ll disturb you.”

“No trouble at all, let’s rest.” Yu Wenning said, leading him to the bedroom.

As soon as Lian Qing got on the bed, he automatically rolled to the corner and said goodnight before closing his eyes. He slept soundly and obediently. Yu Wenning was initially a bit excited, but he gradually fell asleep like he was infected by Lian Qing’s peaceful sleeping posture.

They slept late that night, and Lian Qing’s biological clock couldn’t wake him up the next morning. In the end, it was his phone alarm that woke him up.

He woke up and saw that Yu Wenning had already left. There was a note on the bedside table that read, “I’ve gone to work. Breakfast is in the pot, if it’s cold, heat it up before eating.”

Lian Qing couldn’t help but feel touched, this person was truly trusting. He left him in his home without any hesitation, not afraid that he would have any ulterior motives and empty his house.

He went straight to the kitchen and lifted the lid of the pot. Lian Qing’s eyes sparkled – soup dumplings, steamed BBQ pork buns, steamed dumplings, it was so rich! He picked up the two steamers on top and found a bowl of soy milk and hot water underneath.

The amount of hot water poured by Yu Wenning into the pot played a significant role in keeping the breakfast warm. At this moment, the breakfast was still warm and delicious. Lian Qing was very satisfied and secretly added the word “great” to the label of “good person” in front of Yu Wenning.

After two breakfasts, one midnight snack, and a night’s stay, Lian Qing defined Yu Wenning as a great person, a good neighbor, and a good friend.

After finishing breakfast, the phone rang, and Chen Qi, Lian Qing’s assistant, was calling.

“Lian Qing, I’m at your door. Are you not at home?”

“I’m next door. Wait a minute.” Lian Qing replied and waved to his assistant standing at his doorstep.

The assistant was puzzled, “Why did you go to someone else’s house?”

“My keys may have fallen inside your car. I stayed at the neighbor’s house last night.” Lian Qing told the truth and added, “You have my spare key, right?”

“Yes, I’ll open the door for you. Come over quickly. We’ll leave after you change your clothes.” The assistant said while taking out the keys. He didn’t ask if the neighbor was a man or a woman. He was sure that a monk wouldn’t stay at a woman’s house.

Lian Qing happily agreed and went back to leave a note for Yu Wenning before taking out the trash and closing the door.

The assistant followed him and kept nagging, “You should have called me. Really! You don’t know the neighbor well, you just moved in. What if they have ulterior motives? You are a celebrity now, you have to be careful about everything…”

“He’s a good person. He’s my friend now, and he won’t harm me.” Lian Qing confidently interrupted him and said seriously, “He’s a trustworthy person!”

Assistant Chen was skeptical, “You’ve only been in the society for a short time, and you haven’t been cheated yet. People in this society are much more complicated than you can imagine.”

“But he won’t harm me.” Lian Qing stubbornly said.

His classmates had warned him before with similar words, but Lian Qing’s intuition was always accurate. He could always tell if someone meant well or not. He was sure that Yu Wenning had no malice towards him.

Since childhood, he believed that good people had never harmed him.

Besides, Yu Wenning looked like a successful person, while he was just a small rising star. When they first met, no one recognized him even when he was walking on the street. There was nothing he could offer to make others want to take advantage of him.

The assistant saw that he was stubborn and could only shrug his shoulders and stop talking. He secretly thought that he would have to pay more attention to him later, the little monk was too naive and inexperienced, and might even help others count the money if he was sold!

Lian Qing changed his clothes and went out with his assistant. Today, he had to attend an acting class, which was specially arranged by Sister Cheng for him. She said that if he wanted to keep his popularity, he must have the skills!

Yu Wenning, who returned home in the evening, smiled softly when he saw the note on the coffee table.

“I’m going back. Thank you! I’ll treat you to dinner next time when I’m free!”

He took a picture of the note and sent it to Lian Qing, with a sentence attached: “I’ll remember that.”

Soon, Lian Qing replied with a large and bright red “OK” emoticon, and the two letters were even adorned with pink flowers. It was now a popular


Really milking the friendzone. 

Soup dumplings

Steamed BBQ pork buns

Steamed dumplings


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