Entertainment Circle’s Mascot
Entertainment Circle’s Mascot: Chapter 23

Due to the teacher being away, he had to go to the teacher’s place to attend class, and the assistant arranged for him to stay at a nearby hotel instead of going home.

For two consecutive days, he studied diligently with the teacher during the day and reviewed alone at night. On the third night, while watching a movie given by his teacher in the hotel, Sister Sha and her two assistants suddenly arrived.

Assistant Chen opened the door for them, and they came in excitedly. Sister Sha was holding a box of cake and shouted, “Surprise!”

He raised one hand expressionlessly and said, “Hi.”

Sister Sha and the two assistants were speechless.

Sister Sha was frustrated and said, “No, you’re making me lose face, Little Monk! Show some surprise, sister rarely has time to come see you.”

He replied with a cold face, “I’m very surprised, can’t you tell?”

“Absolutely not!”

“Okay, maybe my surprise is too restrained. Sister, since you’re here, let’s watch the movie together.” He pointed to the TV, which was playing a tragic work by a certain actor. He couldn’t bear to watch it after only seeing half of it. Even though he saw the cake and the assistants carrying a bag of presumably delicious food, he still couldn’t be happy.

Sister Sha was a bit disappointed and said, “Forget it, the last time I watched this movie, I felt bad for three whole days! Anyway, do you know you’re on the hot search?”

Lian Qing shook his head honestly. His assistant, Chen Qi, approached and poured them water while saying, “Lian Qing has been very busy these two days, attending classes during the day and studying at night, and hardly touching his phone.”

“Oh, I see. That’s why you don’t know. Check it out now and tell me what you think,” Sister Sha said, adding, “To prevent rumors from spreading, I’ve decided to let the assistant record a video of us all hanging out tonight. Is that okay?”

“Of course!” Lian Qing nodded. His agent had told him to avoid being alone with women at night, no matter who they were. As a celebrity, once he’s caught being alone with a woman at night, the reporters could twist the story and make it look bad.

Sister Sha had an assistant put a phone in the corner to record them and the TV.

Following Sister Sha’s reminder, Lian Qing opened Weibo and checked the hot search. He saw “#连瓶可乐都不给我#” (they won’t even give me a bottle of Coke), which seemed familiar.

He clicked on it and saw the Weibo of the official account of “Happy Weekend” that he had just followed a few days ago, as well as the Weibo of the hosts, Uncle Ji, Sister Tang, and Er Ge.

[“Happy Weekend” Official Account: #They won’t even give me a bottle of Coke#, sharing a video of a little monk]

[That Sister Tang: #They won’t even give me a bottle of Coke# @Monk Lian Qing V, it’s not that the program team didn’t give you one, it’s just that our program doesn’t have a beverage sponsor! Ahahaha…/”Happy Weekend” Official Account: …]

“[Uncle Ji is very handsome V: @Monk Lian Qing V is so pitiful hahaha… // “Happy Weekend” Official Account V: …]”

[The only Er ge V: @ Shaman V @ Shaman Studio V Strongly requests to give the little monk a Coke! It’s too pitiful, really! // “Happy Weekend” Official Account V: ……]

The video posted on the official account is exactly the content of Lian Qing talking to himself in the small room after recording the program. And under those topics, there are a lot of comments from netizens. It was very lively.

[I’m dead, the little monk is so cute! #Screenshot#]

[They won’t even give me a bottle of Coke! Ahahaha, he repeated it twice, what a big cutie 333]

[The little monk’s grievances are so deep, so cute!]

[@Shaman V, let the little monk have a drink, he’s so thin, there’s no fear of him getting fat!]

[@Shaman V: Agreed! At least give him a bottle of Coke hhh]

[Coke kills sperm…]

[The honest person is found upstairs, catch him quickly!]

[Ah, who is this, so cute! It even made Uncle Ji and others repost and comment on it, really too cute! I don’t care, I’ll follow him first out of respect!]

[Is he tonight’s guest on the show? Want to watch!]

[Upstairs, his name is Lian Qing, he’s a newcomer in the entertainment industry. He used to be a monk, so his nickname is Little Monk. Now he’s an actor, and his current work is Supernatural Chronicles 333]

[The little brother is super cute, if you’re interested, click here for a collection of cute points #link#]

[Coke… @Shaman V, hurry up and arrange it, look how sad the child is! 333]


Lian Qing hadn’t read many comments when he lifted his head to look at Sister Sha. He cautiously said, “Sister, many netizens are asking you to arrange a drink for me…”

Sister Sha was helpless, she took out a bottle of Coke from the bag of snacks she brought with her and threw it to Lian Qing, “Here.”

Lian Qing became happy instantly, he smiled with his eyes bent and sincerely said, “Thank you, Sister. You’re really kind!”

Sister Sha smiled and said, “Alright, let me take a picture of you and post it on my Weibo so that netizens won’t keep mentioning me. It’s been half a day since this topic appeared, and I’ve been mentioned all day long!”

Lian Qing sat upright understandingly, holding the Coke elegantly, and let her take a picture.

Soon, his phone reminded him of Sister Sha’s Weibo update.

[Sha Man V: #Didn’t give Lian a bottle of Coke #arranged it. #Picture#]

In the photo, the handsome young man was holding a bottle of Coke in his hands, his lips slightly pursed, dignified, and elegant. However, those eyes that seemed to be filled with stars still exposed his ecstatic inner world.

As soon as this Weibo was posted, netizens were in an uproar again.

[What kind of pose is this hahaha………]

[Little Monk, don’t hold it, your eyes have fully exposed your excitement 333]

[Such a lunatic hahaha, it actually came true!]

[It’s confirmed, not photoshopped!]

[Wow, Little Monk’s name as a group pet is really not just for show!]

[Well done, Sister Sha!]

[Damn it, can’t afford to provoke 333]

[Hahaha, awesome!]

[Little Monk: I must be dignified, stable, and cannot smile! Well, let’s take a photo, image is important!]

[I’m laughing to death hahaha……]

[What kind of godly character is this! Even a bottle of Coke makes him appear luxurious! hhh]

[Sister Sha is so doting on Little Monk, I feel like Sister Sha’s husband is going to be jealous hahaha……]


Lian Qing looked embarrassedly at Sister Sha and said, “Why did you make me look so…serious?”

“But you were so serious just now!” Sister Sha laughed, “Even kindergarteners don’t have better sitting postures than you, really!”

Lian Qing took a big sip of Coke to ease the dull mood after watching the movie. He picked up the remote control and asked, “Sister, what do you want to watch on TV?”

Sister Sha didn’t speak, and one of her assistants shouted, “Happy Weekend is just about to start now!”

“Just Happy Weekend then, give me the remote control.”

Lian Qing handed the remote control directly to Sister Sha and watched as she pressed the buttons. It wasn’t until he saw his own figure appear on TV in this episode that he realized – he had participated in the recording of this episode.

Sister Sha smirked, “Let me see what you did to make the host tease you one by one and let Er Ge be the first to mention me.”

“I didn’t do anything!” Lian Qing replied quickly.

As they talked, the Lian Qing on the TV had already been pulled out by Brother Cheng like a child while he whispered “You’ve got the wrong person” to Brother Cheng,

The audience on TV burst out laughing, and Sister Sha and several assistants couldn’t help but laugh too.

“Hey, my goodness, you must be the one that Brother Cheng intended to lead. You’re definitely not led by mistake!”

“Lian Qing, don’t you feel that you’re just like a kindergarten kid, and Brother Cheng is like a kindergarten teacher!”

“Hahaha… What the heck, Mo Tian actually took the second male lead’s hand, you guys are messing around so much, how am I going to keep up with the drama in the future… Hahaha…”

Lian Qing pursed his lips and said, “It’s not me who wanted to hold hands, it’s Brother Cheng who held the wrong person.”

“Okay, okay, we know, good boy~”

“Yeah, yeah, blame Brother Cheng, it’s all his fault, haha…”

Lian Qing said, “Your expressions are so fake!”


“Oh my, you’re taking this too seriously. When they asked you to perform, you did a series of backflips! Hey, that move was so cool!”

“Sister Sha, you’re impressed again! Hahaha…”

“Hahaha… The post-production of this show really followed the second male lead’s instructions and photoshopped Little Monk’s face full of monkey hair. Now he really looks like Sun Wukong!”

“It’s cruel, too cruel! He had a good face, how could they do this to him!”

Lian Qing nodded repeatedly. His face was the most handsome out of everyone present, how could anyone bear to harm him!

Soon, it was time for the guests to play a game blindfolded. This time, as an audience member, Little Monk, clearly saw that the glass cover in front of him contained a white snake. At this moment, the snake was coiled up lazily, sticking out its tongue.

Thinking of what was about to happen next, Lian Qing reached out to grab the remote control and said, “There’s nothing interesting coming up, let’s change the channel!”

“Hey hey hey, why change the channel? I haven’t had enough yet!” Sister Sha snatched the remote control away and hugged it, looking like she was ready to fight anyone who tried to take it.

Lian Qing didn’t dare to argue with a girl, so he sat restlessly and said, “Sister, I’m telling you the truth. I’ve personally experienced it before, and the content that’s coming up is not good at all! Let’s not waste our time on this, okay?”

Sister Sha looked at him suspiciously and said, “You’re acting weird! No, even if it’s not good, I still want to watch it! Anyway, I came to spend time with you today!”

Lian Qing was helpless and could only sit silently in the corner, unable to bear watching his own silly behavior that was about to appear on the TV.

Sure enough, not long after, the TV emitted a sound similar to that of a pig being slaughtered, and someone screamed, “Master, save me!!!”

Sister Sha: “Fuck!”

Two female assistants said, “Damn!”

Assistant Chen, “Oh my god!”

Lian Qing silently covered his face.


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