Entertainment Circle’s Mascot
Entertainment Circle’s Mascot: Chapter 24

On TV, the little monk, Lian Qing, screamed in agony as he climbed a three-meter-high iron pole. Outside the TV, Sister Sha and others were stunned with bewildered expressions on their faces. In the corner, Lian Qing silently turned his head and looked at the wall like a turtle retracting into its shell.

However, Sister Sha was not going to let him off easily. She pointed her finger at Lian Qing and said, “Did you know what was coming next and felt embarrassed to watch it, which is why you asked me to change the channel?”

Lian Qing reluctantly nodded his head and said nothing. Sister Sha laughed, “Little Monk has grown up and knows he needs to save face!”

Sister Sha’s assistant joked, “Save what? We’ll still see it in the end, it’s just a matter of time.”

Assistant Chen also laughed and said, “Not only us, but all viewers watching this show in the country will see it.”

Lian Qing leaned his forehead against the wall and said, “Stop talking…” He knew that he should have endured it when he was recording the show!

Oh, his handsome and tough image!

Sister Sha and others laughed heartily and mercilessly. Lian Qing took another sip of coke to dilute the bitterness in his heart.

But soon, his companions burst into laughter again because Lian Qing yelled loudly when facing Mo Tian’s questioning, “I dare not!”

Sister Sha poked the little monk again and said, “Little Monk, if someone else was with you at that time, would you have hugged them?”

Lian Qing shook his head, “It depends on the person. If it’s a boy, I can rest assured. Otherwise, if my master knows that I hugged a girl, he will scold me.”

“Why? Your master wouldn’t really teach you that men and women can’t be intimate, would he?”

“No, it’s just that for girls, we should be more respectful. Even if we want to hug them, we should ask for their permission first. Unless she and I have a very intimate relationship.” Lian Qing said seriously. Whether it was his master or some of the teachers at school, they instilled this concept in him.

“Your master has good values!” Sister Sha praised generously.

Hearing others praise his master, Lian Qing immediately became spirited and nodded heavily, “My master is very kind, knowledgeable, and open-minded. He used to travel a lot before, but in the past 10 to 20 years, he picked up me and my junior brother and hasn’t been able to go out again…”

As he spoke, Lian Qing felt a little guilty, feeling that he had dragged down his master. He had been with him for twenty years, during which his master had transitioned from a middle-aged man to an old man, and his temper had also changed from irritable to mild.

After Lian Qing failed his college entrance exam, he stayed at the temple and became a monk, hoping to accompany his master in his old age and watch his junior brother grow up. Unfortunately, his master didn’t allow it.

“It’s okay. When you have money in the future, you can buy a house and see if you can take care of your master and junior brother. Alternatively, you can go back and renovate the temple to improve their living conditions.”

“Okay!” Lian Qing responded resolutely. After talking back and forth for a while, Lian Qing had already forgotten about the ridicule he had received earlier. Sister Sha also had the intention of changing the subject and was about to say something else when they heard a loud “clang” from the television.

She turned her head to look, only to see the little monk on the TV with a pot lid covering his eyes, one leg straight and stretched out to hold up the pot lid for his neighbor Mo Tian.

Sister Sha and her assistants spontaneously applauded, admiring from the bottom of their hearts, “Little Monk, this segment of yours is really awesome!”

Lian Qing couldn’t help but straighten his chest and honestly said, “I think so too!” When he was in school, many people praised him for being handsome.


“Little Monk, your face must be as thick as a brick! Hahaha…”

“Little Monk, your face fell off, pick it up quickly!”

Lian Qing helplessly said, “What’s wrong with this world? It’s okay for others to praise me, but I can’t even praise myself…I can’t even state the facts, it’s really hard to live!”

“What kind of ghost talk is this, hahaha…”

“Hey! Don’t use such a serious tone to talk about this kind of topic, ah!”

“Damn! Why does this helpless expression feel so real?!!”


Later on in the show, during the guessing song segment, the little monk was huddled in a small corner of the sponge pool, like a human decoration. Sister Sha and the others were discussing and joking around. Sister Sha even said to the little monk, “Little Monk, if you have time, you should also learn about popular music, don’t just focus on improving your acting skills! Ah! You are not on the path of a single actor, and Sister Cheng will probably have you on another variety show soon. Who knows, there might even be a competition like this.”

Lian Qing nodded and asked, “Will there be appearance fees this time?”

The “Happy Weekend” show does not have appearance fees, it is more like a mutually beneficial platform. Celebrities use it to promote their work and increase their popularity, while the show uses their fame to attract fans, and both parties benefit.

This is also one of the reasons why Lian Qing was feeling depressed in the small room behind the scenes. He came here to record the show for free, and it was tiring and exhausting, but he couldn’t even get a drink. It was too painful.

Sister Sha laughed and scolded, “What kind of focus is that, you only care about money! Don’t worry, you will definitely get something this time!”

Lian Qing smiled at her with relief and looked at the TV.

On the TV, the little monk was holding two red lanterns in each hand, preparing to step onto the suspended rope.

He quickly pulled Sister Sha’s sleeve, excited and expectant, “Look, the more handsome and cooler me is coming!”

Sister Sha said, “Not only are you handsome, but you’re also cool! Okay, okay, you look good, you are the boss!”

After saying this, she looked back at the TV. On the TV, Lian Qing had already stepped onto the steel wire, without the help of the other steel wire to balance himself, he relied solely on his two hands and the four lanterns to maintain balance.

Sister Sha and the others suddenly became anxious and concerned and started to express their worries.

“How can you not hold onto the steel wire, it’s too dangerous!”

“That’s right, although there’s a sponge pad underneath, it will still hurt if you fall, and what if you break your leg or arm!”

“When did the show become so daring, why did they bring out this kind of game for the guests to play?”

“Little Monk, next time you encounter this type of game, you must pay attention to safety and not show off your abilities!”

Lian Qing quickly clarified, “I wasn’t showing off, look at how steady I walked, even Brother Cheng and the others who were holding onto the steel wire couldn’t match me!”

The others looked at him skeptically, but when they looked at the TV, they saw that the little monk’s pace was indeed faster and steadier than the others. They were relieved but still reminded Lian Qing not to take it lightly. Then they turned their attention back to the TV, as they couldn’t help but discuss what was happening on the show, and even asked Lian Qing for spoilers.

“Little Monk, tell Sister who had more lanterns hanging in the last round, you or the other team?”

Lian Qing proudly puffed out his chest, “Of course it was our team, we hung four, and they didn’t hang any!”

“What? How is that possible? I saw their team charging ahead and being more stable than your team’s Brother Cheng. They didn’t look like they couldn’t hang them up.”

“It’s true, don’t believe me, just watch!” Lian Qing said confidently.

At this moment, on the TV, Lian Qing’s opponent, after hanging up his lanterns, played dirty by throwing Lian Qing’s lantern down.

“Wow, this guy is so bad, how can he bully you?!” exclaimed Sister Sha and the others.

In variety shows, games are rarely taken seriously. Most people just play for laughs and entertainment. However, what was once considered normal now made a few people indignant because the person who suffered was the little monk.

“Afterward, I got revenge!” Lian Qing said proudly. He then saw himself on TV rushing back to the pole to protect his remaining three lanterns. Upon learning that the game had no rules, he quickly flipped over and used the rope to leap to the top of the pole.

Once he stood firmly, the next thing he did was to crouch down and use his foot to hook up the other team’s lanterns and throw them on the ground.

The exclamations of Sister Sha and the others echoed the TV program’s audience’s amazement.

“His skills are amazing!”

“So cool, Little Monk, you’re too powerful!”

“Smart, this move is invincible! It’s so satisfying to watch them try to bully you now.”

“Oh my god, Little Monk, I realized you weren’t just self-absorbed earlier. You have self-awareness! You’re both handsome and cool. If I were ten years younger, I might have a crush on you!”

Li Qing was so frightened that he waved his hand and said, “No, I don’t have any feelings for you!”

Sister Sha: “…………”

Others: “Hahahaha……….”

After the laughter died down, Sister Sha sincerely said, “I have a feeling that the little monk is going to trend again.”

“I think so too. His performance in this program is so impressive. He’s definitely going to gain a lot of fans!”

“Hey, Little Monk, can you sign a few autographs for me first? I feel like someone around me will become your die-hard fan sooner or later, and I want to be ahead of the game…”

“I want some too! Give me a few. I’ll take them home and worship them. Hahaha…”

Finally, under Sister Sha’s hosting, Lian Qing signed ten autographs on a paper plate with cakes, with two female assistants receiving five each. As for his own assistant, he didn’t need to join in the fun since they saw each other every day.

Several people shared the cake and then ate the snacks that Sister Sha brought, and then they started playing with their phones.

After a while, Sister Sha exclaimed excitedly, “Little Monk, you’re really on the hot search!”

Assistant Chen also shouted, “Your ranking on the hot search is rising so quickly this time!”

Lian Qing took out his phone casually and checked the hot search list. He saw his related content ranked fourth, seventh, and eleventh.

#Super Awesome Little monk#

#Little Monk is the Most Badass in Society!#

#Monk Lian Qing is so Handsome!#

He casually clicked on one of them and saw overwhelming comments and screenshots from the show.

[Little Monk is hilarious and has taken over the comedic highlights of the whole show!]

[I haven’t had such a happy weekend in a long time. Today I heard that the crew of Supernatural Chronicles came, so I watched it. As a result, I laughed non-stop throughout the entire show…]

[I came here after seeing the hot search at noon. I wondered why Uncle Ji and his friends took the initiative to interact with him on Weibo. It turns out that he is such a cutie, haha…]

[I also came here after seeing the hot search at noon. I think the little brother who talked nonsense in the video is so cute, so I decided to watch the show. Sure enough, this person is not only cute but also badass and handsome!]

[However, such a badass person in society was scared by a pet snake and climbed up a three-meter-high iron pole 2333.]

[I was laughing so hard when the little monk would rather hug the iron pole than hug Tiantian! Hahaha…]

[He relies on his good looks to make a living; climbs the pole at the slightest provocation; has fancy long legs that can kick off the pot lid; because he can’t guess the name of a song, he squats in a corner of the sponge pool and cosplays a statue without making a sound; and finally, that incredible and cheeky move! This person is truly the top badass in society, case closed!]

[I feel like I can laugh for a whole week, hahaha…]

[Little Monk is full of memes!”]

[When he shouted for his master to save him and climbed the pole, I really laughed so hard I almost fainted, hahaha…]

[Mama asked me if I went crazy because I’d been laughing non-stop for over two hours, hhh…]

[Little Monk has learned to be bad, hahaha…I bet his opponent regrets taking his lantern.]

[From the hot search #They won’t even give me a bottle of Coke# at noon to now, I’ve been laughing non-stop, haha…]


Lian Qing silently thought in his heart, praising me for being handsome is good enough, as for being bad? I’m a good person, not bad!


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