Entertainment Circle’s Mascot
Entertainment Circle’s Mascot: Chapter 25

Amidst a bunch of laughter and endless praise, there were still voices of dissent.

For example, there were comments about how Lian Qing didn’t look masculine enough or how he was just seeking attention. However, these voices were rare and Lian Qing chose to ignore them without any emotional reaction.

Both Sister Sha and Sister Cheng had already warned him that once he entered the entertainment industry, he would definitely face criticism. His appearance, acting skills, works, and even insignificant actions could become the target of criticism from others. In this industry, he had to get used to these criticisms and endure whatever came his way.

In reality, Lian Qing had a strong personality. When he first started school, he was teased by his classmates because of his bald head. Later, some classmates bullied him because he had no parents. Those people couldn’t physically overpower him, so they resorted to verbal attacks. Over time, Lian Qing developed a heart of steel.

As his classmates grew older and more mature, Lian Qing’s hardened heart remained unchanged. He was never afraid of the criticisms of others and naturally ignored unfriendly comments.

After only briefly skimming the hot search, Lian Qing quickly exited Weibo. As soon as he did, Sister Cheng called him.

Lian Qing pitifully looked toward Sister Sha, showing her the name displayed on the phone screen.

Sister Sha immediately took two steps backwards and waved her hands, “You answer it, you answer it!”

Lian Qing reluctantly answered the phone, and Sister Cheng immediately began scolding him. “Little Monk, did you secretly drink Coke again?”

“I didn’t! I didn’t!” Lian Qing denied in a panic, looking like a scared child caught sneaking junk food.

“Don’t deny it. You’re terrible at lying. When you can lie without stuttering, then you can lie to me!” Sister Cheng decisively said.

“Sister…” Lian Qing pitifully said, “I haven’t had a drink in a long time…”

Just two days ago, you went out to drink with other crew members. Do you think I don’t know?” Sister Cheng said, not pleased. “I’m not saying you can’t drink, but do you know that coke kills sperm?”

“I know,” Lian Qing replied seriously, “but Sister, I don’t think I’ll ever want to marry or have children in the future, so it doesn’t matter if it kills sperm or not.”

Sister Cheng “…………” Is our artist really that stupid?

Sister Sha and the others:“……” Oh, I never thought you were such a little monk. You said something like that just for a bottle of coke!

Sister Cheng sighed deeply and said, “I’ll let it go this time. In the future, you should drink less. If you really want to drink, drink unsweetened pure fruit juice. I’ll tell Assistant Chen to make you a glass of fruit juice every day.”

Unsweetened pure fruit juice doesn’t taste good…

Although he thought this, he said, “Okay, Sister.” He could just sneakily drink something else if he wanted to.

After educating the little monk, Sister Cheng began to talk about business, “Aren’t you going to the filming set tomorrow? I asked the director, and this time it will only take two and a half days to finish. After that, you can go record a variety show for two days.”

“Sister, whatever you arrange is fine.” Lian Qing didn’t care much about these schedules and just let Sister Cheng arrange them.

“Well, but this variety show is a bit different. All the MCs are big shots, basically all A-list celebrities. It’s called ‘Infinite Challenge.’ Take some time to watch it,” Sister Cheng said.

Lian Qing didn’t know this show, but on hearing that all the regular guests were A-listers he was suddenly confused, “Sister, why would they invite a newcomer like me as a guest?”

Sister Cheng didn’t know much either and said, “Maybe they saw that you’ve been pretty popular lately? I’m not sure, but the producer of the show personally contacted me and asked for you to be on the next episode. Anyway, it won’t do any harm to you, so I accepted it for you.”

“Okay, I’ll take a look at the show when I have time. Goodnight, Sister.”

“Goodnight. Oh, and post something on Weibo.”

Lian Qing agreed and waited for Sister Cheng to hang up before putting away his phone.

Sister Sha leaned over and asked, “What did Sister Cheng say to you?”

“She said that I’m going to film for a couple of days and then go record a variety show called ‘Infinite Challenge.'”

Sister Sha was surprised, “How did they invite you to that show?”

As the boss of their studio and also an artist herself, she didn’t have much energy to manage her own studio and entrusted it to more professional people. But she was well aware that their studio didn’t have such good resources to allow a newcomer like Lian Qing to appear on such a show.

“I don’t know. Sister Cheng said that the show’s production team contacted her directly.” Lian Qing was also unclear about the situation.

They contacted her directly… Sister Sha thought to herself and decided to ask one of the MCs she had worked with in the show when she got back. Although the little monk’s development was good and his popularity was soaring, he only had one web drama as his work, and he wasn’t even the lead. Moreover, he had only debuted for a little over a month, and his seniority was not enough. It was quite strange for such a top team to specially invite him to record a show.

Lian Qing had no idea about Sister Sha’s thoughts and feelings, and he was a bit distressed, saying, “Sister, Sister Cheng asked me to post on Weibo. What should I post?”

“Just post a group photo of all of us,” Sister Sha said absentmindedly.

So, obediently, Lian Qing posted a group photo of everyone eating around a hotel table, with the caption, “[Thank you Sha Jie for bringing snacks and drinks.]”

When Sister Sha saw it, she was already on her way back. She helplessly commented under the Weibo post, with a mix of crying and laughing emojis, “[I asked you to post a casual group photo, but a group photo is just a group photo. Where are you in the picture?]”

After a while, Lian Qing replied, “[I’m taking the photo!]”

The netizens all laughed and joked in response.

“[It’s a group photo, no problem! Hahaha…]”

“[Sister Sha and her assistants are all in the photo, but not the little monk, hahaha…]”

“[Fans have fainted in the toilet. Little Monk, can’t you learn from Zhao Cheng next door and post a selfie every now and then?!]”

“[Little Monk, don’t worry, I’ll photoshop you in! #picture#]”

“[Upstairs is excellent, 333]”

“[I’m taking the photo! That’s why I’m not in the picture. Hahaha… no problem, really!]”

“[Hehehe… Little Monk, you’re my source of happiness from now on, 333]”


Lian Qing helplessly skipped past these difficult-to-deal-with netizens and directly opened the photos previously posted by the hosts of “Happy Weekend,” succinctly replying to each one. Afterward, he went online to watch the variety show “Infinite Challenge.”

The next morning, he hurried to the set of “Supernatural Chronicles” to film.

Due to the fast pace, he finished his two-and-a-half days of scenes on the second night. Assistant Chen drove Lian Qing home overnight, and by the time he got home, it was already 11 o’clock at night.

Lian Qing washed up and went to bed without much thought. The next morning, when he returned home after morning exercises, he met Yu Wenning, who was also returning from morning exercises, in the elevator.

Lian Qing greeted him first: “Good morning.”

“Good morning,” Yu Wenning replied with a slight smile and asked, “Have you had breakfast yet?”

“Not yet.”

“Come to my place and have breakfast. There’s still plenty left today.”

“Okay.” Lian Qing agreed without hesitation. Instead of wasting food, he might as well help eat a little less.

After the elevator stopped, the two went directly to Yu Wenning’s house.

Yu Wenning went to the kitchen to fetch breakfast, and Lian Qing felt embarrassed to let him do it alone, so he thought he would go in and help. However, just as he was about to enter the kitchen, Yu Wenning happened to come out.

A faint cold fragrance wafted over, and Lian Qing quickly used his ankle to dodge to the side. Yu Wenning was also steady, holding onto the things in his hand without spilling any, and took a step back.

Both of them let out a sigh of relief, and Lian Qing apologized, “I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay. Get the soy milk from the pot.”


After everything was ready, the two sat at the table. Lian Qing took a sip of the sweet soy milk and then asked, “What kind of shower gel do you use? It smells really good.”

Yu Wenning generously said, “Do you like it? I have a spare bottle here, you can take it.”

Lian Qing waved his hand, “No need, just tell me the name and I’ll buy it myself.”

“You can’t buy it domestically. It’s from a foreign company that my company collaborates with. They gave us a lot, so just take it, it’s free.”

“Okay, thanks.” Lian Qing didn’t feel so uneasy accepting something for free. But he still made a mental note of this favor.

Yu Wenning smiled and said, “We’re friends, no need to be so polite.” Then he asked, “Are you busy lately? It seems like you haven’t been back for a few days.”

“Yeah, being a star is pretty time-consuming. I have to go to another city in the afternoon to record a variety show called ‘Infinite Challenge.'”

Yu Wenning replied calmly, “I’ve heard of that show, it’s very popular. Do you like it?”

“Do you like it?” Lian Qing paused for a moment before saying, “Do you mean the show? It’s alright. I watched an episode last night and thought it was pretty fun.”

“Well, that’s good,” Yu Wenning relaxed his expression. “This show should help improve your popularity and fame. Keep working hard.”

“Okay!” Lian Qing nodded firmly. He didn’t need to be told twice.

In the afternoon, Assistant Chen took Lian Qing to the airport. After a long journey, they arrived at a seaside villa in X city. It was rented by the production team.

As soon as Lian Qing entered the villa with his luggage, he saw several familiar brothers in the living room.

The brothers came over to greet him and started talking non-stop.

“You must be Lian Qing, right? Oh my, you look much better than on TV. Hello, I’m Qian Linsen,” said a brother in his thirties with a small beard. He was a very talented actor.

“Indeed, you look good. Just a bit too young-looking with your smooth skin,” said an elegant middle-aged man with half-white hair. His name was Li Chengsi, and he was said to have won an award for Best Actor.

“This is called youth. Look at all the collagen on his face. Brother Li, you can’t envy him,” said a brother with dyed blond hair and a slightly bohemian look. His name was Sun Yazhi, and he was a singer.

“Hey, don’t scare the young monk, guys!” said Luo Zisheng, a well-known host.

Lian Qing matched their names with the information that Sister Cheng had given him and introduced himself to them.

The brothers were all hospitable and looked out for newcomers. They quickly pulled Lian Qing to sit down on the sofa and chatted with him.

“Hey, Little Monk, why did you want to participate in our show? It’s pretty crazy, and it has scared away several artists who came before you. Aren’t you afraid?” asked one of the brothers.

Lian Qing shook his head. “I didn’t want to come. It was my agent who sent me here.”

“If your agent tells you to come, you just come? Have you watched the show before?” asked another brother.

“I’ve seen some of it. It doesn’t seem that scary,” Lian Qing said honestly.

“Hey, very confident. Not bad! Take care of yourself, Little Monk!” said the first brother.

“Take care, Little Monk! Our show is good in every way, except the production team is stingy and ruthless. I’m telling you, take care!” said another brother.

Lian Qing thought to himself that he wasn’t afraid of anything as long as there were no snakes.

Little did he know that he would be proven wrong in less than a day.

This production team was toxic.


Little Monk’s time with the “Infinite Challenge” crew is hilarious. I laughed so hard. Get ready to have aching ribs.


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