Entertainment Circle’s Mascot
Entertainment Circle’s Mascot: Chapter 31

Step by step, he carefully placed all ten signs into the waist pouch given by the production team. Then, he turned around and walked back from the sponge board, one step at a time.

After returning to the starting point of the sponge board, he took off his waist pouch and raised it high, saying, “Director, I’m done! Let’s change the dish!”

The others snapped out of their shock and approached him.

“Mama ya, Little Monk, you’re really… awesome! I admire you. You’re my godfather from now on!”

“A boss is a boss. You really can’t judge someone by their appearance!”

“This is too much. We’re all soaked like chickens, but you’re still dry! And you even got all the dishes!”

“Forget it, I’m about to lose my mind. Sob… Think of me, the handsome Qian Linsen from the previous generation. I didn’t even get a single dish!”

“I can’t take it either. What should we do?”

Suddenly, Liang Qing had a bad feeling in his heart. He looked at the senior colleagues who were eager to start and hugged the waist pouch containing the ten dish cards, unconsciously taking a step back. Then, he nervously and cautiously asked, “What are you guys planning to do?”

“What are we planning to do? Heh…” Qian Linsen raised his hand and shouted, “Brothers, let’s go!”

Several senior colleagues immediately ran towards Liang Qing with great momentum. Liang Qing blinked and quickly dodged to the side. Then, one after another, there were loud sounds of falling into the water and screams from where he had stood before.

He turned around and innocently blinked at the four senior colleagues who were now soaking wet in the water.

“I didn’t mean to.” When he saw everyone rushing over, he got scared and instinctively wanted to dodge. But looking back now, everyone just wanted to play around with him, probably planning to lift him up and throw him into the water. As a result, when he dodged, everyone couldn’t stop and ended up falling into the water.

Li Chengsi wiped his face and sighed, “Four grown men and we can’t even catch a little monk…”

Qian Linsen slapped the water surface hard, splashing a spray of water, “I just dried my hair so painstakingly…”

“It’s our own fault…sigh, I really can’t accept that we didn’t get the little monk in the water!”

“Little Monk, everyone is all wet, why don’t you come down and keep us company?”

“Yeah, come on Little Monk, come down and keep your brothers company…”

Lian Qing blinked his eyes and without saying a word, jumped into the water, splashing a big wave of water that drenched everyone’s face and head.

Everyone, who had received an unexpected baptism from the huge wave, was speechless.

Lian Qing showed a satisfied smile, “This time it was intentional.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he quickly dodged the hands of the people who were trying to grab him. They played around in the water for a while before climbing back onto the shore at the director’s shout.

Everyone was about to exchange their meat and vegetables with the director when Qian Linsen raised his hand and shouted, “Director, I request a do-over!” He was the first person to step on the sponge board earlier, leading the way, but didn’t get anything. If he didn’t do it again, he would only be able to eat hot pot soup for lunch.

The director also took this into consideration. No matter how ruthless their program team was, they had to make sure the stars could eat, otherwise, what would they do if the afternoon guests didn’t have the energy to be fooled! Therefore, he asked the others, “Do you all have no objections?”

Naturally, everyone had no objections. For Qian Linsen, being able to get his own food was the best, otherwise, with his shameless style, he might grab theirs!

So the prop master replaced the spare sponge board and arranged it exactly as before, and Qian Linsen stepped onto it.

After rolling up his sleeves like a man, Qian Linsen took two steps forward and lifted one foot. With an “ah-da” sound, he stomped down fiercely.

The sound of penetrating the sponge board, which everyone imagined, didn’t come, but instead came the sound of Qian Linsen’s scream. When Lian Qing looked over, he saw that Qian Linsen not only failed to stomp through the sponge board but also slipped on his foot and was struggling on the sponge board.

However, in the end, he still couldn’t hold on and fell into the water.

Lian Qing sighed, “Poor guy, this is the third time, right?”

Others: “…” It was really pitiful, especially when compared to a brother who had never fallen into the water and took the initiative to jump in the water.

The prop master who had been struck by Lian Qing regained his confidence and proudly said, “The props I prepared are of good quality. You won’t be able to stomp through it!”

“I don’t believe it!” Qian Linsen struggled out of the water and ran over to look at the sponge board, comparing it to the one that had been stamped with footprints by Lian Qing earlier. After comparing them for a while, he had to admit that the two boards had the same quality and thickness and were heavy and reliable.

He lay on the beach, feeling dejected, unable to believe that he was far inferior to the innocent-looking little monk. The monk had never stumbled, but when he had taken a step, he almost twisted his ankle, while the sponge board was still intact. The contrast was too harsh.

Everyone finally realized that it was truly a miraculous feat to walk across the sponge board with one step, and they mercilessly mocked Qian Linsen. But when they remembered to exchange their food, they found that the little monk had already taken everything and was sitting at one of the tables, with a wide variety of meats and vegetables in front of him.

Everyone rushed to exchange their own food, leaving Qian Linsen alone, pitifully lying on the ground, cosplaying a statue. Lian Qing was busy grilling meat on the stove and throwing fatty beef into the hotpot while also trying to keep up with the conversations thrown his way by Brother Luo and the others.

“The program team was quite generous this time, with plenty of food.”

“Yeah, it’s rare for them to be so generous. It’s just a pity for Qian Linsen, who hasn’t won anything twice in a row, haha…”

“Sigh, if I can’t finish my food later, I’ll give the rest to him.”

“Haha… Brother Li, you’re really conscientious!”

“I think so too. That kid from the last episode tricked me into letting him have a sip of my milk tea, but he ended up drinking most of it, not even leaving a pearl for me. Did I say anything? No, because I am kind…”

After listening to Lian Qing for a while, they silently marked down Qian Linsen in their hearts – he loves to snatch food, and should be kept at a distance!

“Ai, let’s not talk about that kid. He’s got a stomach full of bad water. Honestly, I’m really worried he’ll lead Lian Qing astray.”

“He still needs someone to lead him astray? Haven’t you seen how he’s already gone bad to the core?”

Lian Qing managed to interject: “Where am I bad? I’m such a kind-hearted person…”

“Oh, come on. You’ve ruined all the props and splashed us with water on purpose. How is that not bad?”

“I thought the little monk would be well-behaved. In the morning, he was so silly and followed the program team’s instructions to save the princess in the snake pit. Who knew he was pretending to be foolish.”

The director spoke up at this point: “He’s not foolish. I promised him fifteen boxes of milk and a hot pot with barbecue to get him in.”

Qian Linsen and the others looked incredulously at Lian Qing, with Luo Zisheng saying, “I knew the program team was so kind…”

“No wonder the little monk asked the director for free shipping before. I was wondering why he needed two boxes of milk to be shipped. Turns out it was fifteen boxes…”

“The director is not kind at all. He promised us hot pot and barbecue, but we still had to play games to get the ingredients…” Lian Qing glared at the director with sorrow, “You’re really bad!”


“Well said, the director is really bad…”

“I have a feeling that the little monk won’t be so innocent after recording the show! Ah, Little Monk, tell me, how did you come up with the idea of using your feet to step on the sponge board to hold your body in place?”

Lian Qing lowered his head to cook the meat, and said in passing, ”I learned it from Brother Luo. He taught me how to exploit loopholes in the rules.”

“Oh my god, you learned it so fast!” Luo Zisheng exclaimed. “You really do become bad in three minutes.”

Sun Yazhi threw a leaf of vegetables at him. “You still have the nerve to say that! I was hoping to bully the new guy a bit more, but he’s already so shrewd. It’s really annoying!”

Li Chengsi threw a half meatball at him. “You scum, teaching bad things to kids!”

“I’m not bad, and I’m not a kid!” Lian Qing retorted.

As soon as he finished speaking, he turned around and saw Qian Linsen had somehow snuck up to him. Lian Qing immediately became alert and stared at him, asking, “What do you want?”

Qian Linsen looked at the delicious food in front of him, drooling, and said, “Lian Qing, good boy, can you give me some of your meat and vegetables?”

“No.” Lian Qing reached out and pulled all the vegetables towards himself, rejecting him without any mercy.

“Don’t be like this, don’t I treat you well?” Qian Linsen put on a fake hurt expression.

“We just met last night,” Lian Qing furrowed his brows slightly. “So there’s no such thing as “treating well’.”

Qian Linsen’s breath hitched, but quickly said, “Since we met until now, am I not good to you?”

Lian Qing shook his head honestly. “We’re not familiar with each other.” So there’s no such thing as being good or bad.

Qian Linsen: “…” His attempt to flatter failed. This new guy is really hard to deceive.

Others: “Haha, deserved!”

Qian Linsen, who was feeling frustrated, didn’t give up easily. He said, “You have so much food, can you finish it all? Instead of wasting it, why don’t you give me some?”

“I can finish it,” Lian Qing said as he threw two more meatballs into the pot. The program provided a lot of food, but he could still finish it. However, he would probably be very full after eating it all.

Qian Linsen said, “…Don’t be like this. Give your Brother Qian some face, and I’ll do anything for you!”

“Anything?” Lian Qing asked suspiciously. Seeing the other nod, he had a quick idea and handed Qian Linsen the meat tongs. “Help me grill and boil the meat, and I’ll give you some.” He was a bit busy on his own, and some of the meat had already burned.

Qian Linsen looked at him in surprise, unable to react.

Lian Qing frowned. “Don’t want to do it?”

Qian Linsen made up his mind and gritted his teeth. “I’ll do it!” He was quite spineless.

Lian Qing said unhappily, “Speak more quietly. You’ll spray saliva into my pot.”

Qian Linsen: “…” Oh no, my life is over!

Everyone laughed at their sand sculpture appearance.

So, a beautiful scenery line was added to the beach. Qian Linsen, a middle-aged man, acted like a young wife and grilled meat and boiled hotpot for a handsome young man. After finishing, he carefully put the meat into the young man’s bowl.

The young man leisurely picked up a large piece of meat, dipped it in sauce, and savored it in his mouth with great enjoyment, resembling a nobleman.

Others looked on with envy. Luo Zisheng sighed, “Really a god of the land!”

“Little Monk has become a big shot…” Sun Yazhi sighed. “Why is the gap between people so large?”

Li Chengsi said, “What else can we say? If this kid comes to our program again two more times, no one will be able to trick him in the future.”

Luo Zisheng said, “This kid will definitely become someone in the future. He even managed to handle Qian Linsen, who has *no face or skin!”

*没皮没脸(méi pí méi liǎn) – no face or skin is used to refer to someone who is shameless/brazen

At this moment, the feudal landlord, Lian Qing, was particularly friendly and considerate to Qian Linsen, saying, “You should also have a piece of meat.” He grilled too much and Lian Qing couldn’t eat it all without it burning.

This nearly brought Qian Linsen to tears of gratitude.


Little Monk: You can’t outdo the doer. #smug.jpg#

Qian Linsen: Who am I? Where am I? What am I?. #questioninglife.jpg#


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