Entertainment Circle’s Mascot
Entertainment Circle’s Mascot: Chapter 32

Qian Linsen really fell into the hands of Little Monk Lian Qing who he thought was very simple and easy to deceive.

At first, he targeted Lian Qing because he was too familiar with the others and everyone knew his tricks, so it was difficult to get the upper hand. Secondly, Lian Qing looked innocent and naive, and he had been a monk before. Didn’t they say that those who have left monkhood are compassionate? This young boy might soften his heart and share with him. Thirdly, he thought Lian Qing was a newcomer who cherished his reputation and liked to act like a gentle and warm-hearted man. Maybe for the sake of his image, the little monk would share something with him.

Unfortunately, the result disappointed him – the little monk didn’t fall for his tricks. This boy was really smart! Moreover, he seemed to not care about his image at all. If he wanted to get something from him, he just needed to make him happy.

Qian Linsen had never met such a person before. He was always shameless in the industry and since recording this show, he had let his personality fly and become very playful.

But no matter how playful he was, he was still a first-line celebrity in the industry and the object of many second and third-tier stars’ flattery. The guests who usually came on their show almost never let loose and had many concerns. Often, when they were playing around, the guests didn’t fit in and even occasionally killed their playful mood.

Later, they started to target new guests, but they often cooperated very well and let them do what they wanted. This was not very interesting, so most of the time they still targeted “their own people”. Playing around, there had to be a give and take, and mutual targeting was more fun.

But at this moment, watching the little monk enjoy the food he grilled and cooked, Qian Linsen wished he could beat himself up for ever having such thoughts.

Ah, he really does prefer newbies like little angels, preferably ones who won’t fight back or deceive him.

Just as he was thinking this, the little monk shouted again, “Can you cook some more fatty beef for me to eat? Cook more, and I’ll give you two pieces later.”

Qian Linsen agreed and focused on cooking the fatty beef, looking particularly gentle and spineless.

The meal was satisfying, or rather, being served was satisfying. He finally understood why wealthy people needed someone to stand beside them and serve them while eating – it was so comfortable!

After the meal, Lian Qing and the others strolled along the beach to aid digestion while Qian Linsen continued to cook the hot pot. Lian Qing didn’t like vegetables, and there was almost half of the greens left over, so he planned to cook and eat them after finishing the hot pot.

The program group had a little bit of conscience after all. They let the guests rest and continue filming later.

Sun Yazhi couldn’t help but quip, “Are you afraid we’ll get tired and won’t be able to continue filming?”

Luo Zisheng pulled him aside and said, “Why do you have to break the illusion of peace and ask such a question?”

Lian Qing nodded in agreement, “The director is so bad, he won’t be so kind.”

The director gave him a cold look and said, “I’m bad, but I gave you fifteen boxes of milk and let you eat grilled meat and hot pot!”

“That’s what I earned through my labor,” Lian Qing said boldly. “Unless you give us drinks, I won’t compliment you.”

This program is sponsored by a milk brand, but Lian Qing prefers to drink other drinks, such as coke.

“Okay, okay, how about I give each of you a glass of orange juice?” The director helplessly “coaxed the kids”.

Lian Qing immediately smiled happily, “Thank you, Director. You’re such a kind person!”

Director: “What about the dessert?”

Lian Qing blinked and made a big heart gesture with both hands on his chest.

Director: …very good, no problem.

The others held back their laughter and came over to join in giving the director some *”ecstasy soup”.

TN: 灌迷魂汤(guàn mí hún tāng) Lit: be confused by honeyed words; be deluded.- Fig: someone is intoxicated by flattery or honeyed words of others and becomes muddle-headed.

In the end, each guest received a fresh glass of orange juice and a piece of cake. Li Chengsi, who was on a diet, gave his cake to Lian Qing in exchange for a sweet thank you.

After sitting in the living room for a while, everyone went back to their rooms. Although the program team had provided them with warm water to rinse off the saltwater and their clothes were already half-dried, Lian Qing still took a shower.

After taking a nap, a program staff member came to knock on his door. Lian Qing woke up groggily and realized it was already evening.

He followed the staff member to the living room, and soon everyone gathered together. The director arrived late and said, “Next, your task is to go to XX Square, dress up in costumes and hand out flyers, and experience what it’s like to hand out flyers. Those who finish first will have more choices at dinner.”

Lian Qing knew about handing out flyers. When he had just come down the mountain and before he met Sister Sha, he had asked about it, but they already had someone who was in charge of that.

For Lian Qing, this task arranged by the program team was still quite novel.

A group of people was brought by the program crew to a certain shop in the square, where they changed into various colored doll costumes prepared by the shop and each took a stack of flyers before heading out. Their goal was to distribute all of their flyers.

The others all went their separate ways, but only Luo Zisheng approached Lian Qing, wanting to team up with him.

“I said before that we should form an alliance. I wasn’t able to help you when you played the Sponge board game, so I’ll help you out this time with the flyers,” Luo Zisheng said.

“Have you distributed flyers before?” Lian Qing asked.

Luo Zisheng patted his chest. “Your brother also did it when he was doing work-study.”

“I did work-study too, but I’ve never distributed flyers,” Lian Qing said, before taking Luo Zisheng outside to start distributing the flyers.

One was dressed as a dinosaur doll, the other as a rabbit doll, both very cute. Lian Qing was wearing a dinosaur doll costume, and his vision was obstructed, so he could only see the outside world from the dinosaur’s mouth.

The center of the square was a large shopping mall, which was quite lively. However, very few people were willing to take the flyers, and many just bypassed them. Lian Qing and Luo Zisheng had been distributing flyers for almost half an hour, but they had only managed to distribute half of them.

The dolls were quite heavy, and the two were tired and hot, so they couldn’t take it anymore and decided to sit on the ground in a corner outside the mall to rest and chat.

Halfway through their break, Luo Zisheng suddenly nudged Lian Qing with his elbow, excitedly saying, “Little Monk, look at the big shot!”

Lian Qing looked up, but he didn’t see the big shot. Instead, he saw a familiar figure. He stared for a moment, and it turned out to be Yu Wenning, his neighbor. He was suddenly excited and wanted to greet him, but he inadvertently caught a glimpse of Yu Wenning’s cold expression, as if he had no warmth when talking to others.

This was the first time Lian Qing had ever seen Yu Wenning like this. Moreover, there were several people in suits behind him who looked a bit fierce. He silently put his hand down and felt a bit too scared to go and greet him.

At this moment, Luo Zisheng sighed, “His name is Yu Wenning, the current chairman of the Yu Group. The shopping mall behind us is one of his properties. Moreover, he is our title sponsor, and your 15 boxes of milk are sponsored by his group.”

“Wow, that’s impressive…” Lian Qing remembers that this shopping mall behind him is a chain, and he has seen similar plazas in other cities!

He thought that Yu Wenning was just a social elite, but he didn’t expect him to be a real big shot…

But why would a big shot live in the small suite next to him? Aren’t rich people in TV dramas supposed to live in large villas with gardens?

Luo Zisheng was still sighing, “By the way, he is already 27 years old and still single, which is very strange. But his temper is famously cold, and his personality is not very good, so I guess nobody dares to approach him. Little monk, he also has an entertainment company under his name, which may intersect with you in the future. If you ever meet him, be careful, you hear me?”

Lian Qing frowned slightly and said, “He is a good person with a good temper!”

“Oh, how do you know that? Don’t tell me you happen to know him?” Luo Zisheng joked, obviously not taking it seriously. He continued, “Little monk, you are still too young and naive. People are not good just because they look good. Let me tell you a secret. He had an accident about two years ago and came back to dismiss and investigate all the relatives in the company without mercy. Even his own father was sent to prison by him and has not been released until now.”

“That must be because his family members did something bad. Otherwise, he wouldn’t do that.” Lian Qing couldn’t help but defend Yu Wenning. “He must be a good person, and a very gentle one at that.”

Luo Zisheng raised his eyebrows and finally noticed that something was amiss. He said, “I didn’t say he is a bad person. I only heard about what happened before. But he can be so decisive and cause so much trouble, his temperament must be… anyway, I just want to remind you. His temper is notoriously bad. Even if you are a diamond bachelor, there are not many women who dare to approach him. But little monk, from the way you talk, it seems that you really know him?”

As Lian Qingz was about to speak, he saw Yu Wenning approaching, so he just nodded and turned his head to stare at Yu Wenning blankly.

Then, he saw Yu Wenning, who had been walking straight ahead without looking, suddenly turn his head to look at him when one foot stepped into the entrance of the shopping mall. Lian Qingzheng was taken aback for a moment, wanting to say hello, but then suddenly remembered the doll on his head, which Yu Wenning probably couldn’t see his face clearly.

Just as he was hesitating whether to say hello or not, Yu Wenning suddenly turned around and walked toward him. In no time, he stood in front of him.

He saw Yu Wenning stretch out his hand, slightly bend down, and smiled shallowly, “Are you okay?”

What does it feel like to see an iceberg melt into warm sunshine in front of your own eyes?

Lian Qing felt something hit his heart and his heart began to beat faster. He reached out his hand, grabbed Yu Wenning’s hand, and stood up with his help. Then he muttered, “I’m fine, thank you.”

Yu Wenning waved his hand and said, “We are friends, no need to thank me.”

“Did you recognize me?” Lian Qing’s eyes lit up with excitement. His whole body was covered by the dinosaur puppet except for his bright eyes, but Yu Wenning still recognized him.

Yu Wenning nodded. Lian Qing’s bright eyes had been firmly imprinted in his mind two years ago, so he could recognize him at a glance.

Lian Qing happily took off his headgear and looked proudly at Luo Zisheng, who was still wearing a rabbit doll next to him, winking as if to say – see, I told you he’s a very gentle and kind person!

Luo Zisheng’s mouth twitched, he was indeed very gentle and kind…

But unfortunately, this kindness seemed to be only for Lian Qing. He finally understood why the sponsor of the program suddenly wanted Lian Qing to participate in their program. It was probably because of this…

Watching the naive and innocent Lian Qing chatting with Yu Wenning under the bright sunshine, saying things like “what a coincidence, how did you end up here”, he silently looked up at the sky. Based on his years of experience as a host, this was probably not just a coincidence. Or rather, not entirely a coincidence.


Yu Wenning to Lian Qing: “Don’t worry my love, none of this is a coincidence. We’re totally different baby, because we’re the two who found destiny.” 


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