Entertainment Circle’s Mascot
Entertainment Circle’s Mascot: Chapter 33

When Lian Qing bumped into Yu Wenning, his only thought was “meeting an old friend in a foreign land.”

It was a shame that he was still distributing flyers when it was such a celebratory occasion. After chatting briefly with Yu Wenning, he even helped introduce him to Luo Zisheng. Lian Qing felt a bit embarrassed and said, “I should have invited you to dinner, but I’m still recording the show…”

Yu Wenning waved it off and said, “No problem, we can reschedule for another day.”

“Okay, then I’ll invite you another day,” Lian Qing said, then put on his puppet head and looked at Yu Wenning from the dinosaur’s mouth. He felt a bit disappointed and said, “I have to get back to work…”

When Yu Wenning saw how sweaty he was, she couldn’t help but feel sorry for him and asked, “Are you distributing flyers? Can I help you?”

Lian Qing quickly shook his head and said, “Didn’t you say you came here to work? Don’t waste your time with me, go do your own thing.”

“It’s not a waste,” Yu Wenning said seriously. “I’ve already finished my work, and I have nothing else to do if I go back. I might as well help you distribute flyers to pass the time.”

Lian Qing hesitated for a moment and looked at the people who had been following behind Yu Wenning.

But when those people saw him looking over, they all looked away, pretending not to see him.

Hmm, the boss said their work was done, so they were all just idle!

Seeing that they didn’t seem to have anything to do, Lian Qing agreed. With just him and Brother Luo, it would be difficult to finish distributing all the flyers before dinner.

Yu Wenning eagerly took all the flyers from Lian Qing’s hands and handed them to his bodyguards. He even gave them a signal – their bonus would be doubled when they got back!

The bodyguards were thrilled, but Lian Qing was confused and asked, “Are they also idle?”

Yu Wenning turned to look at them with a sharp gaze.

One of the bodyguards said, “Yes, we’re all so bored.” After saying this, he saw their boss with his back to the little monk and gave him an appreciative look. The bodyguard felt ecstatic – their bonus for the month was definitely going to be doubled!

“Oh… well, thank you guys.” Lian Qing said sincerely as he took most of the leaflets from Luo Zisheng’s hand and handed some to Yu Wenning, while holding the rest himself.

After handing out the leaflets, he turned to the cameraman behind him and asked, “The rules don’t say that we can’t get help from others, right?”

The cameraman dared not say “no” because he had just heard Luo Zisheng’s introduction of the big boss in front of them. Moreover, there were so many people on the other side, and their entire camera crew only consisted of a few cameramen following them. If he said “no”, what if Luo Zisheng led the others to beat him up?

These four veteran guests of their program were not afraid to throw rotten eggs at the director, and there was also a sneaky little monk among them… It was dark just to think about it!

With the cameraman’s affirmation, Lian Qing happily took Yu Wenning’s hand and said, “Let’s go, let’s distribute the leaflets.”

Luo Zisheng, who was left behind, thought to himself, “Damn, I knew this was coming!”

Lian Qing suddenly remembered Luo Zisheng and quickly turned around and shouted, “Brother Luo, let’s go.”

Luo Zisheng waved his hand and said, “I think it would be faster if we split up. You two go together, and I’ll go by myself. Let’s meet back here after we finish distributing the leaflets, okay?”

“Okay, see you later.” Lian Qing muttered. When they were handing out leaflets earlier, he thought that it wouldn’t be good for the two of them to work together because some people would only take one leaflet and wouldn’t take a second one. He was going to suggest they split up, but Luo Zisheng beat him to it.

Luo Zisheng went straight into the mall to distribute the leaflets. The other bodyguards saw this and also scattered around obediently.

Seeing this, Yu Wenning pursed his lips and asked softly, “Can I follow you to distribute the leaflets? I’ve never done this kind of work before, and I’m not familiar with it…”

Lian Qing immediately smiled and patted his chest with his dinosaur claw, saying, “Follow me, I’ll teach you!”

Yu Wenning smiled lightly and naturally took the hand that Lian Qing was holding out. Even though there was a cloth glove in between, he was still very happy.

After all, that was the person he had been thinking about for two years ah…

Lian Qing pulled Yu Wenning to the place where he had stood before to distribute flyers. One of them was dressed as a doll, and the other was tall and handsome, wearing a very impressive suit. This combination was quite novel, and people passing by were always easily attracted to their sight and unconsciously approached.

As they approached, the cute doll handed out flyers, and they had to take one. After taking the doll’s flyer, the handsome guy next to him handed out another one. He was so handsome and cold-looking that it was hard not to take the flyer from him. So most of the people passing by took two flyers, unintentionally greatly increasing Lian Qing’s work efficiency.

Of course, there were also people who secretly admired them and whispered in the corner, unbeknownst to the two.

“Look at that handsome guy in a suit, he looks so cool!”

“You think he’s cool? That’s because you haven’t seen how gentle he smiles when he meets the little guy in the dinosaur puppet costume. He’s such a warm-hearted guy! I think they must be together!”

“How do you know the dinosaur guy is a guy? What if it’s a girl?”

“Are you silly? Do girls have such tall heights? Do they have such big feet? And look at his shoes, they’re obviously men’s shoes. Oh, they’re looking at each other again. I bet the handsome guy is going to smile again…”

“He really smiled! He looks so good when he smiles!”

TN: I am these girls, these girls are me🤭

“Yeah, but I really don’t understand why he’s wearing designer clothes. If I didn’t recognize it wrong, it seems to be a high-end brand… It’s so weird to wear such expensive clothes to distribute flyers.”

“Maybe he’s a rich guy experiencing life. Anyway, cover me, I’m going to take a sneak picture.”


Thanks to Yu Wenning’s good looks, they quickly finished handing out their flyers. The two of them returned to the outside of the mall, and Lian Qing sat down in the same spot where he had rested before. He was so hot that he used his hands to fan air into the mouth of his dinosaur costume. 

Yu Wenning whispered to him, “Wait here for me.”

Before Liang Qing could respond, Yu Wenning ran into the mall. It wasn’t long before he came back with two drinks and a bodyguard who was also holding a drink. Yu Wenning smiled and said, “One lemon tea and one lemon Coke, which one do you want?”

He asked the question, but he unconsciously handed the Coke in his hand to Liang Qing. He remembered two years ago, when Liang Qing saved him, he mentioned his favorite drink was Coke while he was babbling to keep him awake…

He always remembered every word Liang Qing said back then.

“Coke.” Liang Qing chose without hesitation, then looked at the cameraman behind him. Seeing that the bodyguard had already given him a drink, he relaxed and turned back to ask, “Is it iced?”

“Yes.” Yu Wenning replied and inserted the straw into the dinosaur mouth on Liang Qing’s head. “You have dinosaur claws on your hands, so you may not be able to hold the cup. Let me feed you. Can you use the straw with your mouth?”

“I can.” Liang Qing used both hands to push down the dinosaur’s chin and eagerly took a big sip of iced Coke.

“Mmm, so refreshing!” He sighed and patted Yu Wenning’s shoulder with his dinosaur claws. “Yu Wenning, you’re so thoughtful. You’re my good brother from now on! If anyone dares to bully you, tell me and I’ll protect you!”

TN: This oblivious Little Monk ah! 

That’s how it was played on TV, Liang Qing thought, and he must look very heroic now!

At this moment, Luo Zisheng, who had just finished distributing flyers, heard this and almost slipped. He thought to himself, “You foolish idiot, do you think people are being nice to you to become socialist brothers with you? And what do you mean, ‘I’ll protect you’? Don’t you know you’re being protected by him now?”

TN: Speak louder for those in the back Brother Luo!

Yu Wenning, on the other hand, was speechless but nodded. From neighbors to friends, and now brothers, isn’t this a kind of progress? The next step might be to develop a different kind of relationship.

Liang Qing took two more sips of Coke and felt completely revived. He was ready to stand up and find Brother Luo and the others. But as soon as he looked up, he saw Brother Luo. He immediately waved excitedly at Luo Zisheng, pointing to the large half cup of Coke in his hand. “Brother Luo, have a sip of Coke to cool off.”

It is currently autumn, the weather is slightly cool, and there is no need to cool off. However, they couldn’t stand wearing thick cloth dolls, and they had already sweated profusely inside.

Luo Zisheng didn’t care whether the Coke had been drunk or not. When he and his male friends were fooling around, they weren’t that particular. Occasionally, they would even share a glass of water. Everyone was healthy and didn’t have any bad habits when it came to drinking.

But just as he was about to accept the drink, he felt a poisonous gaze from the side of Lian Qing, like a snake. In that moment, he felt his scalp go numb, and a strong survival instinct made him unconsciously say, “No, I don’t want to drink Coke.”

Yu Wenning kindly handed him an unopened lemon tea, “You can drink this one instead.”

Luo Zisheng reluctantly took it and thanked him.

Lian Qing lightly touched Yu Wenning and asked, “What about you?”

Yu Wenning raised the Coke in his hand, “Do you mind if I take a sip?”

“Go ahead, I don’t mind.” Lian Qing said, and then saw Yu Wenning already lowered his head and drank a big sip of the cola. He looked distressed and couldn’t help but yell, “Drink slower and leave me some… leave me two sips…” He wasn’t satisfied yet!

Luo Zisheng, the cameraman and bodyguards were left speechless. Yu Wenning held back his laughter and really left two sips for Lian Qing, bringing it to his mouth. He couldn’t be more considerate.

After drinking the cola, everyone had rested enough. Luo Zisheng suggested that they should all go find the others together. “Everyone” here naturally referred to the cameraman, himself, and Lian Qing. But Yu Wenning said he had nothing to do and wanted to join them to broaden his horizons.

Lian Qing was eager to have more people to talk to, so Luo Zisheng couldn’t refuse.

They found Sun Yazhi first, then Qian Linsen, and finally Li Chengsi. When they found Li Chengsi, it was already getting dark, and he still had two-thirds of the leaflets in his hand.

He said weakly, “I can’t do it anymore. I just promised the program team to complete the task in a different way…”

The others quickly came up to him and asked, “What task is it?”

“I have to get fifty people’s blessings,” Li Chengsi sighed, “but I’ve only gotten two…”

Seeing Li Chengsi looking exhausted, even Qingxin couldn’t bear it and said, “Brother, let me help you.”

Others also shouted, “I’ll help you too.”

“Each of us will help you get ten, and you can get the remaining eight yourself. We’ll all go eat dinner together when we have enough.”

“Yeah, if we all help, it will be faster. Let’s go, bring paper and pen…”

Everyone put on their masks and scattered to ask passersby for blessings. Wen Ning had already let his bodyguards leave, leaving only one person by his side. He was still next to Lian Qing, but at a little distance and not in the camera frame. The two of them occasionally talked to each other through the cameraman, and they didn’t feel lonely.

Of course, the cameraman couldn’t help but feel that he was lonely…

The first blessing Lian Qing got was from an old man, and the second was from an auntie. Although he was wearing a mask, his eyes revealed a kind and innocent look. He was polite all the way, and only one or two people refused him. When he was one blessing short of completing the task, he spotted a young lady passing by.

He walked over and politely said, “Excuse me, can you help me write a few words?”

Unexpectedly, the young lady crossed her arms and looked at Lian Qing up and down with a strange look. Then she sneered, “Is this how direct pick-up lines are now?”

Lian Qing was taken aback for a moment, then waved his hand, “No, I’m playing a game with someone, and I need to complete a task…”

“Complete a task? Ha, if you want my contact information, just say it. You don’t need such a lame excuse.” The young lady stared straight at Lian Qing and sneered, “You don’t even have the confidence to show your face, but you dare to ask for someone else’s phone number? Where did you get your confidence?”

Lian Qing shook his head, “No, I don’t need your phone number…”

“Well then, you must want my WeChat, right? I’m telling you, I’m not giving it to you,” the young woman said, her red lips slightly curved as she flicked her hair. “Even if I were to give it out, I’d only give it to mature and stable handsome guys, like that one over there.” She lightly pointed to someone not far away.

Following her gaze, Lian Qing saw Yu Wenning standing by a lamppost, making a phone call.

The young woman continued teasing, “Just by looking into your eyes, I can tell that you’re still a little kid who hasn’t even grown all your hair. Go back and read some more books, and come back to flirt with me when you’re older, ah!”

After saying this, the young woman turned and walked away confidently.

Li Qing stood there dumbfounded, watching her graceful departure with a sense of injustice building up inside him. When Yu Wenning finished his call and returned, he noticed Li Qing’s mood was off and asked with concern, “What’s wrong?”

Lian Qing looked at him with puppy-dog eyes and said, feeling wronged, “My hair has grown out…” He wasn’t a little kid.

Yu Wenning paused for a moment, confused. Why did things take a sudden turn?

He glanced at the cameraman with suspicion, and the cameraman, holding back a laugh, explained, “Just now, this little monk asked a girl for a blessing, but the girl was a drama queen and overthought things. She thought he was coming onto her and said he was just a little kid who hadn’t grown his hair out yet, and she wouldn’t give him her contact information. That’s why he’s upset now.”

Yu Wenning fell silent, but after a while, he thought of Lian Qing’s words earlier and couldn’t help but chuckle. Turning to the downcast little monk, he walked over and ruffled his hair, comforting him, “It’s okay, I know you’re a grown-up. She just didn’t see your face, so she thought that way.”

Who told Lian Qing to have such pure and innocent eyes? At first glance, he looked like an innocent child who had never been exposed to the harsh realities of society…

Lian Qing nodded dispiritedly, unable to help but repeat, “But I really did grow out all my hair…”

Yu Wenning smiled gently and said, “Good boy, I know.”


Little Monk pulling down his pants: See I have grown out all my hair! #aggrieved.jpg#

Yu Wenning gently pulling them back up: En, you’re really an adult! #nosebleed.jpg#

Little Monk: That’s why you’re my good brother. #brohug.jpg#

Yu Wenning: En, good brothers. #crying.jpg#



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