Entertainment Circle’s Mascot
Entertainment Circle’s Mascot: Chapter 36

It is currently unknown whether the director asked the post-production team to blur the little monk. At this moment, everyone was too busy laughing to care, and the cooking stations prepared by the program team were almost destroyed by the four resident guests. Fortunately, the prop master was clever and had prepared some wooden planks to be placed on top, which is a contingency plan.

Lian Qing felt like he couldn’t show his face anymore, everyone was laughing so loud. He could only cover his buttocks using Yu Wenning’s suit jacket, and while facing the camera, he slowly walked backward. Even with the jacket covering him, he still felt embarrassed, as if he was showing his bare bottom.

Yu Wenning was afraid that he would fall again, so he kindly suppressed his laughter and came forward to support him, helping him smoothly arrive at his own cooking station.
Lian Qing looked at him gratefully, feeling that his good neighbor and good friend was handsome and kind-hearted.

When he fell, Yu Wenning was the first to react and help him up, even though the ground was soft and he didn’t hurt himself. When his pants split, Yu Wenning was the first to take off his jacket to cover him, even though everyone had already seen him. When he walked backwards, Yu Wenning also kindly supported him, even though he didn’t need it.

What’s important was that sincerity! Of course, even more importantly, Yu Wenning was the person who was least likely to openly mock him in the whole venue!
Of course, he could ignore any private snickering and laughing. In short, his good friend was someone who stands up for what’s right!

Yu Wenning was completely unaware that he had been given the title of “good friend” and the honorable title of “righteous person” in addition to his other labels. Of course, even if he knew, he would probably just smile helplessly.

At this moment, he supported Lian Qing and helped him stand at the cooking station. Seeing the little monk, who had thin skin, not daring to put down the hand covering his bottom to pick up ingredients, and even unwilling to move his feet, Yu Wenning laughed helplessly and said, “I’ll go get the ingredients you won, what do you want?”

Lian Qing instinctively said, “Meat!” After realizing what he said, he quickly grabbed one of Yu Wenning’s hands and said, “Take something else. The two of us need another main dish.”
Yu Wenning was taken aback for a moment, then smiled softly and said, “Okay.” He didn’t expect Lian Qing to still be thinking about his portion.

He walked over to the ingredients shelf, looked at it, and picked up a soft-cooked portion of spaghetti. Steak with spaghetti was a perfect match.

Back at the cooking table, Lian Qing saw what he had picked up and was a little curious. He hadn’t eaten this kind of pasta since he came down from the mountain. It looked really delicious on TV.

Yu Wenning rolled up his sleeves and started cooking. Lian Qing couldn’t just stand there, so he overcame his psychological shadow and stretched his hands out from behind, asking, “What can I do?”
“Sweet potato. Do you want it steamed or fried?”

“There’s fried too?” Lian Qing had never eaten fried sweet potato before.
Yu Wenning smiled and nodded, “After frying, sprinkle some soy sauce and chili powder on it. It’s sweet, spicy, salty, and more flavorful.”

Lian Qing quickly nodded, “Yes, yes, yes!”

“Alright, then you peel and slice them.” Yu Wenning handed him a vegetable knife and a peeler.
Lian Qing happily took them and quickly peeled all the sweet potatoes and cut one piece to show Yu Wenning, “Is this okay?”

Yu Wenning took a glance and shook his head, “Too thin. It might turn crispy and easy to burn when fried. Make it thicker so that it’s soft and delicious inside.”

“Oh.” Lian Qing cut another piece to show him, and after receiving his approval, he continued cutting at that thickness.

Yu Wenning took a glance and exclaimed in surprise, “You’re amazing! You cut almost every piece to almost the same thickness!”

Lian Qing replied modestly, “It’s not a big deal. I used to cut a lot of radishes, and gradually I became quite skilled with the kitchen knife.”

Yu Wenning flipped the chopsticks in his hand as he thought of two years ago when the little monk carried him to the hospital while murmuring about his wishes. One of them was to have a heating system and a water heater installed in his home. That way, his family could use hot water for washing dishes and vegetables, and their hands would not get frostbite. Especially with radishes, just picking them up on a cold day felt like holding an ice cube.

Thinking of this, Yu Wenning felt a dull ache in his heart. He had even asked someone to investigate the mountain and temple the little monk mentioned. Although the environment was good, it was too cold and uncomfortable, especially in winter. He couldn’t imagine how the little monk survived so many cold winters without heating or a water heater…

Lian Qing was oblivious to Yu Wenning’s deeper thoughts and had already started cutting the sweet potatoes. He was so excited that he began chopping the sweet potatoes wildly with his kitchen knife, leaving afterimages behind.

The prop master started to worry about his cutting board again.
Closer to Lian Qing, Luo Zisong shook his head and sighed, “It’s over. The kid has finally gone crazy.”

Qian Linsen whistled, “Another one gone crazy.” Every new guest who joined their show left doubting their life choices. Now, even the little monk had gone crazy.

Li Chengsi playfully reported to Lian Qing, “Hey, the two guys next to your table said you’re crazy. What do you think?”

“Huh?” Lian Qing put down the sweet potato skins, looked at the two men at the next table with his beautiful big eyes, then turned to Li Chengsi and said, “I’m perfectly normal.”
Yu Wenning interjected, “Yes, he’s perfectly normal.”

The two of them spoke in perfect unison. Li Chengsi couldn’t help but glance at them a few more times. Just as he was about to tease them, Sun Yazhi raised his hand and called out, “Director, I want to perform a talent show and exchange it for a dish.”

The director naturally had no objection and asked him to come forward.
After Sun Yazhi stood in place, he cleared his throat and opened his mouth slightly. After a moment, a segment of elegant and beautiful dolphin-like sounds stunned everyone.
After the performance, everyone including Lian Qing, put down their work and took the time to applaud and cheer for him.

Sun Yazhi didn’t care about the compliments and happily took the dish he wanted and went back to his seat. Just as he had put down his things, he looked up and met Lian Qing’s big, admiring eyes. He couldn’t help but laugh and ask, “Do you want to learn?”
Lian Qing nodded his head and then shook it again, saying, “I can’t learn it.” He knew his limitations. 

Sun Yazhi also knew that it was difficult for someone without music theory knowledge to sing well. He thought that even the simplest concepts like pitch range and scale might be beyond Lian Qing’s understanding. He sighed, “If you were a music student, I would teach you.”

Lian Qing also thought helplessly to himself, why wasn’t he a music student? If he could master such a cool skill, when he went back to the mountain, he would amaze all the birds and monkeys with just a single word!

TN: Oh he wants to be Snow White or is it Aurora?

Imagining a scene where he waved his sleeve and a group of monkeys applauded, and then sang with a chorus of birds, Lian Qing felt excited.

Yu Wenning whispered to him, “It’s okay, I know a little about music, I can teach you some basics.”

Lian Qing looked at him moved and was about to express his gratitude when he heard Luo Zisheng calling him. He turned his head and saw Luo Zisheng saying, “Little Monk, how about you try singing a dolphin sound? Whether you succeed or not, the director will give you a dish. How about it?”

The director raised his hand and said, “I agree! If anyone else wants to challenge the dolphin sound, whether you succeed or not, I will still give you a dish.”

Everyone looked at each other, and finally their eyes fell on the little monk Lian Qing. Well, it was enough for one person to contribute to the laughter, and they still wanted to save some face for themselves.

Lian Qing knew he couldn’t sing it, but the thought of getting another dish made him unable to resist. But since Yu Wenning was the one cooking, he lowered his head and asked, “Do you think we need anything else?”

Yu Wenning nodded, “Maybe some minced meat, with a mix of fat and lean.”
Lian Qing held his coat with both hands, stood on tiptoe and hooked his neck to look, then nodded, “Okay, I’ll take the challenge.”

“Good.” Yu Wenning said, adding, “Thank you for your hard work.”

Lian Qing instantly felt energized and resolute, saying, “It’s nothing, not hard at all!”
Beside him, Luo Zisheng curled his lips and thought, didn’t these two realize that their lines were a bit off? And as for Mr. Yu, you’re a big boss, a cold and tough CEO. Why are you playing the role of a gentle and virtuous husband/wife here!

TN: I love Luo Zisheng’s reactions😂

Little did Lian Qing know that he and Yu Wenning had completely changed their image in Luo Zisheng’s mind. Lian Qing stood tall with his coat tied around his waist, feeling proud as he stood in the middle of the courtyard.

As soon as he stood there, someone in the courtyard burst out laughing, followed by others who couldn’t help but laugh along. They couldn’t help but remember Lian Qing’s previous embarrassing moment when his pants ripped open, which had left a deep impression on everyone. Now, seeing his round little butt covered by a suit jacket, they couldn’t help but laugh again…

Lian Qing blushed and covered his butt, saying weakly, “Stop laughing…” If they continued to laugh, he would become even more embarrassed!

The director managed to hold back his laughter, gesturing for everyone to calm down before coughing. He said, “Okay, everyone, let’s calm down. Lian Qing, you can start your performance now.”

Seeing that everyone had gradually quieted down, Lian Qing imitated Sun Yazhi’s movements and cleared his throat, opening his mouth to say, “Oh~~~ga…”

But his voice only lasted for a moment before it abruptly stopped. Lian Qing didn’t give up and decided to give it his all for the minced meat. He cleared his throat again, looked up at the sky, and let out a long, full-throated howl. The sound was continuous and powerful, indicating that this person had great lung capacity.

After the howl, the director couldn’t help but exclaim, “Your voice sounds like a monkey’s.”
“It’s an ape, the kind that makes long howls.” Lian Qing corrected seriously, and then asked, “Director, you said that regardless of whether I can make the dolphin sound or not, as long as I dare to sing, you’ll give me what I want.”

“Hahaha… okay, if you want to make monkey noises, then make monkey noises. Go get what you want.” The director gave in, amused.

Lian Qing went to get the minced meat that Yu Wenning wanted with great enthusiasm.
Qian Linsen exclaimed to everyone, ‘’This little monk, if he comes to our show a few more times, I’m afraid he’ll become a genius! Look at how quickly he’s learning. He can’t make dolphin noises, but he knows how to use other sounds to substitute for them.”

“It’s true, I just demonstrated how to exploit a loophole in the rules, and he learned on his own.” Luo Zisheng sighed, “This little guy was clueless when he first came. But now…”
Li Chengsi said calmly, “I’m afraid he’s going to blacken.”

Yu Wenning’s voice was light as he said, “Blackening isn’t a bad thing. In this society, one can’t be too naive, or they’ll be easily taken advantage of.”

He actually hoped that the little monk would learn to be completely bad, as bad people always have an easier time than good people. But he knew it was impossible. The little monk had a naturally pure disposition and at most, he would only learn to be a little cunning and mischievous.
The others were all stunned upon hearing his words and fell silent. They looked at the little monk who was approaching with a bowl of minced meat, wearing a radiant smile on his face. They couldn’t help but feel that what Yu Wenning said made a lot of sense…

Lian Qing didn’t know what everyone had been talking about behind his back and had no interest in finding out. He handed the minced meat to Yu Wenning and sniffed, “It smells so good…”
Yu Wenning smiled and said, “I’m frying sweet potatoes.”

Lian Qing looked up and saw the pot filled with golden brown sweet potato slices. Some parts were even slightly charred. The sweet aroma that slowly filled the air was very tempting.
Unable to resist, Lian Qing drooled a little and quickly reached into the pot and picked up a slice of sweet potato.

TN: Did he just dip his hand into a pot of frying oil??!!!!

He then crouched down and hid under the cooking table, using both hands to flip the sweet potato slice back and forth to cool it down. He also blew on it with his mouth, never wasting a moment.

He moved so quickly and fluidly that when Yu Wenning turned around with the condiments, Lian Qing had already disappeared. Yu Wenning didn’t bother looking for him, only focusing on the food in the pot. As for the missing sweet potato slice, he just assumed that he hadn’t placed it properly and stuffed another one in. The others were busy with their own food and the crew members could only hold back their laughter without making a sound.

The director had also noticed this scene and instead of making a fuss, he just waved his hand to signal the cameraman to focus on the little monk. They had to capture this little monk who was stealing food and expose him to the audience and netizens!


Naughty naughty little monk!


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