Entertainment Circle’s Mascot
Entertainment Circle’s Mascot: Chapter 35

Upon hearing the sound, Lian Qing’s eyes lit up immediately. He didn’t care about the spatula or anything else and looked straight at the source of the sound.

Outside the courtyard, Yu Wenning was smiling at him and pointing lightly to the middle of the courtyard.

Lian Qing smiled brightly at him, ecstatic. The next second, he looked over in the direction Yu Wenning was pointing and his smile froze on his face. His beloved spatula was standing strong and straight, half of its handle sticking out of the ground and reflecting twinkling lights under the lamps.

Lian Qing: “…”

Everyone else burst into laughter and made fun of him mercilessly.

“Hahaha… Little Monk, I hereby declare that your spatula has broken up with you! Hahaha…”

“Awesome! From now on, I will only obey you!”

“Haha… Oh my god, if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t have believed that someone could be so silly…”

“You’ve stuck it in so deep, let’s see how you’ll pull it out!”

“Ah, I can’t stop laughing, my stomach hurts! Haha…”

The program director also wanted to laugh, but with the sponsor father present, he didn’t have time to ridicule others. He could laugh after the event, but now it was important to welcome the boss! Thinking so, the director hurriedly opened the courtyard door and welcomed Yu Wenning with a smiling face. While walking, he didn’t forget to be polite: “Mr. Yu, have you eaten yet?”

Yu Wenning shook his head. “Not yet. Don’t worry about me, just do your job.”

“How can that be? You…”

“It’s okay,” Yu Wenning waved his hand. “I’m already later than expected, so just do your thing. I’m just here to observe.”

The director nodded knowingly and thought to himself: observing is a cover-up, the real purpose is to check on Lian Qing’s progress! He didn’t know how that innocent and naive boy got involved with this big boss, who even used the sponsor’s name to specifically invite him to the program. Now, he even traveled a long way to visit the set…

The director didn’t even consider using his connections in the industry to take advantage of anyone. He thought that the little guy, Lian Qing, looked too naive and innocent to be someone who would sell his body for gain. Besides, he had already heard from Lian Qing’s cameraman that Yu Wenning didn’t show up at the scheduled time because he had bumped into Lian Qing and helped him distribute flyers…

It seemed that the usually aloof Yu Wenning was just infatuated with the little monk and was trying hard to please him.

The director had arranged the best “sightseeing spot” for Yu Wenning and was about to ask someone to bring some snacks for him when he heard laughter coming from the guests’ area. He had a feeling that the laughter was directed at the little monk, so he quickly turned his head to the side, making sure that Yu Wenning’s line of sight was not affected.

Yu Wenning gave him an approving look and then scanned the room with his eyes, finally resting them on the little monk who was bent over, wholeheartedly pulling out a carrot.

After discovering that his spatula was stuck in the ground, Lian Qing stopped paying attention to Yu Wenning. He quickly ran to the center of the courtyard, bent over, and grabbed the handle of the spatula with both hands, pulling upwards with all his might.

It didn’t work the first time, so he gritted his teeth and tried again. Still no luck, so he tried again…

After several attempts, he still couldn’t get it out. Luo Zisheng and the others were already laughing uncontrollably, and Qian Linsen even teased him, “Turn left~ turn right~ forward~ backward…”

Lian Qing gave him an annoyed glance, but his body obediently followed Qian Linsen’s commands, pulling to the left and then to the right.

His little butt naturally swayed along with his body, which Yu Wenning found incredibly cute. Of course, the others just found it hilarious.

Just as the director was considering whether or not to go help, Luo Zisheng shouted, “That won’t work, Little Monk! You have to shout while you pull!”

Lian Qing glared at him and then lowered his head, shouting, “Ah…hey!”

As the sound of his shouts faded, he pulled back hard. This time, the spatula loosened, and Lian Qing’s face lit up with joy. Ignoring the others’ laughter, he continued to shout, “Ah…hey!”

With a loud “bang,” Lian Qing sat down on the ground due to excessive force, under the counteracting force of the ground’s affection, without even having time to cherish his little butt, which had needlessly become intimate with the earth. He took the spatula and checked it. Upon closer inspection, he found that the spatula had already been deformed, with most of its body covered in dirt, twisted, and distorted, making it impossible to discern its previously smooth appearance.

Obviously, this thing was no longer usable. Lian Qing had an expression as if he had been struck by lightning, staring at the spatula, which had become a piece of junk, in disbelief. Had he worked so hard, fallen on his butt, and made everyone laugh for nothing?

Seeing this scene, everyone couldn’t help but burst out laughing, and Qian Linsen and Sun Yazhi unconsciously banged on the cooking table as they laughed.

“F*ck, Little Monk, please take your medicine! Hahaha…”

“God… this guy is crazy hahaha…”


“Little Monk… hehehehe… are you mentally prepared to perform the Iron Sand Palm stir-fry?”

“I… can’t take it anymore, do you want to inherit my king rank? Hehehe…”

Including the staff, everyone looked at the silly little monk sitting on the ground, staring straight at the mud-covered spatula, laughing until their stomachs hurt.

Except for one person—Yu Wenning. At first, when he saw the little monk shaking and shouting while picking up the spatula, he, like everyone else, thought it was cute and funny. But when Lian Qing fell, he couldn’t laugh anymore and was full of nervousness and worry. Unfortunately, since the program was being recorded, he couldn’t go over to him at that moment.

Watching everyone in the program group laughing and Lian Qing just staring at the spatula, Yu Wenning couldn’t help but pull the director aside and whispered a few words. Seeing the director nod, he ignored everything else and got up to run to Lian Qing’s side, kneeling down on one knee and asking in a low voice, “How are you, are you okay?”

Lian Qing shook his head: “Not good…”

Yu Wenning became increasingly nervous and asked in a hurry, “Is your butt hurting? How about your legs and waist…Please don’t let it be your tailbone!”

Lian Qing looked at him aggrievedly and lifted the spatula in his hand, saying, “I’m heartbroken! I lost my spatula and can’t cook anymore!”

Yu Wenning, “…”

“I spent so much time pulling it out, and everyone laughed at me for so long, but it was all for nothing…” Lian Qing murmured to himself, feeling more and more aggrieved and speaking more and more quietly.

Everyone laughed even more hysterically, and Yu Wenning couldn’t help but touch his hair, comforting him like a child, “It’s okay, chopsticks can temporarily replace the spatula.”

Lian Qing looked at him suspiciously, then said in a dejected tone, “Even if they could, I wouldn’t know how to use them. I wanted to cook the steak like an egg and dip it in soy sauce, but now I don’t even have a spatula…” He couldn’t cook meat dishes, but he craved them. He thought he could make something simple, but he didn’t even have a spatula…

The frustrated little monk looked up at the director and asked, “Director, do we have any more spatulas?”

“No, we don’t.” The director’s voice was filled with amusement. Their program team only prepared five sets of utensils provided by the sponsor, so there wouldn’t be any extra ones.

Lian Qing stood up in disappointment, patted his butt, and walked back to his spot, staring blankly at the pile of ingredients in front of him. Could he only steam sweet potatoes now? Did he waste the steak?

Yu Wenning looked at his dejected expression and couldn’t help but smile helplessly, then looked at the director. The director shrugged and signaled that he couldn’t help either.

Yu Wenning walked up to him and talked to him for a while. Finally, the director stepped forward and shouted at Lian Qing, “Little Monk, you said you can’t fry steak, do you want some help?”

Lian Qing’s eyes lit up and he looked at Yu Wenning with a grin, “Yes, I want some help!”

“Okay, then perform another skill, and I’ll let our title sponsor, Mr. Yu, help you!” The director said.

Lian Qing immediately nodded, “Deal!”

After agreeing, he walked to the tree and looked up. The director immediately became nervous and said, “Don’t climb the tree again!”

“I won’t!” Lian Qing waved his hand, then picked up a stone from the ground and threw it upwards. A leaf slowly floated down and landed perfectly in Lian Qing’s outstretched hand.

Lian Qing wiped the leaf on his clothes and then put it to his lips. The next second, a melodious tune rang out…

As a professional singer, Sun Yazhi couldn’t resist the urge to follow the music, clapping his hands and singing along, “Twinkle, twinkle, little star, how I wonder what you are…”

The director and the other guests exclaimed, “You’re showing off such high-end skills, and yet you’re just playing ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’?”

After the song ended, Yu Wenning and Sun Yazhi sincerely applauded. Yu Wenning’s eyes were filled with pride – his little monk was so talented!

With these two leading the way, others followed suit and applause filled the air. After the applause died down, Luo Zisheng couldn’t help but comment, “Little Monk, don’t play nursery rhymes next time. Play something more sophisticated…”

“I don’t know how,” Lian Qing shrugged, “I only know a few nursery rhymes.”

Luo Zisheng laughed helplessly, “Alright, that’s impressive too. Director, get President Yu to help the little monk. Our food is almost ready, but he hasn’t touched his yet!”

The director took the megaphone and shouted, “Now, let’s invite President Yu, who came to visit the set, to provide some help to Lian Qing.”

Luo Zisheng, who had already guessed what was going on, thought to himself, “Help? Yeah, right!”

As the director led the applause, Yu Wenning put on a fake smile and walked over to Lian Qing. Then, his fake smile suddenly turned extremely gentle as he whispered to Lian Qing, “Don’t worry, you can assist me later and I’ll cook for you.”

Lian Qing nodded and then shouted to the director, “Director, can I perform another talent and switch dishes?”

He thought to himself that the sweet potato and steak wouldn’t be enough for him and Yu Wenning.

Director: “Yes, please start your performance!”

Lian Qing walked to the middle of the courtyard and asked after a moment of thought, “Can I perform a split?”

“Sure, go ahead,” the director replied without hesitation.

Lian Qing then forcefully pressed down with his legs, forming a perfect “one” shape. At the same time, his keen ears heard the sound of fabric tearing.

His face stiffened, and he remained motionless in the “one” position, sitting on the ground.

The director was about to applaud him when he saw that he wasn’t moving and asked with concern, “What’s wrong, did you pull a muscle?”

Others also expressed concern, “Little Monk! Are you okay?”

“Can you get up? Do you need our help?”

As they spoke, everyone, including Yu Wenning, surrounded him. Lian Qing quickly waved his hand, “I’m fine, you all go back to your work.”

“What work? Cooking is not as important as you are!” Luo Zisheng said, and suddenly he and Qian Linsen each supported Lian Qing’s armpits and said, “We’ll lift you up now. If it hurts, just shout.”

Before Lian Qing could react, the two enthusiastic brothers had lifted him up.

“Hey, you seem to be fine, standing pretty steady…”

“Yeah, then why didn’t you get up?”

“Is there a treasure on the ground that you want to keep us from seeing?”

As they spoke, everyone turned Lian Qing around, trying to find the cause of his condition. In no time, Qian Linsen reached out his elbow and poked Sun Yazhi and Li Chengsi, then gave Luo Zisheng a signal. The other three followed his finger and looked over. Then…

“Wait, your pants… “

“Your crotch is ripped?!”

“Hahaha… so you didn’t get up because your pants were ripped?! “

“When did it rip? Was it when you were using the spatula earlier?”

“No way, if it was then, wouldn’t the little monk have had his crotch exposed and been filmed by the camera for a while?!”

At this point, Lian Qing finally realized what had happened and hurriedly reached back to cover his crotch, feeling both embarrassed and angry. “Get away, get away, get away!”

Yu Wenning held back his laughter and took off his suit jacket. He carefully bent over and wrapped it around Lian Qing’s waist. As he did so, he clarified, “I can testify that it didn’t rip when you were using the spatula.” He had checked Lian Qing’s butt at that time and there was no damage to his pants except for some grass and mud stains.

Lian Qing was annoyed and embarrassed, blushing as he glared at Yu Wenning, but he had to let him cover his back with the suit jacket. His heart was already in turmoil.

The others had already burst into laughter, with Luo Zisheng even crying from laughing too hard.

Yu Wenning kept his head down and didn’t see Lian Qing’s shy and angry eyes. He carefully tied the sleeves of the jacket in front of Lian Qing, then raised his head and said softly, “It’s okay now.”

That gentle smile made Lian Qing’s heart skip a beat, and he quickly averted his gaze.

He looked at the director with a pitiful expression and said, “Director, can we cut this part and not show it?”

The director ruthlessly replied, “No way.”

Lian Qing felt like crying. He was so embarrassed…

After a moment of hesitation, he said in a pitiful tone, “Then can you blur it out for me…?”


A visual representation of a little monk doing the Iron Palm Stir-fry technique haha. 


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