Entertainment Circle’s Mascot
Entertainment Circle’s Mascot: Chapter 38
On the morning of the second day, Lian Qing left the production team. Before leaving, he hugged several big brothers reluctantly.

Luo Zisheng said, “Little Monk, let’s exchange WeChat.”

Li Chengsi added, “Yeah, give me your phone number and let’s follow each other on Weibo. By the way, who is your agent?”

Lian Qing asked, “Why do you need to know my agent?”

Li Chengsi smiled and said, “In the future, we may have some projects that we want to collaborate on with you. But since you said that all your work is arranged by your agent, I’ll just contact her directly.”

Lian Qing replied, “Sure, my agent is Cheng Lan. Brother Li, you can contact her for any work-related matters. By the way, do you have her contact information?”

Li Chengsi nodded, “I’ve worked with Sha Man before and she has the same agent as you, so I naturally have her contact information.”

Lian Qing wasn’t surprised. This industry is not that big, nor is it that small. It’s not strange for Sister Sha, who won the Best Actress award, to have collaborated with Brother Li, who is an award-winning actor.

Afterwards, Lian Qing exchanged WeChat with the four big brothers and the director of the production team, left his phone number, and followed each other on Weibo.

“Big brothers, see you next time.” Lian Qing was reluctant and didn’t know if he would have the chance to play with these big brothers again in the future…

The big brothers were all very fun and he liked them very much.

Seeing his reluctance, the director of the production team patted him on the shoulder and said with a smile, “If you like our program, how about being a regular guest on the next season?”

Luo Zisheng raised his hand and said, “Director, how about not waiting for the next season? We’ve only recorded four episodes this season, so let’s have Little Monk as a regular from now on?”

Other people also agreed one after another.

“Director, look at Little Monk, he’s so funny. With him around, we don’t even know how much more laughter he can bring to our show…”

“Yes, Director, let him stay permanently. There are not many young people like him who are interesting and dare to play, and his popularity is not low now…”

“Director, look at how much fun we’ve had playing with him these past few days…”

However, Lian Qing waved his hand to interrupt them and said, “I still have to film, and it will take me about ten days.”

The director also helplessly said, “I’ve talked to Lian Qing’s agent, and their intention is for Little Monk to focus on filming in the near future. If he has time in addition to filming, he can consider whether our recording schedule can coincide.”

Hearing this, the others could only give up.

Lian Qing’s assistant came over to pick him up, so he could only say goodbye to everyone and leave with Assistant Chen.

Assistant Chen directly sent Lian Qing back to the “Supernatural Chronicles” crew.

This web drama had already aired several episodes, and the online reviews have been quite good so far, and the demands of netizens have also been understood. The screenwriter had already written the entire plot, and the director of the crew decided not to film two episodes per week anymore, but to work together to shoot all the remaining content at once.

Lian Qing plunged into the crew, ignoring everything in the outside world and concentrating on filming.

Filming days are always busy and time flies. Among them, the second male lead was the quickest to finish, leaving the crew early to catch up on other projects. The rest of the people gathered in the director’s room to have supper on the night before they finished filming.

There were the director, screenwriter, male lead Cheng Ge, female lead Mo Tian, and Lian Qing from “Supernatural Chronicles”

Barbecue, peanuts, duck neck, beer, and drinks, everything was available. When everyone had eaten enough, the director suddenly became sentimental and said, “Let’s do one more live broadcast and record our happy time together.”

Hearing this, everyone put down what they were holding and felt a little sad. Among them, Lian Qing, who was filming for the first time in the crew, was the most upset. This little monk had never stayed in the crew for so long before, and he got along well with everyone. He couldn’t help feeling bad about having to part ways tomorrow after filming was finished.

Seeing that everyone had no objections, the director took out his phone and opened a live broadcast in the name of the crew’s official account. Everyone also consciously forwarded the Weibo reminder automatically posted by the official account. After a while, the number of people in the live broadcast room quickly increased.

The few people greeted the fans separately and introduced the director and screenwriter. Then they started interacting with the fans with “Supernatural Chronicles” as the central topic.

After a while of interaction, many people in the live broadcast room brushed: [It’s ten o’clock, let’s watch ‘Infinite Challenge.’ This episode has Little Monk!]

[Little Monk? Is it true?]

[Really, the end time of the last episode was announced ten days ago. And about ten days ago, Little Monk also interacted with the brothers from that show, and there was also the official account and director…]

[Wow, there’s Little Monk, must watch!]

The phone happened to be in Cheng Ge’s hand, and he looked at Lian Qing in surprise and asked, “Did you go to record ‘Infinite Challenge’ ten days ago?”

While gnawing on the duck neck, Lian Qing nodded and said in between bites, “En. After recording the show, I came to the crew.”

“Then why do you look like you don’t have a care in the world?” Cheng Ge said, “I also recorded an episode of that show, and after that, I had a psychological shadow. I even rested at home for a whole day and did nothing but lie down and contemplate my life.”

Mo Tian and the others laughed, and even Lian Qing curiously asked, “Why?”

“Why?” Cheng Ge became a little excited and said, “Those four brothers are all demons, and the director of the show is the king of demons! You know what? I’m super afraid of dogs, and the show’s crew specifically arranged a task with a dog for me to complete. As a result, I was chased by that dog, and my speed was almost a world record, you know?”

He spoke a lot in one breath, gasping slightly as he said, “Something’s not right, Little Monk, shouldn’t you be on my side? Let me tell you, none of the temporary guests who have participated in this show dare to come back again! And after recording, none of them didn’t leave thinking about their lives. The director and those four brothers love to bully newcomers in the show.”

Lian Qing refuted seriously, “That’s impossible. Although the director is pretty bad, those brothers are all pretty good and they took care of me a lot.”

“Take care?” Cheng Ge laughed as if he had heard the biggest joke. “They are the best at messing with people, okay!”

Mo Tian calmly said, “You two stop arguing. Can’t we just watch the show and find out?”

The director and screenwriter also agreed, “Watching variety shows live is great.” They could also benefit from the popularity of the number one variety show on the internet.

The fans in the live broadcast room were naturally happy, and no matter which side got their face slapped, they were all looking forward to it.

Cheng Ge didn’t hesitate, he turned on the TV and turned it to the right channel, then positioned his phone in front of the TV.

With only a dozen seconds left before the broadcast, he turned to the little monk and said, “Don’t cry if you embarrass yourself later, ah.”

Mo Tian teased, “Brother Cheng, didn’t you cry last time after watching the show and feeling embarrassed?”

“Who said that? How could I cry!” Cheng Ge said firmly.

Lian Qing patted his chest and said confidently, “Don’t worry, I performed well in the show, I won’t embarrass myself.”

Cheng Ge snorted and thought to himself, “You’ll know what it feels like to be slapped in the face later!” He was sure that this naive and innocent little monk was bound to be bullied in this ruthless and vicious show. Just like himself back then, he almost cried during the recording.

At this moment, Cheng Ge had no idea that he would be the first to be slapped in the face later.

As for Lian Qing, who was mysteriously confident in his own performance, he seemed to have forgotten that he was once scared by a snake and called for “Princess” to save him during the show. He also forgot the scene where his pants split open due to too much force while doing the splits.

Under the anticipation of millions of fans in the live streaming room, as well as Cheng Ge and others, the latest episode of “Infinite Challenge” started on schedule.


I’m a little confused regarding Cheng Ge’s name coz ‘Ge’ is a name in chinese but it’s also brother. So I’m not sure if the author wanted to refer to him as just Brother Cheng throughout the entire story or if his name is actually Cheng Ge or if there are variations within where he’s Brother Cheng and others as Cheng Ge. So I’m just going to put it as Cheng Ge when it’s in narration and Brother Cheng when a character is calling out to him.
The struggles of working with a language you don’t know or understand😭. 


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