Entertainment Circle’s Mascot
Entertainment Circle’s Mascot: Chapter 39

Almost every variety show starts with a few interesting highlights to attract viewers. “Infinite Challenge” is no exception, and this time there are several clips featuring Lian Qing.

One of the clips shows a beautiful girl wearing a studio gown shouting frantically at the camera, “Is this the star you invited? Is he a knight? He’s a monster, he’s Popeye!”

In the background, the little monk, Lian Qing, is holding onto a tree with an innocent and bewildered look on his face.

Another clip shows Lian Qing with a sad face looking at the camera and asking, “Can you blur it?”

These two clips successfully aroused the curiosity of the audience in the studio and those watching the program online. With the person in question by his side, Cheng Ge nudged Lian Qing with his elbow and asked, “Little Monk, can you give us a hint? Is the monster and Popeye that the girl mentioned referring to you? Why did she say that? And why did you ask for a hint from the production team?”

Lian Qing was completely stirred up by the two clips and awkwardly smiled falsely, saying, “Brother, let’s not watch the show anymore. It’s quite boring. If you want to know something, I can tell you later. Let’s review our script first and not waste time.”

The director of the production team waved his hand and said, “You guys have already gone through the lines, take a break and watch the show to relax a bit.”

Mo Tian also said, “You can tell how funny the show will be just from the highlights. Are you really bored, Little Monk? Or are you just trying to divert everyone’s attention because you embarrassed yourself on the show?”

Lian Qing quickly shook his head and said, “No, no, my performance was great…”

“Then sit down and watch it with everyone.”

Lian Qing’s mouth felt bitter as he wracked his brain for a moment before saying, “I…I’m a little tired…”

Before he could finish his sentence, Cheng Ge firmly held down his shoulder and said with authority, “Little Monk, are you going to run away in front of so many netizens’ eyes?”

Lian Qing really wanted to nod his head with a stiff neck, but he didn’t dare. Once he nodded, Sister Cheng would definitely call and scold him.

The netizens in the live streaming room were even more interested in the program when they saw the performance of the little monk. Many people watched the program on TV or computer while also watching the live streaming of the crew.

After the program summary, the formal content began. The camera first showed the four regular guests sitting on the sofa, passionately discussing how to prank the new guest.

At this moment, Lian Qing walked into the villa and greeted the big brothers with ease. After chatting for a while, they went to the dining room to have dinner.

The experienced host Cheng Ge said, “No need to say, the program team won’t let you eat peacefully.”

Lian Qing nodded straightly. He thought he did well in this part, so he straightened his back.

Sure enough, the program team let them play a rapid-fire Q&A game next, and the losers could only eat vegetarian food, while the winners could have a steak dinner.

Cheng Ge shook his head and said, “It’s over, Little Monk, you must have eaten vegetarian, right?”

“No, I had both.” Lian Qing remembered clearly. He ate half a steak and half a steamed bun in that part. As for the remaining half bun, he had it as a midnight snack.

Cheng Ge didn’t believe it, “You naive cutie, can you compete with these big brothers?”

Not only Cheng Ge, but also the netizens who were watching the live streaming and program didn’t believe it. Those who had been following this show for a long time knew that the four regular guests were all very shrewd and rarely spared any new guests from getting tricked.

When it was revealed that Lian Qing would be facing off against Luo Zisheng, everyone shook their heads and sighed for the little monk. Why did he have to face a well-known host and celebrity in the industry?

However, to everyone’s surprise, Little Monk didn’t back down when he faced Luo Zisheng. Instead, he showed great fighting spirit and even managed to beat Luo Zisheng in the end.

When Luo Zisheng asked him to list three of his own strengths, Little Monk replied without hesitation, “Being good-looking, healthy, and able to eat well is a blessing!”

As soon as he finished speaking, everyone, including Cheng Ge, burst out laughing, just like Luo Zisheng and the others on the show. “Ha ha ha ha ha… Hehehehe…”

Lian Qing pursed his lips, thinking that there was nothing wrong with his answer. He turned to look at the live broadcast on his phone screen, only to see countless “Hehehehe..” floating across the screen.

Occasionally, some netizens typed other words, but they all ended with the onomatopoeic laughter of ‘e’ and ‘he’.

[I remember my grandma used to praise me like this when I was little! hhhh]

[Little Monk, Brother Luo asked you to praise yourself, not to repeat what your elders said about you. Hehehe…]

[No no no, I always feel that he is serious! He really thinks these are his strengths, oh my god, look at that serious little expression!]

[My master always praised me like this!]

[Brother Luo lost just because of this sentence, 6666]

[I find myself so busy, watching TV, watching live broadcasts, and laughing at the same time hhh]


Everyone was laughing, but the show didn’t stop. On TV, Lian Qing had already started discussing with Luo Zisheng and Li Chengsi about exchanging half of the steak and pasta for buns.

The director of the drama crew said with a sigh, “You really deserve to have been a monk before, Little Monk. You are too kind-hearted.”

Mo Tian and others nodded, thinking that the little monk was too naive and kind.

Lian Qing said, “I’m really not kind-hearted…”

However, the others had already assumed that he shared with them out of kindness. Lian Qing was helpless and hoped that they wouldn’t laugh at him when he revealed the truth later…

Sure enough, when Luo Zisheng asked him why he wanted to exchange buns with them, Lian Qing blurted out a sentence, saying that he wouldn’t feel full if he only ate steak. He also said that he wanted to keep the remaining half of the bun as a midnight snack. Immediately, Cheng Ge and the others burst into laughter again. The director even laughed while slapping the floor and shouted, “Little Monk, I was wrong about you haha…”

Cheng Ge also laughed so hard that he couldn’t catch his breath and said intermittently, “I…I’m laughing so hard…”

Mo Tian and the screenwriter had been too busy laughing for a while. And the screen in the live broadcast room was once again filled with a bunch of “hahas….”

Among the audience present and those watching the show on TV, only Lian Qing, the little monk, seemed the most calm. He just rubbed the back of his head slightly, feeling a little distressed that he was still naive and said the truth recklessly.

Once everyone was done laughing, Lian Qing had already returned to his room on the TV. He emerged from the bathroom after washing up, lay down on his bed, and let out a series of screams.

As the likes of Cheng Ge and others were about to start laughing again, the little monk surprised them by staying calm instead of panicking. He remained still for a moment, then got up and lifted up the bedsheet to reveal a neatly arranged collection of rubber chickens that made one’s scalp tingle. Lian Qing picked one up without expression, gave it a squeeze, then threw it back onto the bed. He then swept all the rubber chickens off the bed and onto the floor with a big wave of his hand, before lying back down on the bed.

Cheng Ge couldn’t believe it: “We were ready to mock you, but you were so calm?!”

Lian Qing didn’t say anything, because he quickly rolled off the bed on the TV and the sound of water came as his original location was splashed.

“Damn, you weren’t even affected?!” Cheng Ge exclaimed.

Lian Qing proudly lifted his chin: “I’m smart.”

At this point, the clever little monk on TV used the screaming chickens as a mattress and his clothes as a bedsheet to lie down and sleep peacefully. And those screaming chickens under him, except for the moment he lay down and made a noise, remained silent.

Cheng Ge had to admire, “Little Monk, you’re amazing!”

Lian Qing nodded proudly and looked towards the live streaming room. Sure enough, the screen was filled with praises for Lian Qing, making him a little embarrassed.

On TV, after Luo Zisheng and the others entered Lian Qing’s room in the middle of the night, they talked about a guest whose bed was broken by the program group last time. Cheng Ge said with a touch of resentment, “That guest was me…”

“I remember that,” Mo Tian laughed. “I happened to have watched that episode. Brother Cheng was trapped in the collapsed bed and couldn’t get up. He was crying out in agony…”

“Don’t mention it. I thought I was going to have a heart attack,” Cheng Ge sighed, patting Lian Qing’s shoulder. “You’re really amazing, Little Monk. This program has been running for so long, with three or four routines, but you’ve never fallen for any of them…”

Netizens in the live broadcast room also expressed their admiration, saying that this Little Monk is simply the nemesis of the program group!

Lian Qing felt guilty and didn’t dare to look at him or the praise that filled the live broadcast room. He didn’t fall for it much in the early stages, but later on…

The program quickly switched to the next morning, when everyone gathered around to have breakfast together. As the latest arrival, it was natural for everyone to pay attention to Lian Qing. When they learned that the program crew also scared Lian Qing with masks, they noticed that his face looked a bit heavy. So they jokingly asked him to point out the person who scared him so that they could take revenge for him.

As it turned out, Lian Qing said quietly that he didn’t need any revenge, because he had already beaten up the person who scared him, and was worried about how to compensate him.

At the same time, the program crew inserted a scene where Lian Qing discovered someone wearing a mask and laughing at him when he woke up. Without thinking, he punched the person. Later, they cheekily added a subtitle: “Hit the iron plate.”

The audience watching the TV burst into laughter again. Cheng Ge laughed while patting Lian Qing, “Well done! You helped me vent my anger. Hahaha…”

Mo Tian, who had watched a few episodes of the show intermittently, said, “Ha… Little Monk, you are probably the only one who successfully fought back against the program crew, apart from the four elder brothers.”

Lian Qing felt ashamed, “Don’t mention it. I even gave the guy a swollen face. When we finished recording the program, there was still a small blue spot on his face. It’s all my fault. I hit him too hard.”

“No, it’s not your fault. You did the right thing!” Cheng Ge barely suppressed his laughter, and his words coincided with those of the program crew, Luo Zisheng and others, who had also advised Lian Qing.

Lian Qing looked towards the live streaming room and saw that most of the netizens were offering comfort rather than criticism for him hitting the other person. This made him feel a little better.

The program had already progressed to the scene where the director and the guests were negotiating prices and then heading to the zoo to “save the princess.”

When Lian Qing rode the bike with the chubby guy, chatting and gradually disappearing from the camera’s view, the program group popped up again. They added a desolate scene of yellow leaves blowing in the wind and the caption read: “This is not a drill. The program’s first guest who forgot about the camera has emerged…”

Everyone laughed wildly again, and the floor shook with the force of their laughter. Lian Qing also smiled awkwardly. He had been chatting happily with the chubby guy and hadn’t realized that the camera crew was following behind them.

When Lian Qing appeared on the camera again, he was riding a bicycle with a chubby guy, chatting and laughing with neat and white teeth. The post-production team added a pink heart and the music “Come on, be happy, anyway, we have plenty of time.”

Lian Qing: “…”

Others: “Hahaha…”

The netizens’ reaction was also huge, and the screen was filled with layers of barrage.

[What kind of strange CP feeling is this!]

[Is this related to Beauty and the Beast!]

[It’s okay, the chubby guy is pretty good. Look, when he left, he and the little monk even cheered each other up. 333]

[The chubby guy is quite cute. It’s a pity that the cameraman couldn’t keep up. I really want to know what he and the little monk talked about.]

[Hehehehe… Is this post-production team poisonous or what? Hehe…]

[It’s the little monk who is poisonous, hhh]

Lian Qing awkwardly touched his hair and said seriously to the live broadcast room: “Actually, I just talked to him about life ideals and stuff. He is a very nice person and told me that his goal is to lose weight successfully as soon as possible. I think he will definitely succeed.”

The netizens echoed: “Lovely people always make their dreams come true.”

When the zoo staff who led the guests came out on TV, their Mandarin with a terrible accent caused everyone to laugh again.

Everyone dispersed at this point, and the camera began to shift and intercut between different shots. When it was Lian Qing’s turn, he was seen to have already had doubts, but he silently dispelled them and moved forward, prompted by the cameraman’s reminder of “two boxes of milk”. Everyone couldn’t help but laugh again.

As the camera followed Lian Qing’s perspective, everyone couldn’t help but gasp when they saw that there was a snake on the tree behind and in front of the “princess” in the glass room. Lian Qing’s scalp was numb, and even now he could recall the feeling of his heart beating fast and his breathing difficulty at that moment.

On TV, the moment Lian Qing saw the snake, he turned and walked away without hesitation, but was stopped. Faced with the staff’s persuasion, he said, “I give up on her.” and then added, “If I were to go in, she would have to save me!” which caused laughter and ridicule from everyone.

Mo Tian patted Lian Qing’s shoulder, suppressing a smile and asked, “Wait, how did the production team know you were afraid of snakes?”

Cheng Ge sighed, “Forget it, they must have asked Little Monk privately.”

Lian Qing nodded, “That night when I went over, they asked me about my likes and dislikes.”

Cheng Ge rubbed his head and put on a pitiful look of a helpless brother, “Me too. At the time, I thought they were doing it out of kindness, so I told them everything. And now? The whole world knows I’m afraid of insects…”

“Yeah, now the whole world knows I’m afraid of snakes…” Lian Qing turned around and hugged Cheng Ge, feeling sorry for the two of them.

On TV, the production team director finally bought Lian Qing’s cooperation with fifteen boxes of milk, a hot pot, and barbecue, and he was ready to enter the glass room.

Just as everyone was eagerly anticipating Lian Qing’s performance, the production team cunningly interrupted here, and added a line of text at the end: “Due to time constraints, this episode is divided into two parts. The second part will be broadcast tomorrow at noon. VIP members of XX video website can watch it first. Thank you for your support.”

As for Cheng Ge and the others: “WTF!” The production team is so sneaky!

The netizens exclaimed, “Damn! This kind of teasing is just…I really want to punch someone!”

Lian Qing couldn’t help but smile as he said slowly, “Okay, we’re done. Brother Cheng, let’s switch to another channel.” It’s great, he didn’t have to be embarrassed anymore.

But Cheng Ge stubbornly shook his head, “No, I haven’t finished watching the next segment. I won’t be able to sleep if I don’t finish it. Wait for me, I’m going to subscribe to the membership…”

Mo Tian shook her phone, “No need to subscribe, I have a membership. Come and watch with me.”

Lian Qing: “…” Can’t…can’t escape now?!

So in no time at all, everyone gathered around to watch the show on the phone. Of course, to avoid the audience from seeing the content, they only moved the phone that was broadcasting the show behind the one they were using to film themselves, and pointed the camera at their faces. They didn’t know that countless netizens who had watched the first half of the show were now all buying memberships, including almost seventy percent of the million viewers in their live stream, who were now watching the show in sync with them.

The second half of the program on the video website started with the scene of Lian Qing entering the glass room. In the scene, the beautiful princess asked him if he came to rescue her, and he asked back, “Can you walk out by yourself?”

Then the princess said no, she was afraid, and Lian Qing directly said, “I think I’m more afraid than you.”

Later on, the princess played the emotional card and asked him if he could bear to leave a weak woman like her in the snake pit. Lian Qing nodded without hesitation.

Everyone couldn’t help but laugh out loud, and Mo Tian even chuckled, “Little Monk, you’re really bold! You’re going to end up alone if you act like this”

There was a chorus of agreement and laughter in the live stream.

“I’m not afraid, I have a master, a junior brother, and a good brother named Yu Wenning!” Lian Qing thought nonchalantly.

In the video, after Lian Qing found out that the key was on the tree, he had a wild idea of having the princess call the snake to bring down the key. After failing, he resigned himself to staring at the snake on the tree for a while before reaching for the key at the urging of the princess. Immediately after, the young monk who thought he touched the snake crouched down and screamed, “Sister, help me!”

The others couldn’t help but burst into laughter, even the gentle and elegant Mo Tian laughed without restraint. They couldn’t escape from the laughter until Lian Qing, while unlocking the lock, snapped at the princess. On TV, Lian Qing unlocked the lock, looked up and made eye contact with the big snake on the ground, then turned around abruptly and hugged the tree, shouting, “Princess, help me!”

Everyone laughed even harder, even making sounds like “ee ee ee” and “hehehehe.” When they saw Lian Qing, out of fear, accidentally pulled the tree out of the ground halfway, they laughed so hard they pounded the floor.

Lian Qing silently covered his face and secretly looked at the live broadcast room.


[I…I can’t take it anymore. I’m laughing so hard my stomach is cramping…]

[It’s really not suitable to watch this late at night. I’m sure I’ll be too excited to sleep in a little while.]

[Oh my god, I’m laughing so hard… a knight actually shouted for the princess to save him! No wonder the young monk always tried to stop Cheng Ge and the others from watching TV, it turns out it’s because of this…]

[Ai you mama ya, I’m on my knees laughing! He screamed in agony while pulling the tree out! It’s so funny!]

[No wonder the princess asked the production team if they invited a knight or a monster or Popeye, haha.]

[I can’t take it anymore. This episode is too funny. My cheeks hurt from laughing…]

[Who still remembers what the little monk said earlier? He said, ‘I did a good job.’ The result… face slapped. hehehe…]

After covering his face with both hands, Lian Qing silently closed his eyes. He was too embarrassed. However, as the saying goes, “cover your ears and steal the bell,” and the video continued to play.

In the video, faced with the princess’s questioning from her heart, Lian Qing first innocently blinked his eyes, then suddenly used force to cut the tree back. Immediately afterwards, he pulled the princess and retreated outside the door, carefully watching the snakes while retreating. The two snakes also stared at him while retreating to the corner of the wall.

Cheng Ge and the others laughed so much that they were close to going crazy. They pointed at their phones and then pointed at Lian Qing, laughing so hard that they couldn’t even speak.

Lian Qing pretended not to see their obvious desire to ridicule him. He faced the live broadcast and looked at the barrage on the screen in a daze.

[Tree: Who did I provoke hhhh]

[Damn, I’m shaking while typing because of laughing]

[My brother is next to me and now he’s laughing just like Cheng Ge and the others]

[My mom knocked on my door and asked if I had gone crazy. I was laughing so hard that she woke up downstairs.]

[Oh my goodness, who is this little monk? He’s like a precious treasure that’s just tickling my funny bone hhh.]

[I suddenly feel sorry for the princess. She’s not only been yelled at by the little monk, but her whole worldview is constantly being destroyed.]

[I feel sorry for the snakes even more. They’re so cute, why scare them hahaha… They’re already so pitiful, hiding in the corner!]

[Scared of snakes? No problem, Little Monk, I’ll teach you a good way to deal with it: have a meal of snake meat! You’ll discover that they’re actually quite cute.”

[The person upstairs is too wicked.]

[This one’s got it, hehehe…]

[Little monk, snake meat is really delicious, don’t you want to try it? Once you taste it, you won’t be able to stop~]

Upon seeing this message, Lian Qing couldn’t pretend to be dead anymore and couldn’t help asking, “Is it really that delicious? Better than grilled meat or fried chicken wings?”

[Absolutely better than any meat! I promise it’s really tasty! But if you want to eat, the snakes that are protected by the country can’t be eaten. I can introduce you to some restaurants that specialize in snake meat…]

As more and more netizens came out to vouch for its taste, Lian Qing couldn’t help but swallow his saliva and thought that he might as well find a chance to try it.

Hmm, it’s not because he’s gluttonous! He wants to overcome his fear of snakes!


Is snake meat actually delicious? I personally don’t think I would be able to eat it. Just thinking about it gives me goosebumps!


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