Entertainment Circle’s Mascot
Entertainment Circle’s Mascot: Chapter 40

With the help of a group of netizens, Lian Qing finally made up his mind to find a chance to eat snake and silently noted down the few recommended restaurants from his online friends. Under the temptation of food, he almost forgot about the embarrassing incident he had faced in front of everyone and the netizens earlier. The video had already played to the point where Luo Zisheng asked him to help rescue the “Princess” in the zoo.

Cheng Ge had already recovered by now, rubbing his stomach with one hand, he placed the other on Lian Qing’s shoulder, he felt a bit discontented after hearing Luo Zisheng teach Lian Qing how to confront the production team. Cheng Ge said, “When I recorded this show, they didn’t even bother teaching me the production team’s rules. It would have been good enough if they didn’t set me up. Little Monk, your charisma is too strong…”

Lian Qing ignored Cheng Ge’s first sentence and said, “No, it’s because Brother  Luo and the others are genuinely good people.”

Before Cheng Ge could say anything else, Lian Qing asked Brother Luo for the prize and agreed to help him after receiving it. Mo Tian couldn’t help but ask, “So, did you get the fifteen boxes of milk promised by the production team, as well as Brother Luo’s two boxes?”

Lian Qing nodded and said, “I got more than seventeen boxes. Brother Li and the others didn’t want theirs, so I took all of them. In total, I got twenty-three boxes. The director said he would send them to my house, but I asked him to deliver them to the mountain instead. The director agreed and said there was a factory near the foot of the mountain, so we could find a small car to deliver them up.”

“What are you going to do with them on the mountain?”

“I’m going to give them to my master and junior brother. My master needs to maintain his health, and my junior brother wants to grow taller. Drinking milk is good for the body.” Lian Qing smiled warmly and said, “The director is really kind. When I told him that my junior brother is only three years old, he specially replaced twelve boxes of milk with children’s milk from the same manufacturer, which is perfect for my junior brother.”

It was this heartwarming gesture by the director that completely dispelled Lian Qing’s previous negative impression of him, and he sincerely looked forward to working with him again. Hmm, if there is another chance, he will keep one box of milk for himself and send the rest to the mountain.

“Little Monk, you’re really kind-hearted. You even remember to think about your master and junior brother…”

“I knew I didn’t make a mistake in choosing you. Good boy…”


Embarrassed by everyone’s praises, Lian Qing touched his head and pointed to his phone, “Let’s watch the show.”

Everyone’s attention returned to the video. At this moment, the “Princess” in the video appeared. When the auntie appeared in a princess costume, everyone couldn’t help but laugh. When Lian Qing called the “Princess” auntie, she scolded him, making him call her sister. Seeing the clear grievance on the little monk’s face, everyone couldn’t help but laugh.

Mo Tian patted Lian Qing’s shoulder and said, “Little Monk, remember, if you see a woman under thirty, call her little sister. If she’s under sixty, call her sister. If she’s under eighty, call her auntie. You won’t go wrong.”

Lian Qing  nodded his head, “I’ve learned something…”

In the video, while the gorilla wasn’t paying attention, Lian Qing had already stolen the key. As he opened the lock and responded to Auntie’s questions, he blurted out “I’m a monk” and then heard Luo Zisheng’s voice from the side saying “Didn’t you already quit the monkhood?” These two sentences caused everyone to laugh.

Later on, as they were preparing to leave and accidentally alerted the gorilla, Lian Qing instinctively struck the “Wild Goose Landing on Sandy Beach” pose, and his subsequent interactions with Auntie successfully made everyone laugh uncontrollably.

This laughter, after the gorillas looked at Lian Qing with disdainful eyes, became even more intense and turned into hysterical laughter.

Lian Qing silently covered his face and watched as Auntie confidently told him in the video that the gorillas despised him and thought he was a big fool…what was frightening was that there were still many people in the live broadcast room who agreed.

[This kind of caring gaze towards a fool…hahaha…gorillas, you see through it but don’t expose it, leave some dignity for the little monk]

[Gorilla: You’re not a fool, are you? Haha, I don’t know if I should watch the live broadcast or the video, my eyes are busy]

[I only have one phone, I was planning to watch the live broadcast first and then the video, but as soon as I heard the sound, I really wanted to watch the show, what should I do!]

[Sympathize with the person upstairs, my roommate and I each have a phone, clearly divided labor, both watching at the same time.]

[The live broadcast is important! You can watch the video tomorrow, the silly monk doesn’t appear in the live broadcast every day.]

[Hahaha…silly monk…still discussing things like ‘White Crane Spreading its Wings’ and ‘Wild Goose Landing on Sandy Beach’ with Auntie in a serious manner]

[Silly monk hehehe…but it’s very heartwarming, his first reaction when facing the gorilla was to protect Auntie behind him.]

[Details reveal one’s character series, silly monk is so cute haha]


Lian Qing, who was dubbed the “silly monk,” felt embarrassed to face the numerous netizens and could only sit and watch the video.

By this time, they had already arrived at the seaside in the video. After the guests and the program director had exchanged some banter, they were about to start their water-sponge board task.

Upon seeing this, Lian Qing straightened his back and didn’t forget to remind the audience in the live broadcast room and the people around him, “Quick, watch, I’ll look super handsome later.”

“Handsome? Alright, then we’ll watch seriously.” Brother Cheng sat up straight with a serious face. Mo Tian’s laughter was very soft, “Little Monk, you’re already handsome without doing anything.”

“I know, but my performance here will make me even more handsome!” Lian Qing said earnestly.

After hearing his words, everyone was even more curious about what kind of amazing development would come next. Soon, everyone including Lian Qing, was laughing uncontrollably at the four members’ fancy falls into the water, until Lian Qing’s turn to perform, when they all stopped laughing and waited eagerly to see how the little monk would do.

In the video, as soon as the little monk stepped onto the sponge board, he slipped after taking only two steps, causing a comical scene. Cheng Ge shook his head and sighed, “It’s over…”

Before he could finish speaking, there was a loud “bang” from the video. He quickly widened his eyes and saw that the little monk had actually stomped a hole in the sponge board with his foot! Later, some words appeared on the screen: “The props master is in pain…”

“My goodness…” Mo Tian exclaimed while covering her mouth, “That’s so cool…”

Cheng Ge also widened his eyes in surprise, “I didn’t expect such a move…”

Lian Qing was very proud of himself, “I’m smart, right?”

Seeing everyone just nodding their heads in awe, he looked towards the live streaming room.

[Oh my god, look at Superman!]

[The guys in the background board are dropping their jaws haha…]

[The princess earlier was right, this is really a monster, like Popeye hhh]

[Haha…sorry, I’m stomping on the floor again, but I’m not afraid this time. My mom has come upstairs to watch with me 2333.]

[The props master: Every step you stomp on the sponge board is like stepping on my heart haha…]

[If anyone says that the little monk is stupid, I won’t get along with them. Damn it, I thought Brother Luo was the most clever, but I didn’t expect the little monk to be even more amazing!]

[So handsome! This kind of awesome move is probably unprecedented!]


The screen was full of praises, and Lian Qing grinned from ear to ear while watching.

Meanwhile, on the show, the four older brothers saw that Lian Qing had collected all the cards without even getting a drop of water on them, and they suddenly felt unbalanced and wanted to pull him into the water.

Cheng Ge nodded in satisfaction, “This is what the show should be like… a new guest who isn’t getting tricked!”

But before he could finish his sentence, he saw Lian Qing sidestep and dodge the four brothers. The four of them fell into the water, while Lian Qing remained calm and stood on the shore watching them.

Cheng Ge exclaimed, “…this is not logical!” Why is the little monk like a cheater, while he was so miserable back then when he participated in the show!

Lian Qing patted his shoulder and comforted him, “I did eventually jump into the water…”

At that moment, the sound of falling into the water was heard from the show, as Lian Qing had jumped into the water, splashing a large amount of water onto the faces of the other contestants.

The mischievous little monk said, “This time it was on purpose.”

Cheng Ge didn’t know what to say anymore.

After the water incident, Qian Linsen, who didn’t get any money, applied to redo the challenge. When he tried to stomp on the board following Lian Qing’s method, he didn’t break the board, but almost sprained his foot and fell into the water. Everyone laughed even harder, and Cheng Ge sighed, “You really can’t imitate this method!”

Lian Qing smiled and nodded, reflecting on whether he had been friendly enough to Brother Qian. It was too unfortunate, really, especially when the post-production team added a thunderstorm special effect to the footage of Brother Qian lying paralyzed on the beach. He really felt he had let Brother Qian down.

After a while, Cheng Ge couldn’t bear to watch anymore as he saw a video of Lian Qing enjoying ten dishes alone, from hot pot to barbecue. Of course, it didn’t take long for his mood to completely collapse.

The reason was that Qian Linsen, who hadn’t gotten anything to eat, went to find the little monk to try and trick him into giving him something to eat. As a result, he was tricked into becoming the little monk’s waiter instead. Seeing Qian Linsen serving Lian Qing one-on-one, enjoying food and drinks without lifting a finger, Cheng Ge hit his head against the table in frustration.

“The gap between people…” he said dejectedly. When he recorded this show, he didn’t even eat his fill of salted vegetable buns!

Meanwhile, netizens couldn’t help but laugh as they saw his despairing face next to Lian Qing’s innocent expression.

[Thinking of Brother Cheng’s episode… hehehehe…]

[The real ‘no pain, no gain’ series 2333.]

[Little Monk is naturally black, haha…]

[I feel like Little Monk has only been with the four big brothers for a day, and he’s already learned how to be bad, haha…[]

Lian Qing blinked innocently at the live broadcast room and said, “Actually, I feel really sorry for Brother Qian. I should have been nicer to him, at least let him sit and grill meat for me.”

The screenwriter and director burst out laughing, and Mo Tian said, “Ha… yes, that’s right. Remember to give him a chair next time!”

“I suddenly feel that Brother Qian is really pitiful,” Cheng Ge said. “Who asked him to run into Little Monk?”

After a moment of silence, the program cut to a scene where the guests were given the task of handing out flyers. This part may have been deemed uninteresting by the director, or perhaps there wasn’t enough time, so only a few shots were given. One of them showed Lian Qing and Luo Zisheng bumping into Yu Wenning. Here, Yu Wenning showed his face, and later in post-production, it was noted that Lian Qing met his friend Mr. Yu.

Another shot showed Lian Qing handing out flyers with a dinosaur puppet on his hand, and Yu Wenning, who was wearing a suit, silently handing out a flier next to him. When Lian Qing looked over, he immediately smiled.

Cheng Ge and the others fell silent. They knew You Wenning. Mo Tian didn’t know him, and said, “Little Monk, your friend is really handsome!”

Lian Qing vigorously nodded, “Not only is he handsome, he’s also a really good person.”

Mo Tian took him at his word, thinking that the gentle smile Yu Wenning had shown Lian Qing was proof of his good character. However, Cheng Ge and the others who knew Yu Wenning a little better just sneered inwardly. A good person? Heh… it looks like they have to reevaluate Lian Qing… this little monk is really hiding something.

Most netizens didn’t know Yu Wenning, and they only praised him for being handsome and good-looking. The footage of Lian Qing and the others helping Li Chengsi get his blessing was also fast-forwarded through.

In the video, the segment where Lian Qing and the others finished helping Li Chengsi with his blessings was also fast-forwarded. Except for the moment when Lian Qing wanted to give the last blessing, and was scolded by a stylishly dressed girl with a blurred face.

When Lian Qing remembered this part, he couldn’t help but feel upset. She actually said that he hadn’t grown all his hair… It’s like a man being pointed at and told, “You’re not good enough!” It’s difficult to accept.

In the video, Lian Qing watched the girl leave triumphantly, and the grievances on his face were about to overflow from the screen, making netizens and Mo Tian feel heartbroken. Mo Tian was about to comfort him when Mr. Yu suddenly appeared in the video and asked what was wrong with the little monk.

Faced with Mr. Yu’s concern, the little monk said pitifully, “My [-bleep-] has grown out.”

Lian Qing was stunned. How did they silence the word “hair” in post-production? Can’t it be aired?

Mo Tian and the others were also stunned, but then couldn’t help but burst into laughter. Many netizens also praised the program group.

[Post-production is really amazing hhh]

[Oh my god, they actually censored it directly… looking at the little monk’s bewildered look in the live broadcast room]

[The little monk’s unique focus hehehe…]

[Mr. Yu is so gentle, saying: “Good, I know.” Emmm, how did Mr. Yu know?!]

[Oh my god, it’s terrifying when you think about it hahaha…]

[I actually thought Mr. Yu and the little monk were a perfect match a long time ago. Can’t they be paired up and have a cute relationship!]

[Let’s calm down first and see what happens next. There’s not enough sugar to pair them up now!]

After this segment, the program group fast-forwarded to where everyone was preparing dinner. Among them, Sun Yazhi whistled a popular music tune and won everyone’s applause. The others’ performances were a bit comical. When it was Lian Qing’s turn, he performed a monkey climbing a tree without hesitation.

Cheng Ge and others: ?!! Is this so social?!

Later, the little monk played a sword dance with a spatula, winning praise both inside and outside the program.

Cheng Ge: “Little Monk, you’re so cool…”

Mo Tian: “I’m convinced, Little Monk, it’s such a pity you’re not in a martial arts movie!”

Director: “The movements are smooth and natural, and they are also powerful. They are more powerful than many martial arts masters I have seen!”

Screenwriter: “If you put on ancient costumes, you would be a real hero!”

Lian Qing nodded directly, “When I performed this part, I imagined myself as a super hero.”


In the video, Lian Qing had already inserted his “sword” downwards into the ground, ending this performance, and was praised by everyone.

Cheng Ge: “Why do I feel like something’s not right…”

Mo Tian: “The spatula…”

Lian Qing’s face froze. He had forgotten about that…

There was also the part where he split his pants. It seemed not far away from now. Lian Qing began to wonder, is it still possible to use the bathroom escape technique now?

Well, forget it, just run!

Lian Qing took a sip of his drink, then said, “I’ll go to the bathroom


Lian Qing: “…” As he thought about it, he realized that he had also shouted a slogan and even fell down on the ground when he pulled out the spatula. He quickly ran to the restroom. Before he could get to the restroom, he heard a loud “Ah… hey!” in the video, followed by everyone’s crazy laughter almost simultaneously.

Deep down, he felt that escaping was the right thing to do.

He stayed in the restroom for a while until Cheng Ge shouted at him, “Little Monk, are you okay?”

The hotel was well soundproofed, so he wasn’t sure if the part where he did the splits had passed. Hearing Cheng Ge’s voice, he had to ask loudly, “Is it over yet?”

Cheng Ge’s eyes rolled, and he shouted loudly, “It’s over, we’re doing the next teaser!”

Lian Qing was pleased, thinking that it was finally over!

He opened the restroom door and walked up behind everyone. But when he looked, he saw himself in the video doing the splits all the way down.

Lian Qing turned green, and he turned around to go back to the restroom. However, Cheng Ge saw him and quickly grabbed him before he could leave.

Cheng Ge asked, “So, what did you do next?”

Lian Qing quickly said, “I didn’t do anything…”

As soon as he finished speaking, there was a commotion in the video, and someone said clearly, “Did your pants split?!”

Lian Qing: “…” Oh no, he had lost face.

After being teased by a group of people in the show, Lian Qing begged the program director to cut out this part and not broadcast it while pulling on the suit jacket that Yu Wenning had wrapped around him.

But the director cruelly refused him, and the little monk Lian Qing could only plead pitifully, “Then please blur it out for me…”

So, in post-production, the program team directly played back the part where Lian Qing’s pants split, and considerately added a cartoon diaper in a super large size to cover up the lower part of his body.

At this moment, Lian Qing slapped himself in the face–serves you right for being too talkative! Obviously, the camera didn’t even capture the rip on his butt because of the angle problem! Now, thanks to the disastrous post-production, everyone’s attention was drawn to his torn pants…

Other people: “Hahaha, hehehehehe…” (pounding the floor frantically)

Netizens: [Hahaha, hehehe…]


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