Entertainment Circle’s Mascot
Entertainment Circle’s Mascot: Chapter 41

In the presidential suite of a hotel in another city, under the warm-colored lighting, a tall man was leaning on the sofa reading a slightly thick document.

Perhaps he had been reading for a while, he put down the document and rubbed his forehead, then closed his eyes for a moment to rest. After a while, he picked up his phone that had been left idle for a while. After unlocking it with his fingerprint, he saw a message from his assistant on WeChat. The message said that the TV drama crew “Supernatural Chronicles” that Lian Qing was in, was broadcasting live, and the content was about “Infinite Challenge”.

The message also said that the episode being broadcast was the one that Lian Qing had recorded.

It had been thirteen days since he last his little monk. Yu Wenning pursed his lips slightly. The message was sent about an hour and a half ago, he wasn’t sure if the live broadcast was still going on.

With a thought of trying his luck, he downloaded the live broadcast app that his assistant mentioned. He didn’t even need to search for it after entering the homepage, as the “Supernatural Chronicles” crew’s live room was ranked on the homepage due to its high popularity. Yu Wenning felt happy in his heart and quickly clicked into the room.

As soon as he entered, he saw Lian Qing looking embarrassed, tugging at his own ear. Everyone except Lian Qing was laughing like crazy. One of the men even grabbed Lian Qing’s ankle with one hand, laughing and pounding the floor. He frowned slightly, looking slightly concerned as he glanced at Lian Qing, then looked at the barrage next to it, wanting to know what was happening.

[Laugh… I’m laughing to death hahaha…]

[Post-production: Okay, I’ll listen to you, I’ll blur it! Pfff hahaha…]

[Add chicken legs to the post-production, too excellent 666]

[God damn it, the big cartoon diaper hehehe..]

[Don’t laugh, give Little Monk a piece of cloth to cover him up, eeee~]

[It’s better not to censor it, he hasn’t shown it anyway hhh]

[Post-production: I’m very considerate, okay? Little Monk is afraid of exposing his butt, so I censored it! hehehehe…]


In Yu Wenning’s view, he seemed to know how far the show they were watching had progressed.

Imagine the appearance of a little monk whose pants had been ripped and aired on the video with diapers. He couldn’t help but raise the corners of his mouth crazily. He moved his fingers and sent several gifts to the live broadcast room.

At this time, the crew were all focused on mocking Little Monk and did not notice that there was an extra person constantly sending gifts in the live broadcast room.

When everyone finally managed to stop laughing, they happened to see in the video that Lian Qing was being supported by Mr. Yu, facing the camera, and cautiously walking backwards. They couldn’t help but want to laugh again.

When Yu Wenning heard his own voice and saw many words in the barrage saying that he and Lian Qing looked good together and that he was so gentle to Lian Qing, he suddenly felt happy and refreshed. He moved his fingers and sent a few more gifts.

Over there, Mo Tian looked at the video with envy and said to Lian Qing, “Your friend is really nice. He’s rich, good-looking, has a good personality, and he even cooks for you.”

Lian Qing nodded, “He’s really nice. His assistant always buys too much breakfast for him. And if I’m at home, he will always invite me to go to his house to eat together.”

Mo Tian was full of emotion, wishing she had such a neighbor and friend…

Cheng Ge and the others looked at each other and silently looked towards the live broadcast room. As expected, they saw many comments like “[I feel like Mr. Yu has some inappropriate intentions towards our little monk]” and “[Is Little Monk being deceived?]”. Of course, some people refuted this and thought it was normal.

In their hearts, Cheng Ge and the others silently thought that it was impossible to be normal. Based on the fact that Little Monk was a newcomer who could appear on this variety show and was friends with the sponsor’s CEO, it was impossible to be normal…

Yu Wenning, who also saw the barrage in the live broadcast room, nervously glanced at Lian Qing. He saw that Little Monk was only focused on discussing something with the only girl present and did not notice the live broadcast room. He relaxed a bit, but immediately felt a slight pang of jealousy.

From the live broadcast room, it seemed that Lian Qing and the girl were a good match in terms of appearance…

Quietly raising the jar of vinegar in his heart, Yu Wenning sent some more gifts.

TN: Chug! Chug! Chug that vinegar!

At this time, the video that the crew was watching had already shown Little Monk sneaking a piece of sweet potato chip from Yu Wenning’s pot when no one was paying attention, and then deftly hiding it under the table. The camera even gave a close-up of him flipping the chip up and down and blowing on it continuously, making a silly face.

Lian Qing: “…” Why was he caught on camera?!

Cheng Ge and the others: “Ahahaha…”

“Oh my god, Little Monk, you actually stole food!”

“You can tell he’s a repeat offender, he quickly hid under the table, hahaha…”

When they saw Little Monk caught stealing food by Mr. Yu, everyone couldn’t help but burst into laughter again.

“Serve you right for stealing!”

“You’ve been caught! Hahaha…you silly monk, you’re killing me…”

“Only Mr. Yu has a good temper. If it were someone else, they would have beaten you up first…”

Lian Qing felt quite embarrassed and touched his nose, saying, “He actually has a pretty good temper.”

After this section was over, the production team took a close-up shot of the food they had made. Except for Yu Wennings’ steak and pasta with fried sweet potato chips, the rest were hard to describe and made people lose their appetite.

Lian Qing couldn’t help but admire their cooking skills once again from the bottom of his heart. In the future, if he had a partner, they would definitely be like Big Brother, not only good-looking but also able to cook well, and more importantly, gentle and considerate!

Perhaps due to time constraints, the conversation while eating dinner was cut out, leaving only a heartwarming silhouette of everyone chatting at the table.

The next section showed the guests playing in the hot spring pool together. As nothing inappropriate was shown, this section was not cut out much. But when Lian Qing saw the scene of himself being teased by a few big brothers in the pool, he couldn’t help but subconsciously tug at his pants.

Cheng Ge patted Lian Qing’s shoulder and asked with a smile, “How was it? Did you suffer?”

“No…” Lian Qing replied, blushing.

After playing in the hot springs, everyone relaxed on the sofa in the lobby and chatted. When Luo Zisheng asked Lian Qing if he would come back to record the program again, Lian Qing’s answer made everyone burst out laughing again.

“I’ll come back if you don’t expose my [censored].”

The excellent post-production team turned the word “underwear” into a beep sound, but also added a cartoon four-cornered underpants next to the camera.

Lian Qing: “…” He took back what he had said before. The director of the production team was not a good person!

Cheng Ge and others: “Hahaha, so funny!”

Yu Wenning, who was watching the live broadcast from afar, looked at the embarrassed Lian Qing in the video and then looked at the barrage next to it. He regretted it – he shouldn’t have left so early!

In the live broadcast room, the barrage and gifts were exploding everywhere.

[Shocking, four men in a late-night hot spring pool did such a thing to a beautiful young man…]

[Nearly stripped by four big men, is this a twisted human nature or a moral decline?]

[Hahaha… I can’t stop laughing… I almost feel sorry for the little monk who almost got stripped.]

[Oh no, my stomach hurts from laughing all night.]

[Ah, the program is over, I want more QWQ.]

[Please make the little monk a regular guest on the show!]

[Lian Qing – a monk with a natural sense of humor!]

[He has almost taken up all my laughing points. 2333]

[Little Monk: Phew, I almost didn’t keep my purity. Fuck Hahaha]


The program has reached this point, and there are some behind-the-scenes footage that automatically play after the video ends. Due to the order, the content of the dinner time when Lian Qing and others were chatting while eating was played first. It was only after watching this part that everyone learned that Yu Wenning and Lian Qing were neighbors, and the process of their acquaintance was so dramatic.

The later behind-the-scenes footage was a bit miscellaneous. It included Sun Yazhi’s performance of dolphin sounds, which amazed everyone. Later, Lian Qing’s performance was deliberately placed after his, and his terrible ape howling made everyone laugh and cry.

After a few segments of behind-the-scenes footage were played, everyone was ready to end the live broadcast and go to rest with a smile.

However, the director picked up his phone and exclaimed, “Wow, there’s a big spender.”

Everyone looked over in confusion and saw him holding his phone, saying, “Look at this person named ‘Yu Dong’, he just gave us tens of thousands of gifts.”

Lian Qing’s eyes lit up, “So, we’re adding chicken legs tomorrow?”

The director waved his hand, “Yes, we must add them! Tomorrow, everyone will work hard and finish early. We’ll use this money to have a hot pot dinner together!”

Lian Qing immediately smiled and sweetly said to the live broadcast, “Thank you, Yu Dong!”

Everyone else followed suit and thanked the person. Only Cheng Ge had a vague suspicion in his heart. If “Yu” was this person’s surname…

In the distance, Yu Wenning lightly stroked Lian Qing’s curved eyes with his fingers, then looked towards the live broadcast and said, “Goodbye” to Lian Qing.

After logging out of the app, he resumed his focus and continued working on his documents. Little Monk was about to wrap up, and he should be able to go home and rest after that. He needed to speed up his work progress and try to get back as soon as possible. Otherwise, he might miss the little monk…

After watching the program, Lian Qing returned to his room and chatted with Luo Zisheng and four others in their WeChat group. They mainly joked and teased each other, and Lian Qing was the most pitiful one. He was already bad at speaking and with the “diaper” incident, he was teased the most mercilessly.

Feeling embarrassed and helpless, he threw his phone and rolled on the bed for a while, covering his head with the blanket. As if this way, he wouldn’t hear or see everyone teasing him.

Before going to bed, he habitually checked Weibo, but was surprised by the top two trending topics.

#Little Monk with a Sense of Humor#

#Diaper Incident#

Lian Qing: “…”I’m screwed, I don’t have the courage to click on the topic.

Feeling embarrassed and short of breath, he immediately exited Weibo and went to sleep with his eyes closed. As a result, he missed seeing an old classmate who sent him a private message on the trending topic.

Of course, he was completely unaware of how many fans he gained and how popular he became from this episode of the program.

Lian Qing’s manager Cheng Lan always kept an eye on his Weibo activities. She noticed that the little monk was trending and sitting comfortably in the top three. She prepared to contact Lian Qing, not for anything else, just to remind him to not get too carried away just because he’s become popular.

The phone call went straight to voicemail, and she guessed that he was probably asleep.

At a time when everyone on Weibo was still awake and scrolling, he was probably the only one who could fall asleep so punctually. Cheng Lan smiled and suddenly felt that she didn’t need to remind the little monk at all. Perhaps this person didn’t have much of a feeling about being on the hot search or gaining a lot of followers on Weibo.

Influenced by Lian Qing, Cheng Lan put down her phone and went to bed peacefully.

The next day, as soon as dawn broke, Lian Qing got up to prepare for filming. This had been their routine for the past few weeks, and everyone didn’t have much time to rest every day. In order to maintain the best condition of their skin and make-up, the first thing the male and female actors did after washing up in the morning was to apply a moisturizing face mask. Lian Qing was no exception, after putting on the mask, he set the alarm and went back to sleep.

After waking up, he went straight to the filming location, sitting in the nanny car, rushing to the outdoor scenes while putting on makeup. Lian Qing also made time to eat breakfast, otherwise he wouldn’t have enough energy to shoot later.

They were busy until eight o’clock in the evening, and when the director announced that they had wrapped up, Lian Qing finally relaxed.

The director came over and patted his shoulder, sincerely saying, “Little Monk, keep up the good work. One day, you’ll stand even taller!”

He was talented, willing to work hard, could endure hardships, never complained, and had plenty of room for improvement. As long as he didn’t change his character in the future and continued to work hard, he wouldn’t have to worry about not being able to reach the top in terms of acting.

Mo Tian and the others also gathered around, chatting and laughing, while removing their makeup and preparing to go out for dinner and late-night snacks.

After everyone had changed back into their regular clothes, the group of dozens of people headed to the hot pot restaurant that the director had already booked.

When there was hot pot to eat, Lian Qing was full of energy throughout the meal and walked as if he were floating.

This made everyone laugh, teasing him. Amidst the laughter, they arrived at the hot pot restaurant.

During a large banquet, it was inevitable that there would be drinking. Although Lian Qing didn’t like to drink, he couldn’t refuse everyone’s face, so he drank a few glasses. He had a low alcohol tolerance and had hardly ever drunk before, so those few glasses successfully made his face flush and his head dizzy.

By the time everyone was full and had enough to drink, it was already eleven o’clock in the evening. Lian Qing, feeling very drunk, called Assistant Chen to ask him to pick him up. If it had been a normal day, and he wasn’t far from home, he probably would have run back home. But now, his eyes couldn’t even see the road clearly, so he wouldn’t dare to take that risk.

Most of the others also called someone to pick them up, or they found a nearby hotel to check in and sleep.

Assistant Chen arrived very quickly. In fact, he had estimated that the banquet was almost over, so he was already on the way to pick Lian Qing up. When Lian Qing called him, he was already halfway there, so naturally it didn’t take long to arrive.

When he sent Lian Qing home, Assistant Chen wanted to stay and take care of him since he was so drunk. However, Lian Qing refused and insisted on being left alone…

Inside the apartment, only Lian Qing was left.

In a daze, Lian Qing vaguely heard the sound of keys outside. He guessed it was his neighbor Yu Wenning coming back, and for some reason, he crawled off the sofa, rushed to the door, and opened it. He turned his head to look at Yu Wenning’s door and saw a person standing there. Lian Qing shouted excitedly, “Big brother!”

Yu Wenning was startled and the keys in his hand fell to the ground with a “clatter”. Unfortunately, he accidentally kicked the keys into the gap of the door when he moved his foot a little.

Yu Wenning: “…”


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