Entertainment Circle’s Mascot
Entertainment Circle’s Mascot: Chapter 42

The key fell inside the door, what could he do?

Yu Wenning looked at Lian Qing and noticed that the little monk seemed a bit unusual – his face was flushed, his eyes had red veins, and we’re covered by a mist. Moreover, he was still smiling sweetly with a silly expression.

Yu Wenning swallowed quietly.

It seemed that Lian Qing, noticing that Yu Wenning was ignoring him, tilted his head and leaned against the door before saying in a muddled voice, “Brother, come a little closer, I can’t see you clearly.”

This kind of behavior was obviously that of someone who had been drinking heavily, and was now at a point where they were not fully conscious. Seeing the little monk could not get a response, and had already pouted with a look of grievances, Yu Wenning sighed and walked over. Drunk people were the most unreasonable.

As he helped the little monk who was leaning on the door, he spoke in a low and gentle voice, “Why did you drink so much?”

As he spoke, he moved his nose, but didn’t smell too much alcohol on the little monk. It was strange. This man didn’t look like he had just taken a bath, and yet the smell of alcohol was so faint. How could he have gotten drunk?

Lian Qing continued to smile foolishly and said, “We finished filming, everyone is happy…” Pausing for a moment, he added, “I didn’t drink much, just a little bit…”

He gestured with his fingers, indicating a small distance, and then turned over Yu Wenning’s hand. He remembered that his big brother had the key.

Yu Wenning helplessly said, “You scared me, and I accidentally kicked it behind the door.”

Lian Qing looked at him in confusion, and it took him a while to understand what had happened. He began to spin around Yu Wenning, touching his hair as he went. “What can we do now?” he asked.

Yu Wenning was afraid that he would get dizzy, so he quickly reached out to stop him. Unexpectedly, the little monk lost his balance and fell straight into his arms. Yu Wenning couldn’t help but smile wryly – this was what they called ‘throwing oneself into someone’s arms’?

Looking down at Lian Qing, who was hugging his waist, he spoke softly, “I can only ask you to let me stay for one night.”

Lian Qing laughed foolishly twice and said in a muffled voice, “Last time you took me in, this time I’ll take you in… we’re truly fated…”

Last time it was fate, and this time…

Yu Wenning dragged him to the sofa, feeling a little guilty, and changed the subject as they walked, “Rest on the sofa for a while. I’ll help you clean up and then you can sleep.”

Lian Qing mumbled and agreed, letting Yu Wenning help him sit down on the sofa.

Yu Wenning went to the bathroom to run water. When he came back with a basin, he saw that the little monk had already thrown up on the floor. Yu Wenning resignedly went over and helped him take off the dirty clothes, made him rinse his mouth, and used a warm towel to help him clean up. Then he supported the little monk, who was only wearing boxers, back to the room, helped him lie down, and took off his clothes and pants for him. Throughout the whole process, Yu Wenning was very pure in body and mind.

After tucking the little monk into bed, he went back to the living room to tidy up a bit, planning to finish before finding some pajamas for the little monk to change into.

When he finished and went back in, he found that the covers had already been thrown aside by Lian Qing. The drunk little monk was lying on his back, looking at the door with his big round eyes, contemplating the meaning of life.

When he saw Yu Wenning come in, he waved to him, “Come over… you, come over here…”

Yu Wenning could only walk over with the hot towel, intending to tuck him in, but in the process of bending over, the little monk suddenly threw him down and pinned him down.

The towel slipped out of his hand and fell to the ground, and Yu Wenning’s face was full of shock, “?!?!”

He struggled, but couldn’t get out from under the little monk’s thin body. Instead, the little monk, seeing him struggling, held Yu Wenning’s hands with a bit of force, accidentally hurting his wrist in the process.

With a grunt, Yu Wenning thought to himself that he must strengthen his physical exercise and learn some martial arts in the future. Being suppressed so easily by the little monk every day was not acceptable.

Hearing Yu Wenning’s grunt, Lian Qing said blankly, “The pillow can talk… It’s become possessed…”

Yu Wenning the pillow which had become possessed: “…”

Without waiting for Yu Wenning to get up the little monk, wrapped both his hands and feet around him, and his head was rubbing against his chest. Suddenly, it seemed as if he was uncomfortable, and he sat up straight, freeing up one hand and pulling at Yu Wenning’s clothes.

Yu Wenning had a vague sense of foreboding in his heart and stared at the little monk with both anticipation and caution.

At this moment, his heart was very complex. First, he was glad that he had already taken off his coat earlier and was left with only a white shirt, which made it easier to take action. Next, he was looking forward to the little monk’s next move, but he also knew that this person could not take a direct step with him, and he felt conflicted.

TN: Never engage in intimate deeds with a drunk person unless there was consent prior to them becoming intoxicated. It doesn’t matter if they’re the ones taking the initiative. It’s not right! 

Lian Qing struggled with the cloth on the pillow for a while, trying to get the uncomfortable fabric off, but he couldn’t make it budge. He pouted unhappily and used both hands to tear the shirt apart with a “hiss” sound.

Lian Qing was still not satisfied and forcefully tore the shirt into four pieces. Then he pushed the fabric to the side and lay down again.

Without that piece of fabric, he was more comfortable now… He rubbed against his “pillow” with satisfaction, closed his eyes, and fell into a deep sleep.

Yu Wenning had been in a daze the entire time, with no impure thoughts in his mind. He stared blankly at the white ceiling and silently worried about his future…

The little monk’s fighting power was too strong…

After being lost in thought for who knows how long, he finally came back to his senses. He struggled to turn over and adjusted himself and Lian Qing into a sideways sleeping position. He didn’t bother to untangle the person’s limbs that were wrapped around him, but managed to reach for the blanket and cover himself and Lian Qing with it.

Once he was done, he let out a small sigh of relief. He looked at the cute sleeping face of the little monk and smiled wryly. He gently kissed his forehead and whispered, “Good night.”

Yu Wenning hadn’t been sleeping well these past few days because he was trying to get back early to see Lian Qing. And with the recent commotion caused by Lian Qing, he was exhausted. He soon fell asleep with his head touching Lian Qing’s.


Despite staying up late and drinking the night before, Lian Qing’s biological clock was still very accurate. He woke up from his sleep and, in a daze, opened his eyes to see a familiar, enlarged sleeping face.

Lian Qing blinked his eyes and hesitated for three seconds before realizing that it was his big brother Yu Wenning’s face, whom he had recognized unilaterally.

Why was his big brother on his bed?

No, why were they so close to each other?

He tried to recall and vaguely remembered that he had gotten drunk last night and accidentally scared his elder brother, who dropped his keys and kicked them through door. Then… he seemed to have said he would take care of his big brother for the night…

After that… he might have thrown up all over the place. He couldn’t remember what happened after that.

He moved his hand, trying to pat his slightly painful head. But then he realized that something was wrong – his arms were wrapped around his big brother’s body, and his legs were pressing against his big brother’s legs…

Lian Qing looked at his older brother’s handsome face with a vacant gaze and quietly retracted his hand. Then he seemed to remember something and lifted the corner of the quilt quietly. The next second, he let out a scream and sat up abruptly from the bed.

As soon as he moved, Yu Wenning woke up. When he opened his eyes, he saw Lian Qing sitting on the bed with his body exposed, arms folded across his chest, and a shocked look on his face. The way he looked at Yu Wenning was like he was looking at a beast.

Yu Wenning didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, sitting up helplessly and saying, “In this situation, no matter how you look at it, I’m the one who’s at a disadvantage. Why are you screaming so much?”

Lian Qing was stunned for a moment and looked closely. He saw obvious bruises on his elder brother’s wrists that looked like they were caused by being grasped. His clothes seemed to have been torn into several pieces by hand, and at the moment, they were barely covering his body and not doing a very good job of concealing it.

Yu Wenning himself was quite fair-skinned, with a good figure, a little bit of muscle but not particularly developed, and a very moderate appearance. Being semi-concealed by a few pieces of cloth was very eye-catching. On his face, a pair of sleepy and helpless eyes were even more striking.

Lian Qing silently swallowed his saliva. Did he do this…to his big brother?!

He looked down at himself, completely naked, except for a pair of four-cornered underwear. Lian Qing was in despair, holding his head in his hands with a face that looked like the end of the world.

What did he do to his big brother?!

Did he take advantage of him while he was drunk and force himself on him?!

Was he really such a beast?!

Seeing the expression on the little monk’s face, the warm heart of Yu Wenning suddenly turned cold. He moved his lips and spoke in a very low, bitter, and hoarse voice, “Is it so hard for you to accept…”

Whether it was hard to accept doing such things with a man, or hard to accept doing it with him… Either possibility felt like his burning heart was suddenly thrown into bone-chilling water, suffocating him.

Lian Qing’s voice with a sobbing tone rang out, “Of course it’s hard to accept…”

For a moment, Yu Wenning felt like he couldn’t breathe. It wasn’t until he heard the second half of Lian Qing’s unfinished sentence that he breathed again.

“I can’t believe I’m such a scumbag…”

Yu Wenning’s heart, which had grown cold, warmed up, his emotions were like like a roller coaster.

Lian Qing slapped himself twice and then looked up at Yu Wenning. Seeing him staring blankly, Lian Qing couldn’t help but slap himself again. His big brother was such a good person and yet he…

He looked at Yu Wenning with a sad gaze and said, “Big brother, I was wrong, I’m sorry! If you want to hit me or kill me, I’ll listen to you! Even if you poison me with a pack of rat poison, I’ll leave a good suicide note and tell the world that I committed suicide! There’s just one thing… I earned a little money from acting and variety shows recently, and it’s in my bank account. Could you please help me send the money to my master? The password for my card is three zeros and three ones, and I’ll draw a map of the mountain for you to find my master’s temple later…”

Yu Wenning: “…” Should he cry or laugh?

He sighed helplessly and said, “I… won’t hurt you, don’t think too much.”

Won’t hurt him?

Lian Qing’s eyes rolled. Judging from the plot of the cheesy dramas he had seen, this clearly meant that he was responsible for the consequences…

In a society of gender equality, it was normal for a man to take responsibility if he slept with someone… right?

He looked up at Yu Wenning.

Hmm, he looks good, has a good personality, is very gentle, and cooks well. He also has a good figure. He can face this situation with strength, so he must be a resilient person who doesn’t need him to constantly coax and protect him…

TN: The best marriage CV I’ve ever seen!

If this excellent person became his partner, it would be a great thing. As for feelings, they could be cultivated! People say that familiarity breeds affection. He and his big brother could definitely cultivate love. Even if they couldn’t, his big brother was such a good person that even if they just treated each other as family for their whole lives, it would still be great.

Thinking of this, he hardened his heart, gritted his teeth, and said loudly, “Brother, don’t worry, I’ll take responsibility for you!”

Lian Qing: I’ll take responsibility!
Yu Wenning: So, I was thinking. A fall wedding, two kids and a dog…
Lian Qing: Mosquito coil eyes.jpg


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