Entertainment Circle’s Mascot
Entertainment Circle’s Mascot: Chapter 54

“Blew up the kitchen?” Yu Wenning’s gaze sharpened, completely overlooking the burnt pig trotters, and asked a bit anxiously, “Is anyone hurt?”

“No, I’m fine,” said Liang Qing, facing Yu Wenning’s sudden serious expression. He inexplicably felt a bit guilty. He quickly waved his hand and explained, “I haven’t used a pressure cooker before, so I didn’t operate it properly and it exploded. But I dodged quickly and nothing happened. It’s just that…the dishes I won from playing games went to waste and I couldn’t eat them.”

“The dishes aren’t important. Are you sure you’re not hurt?” Yu Wenning still wasn’t reassured.

“I’m really fine. If you don’t believe me, take a look!” As he spoke, Liang Qing prepared to lift up his shirt.

Yu Wenning stopped him repeatedly, “Wait, there should be a cameraman in your room, right? Don’t expose yourself.”

“It’s okay, he’s a guy,” Liang Qing said nonchalantly.

Yu Wenning instinctively wanted to say that it’s still not okay even if it’s a guy, but after thinking it over, he said, “But there are female viewers among the audience!”

Liang Qing paused for a moment, quickly covered himself up, and looked warily at the camera. Then he lowered his head and said to Yu Wenning, “Big Brother, I think I’m in trouble. The pressure cooker exploded, and it affected some things in the kitchen. And the door, when the staff rushed in to save me, they also kicked the door, so it definitely needs to be repaired. How much money do you think I have to compensate?”

Xiao Sang also had a serious look on his face and said, “Shixiong is so poor, I don’t know if he can afford it.”

Yu Wenning laughed and said, “Actually, it’s only a few hundred yuan at most to compensate. Don’t worry, the program team will handle it. They have a budget specifically for compensating guests for damaging things. You don’t need to pay for it.”

Both Lian Qing and Lian Sang breathed a sigh of relief and patted their chests with the same expression and action. “You scared me.”

Liang Qing glared at the little guy and said, “Don’t copy me.”

“It’s Shixiong who’s copying me,” Xiao Sang said.

“I clearly said it first…”

Yu Wenning helplessly watched the two on the screen fooling around, feeling amused yet also feeling…warm.

The daily bickering between the brothers of the Lian family ended with a loud “glu…gluglu” from Lian Qing’s stomach. He clutched his belly and blushed visibly, feeling ashamed to face Yu Wenning. As for why he felt embarrassed in front of Yu Wenning, who was on the other side of the screen, he never delved too deeply into it.

Yu Wenning chuckled. “Are you hungry? Didn’t you eat dinner?”

“I did, but not much,” 

Lian Sang said. “We had two bowls of rice, one for each of us. But Shixiong usually eats five bowls of rice, so he’s not satisfied.”

Lian Qing covered Lian Sang’s mouth. The boy was always revealing his elder brother’s shortcomings! What if his brother thought he ate too much and stopped inviting him to dinner in the future?

Realizing this, he protested vehemently. “I don’t eat five bowls! I can only eat four bowls, really!”

Was there a big difference between four and five bowls of rice? Yu Wenning felt both sympathetic and amused. “Why don’t you ask the show’s director for some food? He’s my friend, he’ll give you some.”

“Okay!” Lian Qing nodded eagerly, grinning from ear to ear.

Lian Sang was also happy. During dinner, he had intended to eat only a few bites and let his brother eat the rest. But his brother would never agree, so he had to give up.

Now his brother could fill his stomach again!

After chatting for a while, Yu Wenning asked about their experience on the show. Lian Qing said, “It’s pretty good, but no one helps us cook.”

Lian Sang added, “It’s pretty good, but there’s a girl who wants to kiss me, and I’m scared.”

A girl? Yu Wennin didn’t know what to think and asked, “Did they kiss your shixiong?”

Lian Qing shook his head quickly. “No, I didn’t let them!”

Lian Sang said, “They didn’t kiss, but they pulled down my shixiong’s pants.” The little guy wrinkled his nose and said in a cute voice, “Women from down the mountains are really scary. My shixiong’s pants almost fell off.”

Lian Qing: “…”. This foolish kid was digging a hole for him! Can’t he leave him some face?!

Yu Wenning felt uncomfortable. He knew Lian Qing was good-looking and easily won the favor of girls. But he never expected those girls to have no shame!

He gritted his teeth secretly and made a decision. He looked up at the camera and said, “Do you need me to come and help you cook?”

“Yes, please!” Lian Sang eagerly nodded, afraid that Yu Wenning would change his mind.

Lian Qing was not so foolish. He hesitated and said, “Is that okay? Don’t you have work to do? And what about the show’s crew…”

Yu Wenning smiled lightly and said, “It’s okay, I’ll handle everything. Or… don’t you want me to come over?”

“I don’t not want you to come over, I’m just worried that it might cause you and the program group trouble,” said Lian Qing. “Actually, I really wish you could come and help us out! Otherwise, I’ll have to shamelessly beg for food from others.”

Lian Sang, the tiny monk, nodded along, his voice full of grievance. “Yu gege, please save us!”

Yu Wenning’s gaze softened to the extreme, and he spoke in a gentle voice, “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of everything. Alright, you guys get some rest and I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Lian Qing was moved by his words and couldn’t help but exclaim how great his big brother was. He grabbed his little brother’s chubby hand and shook it, and they both said in unison, “See you tomorrow.”

After ending the video call, Lian Qing looked at his shidi and saw the happiness and anticipation in each other’s eyes. He raised his hand, and the little guy immediately followed suit, slapping their hands together with a loud “smack.” Then Lian Qing handed his phone to the program group and told his shidi to lie down and sleep.

The cameraman reminded him from behind, “Don’t you want to go to the director’s place and get something to eat?”

Lian Qing shook his head. “No, I can last the night. If worst comes to worst…” He looked at Lian Sang and said, “Xiao San, if I get hungry in the middle of the night, can I borrow some of your milk powder to make a drink?”

The program had a milk powder sponsor, and each child was given a can, little Lian Sang was no exception.

The little guy naturally nodded his head. “Sure. Shixiong, if you wake up in the middle of the night to make milk, can you make some for me too? I want to drink some too.”

Lian Qing nodded. “Okay, then go to sleep now.”

The little guy leaned in and kissed his brother’s cheek, and received a bald head kiss in return, before finally closing his eyes contentedly.

Seeing that the two really were going to sleep, the cameraman quietly took out a bag of biscuits from his pocket, left it there, and tiptoed out the room, turning off the lights and closing the door as he left.

Lian Qing really got up in the middle of the night, but instead of making milk to satisfy his hunger, he went to the toilet and had vomiting and diarrhea.

The situation was quite serious. Xiao Lian Sang and the program team’s staff, as well as Li Chengsi who lived nearby, were startled and rushed to have the accompanying doctor diagnose the situation.

Lian Qing, looking pale, lay on a lounge chair, half-closed his eyes and tried not to move as much as possible due to his extremely poor physical state. Although he was no longer having diarrhea, he felt weak all over, and his stomach was still churning.

The chubby Xiao Sang held his cold hand, tears streaming down his face. However, he bit his lip and refrained from making any noise because the doctor said that the patient couldn’t tolerate any noise.

After the doctor’s diagnosis, he pondered for a moment before asking the staff, “He has food poisoning. What did he eat tonight?”

Li Chengsi answered eagerly, “He had some rice and some leftover dishes that a few of us cooked.”

“You guys are fine after eating the same thing, so it’s probably not the dishes’ fault. Did he eat anything else?”

Li Chengsi looked at the cameraman who was following Lian Qing. The cameraman stood up under everyone’s gaze and said, “He also ate pig trotters that he made himself.”

Everyone was shocked upon hearing this. Li Chengsi exclaimed, “But that thing was burnt to a crisp!”

The cameraman said, “He peeled off the burnt skin on the outside and ate all the meat inside.” After thinking for a moment, he added, “He ate the pig trotters about four hours after they were cooked.”

Li Chengsi and the others, “…” Suddenly, they didn’t know whether to continue sympathizing with the little monk or not.

The ability to poison oneself with one’s own cooking was truly remarkable.

Lian Sang, still in tears, asked, “When did my senior brother eat the pig trotters? I didn’t even know!”

“He ate them after he finished washing his clothes, and he didn’t want to share the burnt and cold dish with you,” the cameraman explained.

Lian Sang looked at his senior brother and started crying again. While sobbing, he yelled, “Shixiong…”

Lian Qing weakly responded, half-opening his eyes to comfort his shidi, “Don’t worry, Shixiong is okay.”

But before he could finish his sentence, he suddenly rolled over and vomited again. However, after retching for a while, nothing came out except for some sour water. His stomach was already empty.

Lian Sang cried out in alarm, “Shixiong!”

Li Chengsi picked up the tiny monk and gently patted his back while asking the doctor, “Should we send him to the hospital now?”

The doctor shook his head, “The hospital is too far away, and he may not be able to handle the journey. I’ll give him some IV fluids, and we’ll see how he responds. If he doesn’t improve by tomorrow morning, we’ll send him to the hospital.”

“Sorry for troubling you.”

“Not troublesome, not troublesome, I’m just curious about how he made the pig trotters that could poison himself.” The doctor was sincerely curious. Generally, food poisoning is caused by eating incompatible foods or spoiled food that has been stored for too long. Didn’t Qing Xiaohuang make the pig trotters tonight? It couldn’t be just the pig trotters, right? He must have had some exceptional ability!

Li Chengsi shook his head and sighed, “Just like how curious he was about how the kitchen exploded, I’m also curious about this.”

Lian- blew up the kitchen- food poisoned- little monk- Qing,”…”.

A tear of grievance and regret streamed down his face. He never imagined that the food he made could be an invisible weapon of murder, and the first one to fall victim was himself.

Now, he could only receive sympathy and frustrated looks from everyone as he lay weakly, hooked up to an IV. Before this happened, he had asked Li Chengsi to take care of tiny monk Lian Sang.

The next day, when Yu Wenning walked into the house where Lian Qing was located, after taking a private helicopter over, he saw a weak and pale Lian Qing lying there, hooked up to an IV, in front of him.

At this point, Lian Qing was still asleep and unaware of Yu Wenning’s arrival. However, Lian Sang, who was sitting by his bed, was the first to notice his arrival. The little guy ran over, hugged Yu Wenning’s leg, and said in a small, teary voice, “Yu gege, my shixiong is sick.”

Yu Wenning was shocked and asked in a low voice, “He was fine during the video call last night. How did he suddenly get sick?”

Lian Sang wiped away his tears sadly and said in a small voice, “The doctor said my shixiong ate burned pig trotters that he secretly took, and then he got food poisoning.”

Yu Wenning: “?!?!”

Upon hearing the words, Lian Qing, who had just awakened from his sleep,, “…” 

He had just woken up, and his shidi was already rubbing his mistakes on his face.


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