Entertainment Circle’s Mascot
Entertainment Circle’s Mascot: Chapter 55

Yu Wenning didn’t know how to react. It was the first time he had heard of someone being poisoned by their own cooking. If it were someone else, he might have been able to make a joke out of it. But with Lian Qing, he could only feel concerned.

He scooped up the little Lian Sang and brought him to the bed, holding him in his arms. He lowered his head and met Lian Qing’s half-opened eyes, asking softly, “How are you feeling?”

Lian Qing weakly replied, “Not good, I feel terrible.”

Yu Wenning frowned and said, “What is the production team doing? They didn’t even bother to send you to the hospital!”

Lian Qing weakly waved his right hand, explaining for the production team, “The accompanying doctor came to see me. I am already feeling much better than last night and don’t need to go to the hospital.”

Yu Wenning pursed his lips, somewhat displeased. He thought to himself that he should remind the production team to always choose a location close to a hospital. The health of the guests was more important than anything else.

“Um, Mr. Yu, long time no see.” A staff member who had been ignored completely awkwardly stepped forward to greet him, saying, “The accompanying doctor from the production team said that Lian Qing’s condition has improved and he doesn’t need to go to the hospital. He just needs to rest for two days and avoid certain foods.”

Yu Wenning nodded expressionlessly and said, “Please inform the director of the production team that I will take over Lian Qing’s tasks from now on.”

This sentence was almost like an order. In Lian Qing’s sick state, Yu Wenning’s cold and tough side slowly began to surface, which was an unfamiliar side of him for Lian Qing.

The staff member quickly responded and ran out to find the director. But deep down, he knew that the decision had been made. Firstly, the production team couldn’t let Lian Qing perform in such a sick condition, as it would appear inhumane. Secondly, they were already halfway through filming, and finding someone to replace Lian Qing now would be inappropriate and delay everyone’s schedules. Everyone involved in the production was a star with busy schedules, and they couldn’t afford any delays.

Of course, the most important reason was that Yu Wenning was the big BOSS, and the director and others couldn’t refuse his words. With the right approach, this could even become a highlight of the show – a handsome, young, and capable big shot taking over the show with a child. This would definitely attract a lot of attention!

After the staff member left, Yu Wenning sat down on the edge of the bed, holding the child. He gently held Lian Qing’s hand, which felt a bit cold.

Tenderly tucking his hand into the blanket, he looked up to see the man with bright, somewhat peculiar eyes staring at him. Unable to resist, he asked, “Why are you looking at me like that?”

Before Lian Qing could answer, Tiny Monk Lian Sang eagerly raised his hand and said, “I know, I know!”

Looking like a cute little kid who couldn’t wait to be asked, Yu Wenning and Lian Qing exchanged a smile and couldn’t help but ask, “Well, then tell us.”

The little guy spoke happily, “Yu gege just looked a little fierce earlier, and Shixiong was scared!”

Lian Qing anxiously waved his hand and said, “I wasn’t, I didn’t!”

Yu Wenning smiled and patted his hand, giving him a reassuring look, then turned to Lian Sang and asked in a gentle voice, “And what about you, are you scared?”

Tiny Monk Lian Sang nodded and said in a childish voice, “Yes, I’m scared. It even made my tears shrink back.”

Lian Qing said, “…Why didn’t you just pee your pants!”

“I’m already a big kid, I don’t wet the bed. Unlike Shixiong…”

Lian Qing suddenly had a bad feeling and instinctively wanted to cover the little guy’s mouth, but he was too weak and powerless. Before he could act, he heard the tiny monk say, “Shifu said that Shixiong wet the bed until he was four years old, and he’s embarrassed.”

Lian Qing was almost in a state of shock and anger, “Shut up!!!”

Yu Wenning quickly held him down and picked up the little guy, softly saying with a smile, “Good boy, give your shixiong some face, okay?”

Tiny Monk Lian Sang looked at his shixiong’s weak and angry expression, and finally realized he had said something wrong. He stuck out his tongue and said, “Yu gege, can you take care of my shixiong for a while? I’ll go take a nap and come back to relieve you later, okay?”

He didn’t trust anyone else, so even though Lian Qing had asked Li Chengsi to take care of him before he fell asleep last night, he had held onto the pillar and refused to leave. Li Chengsi didn’t want to leave for too long, as his daughter, Li Lele, was also asleep. After trying to coax him for a while to no avail, he heard his daughter crying faintly and had no choice but to leave him with the staff.

And so, the little guy stayed with his senior brother for half a night, only dozing off when he was extremely tired, but soon he would wake up again.

Now things were better, his shixiong was feeling a little better, and Yu Gege had also arrived. He could finally rest a bit easier and go to sleep.

“You’ve worked hard,” Yu Wenning patted his little bald head and said softly.

“It wasn’t hard,” the little monk puffed up his chest and spoke like a little adult, “Shixiong, be good, ah!”

Lian Qing: “…………” This little devil, he was definitely taking advantage of him being sick and not having the strength to beat him up!

The little monk, who had been bullied by a three-year-old, gritted his teeth and watched his little shidi leave, then silently looked at Yu Wenning. After a while, he managed to choke out a sentence, “Actually, I haven’t wet the bed since I was two years old. The time I wet the bed at four was because I drank too much water before bed and dreamed that I was peeing…”

Yu Wenning was stunned, and it took him a while before he couldn’t help but laugh. He straightened out Lian Qing’s blanket and said, “I believe you.”

Lian Qing smiled and said, “Actually, you didn’t look fierce just now, but rather… a little like a domineering CEO. It’s quite handsome.”

Yu Wenning’s heart felt a little warm, and he gently patted his hand and said softly, “As long as you like it. Be good, if you’re tired, go to sleep.”

Lian Qing was indeed a little tired, after all, he was still sick and didn’t sleep well last night. He had only been awake for half an hour and was already feeling drowsy. So when Yu Wenning treated him like a child and coaxed him, he really closed his eyes and fell asleep.

Yu Wenning silently accompanied him until the staff member from before returned and responded to his “proposal” to replace Lian Qing and lead the tiny monk to participate in the recording of the show. The staff member also said that considering that tiny monk Lian Sang hadn’t slept for the second half of the night and Yu Wenning had rushed over all night, and with everyone’s agreement, they could postpone the recording for a bit.

This arrangement couldn’t have been better, and Yu Wenning’s cold, hard expression finally softened a bit and returned to normal. He politely asked, “May I ask if the kitchen is available now? I want to cook some breakfast for Lian Qing.”

The staff quickly replied, “Sure, but… the doctor said that Lian Qing can only drink plain rice congee, and it has to be thin.”

Yu Wenning nodded and asked the staff to take care of Lian Qing, while he went to the kitchen to cook congee.

The staff, who had never heard of or seen Yu Wenning cooking before, silently prayed for the kitchen, while also contacting the director to report Mr. Yu’s trip to the kitchen.

After experiencing the little monk’s kitchen explosion incident, the staff had deep doubts about whether the monk’s big brother also possessed this skill.

When Lian Qing woke up again, it was already in the afternoon. With his good physical condition, he felt much more energetic after waking up, and also felt hungry. He opened his eyes in a daze and looked around, but only saw the staff, without his big brother and little shidi. Lian Qing’s emotions instantly became a little low, and he asked the staff, “Where are they?”

The staff replied, “Mr. Yu is replacing you and taking the little disciple to record the program.”

“Is it far from here?”

“Not really. Do you want to go?”

Lian Qing nodded eagerly, his eyes pleading.

The staff said, “Since you’re feeling better, I’ll get a wheelchair to take you there. But first, you should drink the porridge that Mr. Yu specially made for you. It’s been kept warm.”

His big brother made it for him? Lian Qing’s heart warmed and he exclaimed, “Where is it? I want to drink it.”

“Sit still, I’ll bring it to you.”

Lian Qing sat obediently, using his big eyes to urge the staff on. When the staff brought back a bowl of plain porridge, Lian Qing couldn’t believe his eyes, “My big brother made this for me? He didn’t even put minced meat in it?!”

The staff nodded honestly, “That’s right. You got food poisoning, so you can only eat this for a few days.”

Lian Qing was so aggrieved, drinking two bowls of plain porridge without any side dishes. He put the bowl down and then sat in the wheelchair that the staff had brought. The wheelchair was also prepared by the program team, just in case. Outdoor activities were inevitably a bit rough, so it was better to be safe than sorry. But they didn’t expect that it would be used by Lian Qing.

As the staff pushed Lian Qing with an umbrella, they arrived at a big river behind the village. From afar, Lian Qing saw his big brother lying on a floating board in the river, reaching out to grab yellow square objects floating on the water.

His cotton jacket clung tightly to his body, highlighting his beautiful and not overly prominent muscle lines. Coupled with his sharp and handsome face, even the dazzling sunlight couldn’t steal his spotlight.

The only thing that concerned Lian Qing was whether his older brother would catch a cold because it was already autumn and the water was cold.

After looking around anxiously for a while, he realized that all the fathers were struggling in the water while the children were cheering on the shore.

Lian Qing quickly asked a staff member to help him push him to his younger brother’s side and grabbed the child, asking, “What are they doing?”

The little one turned around and saw that it was his shixiong and immediately became excited, saying, “Shixiong you came just in time, help me cheer for Yu gege. I’m small and my voice is small, I can’t shout louder than the other older brothers and sisters.”

As soon as he heard that he was going to cheer for Yu Wenning, Lian Qing didn’t ask any more questions and immediately shouted, “Big brother, come on!”

The tiny monk said, “Yu gege, come on!”

Lian Qing said, “Big brother, come on!”

“Yu gege, come on!”


When the other children saw that the tiny monk had foreign aid, they became unhappy and began to shout loudly to support their own fathers. For a moment, Lian Qing’s and the tiny monk’s voices were drowned out.

Lian Qing rubbed his younger brother’s little bald head in distress. He was too weak to shout! He had shouted several times just now, but he didn’t even see his big brother turn around and look at him, indicating that he hadn’t heard his voice.

Looking around the venue, Lian Qing’s eyes turned to the director. He waved at his shidi and whispered a few words in his ear.

The director had noticed Lian Qing’s arrival a long time ago, but he was in the middle of filming and could only watch from the sidelines for the time being. He watched with interest as Lian Qing whispered to the tiny monk, who then ran towards him with his short legs.

The director kindly asked, “What’s wrong?”

The tiny monk grabbed the small megaphone on the table next to him and said as he ran, “Just borrowing it!”

The director: ?!!! Is he stealing it? Is he afraid that the director won’t lend it to him?!

The tiny monk ran with short legs like a sprinter for a hundred meters, and handed the small megaphone to his senior brother, earning a big thumbs-up. He proudly puffed out his chest and approached his shixiong. His senior brother told him to quickly run back after taking the director’s megaphone, and to use it for a while if the director couldn’t react in time!

Lian Qing turned on the switch of the megaphone, turned the volume to the maximum, and shouted loudly, “Come on, big brother, come on!”

The tiny monk leaned close to the loudspeaker and shouted, “Come on, Yu gege, come on!”

“Come on, big brother, come on, come on, come on!”

“Come on, Yu gege, come on, come on, come on!”


Everyone: ?!!! Is this really working?! What kind of devilish brothers are they? They never follow the rules, but it seems to work!

Yu Wenning, who heard the sound, looked up and saw the monk who was supposed to be resting inside, sitting in a wheelchair and cheering for him with a small megaphone. He shouted, and the tiny monk beside him followed closely and shouted as well. The older one shouted in different ways, while the younger one repeated and changed the title.

The amplified sound from the small megaphone successfully suppressed the voices of all the children, making them appear extremely shameless.
These two brothers are too shameless haha.


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