Entertainment Circle’s Mascot
Entertainment Circle’s Mascot: Chapter 56

Yu Wenning suddenly felt like he had brought two children to the show, one big and one small.

Shaking his head to dismiss the unfounded thought, he turned around and gritted his teeth, speeding up to grab the yellow block. After grabbing it, he rushed to the next one…

He needed to finish the task quickly to send that person back.

Seeing how he was giving face, everyone cheered him on more enthusiastically, including Lian Qing and Little Lian Sang. Other children followed suit, but they didn’t have a small megaphone, so they couldn’t shout louder than the shameless brother combo! Therefore, they could only watch as Lian Qing and Lian Sang, relying on their small megaphone, took the lead.

Lian Qing had no intention of bullying other people’s children, which made the director consider dragging him back.

As expected, with the verbal support of the two brothers, Yu Wenning successfully got the most blocks. He connected them one by one and hooked them onto the hooks set on the floating board. Then he quickly swam back to the shore.

When he reached the shore, the other dads were also rushing back. Looking at the blocks they were carrying, no one had more than him. Yu Wenning finally breathed a sigh of relief. A staff member handed him a big towel, which he casually draped over himself. He didn’t even bother to check how many blocks he had brought back and strode over to Lian Qing and Lian Sang.

The children who were originally gathered around the two brothers instinctively scattered. It wasn’t that they were particularly sensible and knew to avoid, but rather, children of this age would subconsciously fear adults with a too-strong aura. Moreover, Yu Wenning had only come to the show in the afternoon, and after introducing himself to the guests, he had gone straight into the task without much time to interact with the other children. Naturally, the other children couldn’t get close to him.

Yu Wenning didn’t mind, and he approached Lian Qing and Lian Sang with a smile. He wanted to touch the tiny monk’s bald head with his hand, but his hand stopped halfway and he silently retracted it. Faced with the curious and questioning looks of the two brothers, he explained conscientiously, “My hands just got wet, so they’re a little cold.”

He was very careful, so careful that Lian Qing felt sorry for him. He couldn’t help but hold Yu Wenning’s hands, feeling the coldness. He wanted to lower his head to warm them up, but Yu Wenning didn’t give him the chance. He quickly pulled his hands away and softly said, “You’re still sick, don’t touch anything cold.” His hands weren’t any better!

After hearing these words, Lian Qing couldn’t express clearly how he felt in his heart – a mixture of sourness and sweetness with a hint of bitterness. This was the first time someone had been so attentive to him. Although his shifu had been good to him in the past, the old man was careless and not as meticulous as this person. Lian Qing himself had never paid so much attention to his own body, often relying on his youth and strength to do anything, unafraid of falls or injuries.

But this person even worried that his hands might get too cold and freeze.

He pursed his lips and said softly, “I’m sorry to have you do these things for me… The water must be cold, right?” If it were him, he was used to taking cold showers and wouldn’t mind. But in Lian Qing’s eyes, Yu Wenning was a pampered and delicate young master with fair skin and tender flesh. He was afraid that he might get sick after getting into the cold water.

In fact, Yu Wenning had already developed some abs and was not at all spoiled. He shook his head and smiled, saying, “It’s okay, the weather isn’t that cold today. Besides, I go winter swimming from time to time every year, so I can adapt to it.” He paused for a moment, then bent down slightly and said, “But what about you? You’re still sick, and it’s windy by the river. Why did you come out?”

“I feel much better now, so I asked someone to bring me here to take a look. Don’t worry, there isn’t much wind here, you don’t have to take care of me.”

Yu Wenning looked at him disapprovingly, with a look of determination in his eyes. He was about to persuade him to go back, when suddenly a towel appeared in front of him. He looked down and saw that it was from Tiny Monk Lian Sang, who was holding a large towel and said, “Yu gege, help me put this on Shixiong. I’m too short to reach.”

Yu Wenning and Lian Qing looked at each other and smiled. Yu Wenning took the towel from Lian Sang and shook it out, only to find that there were two pieces. Lian Sang explained in a serious tone, “One to cover the legs and one to cover the shoulders.”

“Thank you, Xiaosan’er!” Lian Qing felt a warmth in his heart. “You’re even cuter than a little cotton-padded jacket!”

“I’m a boy!” Lian Sang emphasized. Previously, the old lady at the foot of the mountain had said that only girls were little cotton-padded jackets, and boys were leather jackets. Although he didn’t know what a leather jacket was.

Lian Qing was momentarily surprised, but then nodded. “Boys can also be little cotton-padded jackets.”



“Okay then, I’ll be your little cotton-padded jacket.” The little one looked helpless but enamored, as if saying “I really can’t do anything about you.” If he wasn’t sick, Lian Qing would have wanted to hug him and give him a big kiss.

But he didn’t have to regret for long, because Yu Wennin suddenly bent down and gave his little shidi’s bald head a kiss. After the kiss, he sincerely praised, “Xiaosan,’er is really great!”

The little one blushed and laughed shyly, then turned and hid behind Lian Qing, looking cute and embarrassed. Seeing this, Lian Qing and Yu Wenning finally couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

On the other side, Wu Xiangling, who had just come ashore, commented casually, “What’s going on with them? Why do I feel like they’re a family of three?”

Chen Yi shook his head and wiped his face. “Didn’t you hear Little Monk call President Yu ‘big brother’? They’re probably sworn brothers with a good relationship.”

Li Chengsi, who knew a little bit of the truth, silently walked towards them without saying a word.

Lian Qing and the others were chatting and laughing when they heard Li Chengsi’s laughter next to them. “Hey, Little Monk, I really admire you now. Bullying a group of children, and you’re not even ashamed.”

“I didn’t, I didn’t bully anyone, I’m not ashamed!” Lian Qing quickly waved his hands. He didn’t think he had bullied any children, so he had nothing to be ashamed of.

Tiny monk Lian Sang poked his head out from behind his senior brother and said, “Shixiong didn’t bully the kids. I can testify. Uncle, you can’t falsely accuse good people!”


Hearing their words, everyone couldn’t help but laugh.

Li Chengsi laughed and said, “Little monk…you’re going to corrupt the tiny monk sooner or later, hahaha…”

Yu Wenning laughed and pulled Little Lian Sang away, and said jokingly, “Come on, let’s move away from your senior brother.”

Little Lian Qing complained, “…Big brother, you’ve changed.”

Little Lian Sang firmly held onto his senior brother’s wheelchair and said, “I haven’t!”

The playful scene of the two monks once again made everyone burst into laughter, until the director shouted from the other side, asking everyone to come over.

“After tallying up the number of blocks collected by the staff, the team with the most blocks is Yu Wenning and the tiny monk. So, you will now receive six types of meat or vegetables and have priority in choosing.” The director took a new megaphone and continued, “The rest of you will have a decreasing number of options. Now, Yu Wenning and the tiny monk, please come forward and choose the six foods you want.”

When Lian Qing on the wheelchair heard the rule, he immediately raised the small megaphone in excitement and shouted, “Meat, big brother, choose meat! I want to eat meat!”

Li Chengsi cruelly said to him, “Forget it, even if your big brother chooses meat, you won’t be able to eat it. You can only drink porridge today!”

Yu Wenning also nodded and said, “Not just today, but tomorrow too, you can only drink porridge.”

Lian Qing visibly deflated and slumped in his chair, his pitiful appearance of being ruthlessly crushed by life was so comical that it made people unable to help but laugh.

Yu Wenning looked at him with a pained expression for a while before turning to Lian Sang, the tiny monk, and asking, “Xiao San’er, what do you want to eat?”

The tiny monk raised his hand and said, “Meat, I want to eat meat!”

Everyone: “……” Indeed, they were fellow disciples!

In the end, Yu Wenning chose three meat dishes and three vegetable dishes. After all, children need a balanced diet.

By the time everyone had finished choosing their meals, it was getting late, so they all prepared to go home and cook. Yu Wenning draped a large towel provided by the production team over his shoulders and pushed the wheelchair forward.

Seated on the wheelchair were Lian Qing and Lian Sang, with all kinds of food won today hanging on both sides of the wheelchair. It was quite a feast. Yu Wenning was quite optimistic and thought that he had come back with a full load – two little monks, a lot of food, perfect.

After returning home, Yu Wenning took a quick hot shower and then began to cook. Lian Qing reminded him, “Don’t touch the pressure cooker, okay!”

The doctor who was preparing to give Lian Qing a new IV drip interjected, “Don’t worry, the production team has prepared an electric rice cooker for each household, so you won’t need to use the pressure cooker.”

Yu Wenning laughed and said, “You really did something good for others this time.”

“Exactly! If you hadn’t blown up the kitchen, we might not have needed the electric rice cooker. We’ll have to give you an award and thank you one by one.” The doctor joked.

Lian Qing frowned and said, “I don’t want that honor…”

The doctor shook his head with a smile, handed him a few small packets of medicine, and reminded the staff to pay attention to the medicine in the IV drip and call him when it was almost finished. Then, he left. He always felt that this family had a strange and harmonious atmosphere, and he felt like he was being shown up all the time.

It’s obvious that Yu Wenning is faster and more reliable than Lian Qing when it comes to cooking. After the sky had turned completely dark, he had Little Lian Sang come over to call them for dinner. Since Lian Qing had finished his IV drip, he walked over to the dining table and sat down.

When Yu Wenning came out with the dishes, he paused for a moment upon seeing Lian Qing sitting there. He asked, “Are you sure you want to sit here?”

Lian Qing was confused, “Why not?” He wasn’t bedridden, so he naturally had to eat at the dining table.

Yu Wenning’s lips quietly curled up as he whispered, “Alright, I hope you don’t regret it later.”

A few minutes later, Lian Qing looked at the bowl of white porridge in front of him, then looked at the rich and delicious meat and vegetable dishes on the table. He felt so aggrieved in his heart. He regretted it, regretted it so much! It was so cruel to see but not be able to eat anything!

He couldn’t help but say to his shidi, Lian Sang, who was next to him and reaching for chicken wings with his chopsticks, “Eat less meat. Shifu is right, you should lose weight.”

Lian Sang didn’t even look at his shixiong and said, “You said that my body is blessed and I don’t need to lose weight. If anyone needs to lose weight, it’s Yu gege.”

Yu Wenning cruelly smiled, “No, I have to eat more, or else I won’t have the strength to help your shixiong complete the mission.” He deliberately picked up a chicken wing, waved it in front of Lian Qing, and then put it into his own bowl.

Lian Qing: “Ying…”

He began to reflect on himself, how he ended up in such a miserable situation. It was just so unjust and helpless.

He hated it!


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