Entertainment Circle’s Mascot
Entertainment Circle’s Mascot: Chapter 57

After eating, Lian Qing felt only liver pain, which made him feel depressed. The program group came with a new task after dinner, so Yu Wenning and Xiao Lian Sang had to go together. Lian Qing didn’t go, and he had only drunk four bowls of porridge the whole day, so he didn’t have the energy to cheer up the two verbally, and just lay back on the bed.

Yu Wenning was worried, but the task had to be completed. He could only think to himself that he would speed up when doing the task later, and try to come back early to take care of Lian Qing.

After everyone left, Lian Qing sent away the staff who stayed to take care of him and lay quietly by himself, unknowingly falling asleep.

In his dream, he vaguely felt like someone was whispering something in his ear. The voice was low, gentle, and somewhat familiar, but he couldn’t hear what the person was saying no matter how hard he tried.

Although the voice was right by his ear, he still couldn’t hear it clearly, as if his ears and brain were covered with a thick layer of soundproof paper.

The voice gradually became louder and the emotion became a little urgent. At the same time, Lian Qing felt his hand being held by someone. The temperature of that hand was surprisingly high, which helped him regain a little consciousness.

Struggling to open his eyes, he saw only white in front of him at first. After a while, his eyes refocused, and he realized that Yu Wenning and Xiao Lian Sang were both by his side, looking a little anxious. Behind them stood the program group’s accompanying doctor.

Lian Qing asked drowsily, “Did you finish recording the show?”

Seeing that Lian Qing was really awake, Yu Wenning and Xiao Lian Sang finally relaxed.

“Uh-huh.” Yu Wenning tucked in his blankets and asked, “Is there anything uncomfortable with your body, like stomach pain or something?”

Lian Qing shook his head blankly, but then he felt dizzy when he did so. His face turned pale and he whispered, “Dizzy, and no strength in my body.”

Yu Wenning looked at the doctor, who sighed helplessly and said, “Low-grade fever is common with food poisoning, and it can cause dizziness.”

Lian Qing was puzzled, “How could I get a fever?”

The doctor shrugged, “Maybe you caught a cold. Didn’t you go to the river today? Don’t move tonight. Since you’re dizzy, it’s not appropriate to move around. Check your condition tomorrow morning. If your head is no longer dizzy, I’ll send some medicine over. If you’re still dizzy, I’ll contact a friend to bring over some medicine.”

Yu Wenning was unhappy, “He’s so uncomfortable, isn’t it delaying his illness to drag it out like this!”

“The mountain road is difficult to walk on. If we take him to the hospital now, it would be even more torture for him. “

“What about taking a helicopter?”

“That’s not possible either. The weather tonight isn’t that good. Mr. Yu, don’t worry, I’ll stay here with him tonight. I have all the medicine with me. Don’t worry.” The doctor reassured him repeatedly, but in his heart, he was muttering that the illness wasn’t really that serious. Mr. Yu seemed to have a very good relationship with Lian Qing!

Unable to go to the hospital, Yu Wenning’s face became even more unsightly. Lian Qing held his hand and said, “Forget it, I’m actually fine lying down like this, it’s not uncomfortable.”

He was telling the truth, lying still was not uncomfortable. But he just felt tired and his mind was a bit hazy.

Seeing Yu Wennin still had a serious expression, he had to say, “You’re scaring my shidi, smile quickly.”

Lian Sang, the tiny monk, looked puzzled, “Shixiong, I’m not scared.”

Lian Qing gave him a glare, “I said you are!”

Lian Sang looked aggrieved, “Shixiong, you’re being… being…”

After struggling for a while, the little guy with limited vocabulary couldn’t remember the full name of the word, so he touched his own little bald head in distress and asked, “Shixiong, what was the word again? I remember it was three characters long…”

“Fascist,” Yu Wenning sympathetically picked up his words.

TN: *”法西斯” (fǎ xī sī) is the Chinese transliteration of the word “fascist,” which refers to a political ideology characterized by dictatorial power, extreme nationalism, suppression of political opposition, and often, racism or xenophobia.

“Yes!” the little guy said seriously to his senior brother, “What you’re doing is wrong! And also, you can’t be mean to me, or else…”

“Or else what?” Lian Qing looked at him calmly.

“Or else… or else I won’t play with you anymore!” The little guy struggled to come up with something to say.

Lian Qing and Yu Wenning exchanged a glance and couldn’t help but laugh quietly. The doctor laughed even more, saying, “I thought you were going to come up with some big plan, like running away from home or something. But after all that, you just said this one sentence.”

The tiny monk shook his head awkwardly. “I’m not stupid, my legs are too short to go far.”

“Hahaha…” The doctor and staff burst into laughter. Yu Wenning and Lian Qing also couldn’t help but laugh even more.

The little guy’s words, intentional or not, actually eased the tension in the room. Yu Wenning’s face also softened, first coaxing the little guy to go to the next room to sleep, and then coming back to watch over Lian Qing.

Although the doctor and staff had promised to take turns watching over him, Yu Wenning was still worried and had to be there himself to feel more at ease.

Lian Qing tried to persuade him to go rest, but he couldn’t persuade him no matter what. Finally, he had to give half of the bed to him, letting him sleep inside.

This wasn’t the first time they had shared a bed, but this time Yu Wenning was even more innocent than before, because his mind was full of worry for Lian Qing.

Lian Qing was sick and slept soundly all night. Yu Wenning, on the other hand, stayed up all night without sleep, almost the entire time worrying about him. The next day, Lian Qing woke up feeling much better, but Yu Wenning’s stubble had grown and his dark circles were very serious.

Looking at him, he looked haggard and no longer had the graceful and *domineering look he had before. Lian Qing felt sorry for him. He wanted to advise him to rest, but Yu Wenning refused. After quickly eating the breakfast prepared by the program group and making sure that Lian Qing’s physical condition was relatively stable and the weather was fine, Yu Wenning took him and Xiao San to his own helicopter.

TN*”霸总” is a Chinese slang term that can be translated as “boss” or “tycoon.” It is often used to describe a powerful, wealthy, and successful person, particularly in the business world. The term can also carry a connotation of arrogance or overbearing behavior, depending on the context.

Fortunately, the show had officially finished recording last night, so Lian Qing didn’t have much psychological burden.

Not long after getting on the plane, perhaps because of his discomfort or because of the side effects of the medicine prescribed by the doctor, Lian Qing fell asleep again. Yu Wenning let him lean on him and softly said, “Sleep.”

“En…” Lian Qing mumbled drowsily, “Watch over my shidi, ah!”

“Okay.” Yu Wenning promised softly while covering him with a small blanket.

Lian Sang, the tiny monk, said softly on the side, “Yu gege, I’m a big kid now, you just need to take care of my shixiong, don’t worry about me.”

Yu Wenning turned his head and kissed him, saying, “Be good, I will take care of both of you.”

Lian Sang was stunned for a moment, touched the place where he was kissed, and smiled foolishly. He thought, it would be great if Yu gege were a girl. He could cook well, was gentle, and beautiful. If Yu gege were a girl, he would definitely urge his shixiong to pursue her.

Hmm, if his shixiong didn’t pursue him, he would pursue him himself when he grew up!

At this time, the little guy didn’t know that many years later, he would often sigh and say that fortunately, he didn’t say such silly thoughts out loud back then. Otherwise, his shixiong would have definitely buried him alive and stomped on him. 

Lian Qing slept for an unknown amount of time and woke up in the hospital room. Yu Wenning was by his side, probably exhausted.

At this moment, he was lying on the edge of his own bed, sleeping. Perhaps he was afraid that he wouldn’t notice if anything happened to Lian Qing, so Yu Wenning was still holding Lian Qing’s hand with one hand.

If you look further, you would see that Tiny Monk Lian Sang was lying on the next bed in the ward, sleeping messily.

Without intending to wake Yu Wenning up, Lian Qing looked around the ward. With just one look, he realized that this ward was very different from the ones he had seen before.

Compared to other wards, this one was larger, with only two beds, clean and tidy, and a beautiful bouquet of flowers on the windowsill.

Lian Qing rarely got sick, but he had stayed in the hospital for two days due to a car accident. In his impression, hospitals were always crowded with multiple beds in one ward, small and noisy places where it was hard to find peace. But this place was completely different.

Just as he was still looking around, he heard Yu Wenning say, “Are you awake? How are you feeling now?”

Lian Qing turned to look at him and shook his head, “It’s okay, I don’t feel much discomfort now.”

Yu Wenning nodded and stood up, saying, “I’ll go freshen up.” He couldn’t accompany Lian Qing if he didn’t tidy himself up.


As Yu Wenning went to the bathroom, Lian Qing picked up his phone from the bedside table. He hadn’t told Sister Cheng and the others about his illness yet.

To his surprise, as soon as he turned on his phone, he received dozens of missed calls. Sister Cheng was the one who called the most, followed by Sister Sha.

He called Sister Cheng first, and she picked up almost instantly, asking straightforwardly, “Lian Qing, what happened? Why were you carried into the hospital by Mr. Yu?”

“Sister, how did you know?” Lian Qing asked in surprise. Assistant Chen wasn’t with him, so who could have told Sister Cheng?

Sister Cheng said irritably, “It’s all over the internet, how could I not know?”


If you would like to translate this novel to your own language then knock yourself out. *You get permission, you get permission, you get…* All languages are welcome. But I just want to put out a disclaimer. For those who don’t already know, I’m an MTLER so my accuracy isn’t that good and Chinese is such a deep and profound language so a lot gets lost in translation especially MTLs. So if you’re going to use my translations, I would recommend to also go through the raws with pop-up dictionaries like Zhongwen, it’s the one I use, to improve the output a bit. You can send me links to the translations and I’ll pin them on the TOC.


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