Entertainment Circle’s Mascot
Entertainment Circle’s Mascot: Chapter 59

It wasn’t known how much money Yu Wenning spent, but he arranged a VIP room for Lian Qing so he didn’t have to squeeze with others and the surrounding environment was relatively quiet. Except for not being able to eat meat and rice, Lian Qing had no complaints about his hospital stay.

 Oh, wait, there was one thing that worried him – the hospital expenses.

He was the one who was sick and had to stay in the hospital, so he couldn’t let Yu Wenning pay for him. No matter how much he asked, Yu Wenning wouldn’t tell him how much money he spent. Even when he asked the nurses, they wouldn’t tell him either, as they had received a warning from Yu Wenning. For a while, Lian Qing didn’t know how to repay Yu Wenning.

Fortunately, this problem was quickly solved when Cheng Jie visited him. She said that he got sick while filming, so it could be considered a work injury and would be reimbursed. Lian Qing shouted happily to Yu Wenning, “Brother, did you hear that? Quickly bring out all the hospital and registration bills, I need to get reimbursed!”

Cheng Jie heard his cheerful voice and was about to give him a slap on the head, but she was intercepted by another hand. The owner of the hand had a faint smile on his face and said, “Don’t touch him, okay?” Cheng Jie laughed awkwardly and nodded. Even though she didn’t use much force in her slap, it was purely for show.

Lian Qing didn’t feel that his big brother had “threatened” his manager. He was too busy reaching out for the documents, ready for Cheng Jie to take them back for reimbursement.

On the other hand, the little monk, Lian Sang, was standing with his hands behind his back, looking up with a serious expression. He said, “Brother is not smart, you can’t hit him on the head, or he’ll become even dumber!”

This statement was like a blow to Lian Qing, and he forgot all about the documents. He angrily questioned the little monk, “Who said I’m dumb? I used to get scholarships all the time when I was in school!”

The little monk wasn’t afraid at all, as he knew his brother was just a paper tiger and wouldn’t really hit him. He patted his small belly and said, “Master said that my brother’s mind is not as smart as mine! Getting scholarships is all about working hard…”

“Practice makes perfect,” Yu Wenning finished his sentence, patting the little monk’s head.

The little monk was half-believing and half-doubting as he rubbed his bald head. “I can’t remember what practice is supposed to make perfect, but Master said that even though my brother is dumb, we can’t make fun of him.”

Lian Qing: “…” If this isn’t making fun of him, then what is?

Cheng Jie laughed out loud and clapped her hands. “Haha… right, we can’t make fun of him! Hahaha…”

Yu Wenning covered his mouth with one hand, trying not to let Lian Qing see that he was laughing at him. Well, even though he covered his mouth, it was pretty obvious…

Lian Qing: “…” Take a deep breath, and endure…

He couldn’t bear it! He showed a sinister smile to his little shidi, “Good boy, Xiao San’er, come here to your shixiong.”

Lian Sang, the tiny monk, silently retreated behind Yu Wenning and pleaded, “Yu gege, save me. Shixiong is going to spank me!”

“I still have to beat you today, and no one can save you!” After speaking, Lian Qing struggled to get out of bed and reached out to grab him.

The little guy quickly climbed onto Yu Wenning while pleading, “Shixiong, I was wrong, please don’t hit me…”

In the end, with the intentional or unintentional help of Yu Wenning, Lian Qing successfully caught the little guy.

While his senior brother held him by the waist, the little guy tightly hugged Yu Wenning’s thigh and bargained with a flushed face, “Senior brother, can you wait until the pretty auntie leaves before you hit me?” He also cared about his face!

The pretty auntie, Cheng Lan, quietly stood up and said, “You guys continue, don’t mind me. I’ll leave now.”

So it’s really dangerous to call a woman “auntie,” even if she’s over 30.

Cheng Lan closed the door of the ward and could faintly hear the sound of the little monk crying and bargaining with his senior brother.

“Senior brother, can you just hit me once?”

“Three times, no discussion!”

“Two times!”

“Say one more word and I’ll hit you five times!”

“Sniff… Then, then, don’t take off my pants…”

“Keep dreaming! Let go of Yu Gege and come over here to lie down!”

Even separated by the door, Cheng Lan could imagine the little guy’s face crumpled with grievances. She couldn’t help but chuckle, feeling that this kid didn’t seem to have a hard time following Lian Qing.

She came to see Lian Qing on purpose, partly for him; partly to see what was going on between him and Mr. Yu, but mostly because of her attention to the little monk, she couldn’t really tell. And thirdly, she wanted to take a look at this little guy.

Originally, she had planned to let her assistant Chen Qi observe the child during the program recording and report back to her. However, Chen Qi happened to have something come up at home and took a leave of absence, so no one had the chance to tell her about the child’s performance during the recording. Therefore, she had no choice but to come and see for herself.

Upon arrival, she discovered that this child was much more mature and intelligent than she had imagined. At only three years old, his expressive abilities were not inferior to her own four-and-a-half-year-old daughter’s. Moreover, he was indeed very sensible.

When she arrived, the child greeted her on his own initiative and even tried to pour her a cup of hot water, showing great politeness. Although he couldn’t reach the water due to his short stature. When she spoke with Lian Qing, the little guy sat quietly playing with his puzzle on the empty bed next to them until she pretended to hit Lian Qing, then the child raised his head and spoke.

If this was the kind of child, he would not really cause any trouble by staying with Lian Qing. She thought with some relief and decided to call Xiaoheshang to tell him she agreed. At the same time, she needed to find another assistant to watch the child…

Lian Qing, who received Cheng Jie’s affirmative response that day, was so excited that he hugged his junior brother and laughed until his teeth were showing. Seeing Yu Wenning smiling at him on the side, he reached out to him directly.

Yu Wenning was taken aback and almost stumbled over as he walked up to them, hugging them both together.

In the following two or three days, people came to visit them one after another. Among them, Sha Man and Zhao Chengyi were quite excessive. Not only did they come to visit, but they also brought a bunch of snacks that Lian Qing couldn’t eat.

Then the two of them, along with the little monk, sat next to the bed next door, eating and chatting, completely forgetting about the unfortunate patient Lian Qing.

Lian Qing was feeling resentful when Yu Wenning suddenly took out his phone and handed it to him to look at. In the photo, Lian Qing was sitting alone on the bed with an IV drip, while the two adults and a child on the opposite bed were eating and drinking merrily.

How pitiful and miserable was this scene and contrast!

Lian Qing gritted his teeth and said, “Send me the picture, I’m going to post it on Weibo!”

Yu Wenning really sent him a copy, then touched his hair and said softly, “It’s okay, I’ll accompany you, I won’t eat their food.”

Lian Qing was deeply moved and gave him a grateful look, then lowered his head to post on Weibo.

[Lian Qing monk V: @ShamanV @Zhao ChengyiV You guys are too much! @Cheng LanV @Shaman StudioV Sister Cheng, Xiaoshi, I am reporting them by name. They are not losing weight and secretly eating here!]

As soon as this Weibo was posted, it immediately caused a wave of excitement. Only two days had passed since Lian Qing’s hospitalization search trend had subsided, and this Weibo instantly attracted countless fans to comment.

[Hahaha… Congratulations to Little Monk for becoming the most miserable monk in history!]

[Haha, knowing that Little Monk can only drink porridge, but bringing food to visit… Was it intentional! Shaman and Da Cheng are so bad hhh]

[They are eating happily, and Little shidi has also betrayed 2333]

[I remember both of them being people whose weight is strictly controlled by the studio…]

[Upstairs is not wrong, they were even criticized by the studio by name last month 333]

[The agent has ten seconds left to arrive at the battlefield, it’s still not too late to run hhh]

[It’s too much, hug Little Monk! Laughing so hard~]

[Ah ah ah, this is making me laugh so hard I’m about to pass out hahaha…]

[This comparison is too miserable 666]

Li Chengsi also joined in the fun on Weibo, commenting: “[Little shidi has also abandoned you. Little Monk, should you reflect on your character? #dog#”

Lian Qing humphed in response: “I still have my big brother! There’s only me and my big brother in this world, enduring the temptation of delicious food together.”

Li Chengsi replied in seconds: “No, I think it’s actually that Mr. Yu himself doesn’t like this kind of snack.”

Lian Qing looked at Yu Wenning and asked, “Don’t you like those things?”

Yu Wenning’s eyes sparkled and he smiled, “If I’m eating with you, I’ll like them.”

Lian Qing: “…” Although this answer was a bit heartwarming, but… so he still doesn’t like to eat them?

He sulkingly closed his phone and shouted to Sister Sha and the others, “Sister, Brother Zhao, I reported you to the authorities!”

“What! You ungrateful little brat, I came all the way to see you and you treat me like this?!”

“Yeah, Little Monk, you’ve changed, you weren’t like this before!”

Lian Qing pouted, “It’s all because of you guys!”

Yu Wenning comfortingly ruffled his hair.

Little did Lian Qing know that because of this Weibo post, his “Qingning CP” and “Wenqing CP” fandoms grew even bigger, based on his interactions with Li Chengsi. 

TN: Qingning is lime, Wenqing is warmth but I’m just going to keep them in pinyin.

Due to this post, all the brothers and sisters who came to visit Lian Qing afterwards followed suit. Luo Zisheng, Li Chengsi, Wu Xiangling, Mo Tian…

Lian Qing passively accepted wave after wave of good-natured teasing, and time after time watched as these people ate and drank with his little Junior Brother in the next bed without inviting him. Hmm, it was very cruel and unreasonable!

Internet silly netizens were eagerly anticipating every day, who brought food to visit the little monk today, who severely hit him.

#Poor Little Monk Lian Qing#

This topic had never left the hot search list, ranking up and down every day.

Little monk Lian Qing, who was sincerely loved by friends in the industry and countless netizens every day: Ah, my heart is tired!

Yu Wenning, who pat little monk Lian Qing’s head and comforted him every day: Hmm, not tired at all!

Tiny monk who was brought food every day: Hmm, so full!

Author’s note:

Netizen A: Aiaiai, Cheng Ge posted on Weibo and brought little monk’s favorite fried chicken wings to visit him! Hahaha… Little Monk’s eyes were filled with tears 666

Netizen B: Let me see, let me see, aww my poor baby! But I want to laugh so badly, what should I do hahahaha…

Netizen C: Mo Tian commented on Cheng Ge’s Weibo saying she’s preparing to bring a hot pot to visit little monk! Hahaha… I can’t stop laughing, it’s too sad!


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