Entertainment Circle’s Mascot
Entertainment Circle’s Mascot: Chapter 60

After being repeatedly teased by his friends, poor little monk Lian Qing couldn’t take it anymore. On the fourth day of his hospital stay, he secretly went online and posted an anonymous request for help.

[Anonymous netizen: Recently, I suffered from food poisoning and was hospitalized on the insistence of my best friend. However, my other friends keep bringing me my favorite but forbidden foods during their visits, and then enjoy them deliciously right next to me. I want to ask if there is any way to stop this? Urgent, waiting online.]

After posting, he really did wait online for a reply. But he didn’t have to wait long, as eager and kind-hearted netizens quickly responded.

[Netizen A: Hello little monk!]

Lian Qing was surprised and checked his anonymous account. It was anonymous, so how did this person know it was him? Did the website have some hidden feature that could reveal the poster’s identity? He had to find out, so he replied, “How do you know it’s me?”

As soon as he replied, a flood of netizens responded.

[Netizen A: Oh my god, I was just casually commenting and it turned out to be the real little monk?!]

[Netizen B: What’s going on? Is it really the little monk?]

[Netizen C: Oh my goodness, my brother, who’s a nerd, helped me investigate and confirmed the IP matches the hospital in S City… I won’t say more, so as not to disturb his recovery, hahaha.]

[Netizen D: Haha, so the little monk was finally forced to seek help online?!]

[Netizen E: Oh my god, what did I just see?! The little monk was finally forced to seek help online?!]

[Netizen F: I thought it was just a joke, but who knew it was actually the real deal… Wait, so Little Monk and Mr. Yu are just good friends? Why am I having a hard time believing that…]


Confessing without prompting, Little Monk Lian Qing betrayed himself: “……….”

He was really foolish, really!

He shut off his phone and buried himself under the covers, ignoring all the posts and comments. He fully demonstrated what it means to cover one’s ears while stealing a bell.

Of course, he didn’t last long hiding under the covers before he was pulled out by Yu Wenning. He then received a stern lecture from him, deeply realizing the various safety hazards that could arise from hiding under the covers.

After the lecture, Yu Wenning reminded Little Monk Lian Qing seriously: “Don’t learn from your shixiong, okay?”

Tiny Monk Lian Sang nodded seriously: “Got it,Yu gege!”

Negative example, Lian Qing: “……” He felt wronged!

However, online, the fact that this post was personally released by Lian Qing was verified by the technical god. For a while, social media platforms had another joke to share. The hashtag #Miserable Monk Lian Qing# once again topped the trending topics.

As for Lian Qing, who provided the laughter, the curious netizens didn’t care about his life or death at this point. After all, his good friend Yu Wenning was accompanying him!

After the incident of revealing his identity in the post, Lian Qing stayed in the hospital for another day.

At first, he didn’t want to stay in the hospital for long, but due to his usually robust health, this illness had caused a series of chain reactions, with recurrent fever and weakness.

This illness made him truly realize what it means for an illness to come like a mountain and go like a thread. This was also the main reason why he didn’t strongly demand to be discharged from the hospital when Yu Wenning requested him to stay.

However, five days was enough, he might go crazy if he stayed any longer.

At this point, he couldn’t help but sincerely thank his friends in the entertainment circle. If it wasn’t for these people who took turns visiting him, making his hospital room lively every day, he might not have found an opportunity to easily persuade Yu Wenning to let him leave the hospital.

Yes, the biggest obstacle to Lian Qing’s discharge was not the doctor, but his big brother Yu Wenning. As for why an adult man had to seek another man’s consent to leave the hospital, emmm, Little Monk Lian Qing didn’t give it much thought.

Actually, even Lian Qing understood that not all the people who came to visit him had a close relationship with him. For example, Mo Tian and Wu Xiangling. When Lian Qing was filming “Supernatural Chronicles”, he didn’t have many scenes with Mo Tian and they had little contact off the set. He didn’t know Wu Xiangling for long, and their relationship was not deep. They had little contact during the program recording.

In Sister Cheng’s words, they were just here to gain popularity. But Lian Qing couldn’t drive these people away. As more and more familiar and unfamiliar friends visited him, Yu Wenning and the doctor agreed to let him leave the hospital early.

The hospital was no longer a good place to recuperate.

On the day of his discharge,Lian Qing posted a Weibo.

[Monk Lian Qing V: I’m discharged! #AttachedImage#]

The attached picture showed Tiny Monk Lian Sang and Yu Wenning bending over to pack Lian Qing’s things and tidy up his clothes. Yu Wenning had a soft smile on his lips, and Lian Sang was smiling with his eyes narrowed, revealing his cute little white teeth.

The purpose of his Weibo post was to tell everyone that he had been discharged and not to visit him anymore! After posting the Weibo, Lian Qing immediately logged out and joined the cleanup team.

As a result, he missed all kinds of comments from silly netizens trying to get close to him.

Before leaving, Lian Qing took a photo with several nurses and signed autographs for them. He was then escorted home by Yu Wenning’s bodyguards, under the nurses’ reluctant gaze.

The first thing Lian Qing did when he got home was to look at Yu Wenning pitifully and say, “Big brother, I want to eat meat.”

He had been drinking porridge for five whole days! If he didn’t eat some meat to replenish himself, he would doubt the reason for his existence!

Yu Wenning was about to refuse, but seeing this person with his deer-like almond eyes, wet and round, looking particularly pitiful, as if he would cry if he said “no”, Yu Wenning couldn’t bear it and nodded in agreement. He thought he would buy some groceries and cook something light. He also had to make soup to replenish him. He had been sick for several days and his face had become smaller, and he looked even thinner.

As they watched, the rain stopped and the sun came out, and Liang Qing’s face lit up with a smile as bright as the cloudless sky. Even Yu Wenning couldn’t help but smile at the sight. Well, the doctor said he was recovering well and didn’t have to stick to just liquid food anymore. They just had to make sure he didn’t eat too much.

Yu Wenning took Lian Sang to the supermarket to buy some things and left Lian Qing at home to rest. Lian Qing didn’t say much and just handed him a membership card for a nearby supermarket. He had gotten it last time when he was planning to go back to the mountains and do some shopping. If he saved up seven hundred yuan, he would get a thousand. There was still more than four hundred yuan left on the card.

Yu Wenning didn’t refuse and took the card, picking up little Lian Sang with his other hand and leaving. After watching them leave, Lian Qing felt comfortable lying back in bed. He felt like he was living the life of a wealthy landlord during the feudal period, where food was brought to him with just a word.

He couldn’t help but have a bold thought again: if his big brother were such a virtuous person, it would be great if he were his wife.

As he lay there, he fell asleep without realizing it. In his dream, he became a fat, big-mouthed… pig. And his elder brother Yu Wenning was elegantly holding a bowl of pig food and beckoning to him, gently saying, “It’s time to eat. Come here.”

Then Lian Qing saw himself, a fat pig, happily grunting and running towards his elder brother…

In his dream, Lian Qing, now a fat pig, finished his food and snuggled into his elder brother’s warm palm. But he heard a voice beside him.

“Lian Qing, it’s time to eat.”

Lian Qing waved his hand with his eyes closed. Strange, he had already finished his food in the dream, why was his big brother still calling him to eat?

“It’s time to eat, Shixiong!”

Lian Qing, half-awake, wondered why Xiao San’er was also calling him to eat. There was no such brat in his dream…

Before he could fully wake up, he suddenly felt his nose being pinched. Now, he couldn’t wake up even if he wanted to. Swatting the little hand that was pinching his nose, Lian Qing sat up in a daze and looked at his big brother standing by the bed.

As soon as Yu Wenning touched his forehead, he confirmed that he didn’t have a fever. So he pulled Lian Qing up and said, “Let’s go, let’s eat first, otherwise the food will get cold.”

“Eating and then sleeping, aren’t we becoming pigs?” Lian Qing couldn’t help but think of the fat pig he turned into in his dream. He wondered how much fat there was on his body, which didn’t look appetizing at all.

Yu Wenning probably came back and found Lian Qing sleeping, so he cooked the meal in his own home to avoid waking him up. It was only a wall away, just a few steps away.

Looking at the delicious meat and vegetables on the table, it was a strong contrast to the pig food in his dream. Lian Qing couldn’t help but drool and his hands were itching to grab a steamed pork rib. But as soon as his hand stretched out, it was pushed back by a chopstick.

Yu Wenning said seriously, “Go wash your hands.”

“Oh…” Lian Qing knew he was in the wrong and took his shidi to the kitchen to wash his hands.

When he came back after washing his hands, Yu Wenning placed a bowl of soup in front of him and said, “Drink the soup first to warm up your stomach.”

Lian Qing didn’t want to drink it yet, “Can I drink it after the meal?” He wanted to leave some space in his stomach to eat more meat.

“No, drink the soup first,” Yu Wenning insisted, “Also, you shouldn’t eat too much during meals. Your body is just right, so it’s better to have smaller, more frequent meals these days.”

It seemed there was no room for negotiation… Lian Qing had to pick up the soup and gulp it down in one sip.

As he watched Lian Qing reluctantly following his advice, Yu Wenning felt a hint of sweetness in his heart. He softened his gaze and picked up a piece of pork rib for Lian Qing.

Lian Qing picked up the pork rib from his own small plate and smiled at Yu Wenning, as if he had completely forgotten that he was forced to drink a bowl of soup by him earlier.

Meanwhile, Tiny Monk Lian Sang chewed on his chicken leg, shaking his head in his heart – his shixiong would definitely become a wife-controlled man in the future, just like the owner of the small shop at the foot of the mountain, who was bullied by his wife every day.

Poor thing!

During their meal, Yu Wenning answered a phone call and walked out to the small balcony outside with a serious expression.

As soon as he left, Lian Qing quickly picked up his chopsticks and grabbed a piece of braised pork on the table, chewing it twice and swallowing it. He didn’t even bother to eat it with rice, and quickly picked up a big chicken leg with his hand, devouring it. After he finished eating, he even put the chicken bones in his shidi’s small plate, mixing them with the bones the little one had spat out.

Tiny Monk Lian Sang whispered, “Are you stealing food, Shixiong?”

Lian Qing whispered in a low voice, “Don’t ask, you don’t understand. Just remember to help Shixiong cover up later and don’t let Brother Yu find out that I secretly ate so much meat.”

The little guy nodded in confusion, although he didn’t understand Shixiong’s intentions, he still decided to listen to him.

When Yu Wenning came back after making the phone call, he saw a table with half of the vegetarian dishes left and one-third of the meat dishes.

The amount of food he cooked was usually enough for four or five adults to eat without any problem. Moreover, before he went out to make the call, there were still quite a few leftovers, how did it disappear in the blink of an eye…

He looked at Lian Qing suspiciously, then focused on the small plate in front of him that only had residues. The amount of bones and other leftovers on it was the same as before he left, not a bit more.

He then looked at Lian Sang, the tiny monk, and saw that the small plate in front of the little guy was already piled up with scraps.

He suddenly understood what had happened, he looked at the two of them eating with the same manner and burying their heads in their food. He couldn’t help but smile and feel helpless, and said, “Why is there so much less food?”

Lian Sang looked up anxiously and said, “It’s all me who ate it, Shixiong had nothing to do with it!”

Lian Qing nodded wildly, and then pretended to scold his little shidi, “Don’t eat so much in the future, you’ll become fat.”

The little guy nodded obediently, “I know, Shixiong.”

Yu Wenning: “…………”

He worriedly said to Lian Qing, “If you have stomach discomfort later, remember to come and wake me up. I have medicine here.”

After having food poisoning, his stomach probably couldn’t withstand such a binge-eating. Yu Wenning regretted a bit, he shouldn’t have cooked this meal for Lian Qing. Or he should have strictly controlled the amount of food…

Lian Qing patted his chest confidently, “Don’t worry, I’m in good health!”

After dinner, Lian Qing helped Yu Wenning put the dishes and chopsticks into the dishwasher, then sat in his house for a while before taking Lian Sang, the little monk, back to his own home.

He actually felt a bit reluctant, after spending these few days with his big brother day and night, it really didn’t feel right to be separated from him suddenly.

Lian Sang also felt that it wasn’t right and kept persuading his Shixiong to ask Yu gege to stay at their house.

Lian Qing touched his little bald head and said with regret, “Be good, go play over there.”

His big brother’s home is bigger and more comfortable than his, so what excuse does he have to make others squeeze into his small room?

The tiny monk, feeling helpless, went to play with his jigsaw puzzle, murmuring from time to time.

“If Yu gege were here, it would be great…”

“I miss Yu gege a little bit…”

“Ah, if Shixiong were a girl, he could marry Yu gege and we could live together…”

“It would be nice if Yu gege were a girl, then when I grow up, I can marry him and bring him home…”

Lian Qing didn’t pay much attention to the little guy’s murmurs, he was regretting with one hand on his stomach.

Yu Wenning’s words had hit the mark, and he had a stomach ache.

Around 8 o’clock in the evening, Yu Wenning was preparing to take a shower when he heard a series of knocks on the door, accompanied by a familiar and urgent child’s voice: “Yu gege, quickly open the door, help me! Yu gege…”

Yu Wenning immediately threw off his clothes and ran to open the door. Outside the door, the tiny monk’s eyes were filled with tears, and he grabbed Yu Wenning’s hand and rushed back to his own home, anxiously saying, “Shixiong is sick again…”

That night, with Lian Qing’s empty stomach and vomiting, his big brother escorted him back to the hospital once again.

Unfortunately, the attending physician this time was the same one who had treated Lian Qing before. The old man was surprised and said, “Didn’t you just leave half a day ago? Why are you back again!”

The little monk Lian Qing, feeling dispirited, shed a tear of regret from the corner of his eye.


*Sigh* What goes on in this foolish monk’s head?! He’s going to eat himself into his grave!


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