Entertainment Circle’s Mascot
Entertainment Circle’s Mascot: Chapter 61

As the saying goes, “practice makes perfect.” This time, even the hospital room was familiar.

When Lian Qing was admitted, he received teasing and mocking concern and greetings from the familiar nurse sisters. Fortunately, everyone had a sense of propriety, and the imposing Yu Wenning was quite aloof in front of everyone except Lian Qing and Lian Sang. Although he spoke politely, his imposing manner was too strong, making people hesitant to approach him or act recklessly in front of him.

Early the next morning, Sister Cheng called Lian Qing and got straight to the point: “Little Monk, since you’ve been discharged, rest for another two days and get ready to work.”

Lian Qing, weak and feeble, said, “Sister… I’ve been readmitted…”

“Ah?!” Sister Cheng was surprised.

Lian Qing explained, “I had dinner last night and then started having stomach pain and nausea.”

Sister Cheng took a deep breath and tried to remain calm as she asked, “What did the doctor say?”

“He said I had been eating rice porridge for several days, and suddenly eating so much meat was too much for my stomach to handle…”

Sister Cheng frowned deeply, “You unlucky kid…” she sighed, “I happen to have some free time these days. Otherwise, I’ll come to your place and cook three meals for you.”

“No need, my big brother will take care of me.”

“If he took care of you, how did you end up back in the hospital again? You’ve only been out for less than a day!”

Lian Qing awkwardly explained, “It’s not his fault. He told me to eat small meals and not to eat too much meat. But… while he was out making a phone call, I ate some meat behind his back…”

“You still dare to eat behind his back!” Sister Cheng’s voice suddenly raised, “Are you stupid?”

“I… am…” Lian Qing reluctantly admitted that he was really foolish.

Sister Cheng choked up and said, “No, you’re, you’re not even trying to defend yourself now?”

“I really did something stupid. I was wrong.” Lian Qing admitted his mistake without hesitation.

Cheng Lan sighed deeply and said, “Forget it. You continue to rest and don’t worry about work. I’ll arrange it for you.”

Lian Qing felt ashamed, “I’m sorry, Sister. I’ve caused you trouble again…”

“It’s not your fault for such a sudden event. But Little Monk, please be more careful in the future. Think about it, is it worth drinking rice porridge for several days just for a piece of meat?”

“Not worth it,”Lian Qing said earnestly,”For the sake of that one piece of meat, I lost the chance to eat so many other meals, and I probably lost some weight too.”

“Now that you know, you can’t do this kind of thing again in the future. Lian Qing, you’re an adult now, you have to think carefully before doing anything, at least you have to think about your shidi behind you. A three-year-old child is at the stage where he loves to imitate adult behavior and is most suitable for teaching by example. If he learns from you and acts recklessly, ignoring his own health and medical advice, it would be very bad!”

Indeed, it would be very bad. Lian Qing looked at the little guy sleeping on the bed next to him. He felt sorry for making the child worry and tired himself out. Last night, his big brother and Xiao San’er barely slept and stayed with him throughout the night. They only rested when Lian Qing’s stomach no longer hurt and he fell asleep at around one or two in the morning.

Because he didn’t sleep well last night, the child woke up this morning, had breakfast, and went back to sleep. There was some urgent business in Yu Wenning’s company. After confirming that Lian Qing’s condition was stable, he hurriedly went to the company with two big black circles under his eyes.

Lian Qing not only harmed himself, but also burdened two of the three people he cared about the most. At this moment, he was grateful that his shifu, the old man, probably didn’t play Weibo or browse the web, and didn’t know he was sick. He just needed to pretend a little during their video chat, and he could get away with it. Otherwise, who knows how worried the old man would be.

He reflected on his actions for several seconds before speaking a few words to Sister Cheng and hanging up the phone.

On this side, Lian Qing continued to reflect on his actions. On the other side, Sister Cheng shook her phone and said to Zhao Chengyi and Sha Man sitting across from her, “Okay, did you hear that? This kid ate too much meat last night and ended up in the hospital again.”

Zhao Chengyi: “……….”

Sha Man: “……….”

The two looked at each other, one said, “Shall we go?”

The other gave a nod of approval, “Let’s go!”

“What should we bring?”

“Just get some fried chicken wings from M’s and bring them. The little monk likes to eat them.”

“Okay, then I’ll bring two bottles of iced Coke.”

Sister Cheng’s forehead had several nerves popping up. She couldn’t take it anymore and picked up a script on the table and threw it at them, “You guys, go lose some weight!”

The two deftly dodged the projectile, smiled and waved at Sister Cheng, and left together.

On that noon, the topic of “#Miserable Monk Lian Qing# once again topped the trending list on Weibo. Many netizens eagerly clicked into the post and found promotional-like content of Sha Man and Zhao Chengyi.

[Sha Man V: #Miserable Monk Lian Qing# I heard that the little monk secretly ate a few bites more of the meat cooked by his big brother, which resulted in him being admitted to the hospital. It scared me and @Zhao Chengyi V, so we hurried to visit him with the fried chicken wings that the little monk loves so much. #Attached picture#]

In the picture, Lian Qing with the IV drip looked at the tiny monk who was enjoying the big chicken wings in his hand, as well as Zhao Chengyi who was drinking Coke.

After this Weibo post, many netizens began to ridicule Lian Qing throughout the entire network..

[Ha ha ha… Although I feel sorry for him, I couldn’t help but laugh. Ha ha ha…]

[I want to laugh, what should I do? Oh well, I can’t help it, ha ha ha…]

[Sister Sha, you’re so mean, poor little monk! Hehehe… laughing my face mask off…]

[Feel sorry for him… Pfft! He ate behind Big Brother Yu’s back, only this foolish child can do it]

[Truly the most miserable little monk in history, there’s no doubt about it! Damn, he just posted on Weibo yesterday afternoon, bragging that he was discharged from the hospital!]

[Laughing so hard, hahaha…]

[Little Monk Lian Qing is really something, returning to the hospital by himself, hahaha…]


When Yu Wenning came back, he pushed open the door to the hospital room and saw Lian Qing biting his sheets and grinding his teeth, with red eyes, and the two adults and one child sitting in a circle eating fried chicken wings.

Ignoring the other two, Yu Wenning only focused on Lian Qing. Seeing him looking like he had been bullied, it broke his heart.

He didn’t care about maintaining his good image in front of Lian Qing and spoke a little coldly to Sha Man and Zhao Cheng, who had already seen him and stood up, “Miss Sha, Mr. Zhao, thank you for coming to visit Lian Qing. He needs to rest now, so if you don’t mind, please leave first.”

Zhao Chengyi smiled awkwardly and said, “Okay, then you guys rest first, we’ll go back.”

Sha Man, on the other hand, looked meaningfully at Yu Wenning, saw that he was a straightforward and righteous person, and then looked at Lianqing. Lianqing was still staring at the chicken wing bucket and didn’t even notice them.

Sha Man rolled her eyes to the sky, touched Lian Sang’s little bald head, put away the remaining chicken wings, and said to the little guy who was still not satisfied, “Be good, tiny monk. Children can’t eat too much of this kind of food. Next time, Sister will bring you something else delicious.”

The little guy nodded reluctantly and said in a childish voice, “I understand. If I eat too much, I’ll get sick like Shixiong.”

“Very sensible,” Sha Man patted the little guy again and glanced at the little monk on the sickbed, with an expression that couldn’t be more obvious: look, even a three-year-old child is more sensible than you!

Lian Qing: “…” ying!

After greeting Yu Wenning and Zhao Chengyi, Sha Man left with them. After leaving the hospital, Zhao Chengyi let out a long breath and said, “Ah, Sister Sha, why was Mr. Yu harder to talk to this time than last time?”

Sha Man pressed her hat and said, “He’s worried.”

“Worried about the little monk? What’s there to worry about? He brought this on himself. This is a lesson for him, otherwise he might do it again next time!”

“If we want to teach him a lesson, we shouldn’t do it in front of Mr. Yu,” Sha Man calmly said, “Mr. Yu can’t bear to see the little monk suffer, whether the grievance is true or false.”

Zhao Chengyi seemed to understand, but before he could ask more, their driver had already driven up to them. He had no choice but to suppress his doubts and think about talking about it later.

After sending the two away, Yu Wenning’s expression softened. He sat down on the chair next to Lian Qing’s bed and pulled the little monk into his arms. He looked at Lian Qing and asked, “How do you feel?”

“I’m okay,” Lian Qing replied truthfully.

“Will you dare to do it again next time?”

Lian Qing shook his head and said, “I won’t dare.”

Yu Wenning touched his hair with satisfaction and said in a low voice, “I asked the doctor. If you recover well tonight, you can go home tomorrow.”

Lian Qing’s eyes lit up and he asked, “When can I eat meat again?”

Yu Wenning: “…” This attitude of admitting one’s mistake deserves to be halved!

He had been drinking rice gruel all day, but luckily the situation wasn’t that serious this time. On the second day, Lian Qing was successfully discharged from the hospital. And on the third day, he finally ate the meat he had been dreaming of.

Before the meal, he made an effort to build himself up mentally, thinking of himself and those around him. He couldn’t afford to be reckless again this time. He silently repeated dozens of times in his mind: eat less more often, balance meat and vegetables!

Only when these eight words were firmly imprinted in his mind did he feel at ease taking his own shidi next door to have a meal.

As the results arrived, he walked over to the dining table and froze.

There were three dishes on the table, each one portioned like a bento box and with different amounts of food in each one.

Yu Wenning brought over the box with the least amount of food and meat to Lian Qing, saying, “Eat smaller meals more frequently. This one’s for you.”

Lian Qing looked at the few pieces of meat and less than a bowl of rice in front of him, then looked at his junior’s plate with a large chicken leg and small ribs. Finally, he looked at Yu Wennin’s plate, which had three or four times the amount of food as his own…

Suddenly, Lian Qing felt like crying.

Unfortunately, Yu Wenning asked in a completely heartless manner, “Is there a problem?”

Lian Qing gritted his teeth and shook his head. Even if he did have a problem, he didn’t dare to speak up.

He pessimistically thought to himself that this was probably what it meant to suffer in silence.

Lian Sang, the little monk, looked at his senior brother who couldn’t even eat his fill, and then looked at Yu Wenning, who was smiling in a rather scary way. He thought to himself, “Shixiong is so pitiful! Should I secretly give him a piece of meat?”

After much internal struggle, Lian Sang’s conscience prevailed, and he quietly put a piece of the least meaty rib into his shixiong’s bowl. In the end, he even winked at his senior brother, which was quite heartwarming.

Lian Qing silently gave him a thumbs up, and then cautiously glanced at Yu Wenning, quickly picking up the rib and eating it while pretending to be focused on his meal. After finishing, he secretly slipped the rib bone into his junior’s leftover plate.

Yu Wenning, who had been keeping an eye on Lian Qing the whole time, looked at him with a stern expression.

On the third day after being discharged from the hospital, Lian Qing finally changed his posture and lay down to check the hot topics on Weibo.


Honestly, the Little Monk is dumb asf! He’s like an ad campaign for the deadly sin of gluttony. Be a little more sensible will you Little Monk ah!


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