Entertainment Circle’s Mascot
Entertainment Circle’s Mascot: Chapter 62

Speaking of which, this time Lian Qing really didn’t do anything. He just stayed at home honestly to recover from his illness, and this hot search topic came out of nowhere like a pot falling from the sky.

When Assistant Chen called him and asked him to check online, he was completely clueless.

However, from Assistant Chen’s words, he could tell that this might not be a good thing.

Lian Qing went on Weibo and saw that the trending topic this time was #JianghuShuangchiZhenren#.

“Jianghu” is a drama that Sister Sha filmed a few months ago. As the name suggests, it is about the grievances and emotions in the martial arts world, not centered around romance, but rather focused on the female lead’s revenge.

Shuangchi Zhenren was the first character Lian Qing played when he entered the industry. Thanks to Sister Sha’s help and the director’s assistance, he successfully made a cameo appearance in this drama with only a few minutes of screen time.

He remembered that before Sister Cheng and Sister Sha helped him get this role, they mentioned to him that once he took on this role, he might receive a lot of criticism. This is because although this character only appeared twice in “Jianghu” and had very little screen time, the original author of the drama had written another novel before this one, where Shuangchi Zhenren was the protagonist.

That novel was even more popular than “Jianghu”, and there were many fans of Shuangchi Zhenren’s character. This character had already been idolized in the hearts of countless book fans, and it was impossible for anyone to be fully accepted in the role. It was because of this that the director originally thought about cutting this character altogether. Unfortunately, the fans of “Jianghu” did not agree. When Lian Qing was with Sister Sha during his free time playing with swords, the director saw his potential and gave him this opportunity.

He remembered that Sister Cheng and Sister Sha even told him at the time to be prepared for being mocked all over the internet, as 80% of people might criticize and insult him.

Now, it seems that their words have come true with this topic.

Lian Qing calmly opened the topic, and surprisingly, the original author was the one who initiated it.

[Jianghu Qingchang V: #JianghuShuangchiZhenren# To be honest, I was amazed by his appearance and temperament. @LianQingV #video#]

In the video, a young girl in tattered clothes squeezes through a narrow alleyway. Then, from the girl’s point of view, in the bright sunlight, a handsome man in white clothes is practicing swordplay. His cold sword moves like a silver dragon out to sea, and his figure is as graceful as a flying swan.

The young girl was stunned as she watched, and by the time she came to her senses, the man had already put away his sword and was standing in front of her.

The man was young and handsome, with a slightly pursed mouth and a hint of displeasure, as if accusing the girl of disturbing his enthusiasm for swordplay. However, his beautiful eyes were cold and emotionless. It wasn’t until the girl murmured “immortal…” that the man was taken aback for a moment, and his expression slowly softened as he looked at her, his eyes seeming to hold both joy and sorrow…

The comments under the video were divided into two camps. One side shouted that Lian Qing perfectly embodied the character of Shuangchi Zhen Ren, while the other side argued that he didn’t look like the character at all and wasn’t worthy of playing such a role.

[Although my wife praised him, my image of Shuangchi Zhenren is that he is young and handsome, with a cool and calm temperament, and a sense of detachment. However, in this work, he has experienced many life and death situations and love-hate relationships. At this point, his eyes should be full of vicissitudes, and he should have a story to tell at first glance. This man’s appearance is indeed close to ninety points, but there is no story in his eyes!]

[At first glance, it looks pretty similar, but the acting is not up to par and doesn’t stand up to scrutiny.]

[What kind of rubbish is he acting? It’s ugly.]

[You’re being too harsh, the little monk just entered the industry and it’s his first time acting. It’s inevitable to be inexperienced. Besides, I think he acted pretty well, with a unique temperament that’s heart-wrenching.]

[To be honest, his acting does have some shortcomings, but overall, he still deserves a solid 80 out of 100. Among the many young actors who are suitable for playing characters in their early twenties, how many can balance their looks and acting, as well as possess such a cold and aloof temperament?]

[Forgive me for not being able to connect the dots between the little monk who was hospitalized two days ago and the real-life Shuangchi. They don’t even look like the same person!]

[I can’t connect the dots between the real-life Shuangchi and the cute and silly monk from ‘Supernatural Chronicles’ either… but to be honest, Lian Qing’s acting has improved a lot. If he had played this role after acting in “Supernatural Chronicles ” I think it would have been even more perfect.]

[Who is this person? It’s annoying, always trending…]

[Looking at your profile picture, you’re a fan of XX, right? Are you coming out to bite because the little monk is blocking your idol’s spotlight?]

[To be honest, it’s annoying for ordinary people to see him trending everywhere, showing up everywhere.]

[Can I say that I really dislike him? He’s always trending, has no acting skills, and is stupid enough to go back to the hospital because of overeating. Is he a burden? Can’t he just go back to the mountain and be a monk? Why does he have to come out and make money…]

[You’re sick, aren’t you? Did he eat your rice or something?]

[Am I the only one who thinks he’s ugly?]


Lian Qing calmly scrolled through the comments, reading the insults and even personal attacks against him without feeling upset. He had discussed with his manager before that since his debut, he had been too smooth-sailing, and had offended many people’s eyes and earned the hatred of many insiders in the entertainment industry. It was only natural that he had directly or indirectly attracted a considerable amount of hate. Of course, those haters were not very visible among his considerable number of fans. However, they were like a dogged patch of plaster, grasping any opportunity to criticize him.

Furthermore, he had passively occupied the top spot on the trending charts for quite some time, blocking the way of many other celebrities. It seemed that those people or their fans held a grudge against him, which was not difficult to understand.

There are few people who usually criticize him, but this time it’s a bit too much…

Even though Liang Qing is indifferent and clear-minded, those haters caught onto the dissatisfaction of some of the fans with this character and deliberately stirred up trouble, causing so many people to dislike Liang Qing. They probably wished to completely ruin Liang Qing by taking advantage of the fans’ dissatisfaction.

Lian Qing remained unmoved, even feeling a hint of amusement. What’s the point of putting in so much effort to attack him? It didn’t hurt him at all, after all, he was a child with no parents who was mocked by countless naive and cruel classmates for years. He could ignore any insults from unimportant people. But seeing his fans defending him and even arguing with those haters made him feel helpless and powerless.

Why bother? It was painful and infuriating for them to fight for someone they’ve never even met in person… He wasn’t worth it, he became a celebrity just to earn a living.

As he was doubting himself and feeling sorry for his fans, he knew that not all of them necessarily liked the real him. Most likely, they liked the version of him that was embellished and imagined in their minds. But at this moment, they were all fighting for him, even being insulted by others because of him.

He felt sorry for these fans.

Lian Qing pursed his lips and thought about posting a Weibo.

[Lian Qing Monk V: #JianghuShuangchiZhenren# My acting skills are lacking, and I accept criticism and will strive to improve.

To my fans – don’t fight or argue for me. Don’t think I’ll be upset, I have thick skin and walls. I’m invulnerable in all aspects. But I don’t want you to get angry or upset for me because it’s not worth it.

What I understand about being a fan is that it’s about liking and enjoying, not about experiencing negative emotions that shouldn’t exist. For those who insult me, just ignore them, don’t take it to heart. They can’t touch me, and can only vent their anger verbally. It’s pitiful if you think about it.

Lastly, I hope my fans can be happy every day and worry-free.]

After posting the Weibo, the original author of the novel even commented.

[Jianghu Qingchan V: I think you’re great, and your acting skills are not that bad. Please keep it up!]

Lian Qing smiled slightly and replied, [Thank you.]

Then there were many comments from fans who were moved or comforted him, and even some haters came to insult him. Lian Qing ignored those malicious comments and only replied to a few fan comments before logging off.

He thought about it and decided to tell Sister Cheng that he had posted a Weibo.

Sister Cheng quickly sent a voice message in reply, “I know, it’s just the right timing. But I’m considering whether to publicize this topic. After all, the content of this topic is mixed with praise and criticism, and fans are arguing with those haters, which is likely to cause a negative reaction from outsiders.”

“That’s fine, Sister Cheng. You decide,” Lian Qing said, “My classmate said that people have a rebellious mentality. I guess some people must be tired of seeing me on the hot search list so frequently and occupying the headlines.”

Sister Cheng: “This is normal. Nowadays, there’s no hot celebrity who isn’t criticized. The only ones who don’t get criticized are those who are not famous and keep a low profile. Even the veteran actors who have been working hard for over a decade and suddenly become popular because of a role will also be criticized by many people after they become famous. However, compared to those who dislike you, there are obviously more people who like you. Lian Qing, you are more likable and charming than you think.”

Sister Cheng’s words came from the heart, but Lian Qing didn’t take them too seriously. He felt that he wasn’t that good, and Sister Cheng was probably just trying to comfort him.

So he smiled and chatted with her for a while before ending the conversation.

When he put down his phone, he saw Yu Wenning holding a document and looking at him curiously.

Lian Qing smiled at him and briefly explained what had happened.

Yu Wenning said, “Earlier, when I saw you calmly scrolling through your phone, I thought you were just bored and killing time.”

Regardless of who it was, seeing the person in question so calm and indifferent would make them think that nothing had happened.

But Lian Qing really didn’t care about those people’s insults.

Suddenly, Yu Wenning remembered a few words that the little monk had said more than two years ago when he saved him and intentionally chattered on about random things to keep him awake.

“When I was young, I was often scolded. At first, I would cry and feel upset. Later, I found out that they would be even happier if I cried, so I gradually stopped crying. But sometimes, when they insulted my master, I would fight them. After I fought them twice, they wouldn’t say it to my face anymore, but they would say it behind my back…”

I hope my shidi won’t be bullied by others for being an orphan in the future. Although I don’t feel anything now, and it doesn’t hurt to listen, I was very sad when I was a child…

Yu Wenning remembered that at that time, he was confused and wanted to fight back. He wanted to hit those who didn’t dare to say or curse him in front of him or behind his back. He also wanted to take revenge on those who bullied and insulted him like he did…

But Lian Qing was different. He was the one who saved him when he was most desperate, talked to him tirelessly and kept him awake, and prevented him from falling into complete darkness. Lian Qing was different from others.

He chose to strengthen his own inner self and ignore those voices. Now, he has become a person who is not affected by favor or humiliation, and is not afraid of criticism.

Yu Wenning couldn’t tell if he felt more heartache or pride. He thought, if he had met Lian Qing earlier, it would have been better.

Lian Qing just smiled and said, “I always feel like I should disappear for a while, so that everyone won’t get tired of seeing me and think I’m annoying.”

Lian Sang, the tiny monk who was seriously playing with a puzzle, suddenly raised his head and said, “Brother, don’t disappear. I’m not tired of you, I like you.”

Lian Qing was stunned for a moment, then walked over with a smile and rubbed the little guy’s bald head.

“Good boy, Shixiong also likes you.”

The little guy smiled brightly at his brother, and pulled him over to play with the puzzle together.

Watching the two brothers argue over where to place a puzzle piece, Yu Wenning smiled lightly.

After thinking for a moment, he sent a message to his assistant, asking him to talk to Lian Qing’s agent about some matters.

Yu Wenning hoped to give Lian Qing everything he wanted.

Before meeting Lian Qing, everything he saw in his life was gray and black. Only after meeting Lian Qing could he catch a glimpse of sunshine. Not everyone in this world wants him dead.

This gave him hope and prevented him from developing a completely antisocial personality. It’s worth treating him well. 

Since he brought his shidi to his side, Lian Qing didn’t stay up late much anymore. That night was no exception, as he went to bed after 9 o’clock. Just as he was about to sleep, he received a call from Sister Cheng.

Sister Cheng told him directly that the episode of “Let’s Travel Together” that he appeared in would be postponed for a few episodes after consultation with all parties involved.

Sister Cheng said, “You’ve been in the spotlight too much lately, and it’s attracting too much attention. But this decision is not only to keep you low-key for a while, but also to give you some exposure when you start filming later, so that you won’t disappear completely because of filming.”

Not all fans are loyal. If a celebrity hasn’t been seen for too long, even for a short period of a few months, it’s very easy to be forgotten. A celebrity would rather be black and red, rather than be forgotten. Otherwise, he would have no value at all. The entertainment industry never lacks stars, and the competition is never small.

However, Lian Qing’s attention was only on one thing: “Sister, did you help me get the role?”

Sister Cheng smiled and said, “Yes, you actually benefited from this misfortune. You missed other opportunities but got this one. The director is Li, the one who you once read a blessing scripture for! He is a famous director, and you know that he only works with actors who are as good as Shaman. This time, he personally requested you as the lead actor with the screenwriter.”

Lian Qing’s eyes lit up, “Is it Director Li who gave me a 600-yuan red envelope?”

When it came to the director of “Jianghu,” Director Li, Lian Qing’s first thought was of that big red envelope.

“You only remember that he gave you a red envelope?” Sister Cheng scolded with a smile. “You’re so poor to remember 600 yuan for so long!”

Lian Qing smiled, “It’s different. I was very poor at that time, and 600 yuan was a lot of unexpected money.”

He even remembers that he had studied whether it was more cost-effective to go eat hot pot for one or two meals with the money, or to eat dozens of hamburgers and fried chicken wings. But in the end, he didn’t go and saved the money.

Sister Cheng probably also remembered that time and chuckled on the phone.

“Hey Sister, when are we starting? My body is almost fully recovered and I can start anytime.”

Sister Cheng replied, “It’s not decided yet. For now, we only have the crew and script. But according to Director Li, the production has enough funding, and once we have the cast, we can start shooting anytime. If you’re free tomorrow, come with me to meet Director Li and the screenwriter.”

Lian Qing had no objections and thanked Sister Cheng before ending the call. Before going to bed, he checked Weibo to see if his fans were still arguing with others.

To his surprise, he found that the previous hot topic about him was taken down. The negative comments that were targeting him were also mostly gone.

Lian Qing raised his eyebrows and thought to himself that Sister Cheng was indeed impressive at handling public relations.

Feeling bored, he scrolled through Weibo and stumbled upon a photo of his big brother.

He immediately became alert and wondered if those people who targeted him had now turned to his elder brother instead.

However, he realized that it was not the case when he read the content.

[Netizen A: Whether it’s Qingning CP or Wenqing CP, this couple is so good together, so sweet! #AttachedPicture#]

The attached picture was a snapshot of Lian Qing and his big brother smiling at each other while eating during the recording of “Infinite Challenge.”

Qingning CP…Wenqing CP…being together…

After a few months in the entertainment industry, Lian Qing vaguely understood what this meant.

He silently searched the internet and confirmed his suspicions. He and his big brother had become a popular CP pairing among their fans.

Moreover, there were clearly more fans supporting “Wenqing CP” than “Qingning CP.”

In other words, in the eyes of many fans, Lian Qing was the shou…

Lian Qing silently bit his nails, his brow furrowing. Did he really look like a shou?

Even though his combat power is higher than his big brother’s!

Author’s note:

Today, Comrade Yu Wenning once again silently offers his thigh.

Today, Little Monk Lian Qing once again misses the point.

Today, Tiny Monk Lian Sang is cute, obedient, and sensible.

Comrade Yu actually has a somewhat tragic past.

But now he has Little Monk and Tiny Monk.


Comrade is slang for a gay person… Do whatever you will with that information.

I’m doing this in a hurry coz I just want to be done with this story before I get busy again. So, spot mistakes, tell translator(well it’s more accurate to call me an editor but whatever). 


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