Entertainment Circle’s Mascot
Entertainment Circle’s Mascot: Chapter 63

This night is destined to be a painful and difficult one.

At first, when Lian Qing found out that he and his big brother were being shipped together, he felt surprised and inexplicably happy. But when he saw that most of the fans who shipped his big brother as the gong while he was the shou, Lian Qing felt a bit dissatisfied. He even had an impulse to argue with them!

However, this idea was not realistic, so Lian Qing reluctantly dismissed it and lay back in bed. The little child was already asleep, so he tucked in the blanket for the little one and looked at the child’s peaceful sleeping face. Suddenly, he remembered a certain morning a long time ago, when he woke up and saw Yu Wenning sleeping beside him.

At that time, his big brother’s sleeping face was also peaceful and perfect. No, big brother seemed to be perfect no matter what he did, even when he was being mischievous with a black face, he was still handsome.

His big brother cooking seriously, his big brother staring at him seriously as he ate, his big brother who cared for him gently, his big brother who lifted the little child up high, his big brother who was cold and cool with a group of bodyguards behind him…

Thinking about it, Lian Qing suddenly realized that something was wrong! Why was he always thinking about his big brother…

TN: Coz you’re gay and you wooove him!

Thinking back over these past few days, he always thought of his elder brother from time to time. When he went to record shows, cooked, ate, and played games, he would think that it would be perfect if his big brother were there to cooperate with him…

Moreover, when he saw that fans shipped them as a couple, why did he feel secretly happy…

His situation seemed a bit wrong. Why did this feeling seem so much like what his classmate had told him before, about secretly loving someone?

Before the college entrance examination, his classmate told him that he was secretly in love with a guy and was very distressed. At that time, Lian Qing asked his classmate how he knew that he was secretly in love with someone?

His classmate said that when he was with that guy, he felt calm and happy, and when he was not with him, he often thought of him. Moreover, when others joked that he and the guy were gay, his classmate secretly felt happy and even wished it were true.

At that time, Lian Qing did not ask his classmate who his secret love was, thinking that everyone had the right to privacy. Besides, if he knew, he might accidentally reveal it someday and cause great trouble for his classmate and the guy.

Therefore, at that time, he only advised his classmate to focus on preparing for the college entrance examination and put other things aside.

Now, comparing the feeling of secretly loving someone that his classmate described with his own feelings, he felt…

Lian Qing turned over and looked up at the ceiling in a daze. The more he thought about it, the more he felt that he might have fallen for his big brother.

The thought sent chills down his spine. Perhaps he was experiencing the most tragic type of unrequited love – where the person he liked only saw him as a friend.

The term “big brother” was not just a casual term. It was hard to tell if his big brother was gay or straight. Moreover, Lian Qing did not see anything special about himself that would attract his big brother’s attention.

In terms of appearance, he was average-looking, but there were not many celebrities in the entertainment industry who were considered unattractive. In terms of personality, Lian Qing was not as caring and considerate as his big brother. In terms of talent, besides being good at martial arts, Lian Qing did not have many noteworthy skills. And when it came to wealth, his riches were not even close to his big brother’s.

The more he thought about it, the more uncomfortable he felt. Lian Qing silently bit his nails. If he had a crush on someone else who was not as outstanding as his big brother, he might have had the courage to pursue them. But…

His big brother was too outstanding, someone he could only dream of.

This unrequited love was unlikely to have a happy ending. The more Lian Qing thought about it, the more he felt a sense of sorrow overwhelm him, making it difficult for him to fall asleep.

He didn’t manage to fall into a deep sleep until late at night. But even then, his sleep was restless – he had a dream.

In the dream, it was Yu Wenning, dishevelled from that morning, staring at him with misty eyes. Then he suddenly leaned into his arms…

The next day, when Lian Qing was awakened by Lian Sang, pinching his nose, the first thing he heard was the tiny monk’s gloating voice: “Shixiong, my foot just touched your pants, and they’re wet. Did you pee your pants again?”

Lian Qing scrambled out of bed, his hand reaching into the covers to check. It was true. He had had a wet dream.

Tiny Monk Lian Sang laughed happily, “Shixiong is blushing~”

Lian Qing took a deep breath and spoke kindly to his shidi, “It’s not what you think it is. It’s something else.”

The tiny monk’s expression changed, “Does that mean you have diarrhoea? Wait, I’ll go get Yu gege to take you to the hospital!”

Lian Qing quickly stopped the tiny monk from running out of the room, “It’s not that! It’s something you’ll understand when you’re older!”

The tiny monk stopped in his tracks, looking at him half-believingly, “Shixiong, are you lying to me?”

“No way!” said Lian Qing with a bitter face, not knowing how to explain this physiological problem to a three-year-old child. He could only say vaguely, “When you get to middle school, your biology teacher will tell you. Anyway, it has nothing to do with bedwetting or diarrhoea! When you reach the age of your brother, this kind of thing will happen too, it’s a normal physiological phenomenon.”

The little guy looked at his brother curiously and said, “Shixiong, stand up and let me see.”

Lian Qing: “…”

He picked up the child and put him in bed, tucked him under the covers, and quickly got out of bed and went to the bathroom to wash his underwear.

The tiny monk buried in the bed: “?? !!!”

The little guy thought that his brother was being evasive. He must have wet the bed and felt embarrassed to admit it, so he deliberately found another excuse to deceive him!

He was not a two-year-old child and would not be fooled! He must tell his master about this incident during their video chat tonight!

When Lian Qing came out again, he saw Tiny Monk Lian Sang holding his chubby legs and trying to bring his little feet up to his nose.

Lian Qing said disgustedly, “Aren’t you dirty?”

“No, it smells good.” The little guy sniffed his little feet and put them down, satisfied. His brother wiped them with something fragrant last night, and they smelled nice.

Lian Qing picked up the little guy’s clothes and said as he changed him, “Don’t tell anyone about this morning’s incident, especially not Brother Yu, okay?”

Tiny Monk Lian Sang said mischievously, “Shixiong, you have to beg me.”

“You watched some lousy TV again!” Lian Qing gave him a cold look and said expressionlessly, “Please.”

“Okay, okay!” The little guy raised his chubby hand and patted his brother’s chest. He couldn’t reach his shoulders, but it didn’t affect his arrogance. He pinched his waist and said boldly, “Shixiong, don’t worry, I’ll only tell Shifu!”

“Do you dare?”

“I dare, la la la~~”

“If you dare to tell anyone, I’ll beat your butt until it blooms!”

“Then I’ll tell Shifu and Yu gege about how you bullied me…”

After some roughhousing, Lian Qing sadly found paper and pen and wrote: “I went out to work with Xiao San’er.”

After writing, he took the little guy out and stuck the note on Yu Wenning’s door.

Little Monk Lian Sang looked up and asked curiously, “Shixiong, isn’t Yu gege coming with us?”

“No, I have to work, and he has his own things to do.” When Lian Qing said this, there was always some lingering sadness in his heart. He could only leave a note and not dare to send a message to his big brother. He was afraid that his big brother would reply and ask if he had breakfast, slept well last night…

Lian Qing felt that he needed to calm down. He knew that it was unlikely for him and Yu Wenning to become a couple, and forcing it might even hurt their “brotherly” relationship. 

Yu Wenning was very special and important to Lian Qing. He didn’t want to end up being estranged from him because of this. Even if they couldn’t be lovers, they should still remain family and friends.

He felt that he should put this shallow crush to rest on the beach. He needed to separate from his big brother for a while and calm down. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to face him directly.

What he didn’t know was that shortly after he left with the little one, the door to Yu Wenning’s house opened. 

Yu Wenning, wearing a robe, stood at the door for a while, looking in the direction they left before turning around and taking the sticky note off the door.

As he rubbed the neat handwriting on the paper, Yu Wenning couldn’t help but wonder if he had been too obvious in his actions for the past two days, and Lian Qing had discovered his crush on him.

It seemed like the only explanation, otherwise, why would Lian Qing behave so abnormally?

Yu Wenning felt a bit helpless. Lian Qing probably couldn’t accept it, so he didn’t even send him a WeChat message, just leaving a simple note with only one sentence.

He bit his lip and recalled the sentence he had heard Lian Qing say to the little one at the door. In that sentence, he heard reluctance.

Lian Qing wanted to avoid him.

Perhaps he should also separate from Lian Qing for a while to let both of them calm down. Pursuing relentlessly would only scare the other person away and push them further away.

Coincidentally, he could also fully devote himself to the next work plan…

He thought about it and decided to let Lian Qing hide from him for two months. If Lian Qing didn’t contact him proactively within two months, then he… would take the initiative to contact Lian Qing.

On the other side, Lian Qing arrived at the agreed location with the little one and saw Director Li and a young woman.

When Director Li saw him, he smiled and waved to Little Lian, then grinned at Lian Qing and said, “I knew we would have a chance to collaborate!”

Lian Qing was also very happy and said, “It’s my pleasure.” He then looked at the young woman and asked, “Who is she?”

The woman nodded at him generously and smiled, “Hello, Lian Qing, I am Jianghu Qingchang, currently the screenwriter for this drama. You can call me Ah Chang.”

“What?” Lian Qing didn’t react for a moment. Jianghu Qingchang, wasn’t that the author of “Jianghu”? He suddenly remembered something and asked, “What will I be playing?”

“My first work, ‘Endless Frost and Snow ‘, you are the male lead, playing Shuangchi Zhenren.”

Lian Qing was a little dazed and thought, no wonder Sister Cheng said he was lucky to have benefited from a misfortune. “Endless Frost and Snow,” this book is even more popular than “Jianghu.” Moreover, the director was Li, who directed the popular “Jianghu” TV series, and the screenwriter is the original author…

Qing Chang continued to smile and said, “Actually, I wrote the script for this work a long time ago. It’s just that I couldn’t find suitable actors all along, and there were problems with funding and other aspects, so it was delayed until now. This time, I saw you play the role of Shuangchi in “Jianghu,” so I approached Director Li and discussed collaborating again.”

Director Li also smiled and said, “Actually, we are not fully prepared for this time, but fortunately, the investors are generous, and the funding is very sufficient, and the crew is already in place. As for the actors, I am currently in contact with them. The main actors have already been determined, and only a few supporting roles are left, which is not a big deal.”

Lian Qing then asked, “When do we start shooting?”

“In a few days. Although Director Li has already rented the venue, it takes some time to set up. I think we can read the script together during this time.” Jianghu Qingchang was a little embarrassed and said, “After all, this is my first time as a screenwriter, and the script is not like a novel. There may be some unreasonable parts. I think it would be better if we read it together. If you don’t have time, it’s okay. You can take the script home and read it…”

“I have time!” Lian Qing immediately replied decisively, “I’m quite free recently, so why don’t I follow the crew? Director Li, what do you think?”

“That’s great!” Director Li couldn’t be happier if the actors could stay with the crew, “However, this time the shooting location is in the film and television city in C city, and we may have to go to outdoor locations frequently. Are you and your junior brother okay with that?”

“No problem!” Lian Qing stood straight and responded loudly. This was the perfect opportunity to stay away from his big brother without arousing suspicion!

“I have no problem either!” Tiny Monk Lian Sang imitated his senior brother and even stomped his small feet, looking particularly serious.

Director Li and Qing Chang couldn’t help but laugh out loud.


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