Entertainment Circle’s Mascot
Entertainment Circle’s Mascot: Chapter 64

This was the first time that Lian Qing had fully immersed himself in studying the script and interpreting the role. Since entering the industry, he had only played two roles: a guest appearance as Shuang Chi, and the male number three in “Supernatural Chronicles”. The former was called up temporarily, and the latter, for various reasons, did not give him the opportunity to read the script with other actors, directors, and screenwriters. Therefore, he had to rely on himself to understand and feel both roles.

This time is different. Originally, they were supposed to start shooting in about two or three days. But because the set-up fee from the crew took a little longer, the main actors’ costumes had to be adjusted according to their body types, and some actors were not present, which caused several days to pass without formal filming.

For Lian Qing, this was actually a good thing because he had more time to read the script and talk about the role with the screenwriter. No one knows the characters in the original novel better than the author, Jianghu Qingchang, and no one can analyze them more thoroughly than her.

With a serious work attitude, he naturally adopted the same approach he used during his high school entrance exams. And since he had already made up his mind to use work to forget his improper thoughts towards Yu Wenning, he was even more determined to work harder. He held onto the script day and night, whether alone or with staff around him.

Through this non-stop reading, and with the screenwriter’s careful interpretation and guidance, Lian Qing slowly began to feel that he had become somewhat like the cold-hearted and passionate Shuang Chi. Whether facing others or in private, he became more and more unconsciously cold and his eyes became icy. Sometimes, when he spoke to others, he would unconsciously use Shuang Chi’s tone, cold and sophisticated, causing the screenwriter to exclaim in admiration.

Only when facing his shidi, that little guy, could Lian Qing soberly recall that he was not Shuang Chi.

He didn’t know if this state was good or bad, but the director and screenwriter thought that he was doing well and wanted him to maintain it. So Lian Qing could only become even more immersed in imagining himself as Shuang Chi.

During this time, he inevitably had to explain things to his junior brother. When the little guy saw Lian Qing’s cold demeanor and heard him talk to others without smiling, he asked him softly that evening, “Shixiong, are you feeling upset? You haven’t smiled all day.”

Lian Qing was stunned for a while before finally showing him a smile. He said, “No, Shixiong is preparing to shoot a movie. This time, I’m going to play a very cool swordsman, so I can’t smile too much.”

Hearing this, the little guy breathed a sigh of relief and said, “I thought Shixiong was quarreling with Yu gege and feeling unhappy.”

Yu gege… Lian Qing bit his lip and forced a smile, “No, Shixiong is just too invested. After all, I have to work hard to make a good movie and play my role well, so I can earn a lot of money and buy meat for our Xiao San’er to eat.”

“But Shixiong, this is very hard for you…” The little guy pouted and said, “How about I eat less, and you don’t need to earn so much money, okay?”

The innocent words of the little guy warmed Lian Qing’s heart. He couldn’t help but kiss his little bald head and said softly, “But Shixiong still needs to earn more money, because… Shixiong can eat more than you. Shixiong wants to eat a lot of meat every day in the future.”

“Okay…” The little guy felt a little disappointed, thinking that he needed to grow up quickly. When he grew up, he could also work outside, so Shixiong wouldn’t have to work so hard…

Lian Qing picked up the little guy and said softly, “Be good, go to sleep. Shixiong will start filming tomorrow, and you will follow Chen Qi gege, okay?”

Sister Cheng had hired a new assistant to take care of Xiao Lian Sang, but the assistant was too young, and Lian Qing was not at ease with him taking care of the little guy. After discussing it, the new assistant followed Lian Qing, while Assistant Chen took care of Xiao Lian Sang.

Chen Qi was more stable and had a family. He knew how to get along with children and could let go of his adult airs. In the past few days, with Lian Qing’s cooperation, he had established some revolutionary friendship with Xiao Lian Sang.

“Okay!” The little guy nodded. Shixiong was just going to work, not leaving him. Moreover, Shixiong and Chen gege both said that he would be taken to see Shixiong every day, and he could sleep with Shixiong at night. So he wasn’t worried at all.

The little guy fell asleep peacefully, but Lian Qing couldn’t help but think of Yu Wenning again. They rarely contacted each other except when they were face to face. Lian Qing was not used to using his phone before, and he was also afraid of disturbing Yu Wenning, who was too busy. 

Now… he dared not.

He didn’t know how he was doing these days, or whether he was still working late…

He sighed softly, picked up the script, and looked at it again under the warm light of the night lamp.

On the other side, Yu Wenning held a glass of red wine in one hand and his phone in the other. The screen lit up and then went dark, repeatedly, like his anxious state of mind.

Finally, he threw his phone onto the table beside her and stared at the dark sky, thinking of his little monk… and his tiny monk.

Perhaps they were afraid of stealing the limelight of “Jianghu,” which was currently airing, or perhaps there were other reasons. In any case, the opening ceremony of this drama was not reported by the media. It was low-key and simple, and it was directly shot under the witness of all the crew members.

The crew didn’t even have an official Weibo account, and all the actors’ character posters were not released. Even the director had specifically asked all the actors to keep it a secret from the public. The meaning was that they didn’t want the outside world to know that they were shooting this drama.

According to the director, “Jianghu” was currently very popular. After it finished airing, they would announce that “Boundless Frost and Snow” was in production after a period of time. At that time, it would not only draw widespread attention to the crew, but it would also help bring attention back to “Jianghu.”

Of course, whether there were only these reasons…

“Boundless Frost and Snow ” is a martial arts drama mixed with a bit of fantasy elements. Therefore, fighting scenes and wall-running scenes are indispensable. As a result, Lian Qing almost has to hang on a harness every day. Every time he comes down, either his face is bruised or his skin is red.

He can bear it, as he has been through many bumps and bruises since he was young. These minor injuries don’t bother him at all. However, his junior apprentice-brother in his family always gets emotional when he sees the wounds on his body. He often comes over to blow on him and says it won’t hurt anymore if he blows.

Lian Qing has to coax and deceive him every time. Sometimes, when he has to act out particularly masochistic scenes, he has to let Chen Qi take the child out to play in advance and bring him back when he finishes filming. He’s afraid that the child will see him “suffering” and cry, leaving a psychological shadow.

This drama is indeed difficult to film. But what’s even more difficult is the emotional scenes – in the drama, ShuangChi Zhenren has to fall in love with a female martial artist.

Lian Qing easily flubs when it comes to emotional scenes. After many flubs, he’s been scolded by the director many times. After four times of making mistakes, Director Li was not happy and shouted, “What, have you never been in love before?”

Lian Qing rubbed the back of his head in distress, only feeling his hair. He put down his hand and said honestly, “No, I’ve only had a crush on someone before.”

“That’s enough!” the director clapped his hands and said, “Try to imagine her as the person you like! Use your imagination! Come on, take three minutes to prepare.”

Lian Qing looked at the actress in front of him, who was charming and alluring, and then at Director Li, feeling that this was quite difficult.

His big brother was tall, handsome, and gentle, but the girl in front of him was short and small. How could he identify with her?

The young actress Zhao Rourou tilted her head cutely and asked, “What’s wrong? Any problem?”

Lian Qing shook his head quickly, “No, I’ll try my best.”

Zhao Rourou smiled and asked, “Hey, what kind of person do you like? Is there no resemblance between me and her?”

“Really not…” Lian Qing sighed.

Zhao Rourou patted his shoulder sympathetically, having experienced it herself. It was better to let him act in front of the air than to force him to imagine someone completely different from the person he likes.

Although it was difficult, Lian Qing still tried hard and gave himself psychological hints: “This is my big brother, this is my big brother, this is my big brother…”

After repeating this many times, when he opened his eyes, his gaze towards Zhao Rourou suddenly changed.

Three parts gentle, three parts playful, and four parts indulgent. Lian Qing himself didn’t know that the look in his eyes now was exactly the same as when he faced Yu Wenning when he was forced to drink porridge and take medicine.

Director Li, who was paying attention to Lian Qing’s state, shouted immediately, “Ready, start filming!”

With the sound of the starting signal, the two on stage quickly got into their roles.

The mischievous woman smirked and bullied a few gangsters, then scolded them harshly. One of the gangsters hid a knife and attacked the woman viciously while she was distracted. But the next second, a white figure flashed by, and the knife was forcefully knocked out of his hand, and he was kicked away. The white figure wanted to kill him, but was stopped by the woman.

“Stop, Ashuang!”

The man called Ashuang turned around with a cold face, and at the moment he met her gaze, his entire expression visibly softened, even his eyes went from ancient and unchanging coldness to a gentleness like the thawing of spring.


After the scene was over, Lian Qing realized with dismay that he missed his big brother even more. He felt bitter, wondering if he could be saved if things continued like this?!

However, the director and the screenwriter both praised him for finding the right feeling and told him to keep it up.

Was he supposed to keep up the illusion that his big brother was always with him, accompanying him in acting and cosplay? His heart was so tired…

That night, Lian Qing cautiously asked his master on video chat, “Shifu, do you have any scriptures that can control emotions?”

“Control emotions? Why? Have you developed feelings for someone because of your role?” 

Lian Qing shook his head with a bitter face, “No, I already like someone, but *they might not like me back.”

*He uses the gender neutral term here that can either be he/she so I’ll just use they/them

The old man in the video chat furrowed his brow, “How do you know *they don’t like you? Have you tried pursuing them?”

*same case here so Shifu is probably assuming it’s a girl

“No…” Lian Qing wiped his face, “I’m scared to pursue them. What if they hate me after I try, and we can’t even be friends anymore…”

The more he thought about it, the more likely it seemed, and Lian Qing’s mood became even lower.

“Coward!” The master scolded him, then said, “There are no such scriptures.”

Lian Qing became even more anxious and distressed, feeling like he was going crazy. “Then, do you have any talismans? There are peach blossom talismans and career talismans outside. Shifu, do you have a love talisman?”

The old man’s face was full of disbelief, “You’re asking me for talismans? You’re asking a traditional old Buddhist monk for Taoist talismans?!”

Lian Sang, the tiny monk beside him, “Shixiong, are you crazy?”

At the same time, the little guy silently reminded himself: when he grows up, he must never fall in love! Love drives people crazy, as evidenced by his Shixiong.

Lian Qing said quickly, “No, no, it’s not like that, Shixiong, let me explain…”


If you can’t get over a crush, seek spiritual intervention – Little Monk Lian Qing, 20xx

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