Entertainment Circle’s Mascot
Entertainment Circle’s Mascot: Chapter 71

Ever since learning about Yu Wenning’s past, Lian Qing has felt a little more pity towards him.

Yes, that’s right, it’s pity! What’s frightening is that he even tries to infuse this pity into every aspect.

For example, right now, Yu Wenning is feeding him porridge, and he insists on using an extra spoon. When Yu Wenning feeds him a spoonful, he feeds her back. And then, he doesn’t forget to ask, “Is it delicious?”

In reality, it’s not very delicious. Following the doctor’s advice, the porridge is made to be particularly bland. But would Yu Wenning dare to say it’s not delicious? If she did, this person would use it as an excuse to say he wants to eat rich and meaty dishes!

So, he can only insincerely say, “It’s very delicious.”

Lian Qing smiled satisfactorily, “Of course, it’s delicious since I fed you.”

Before Yu Wenning had a chance to say anything, a voice from the side interrupted.

“Hey, hey, can you two lovebirds wait until I leave before continuing your sweet talk? Really…”

The smile faded from Yu Wenning’s face as she looked towards the woman sitting on the bedside chair, which was specifically meant for family members to rest. She spoke with some annoyance, “So, when will Miss Sha leave?”

Shaman choked, staring at Lian Qing, who was smiling discreetly, and Yu Wenning, who remained calm and composed, in disbelief. She was already unhappy because Yu Wenning had taken away the child she treated as her little brother. Now, she was even more displeased. Being the type to bully the weak and fear the strong, she didn’t dare to question the big boss Yu Wenning directly. She could only turn to Lian Qing and say, “Are you just allowing your man to drive me away like this?”

Lian Qing quickly waved his hands, “No, no, his intention was that your brother-in-law is waiting outside the hospital for you…”

“Let him wait.” Shaman replied angrily, “You should also take care of yourself. Cheng Lan and the others are all in a mess because of your situation, and yet you still have the leisure to talk about love here.”

Lian Qing innocently blinked his eyes, “But I asked Sister Cheng, and she told me to stay put and not cause any trouble…”

“But…” Shaman looked at Lian Qing’s upper body wrapped in bandages and realized that maybe he was right. Even if he didn’t have any injuries, considering this person’s habit of never following the rules, he might really cause trouble if he opened his mouth.

Helplessly, she said, “Forget it, you two continue your lovey-dovey moments.”

She never expected that in such a short period of time, her own artist would get involved with such a big shot. When she heard Cheng Lan talking about it, she couldn’t believe it.

Just as her boyfriend called her at that moment, she had eaten enough dog food and decided to take the opportunity to leave. Before leaving, she reminded Lian Qing, “Remember to post a picture online to let your fans know you’re safe. They’re all very worried about you. And also…”

Shaman touched the well-behaved Little Monk, who was holding a children’s special bowl and spoon to eat porridge, and spoke with a serious tone to Lian Qing and Yu Wenning, “The child is still young, so be mindful of your behavior, ah!”

The little one looked up at her curiously and asked, “Beautiful auntie…”

Shaman replied, “Call me sister.”

“Oh.” The little one readily agreed, “Beautiful sister, what’s *behavior?”

*The word “尺度” (chǐdù) can be translated as “behavior” or “appropriateness.” It refers to the appropriate conduct, actions, or boundaries that one should observe in a given situation or in front of a particular audience, taking into account social norms, moral standards, or age-appropriate behavior. It can also imply the concept of moderation or keeping things within reasonable limits.

Shaman choked, looking at Lian Qing, how was she supposed to explain this?

Lian Qing smoothly explained, “It’s a way of measuring things. You’ll learn about it when you go to school in the future.”

“Oh.” The little one nodded with partial understanding and continued eating.

Shaman said, “…Then I’ll leave and not disturb your little family of three.”

“Goodbye, Sister Sha.” Lian Qing waved goodbye with a slightly flushed face.

Yu Wenning also softened her expression a lot, even showing a faint smile, and said, “You’re welcome to visit our home when you have time.”

Shaman curled her lips. What a hypocritical man. Even when I’m leaving, he still wants to show off his affection!

Shaman left angrily, just like Cheng Lan before. Lian Qing stared blankly at her departing figure, lost in thought. It was only when a small hand tugged at his pants that he snapped out of it and looked down at the little shidi in front of him, holding a small bowl.

“What’s wrong?”

The little one pushed the bowl towards Lian Qing and said, “Feed me.”


The little one said seriously, “Since you’re feeding me, it naturally tastes better.”

Lian Qing muttered, “…Why does that sound familiar…”

“You just said it.” Yu Wenning took the bowl from the little one’s hand helplessly and sighed, “Miss Sha was right. We should be more mindful of our behavior in front of the child.”

Lian Qing looked at his little shidi reluctantly eating the porridge fed by Yu Wenning, feeling somewhat speechless.

If the senior brother won’t feed him, it’s fine for the big brother to do it. Let’s make do with it. But as soon as Tiny Monk took a bite, he complained and looked at his senior brother, “Shixiong, you lied. It doesn’t taste better at all.”

TN: That’s because you don’t have the power of love to add that little more flavor little man!

Yu Wenning: “…”

Lian Qing: “…”

On the other side, as Shaman passed by the hospital’s front desk, she happened to overhear a conversation between a young man and a nurse.

“Young lady nurse, I’m serious. I’m Lian Qing’s friend. Please, just tell me the room number. I just want to visit him.”

“I’m sorry, but it’s not possible. His information is sensitive, and we’ve been instructed not to disclose it to anyone.”

“But I really am his friend. Could you at least pass on a message for me, like…”

“It won’t work, sir. Please leave. I really can’t help you.”

Shaman curiously glanced at the young man. He was quite good-looking and seemed around the same age as Lian Qing. He was holding a basket of fruits, with an anxious expression, appearing like someone who wanted to visit a patient.

Unfortunately, she didn’t believe this person could be Lian Qing’s friend. When Lian Qing was admitted to the hospital, there was quite a commotion, and the hospital’s information got leaked. Despite her studio’s constant emphasis on not disturbing Lian Qing, people still came one after another these past few days, using various excuses to try to visit him.

If it weren’t for Yu Wenning’s foresight, not allowing the hospital to disclose Lian Qing’s room, and with him staying in a VIP ward with bodyguards, who knows how many fans and haters would have surrounded the room by now.

She calmly adjusted her cap and walked away with long strides. If this person were really a friend, there would be no need to ask the nurse. A simple phone call or WeChat message to Little Monk himself would be genuine.

It was a pity for this decent-looking young man. Why couldn’t he do something better instead of trying to deceive others?

As Shaman got into her boyfriend’s car, she saw the young man with the fruit basket walking out of the hospital with a dejected look. She didn’t pay much attention to him and said directly to her boyfriend, “Let’s go. We’ll have grilled fish.”

“Aren’t you on a diet anymore? If Cheng Lan finds out, she’ll kill you!”

“How can I diet if I don’t eat enough? Besides, I’m considering our little artist here. He can’t have these things in the hospital, so I’ll eat and livestream it to him. That way, I can help satisfy his cravings.”

“Satisfy his cravings? I bet he’ll end up getting even more hungry from watching you…”

Lian Qing had no idea about everything that happened downstairs. After finishing his meal, the doctors and nurses came in to prepare for a medication change.

He regretted letting Shaman leave early. Otherwise, he could have asked her to take care of Little Monk. His back still hurt even without changing the bandages, and he knew it would be even more painful during the process. Besides, he didn’t think there would be any good flesh left on his back, and it wouldn’t be appropriate for a child to see such a sight.

Now, he had no choice but to turn to Yu Wenning for help and discreetly gestured towards the little one who was asking the doctor, “Will Shixiong suffer a lot? Isn’t it supposed to be painless?”

Yu Wenning understood and felt a bit reluctant. He preferred to stay by Lian Qing’s side. So he simply lifted the little one, took him outside, and whispered a few words before handing him over to the bodyguards.

When he returned, Lian Qing asked, “What did you send him away for?”

“I asked him to go with the bodyguards and buy candy for you. I told him that after taking the medicine, your mouth would feel bitter.”

Lian Qing gave him a thumbs-up. It was a good excuse.

Under the guidance of the doctor, Lian Qing leaned on Yu Wenning’s shoulder, showing his entire back. At that moment, he managed to whisper, “Does this feel like we’re embracing?”

Yu Wenning silently stroked his hair without answering.

The following time was difficult for everyone involved.

The process of removing the bandages alone made Lian Qing break into a cold sweat, let alone cleaning and reapplying medication to the wounds.

Later on, his hands, which were wrapped around Yu Wenning’s waist, began to tremble slightly, and tears silently streamed down his face, wetting his white shirt in no time.

Yu Wenning could only gently stroke his head, feeling utterly powerless. Seeing the deep and shallow wounds on his back, he was heartbroken to the point of struggling to breathe. Witnessing him trembling in pain, he couldn’t help but feel helpless, wishing that he could be the one suffering these injuries instead.

Thinking about the upcoming days when Lian Qing would go through this torment every two or three days, his hatred grew stronger, and he wished he could tear those who had harmed Lian Qing into pieces!

Until the doctor finished reapplying the bandages and confirmed that there were no signs of infection, Lian Qing was drenched in cold sweat.

“It’s fortunate that there are no signs of infection. But you still need to be careful and avoid getting the wound wet…”

After the doctor finished giving instructions, Lian Qing blushed and thanked him. The doctor smiled and shook his head, saying, “You’ve got quite a high pain tolerance. If it were someone else, I don’t know how much they would be howling.”

Lian Qing smiled sheepishly; he also wanted to howl. But on one hand, he felt embarrassed, and on the other hand, his big brother was present. He always thought to himself, endure it and don’t let his big brother worry or feel too sad…

After seeing off the doctor, Yu Wenning gently wiped away the cold sweat from Lian Qing’s forehead and sympathetically asked, “Does it hurt a lot?”

“It’s alright.” Lian Qing smiled, his pale lips trembling slightly, and urged him, “Go and see if Xiao San has returned. I want some candy.”

Yu Wenning chuckled, pinched his nose fondly, and got up to walk towards the door. However, halfway there, he suddenly turned back and happened to see Lian Qing’s grimacing face, a silent expression of agony.

Lian Qing, wrinkling his brows and opening his mouth, silently howled: “…”

Oh no, his image!


Aaaw! He was putting up a tough boy act in front of his new boyfie.

ps. I found someone to help edit yay. So I’ll probably finish updating this story by the end of this week. Not sure if they did a good job or not so as always, if you spot a mistake please inform me. I’ll do some post editing at a later date, not sure when.


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