Entertainment Circle’s Mascot
Entertainment Circle’s Mascot: Chapter 72

After the pain in his back subsided, Lian Qing remembered Sister Sha’s reminder, so he asked Yu Wenning to take a photo of him.

After taking the photo, he looked at himself in the picture, wearing clothes with a large bandage exposed on his chest, and expressed his dissatisfaction, “If I post a photo like this, fans will be even more worried!”

Yu Wenning looked at it and agreed. His gaze then shifted to Lian Sang, who was sitting on the bed, engrossed in reading a comic. Slowly, an idea formed in his mind.

Five minutes later, Lian Qing’s long-silent Weibo account finally had a new update. The fans who had been eagerly waiting immediately went crazy when they saw that there was not only text but also a photo!

[Lian Qing Monk V: Thank you all for your concern, I’m doing fine. #Picture#]

In the photo, Lian Qing, with slightly messy hair and wearing a hospital gown, sat cross-legged on the bed, holding a small, adorable bald-headed child in his arms. Despite their different appearances, the similarity between them was striking as they both tilted their heads and smiled, revealing their teeth.

Countless fans instantly went wild, frantically leaving comments to secure a spot in the front row.

[Ah ah ah… Little Monk, wow! I never expected that after almost two months, your new update would be in this condition! Heartbreaking, your face looks so pale, ying!]

[Your lips have no color, and you’re just wearing the gown. Is it because the back injury is too severe to put on clothes?]

[While feeling heartbroken, I silently find it so cute! Is this the little junior disciple, right? So adorable, the combination of big and small monks with tilted heads is absolutely irresistible!]

[Ying, I want to take you home and take care of you!]

[Our Jiaozhu finally updated! Is this our future little Jiaozhu? So cute, I want to hug~]

[Step aside, the Jiaozhu is mine! The little Jiaozhu is also mine…]

The term “教主” (jiàozhǔ) is a Chinese word that translates to “sect leader” or “cult leader.” It is often used in the context of religious or spiritual organizations, where it refers to the leader or head of a sect or cult. So they’re referring to him as that because of his role as ShuangChi Zhenren(Daoist Spiritual Shifu)


Lian Qing keenly caught onto a new term -”Jiaozhu” (sect leader). He licked his dry lips and had a faint guess in his mind.

Since he had already posted on Weibo, he decided to search for various things that had happened since he was admitted to the hospital. Although Sister Cheng told him not to worry about these matters, she also mentioned that he should understand what he needed to know. Otherwise, if he encountered an interview or something similar, he would be clueless.

Upon searching, he discovered that there was quite a lot of relevant information online, making it overwhelming to read. So he decided to sort through them in chronological order and read some of them.

Initially, a netizen had posted a video featuring none other than himself, Lian Qing. In the video, he was dressed in white, sitting cross-legged on a stretcher, with a pale complexion and blood stains on his back. His profile showed a calm and serious expression without crying or shouting, as if he were an outsider who couldn’t feel any pain. At some point during the journey, it seemed like his leg had gone numb, and he even propped up one foot, looking particularly suave and cool from the front and side.

While being pushed, he heard someone calling out to him, and he turned back to smile at that person, silently telling them not to worry.

[Netizen: I was also present at the scene. At first, I thought I was mistaken, but it really was him. His back was bleeding a lot, and there was a small stone stuck near his shoulder blade. It looked severe! He didn’t even have the strength to speak but used mouth shapes to tell us not to worry. It was incredibly heartwarming!]

[What happened? Why did it turn out like this? Oh my, it looks so serious…]

[Is it fake? Otherwise, he’s too composed.]

[He’s still bleeding on his back, and it’s staining the stretcher! Besides, the person next to him is Director Li! They all seemed so anxious, and even the doctors kept turning back to look at him. Can it be fake?]

[Although I’m worried, for some reason, seeing him calmly sitting and being pushed inside, I suddenly feel like laughing QWQ]

[The person upstairs must be broken. But actually, I also… sitting and being pushed into the hospital, who else can do that?]

[Am I the only one who thinks the way he props up one foot looks like the little sect leader from that demonic sect?]

[So, during the sudden disappearance of over a month, was he off filming? It seems like a period drama. What about those people who said he was banned? Come out and admit it!]

[It seems like our little monk did something big without us knowing. His appearance looks amazing! And he even collaborated with Director Li, impressive!]

[Can we shift the focus back? How is Little Monk doing? Can someone present livestream it?]

Roughly skimming through, Lian Qing was actually able to find another video taken by the netizen.

Upon opening it, he realized that the ground in the video was filled with burly men restrained by black-clad bodyguards. Walking with a commanding and solemn demeanor was Yu Wenning, who seemed like a sinister godfather. That person, along with a group of black-clad bodyguards, was gradually approaching the camera.

[Netizen: Someone attempted to kidnap Lian Qing, who was undergoing surgery in the emergency room, but Mr. Yu arrived just in time. At this moment, I realized that Mr. Yu is really handsome! When he approached, there was an icy aura emanating from his entire being, and his eyes were filled with killing intent! We are grateful that he arrived in time; otherwise, we wouldn’t have been able to stop those people…]

Indeed, super handsome… Lian Qing’s eyes widened as he watched. Every step, every strand of hair exuded a threatening aura. He looked incredibly cool…

It was the first time Lian Qing had seen Yu Wenning in this appearance. He felt that Yu Wenning had more presence and looked more ruthless than those black bosses on TV. If he were to act in a TV drama, winning the Best Actor award would be a piece of cake.

Feeling a bit melancholic, he thought that he was the last person to see this incredibly handsome man… Ah, no, that’s not right. Actually, what he wanted more was to lock this person up at home, where he could be the only one to see him in any state…

Hehe, although this thought was a bit dangerous, for some reason, it felt particularly beautiful just thinking about it.

The more he thought about it, the more he felt that it was wrong. Taking advantage of Yu Wenning’s inattention, Lian Qing saved the video to his phone and quickly skimmed through the comments.

The comments on this video were quite polarized. Some people believed that Lian Qing’s situation was most likely due to being dragged down by Yu Wenning and that he shouldn’t have been associated with him. Some people thought Yu Wenning was incredibly handsome, breaking all records of handsomeness. And there were also some people condemning the outrageous incident of publicly kidnapping a patient in the hospital.

Of course, there was also a type of comment that Lian Qing found particularly pleasing, suggesting that they indeed had a secret relationship. Otherwise, why would Yu Wenning rush over in such a panic and have such a terrifying expression?

Lian Qing agreed with these comments wholeheartedly. Well said!

Moving on to the content below, it was the information posted by Cheng Jie, the studio, and Director Li.

Director Li uploaded videos of Lian Qing’s injuries on-site, as well as the confession video of the female stunt double involved. The videos clearly documented how the stunt double intentionally caused trouble. It also captured the scene where Lian Qing saved her but ended up colliding with the cliff, causing severe injuries to his entire back.

There were also subsequent videos showing Lian Qing, weak and unable to stand on his own after being put down, trembling uncontrollably but not crying or shouting, with the support of Director Li and others. The video of the stunt double tearfully confessing her attempt to harm him. Each short video garnered considerable attention.

In an instant, Lian Qing became the kind-hearted farmer from “The Farmer and the Snake,” while the female stunt double became the “snake.”

The fans, needless to say, were all heartbroken and crying out in distress. Many passersby who had been annoyed by his frequent appearances on social media had a change of heart and found him adorable, saying he was foolishly cute.

Taking such dangerous risks in filming demonstrated his professionalism. Sacrificing himself to save others showed his selflessness. From then on, no one questioned Lian Qing’s character.

As for the film they were shooting, Director Li didn’t mention a word about it, and others temporarily lost interest in it due to this string of events.

The statement released by Cheng Jie and the studio was brief, stating that Lian Qing was an innocent victim in this incident and, although not in critical condition, required rest. The Shifumind behind this incident is currently under investigation, and once there are results, the fans will be informed.

Naturally, many fans were dissatisfied with such a statement. They wanted to know who exactly wanted to harm Lian Qing, whether it was due to personal grudges or if it was true, as mentioned online, that Yu Wenning was involved.

If it weren’t for the ten or so burly men running to the emergency room entrance preparing to kidnap someone, the situation wouldn’t have escalated to this extent. Now that it has garnered such attention, both fans and ordinary netizens are not satisfied with such an answer. Unfortunately, since this matter has already involved criminal aspects, everyone can only wait anxiously for the final outcome.

A prominent internet personality has analyzed this incident and said that Lian Qing hasn’t been in the industry for long and hasn’t offended anyone significantly through his acting. On the other hand, there have been continuous internal disputes within the Yu Group, and as the chairman, Yu Wenning might have attracted resentment. However, when their attempt to harm him failed, they decided to target the people around him instead.

The person analyzing these things even dug up the fact that Yu Wenning lost his mother at a young age and was mistreated by his family for many years. In his youth, he was even sent abroad as if he were being banished, supposedly for studying…

In any case, after all the analysis, the conclusion reached was that the person closest to Yu Wenning, the one easiest to target, was none other than Lian Qing, a minor celebrity.

Finally, the person sighed and lamented that poor Lian Qing had finally made some progress in his career, but since getting involved with Yu Wenning, he hadn’t had any good luck. Now, he’s severely injured, and perhaps even his career will be ruined.

Lian Qing pouted, feeling displeased. He thought to himself, “What do you know!”

Not only am I not pitiful, but I’ve actually gained some benefits from this misfortune!

He looked up and beckoned with his finger towards Yu Wenning, who was earnestly peeling an apple for him. “Come here, let’s take a picture together.”

Yu Wenning was focused on the fruit and didn’t have time. Instead, he called out, “Stop staring at your phone. After we finish the apple, let’s take a nap together.”

Lian Qing curled his lips, glancing at the third wheel who was munching on a big apple while reading a comic and then at the concentrated Yu Wenning. After a moment’s thought, he snapped a photo with his phone, “Click.”

“Why are you taking pictures?” Yu Wenning glanced at him when he had a moment.

Lian Qing lowered his head, tinkering with his phone, and replied, “Posting on Weibo.”

Yu Wenning didn’t pay much attention and proceeded to cut the apple into small pieces, preparing to feed Lian Qing himself.

On that day, countless fans were greeted with Lian Qing’s second Weibo post.

[Lian Qing Monk V: Thank you for your hard work, big brother! #Picture#]

In the picture, a gentle-looking Yu Wenning was bending down, peeling an apple. Behind him, on the hospital bed, two hands were holding a peeled apple, and the tiny monk sat with a comic book on his lap.

It was a heartwarming scene, as if it had been carefully crafted over the years, but it lacked the key figure, Lian Qing.

One minute later, Lian Qing looked at the comments flooding the screen, feeling satisfied and smiling with pride.

[Qingning CP is sharing sweetness again]

[Nothing is sweeter than this couple]

[Mr. Yu is someone’s husband/wife]

[I kicked away this bowl of golden dog food, so fragrant!]

[A loving family of three, best friends, 2333 (laughter)]

“Alright, stop looking at your phone and come eat the apple,” Yu Wenning’s gentle voice sounded.

Lian Qing quickly exited Weibo and opened his mouth to eat the small piece of apple that was handed to him.

The tiny monk, witnessing this scene, “…”

Lowering his head and looking at the large apple that required both hands to hold and a considerable effort to take a bite, leaving its surface resembling the moon, Tiny Monk Lian Sang suddenly felt like crying.


Yu Wenning is focusing on his baobei instead of the actual baby! Come here my poor baby Mama will cut the apple for you wuwu!


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