Entertainment Circle’s Mascot
Entertainment Circle’s Mascot: Chapter 73

Due to the excessive number of people visiting Lian Qing in recent days, Yu Wenning suggested that they transfer him to another hospital once his condition stabilized.

In fact, they should have transferred him earlier. After all, this wasn’t their hometown hospital. Lian Qing was injured while filming on location, so he was taken to a local hospital, crossing not only cities but also provinces.

Being unfamiliar with the place and with the climate not being favorable for recovery, it was not suitable for him to recuperate there. Furthermore, Yu Wenning’s headquarters were not in that location, and he had many matters to attend to. He couldn’t afford to travel back and forth every day, even though he had a private plane.

So, in the end, Lian Qing was secretly sent back to a hospital near their home. Although the hospital was owned by the Yu Group, Yu Wenning arranged several bodyguards to guard the door of the ward for various reasons.

Yu Wenning was truly busy. Naturally, he was preparing to reform some of the group’s systems, and he had to find evidence against his uncle and confront the old guard. In such circumstances, it was understandable that he couldn’t accompany Lian Qing every day.

But no matter how busy and tired he was, he would always find time to come and eat three meals with Lian Qing and Little Monk Liansang, as well as accompany them during sleep.

Ah, it really was just sleep. After all, Lian Qing’s health was not good at the moment, and he was even afraid of accidentally touching Lian Qing’s wound, so he didn’t dare to share a bed with him. This meant that every night, he could only hold Little Monk Liansang and gaze at Lian Qing from the neighboring bed for a long time. They would only give up when both of them closed their eyes and all they could think about was each other.

As for the online world, Lian Qing’s popularity soared after this incident. However, whether it was Lian Qing himself, his fans, or his manager, nobody probably wanted this surge in popularity to come at the cost of Lian Qing’s injuries.

After a few days, when the hype around the incident subsided a bit, some people finally paid attention to the drama they were filming. It was revealed that among the few people who accompanied Lian Qing to the hospital, there was a young girl. It turned out that she was the original author of the recently popular drama “Jianghu.”

As a result, people speculated that they were filming the highly acclaimed novel “Jianghu” and its sister story “Boundless Frost and Snow.” Many netizens went to Weibo to ask the director, Li, and Jianghu Qingchang, and they all received affirmative responses. Jianghu Qingchang even posted a serious Weibo praising Lian Qing and pledged that he would never ruin the real-life portrayal of ShuangChi Zhenren, a character from her works.

With such affirmation from the original author, the fans of the novel naturally wouldn’t undermine their enthusiasm. As a result, many people had high expectations for the character played by Lian Qing.

During an appearance at a red carpet event, Director Li was asked about the filming situation. When Lian Qing was mentioned, Director Li replied, “There’s no need to mention Lian Qing’s dedication; he has made great progress in his acting skills. He takes filming very seriously. Initially, he was a bit inexperienced in performing emotional scenes, which is a common issue for many young actors who lack romantic experiences. But after I had a conversation with the screenwriter and him, he improved a lot by capturing that feeling. There was a scene where he had to portray lovesickness, and he got so deep into character that after filming, he was gloomy and couldn’t recover for a long time. It worried everyone on the set, and there were two young girls from the crew who almost cried seeing him like that…”

“Him getting injured is something none of us wanted to see. We will wait until he recovers and then continue shooting the remaining scenes. No matter how long it takes, we will wait. This is the collective decision of me, the entire production team, and all the actors…”

The first few sentences already praised Lian Qing’s acting skills, which made fans of the original novel and Lian Qing himself even more excited. However, the latter part of Director Li’s statement made them feel a bit impatient—Lian Qing’s injury would require at least a couple of months to heal, and his return date was uncertain. As a result, the release of the drama would be postponed by a considerable amount of time.

At this time, the official account of the variety show “Living Together” and the online platform suddenly announced a special episode that would only be available for streaming on the cooperating video website. This special episode was dedicated to Lian Qing and was retweeted by Shaman Studio’s official account, implying its significance.

This special episode might be the only appearance for Lian Qing in nearly two months, considering the extensive time he would spend recovering from his injury. The fans were thrilled and rushed to watch the special episode.

Lian Qing was also planning to watch this show, and so were Yu Wenning, Little Monk Liansang, and his manager, Cheng Lan.

Lian Qing had made an agreement with Cheng Lan earlier that if his junior performed well in the show, Cheng Lan would agree to let the junior accompany Lian Qing.

Although Cheng Lan had already agreed, Lian Qing still wanted her to see for herself that his junior was always adorable and not just someone dependent on him.

Cheng Lan had originally come to discuss some matters with him, but she let him be and sat down to watch the show.

While the opening theme song played, Lian Qing ate grapes and asked, “Why did they suddenly change it to a special episode? Wasn’t it supposed to be broadcast on TV?”

Cheng Lan snatched a grape from him and replied impatiently, “It’s all because of you. Mr. Yu wanted to protect you earlier, so he suppressed all the news about you, and the episode you participated in got postponed. Now that they no longer need to suppress your news, the television station has everything scheduled, and your appearance in this episode would cause too much trouble.”

“The production team and our side have discussed it, and we all think it’s better to release it online as a special episode. Firstly, it won’t disrupt the arrangements of the television station and the production team. Secondly, with an online release, there are no time restrictions, and it can actually benefit your exposure.”

Lian Qing felt a bit apologetic and said, “I’m sorry, Sister Cheng. I caused trouble for all of you.”

Seeing his sincere and obedient apology, Cheng Lan’s lingering annoyance dissipated. Compared to other stars in the studio, Lian Qing was already quite easy to work with. She helplessly replied, “Never mind, just take care of yourself.”

Lian Qing looked at her with a touch of gratitude and wanted to say something, but his chin was turned by a large hand.

Yu Wenning, with an expressionless face, said, “The show is starting.”

Cheng Lan thought to herself, “Hmph, clearly, he’s jealous!” This Mr. Yu’s jealousy was a bit too much. Little Monk Liansang only glanced at her a few times, and he acted as if he had drunk fake wine, his nose and eyes not being his nose and eyes. He didn’t even consider that she was a married woman!

As the show began, the other dads and their children appeared first, and finally, it was Lian Qing and Tiny Monk Lian Sang’s turn. The tiny monk was very popular, not only during the show’s recording but also on the internet.

Since it was a special episode released only online, it meant that viewers could leave comments. So, as soon as Lian Qing and his shidi appeared, the entire screen was covered with a flood of comments.

Lian Qing was startled and gestured to Yu Wenning to turn off all the comments, but Sister Cheng said, “Don’t turn them all off. Keep ten percent of the comments and adjust them to a semi-transparent font. We need to see what netizens think of you and your shidi.”

Before Lian Qing could react, Yu Wenning had already adjusted the settings according to Cheng Lan’s instructions.

Everyone could then clearly see the screen filled with comments like “[So cute!][Kisses for my precious little ones~][Tiny Monk Lian Sang is absolutely adorable, I want to hug him so much]…”

Lian Sang couldn’t read very well, so he asked his shixiong, “What are those words everyone is saying?”

“They’re saying you’re very cute and they want to hug you.” Lian Qing smiled and patted his head. The little guy’s bald head had already developed a faint bluish ring, but it didn’t hurt when touched. Lian Qing felt a bit regretful, thinking that he might not be able to freely kiss the little guy’s head in the future because it might prick his lips.

Upon hearing that everyone was praising him, the little one grinned sheepishly and didn’t forget to compliment his senior brother, “Shixiong is also cute.”

“Not as cute as you are…”

“Shixiong is even cuter…”

Cheng Lan silently moved a bit farther away from the overly affectionate pair brothers. Yu Wenning, on the other hand, silently watched Lian Qing, waiting for him to realize and praise his own gong with a guilty conscience. Unfortunately, Lian Qing was always lacking in conscience in this regard, and he had poor signal reception. Even after boasting back and forth with his shidi, he still hadn’t remembered that there was a gong beside him.

The program had already reached the segment where everyone had to hand over their prohibited items. Seeing Tiny Monk Lian Sang clinging to his shixion’s thigh and displaying a non-violent and uncooperative attitude at the mention of surrendering their favorite things, Cheng Lan couldn’t help but ask, “Why aren’t you handing it over?” In her impression, the little guy didn’t seem like such a disobedient child.

Online, some people had started to criticize, saying that the child looked obedient but didn’t understand anything, completely disregarding the fact that he was only three years old. Lian Qing felt the urge to smash the computer when he saw those comments. Insulting him didn’t matter, but how did his shidi provoke them!

However, that impulse ultimately faded away as he felt the pain radiating from his pulled back.

Before the little one could answer, the tiny monk on the show had already given an answer: “I don’t want to hand my shixiong over!”

With that sentence, Cheng Lan fell into silence, and Lian Qing and Yu Wenning each gave Little Monk Lian Sang a kiss, making the little guy burst into silly laughter. He loved his shixiong… and Yu gege had kissed him too.

The netizens who were previously criticizing had now vanished, only to reappear when Lian Qing started explaining to the little one on the show that he was not the one who had to be handed over. Those who had insulted him were now apologizing, while those who hadn’t insulted him were exclaiming how moved and adorable he was.

From behind the veil of the internet, it was easy to hurl insults, but apologizing seemed to be not that difficult after all.

After the program team explained things to the little one, he waved his little hand and said confidently, “Take everything except for my shixiong.”

The program team photoshopped an awe-inspiring red cape on him with the caption “Leaking Dominance.”

The little one, who couldn’t read, shyly covered his face and giggled, saying, “Shixiong, I think I look handsome.”

Lian Qing genuinely sighed, “Your demeanor is really like your big brother’s!”

The little one had a question mark on his forehead and looked at his sixiong’s chest with a puzzled expression.

Lian Qing says this “乃” (nǎi), which can mean “your” or “to be”. While Lian Sang hears this “奶” (nǎi), which means breast milk LMAO


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