Entertainment Circle’s Mascot
Entertainment Circle’s Mascot: Chapter 74

Because of accidentally looking at his shixiong’s chest a few times, Tiny Monk was honored with a slap on the back of his hand by his shixiong. Even if he’s a shidi, it’s still not allowed!

Tiny Monk also knew that he was a little impolite this time, not good at all. He chuckled a few times and turned his head back to watch the program. Seeing this, Yu Wenning didn’t continue to lecture him. After all, Cheng Lan was there, and they had to save face in front of others, especially children.

As for Lian Qing, he didn’t even realize that because of his words, his shidi’s mind had wandered off to inappropriate places.

In the blink of an eye, the program had already shifted to the scene of Lian Qing doing push-ups while Tiny Monk counted. Seeing this scene, Cheng Lan couldn’t help but say, “Xiao San’er is pretty good at arithmetic. His focus and reaction speed are quite impressive.”

Lian Qing proudly said, “Of course, he follows me, he’s smart!”

Cheng Lan rolled her eyes and Yu Wenning exchanged a glance with Little Monk, both of them smirking. On the internet, many viewers shared Cheng Lan’s impression.

[Although it’s not uncommon for a three-year-old to be able to count, it’s rare for them to remain focused and calm while counting in such a noisy background with constant distractions. He can keep up with their shixiong’s speed, which is quite remarkable.]

[Compared to other children older than him, Tiny Monk is truly amazing!]

[Hahaha… These kids are something else. They all stopped to watch Tiny Monk, and they keep counting even after Little Monk finishes. It makes all the dads constantly restart the count: 22333.]

[These two monks are poisonous! Hahaha… Li Chengsi indirectly ended up doing nearly sixty push-ups hhhh.]

[What’s with this house selection thing? Did he choose that room just because there’s a flower on the wall? Is Tiny Monk infatuated with flowers?]

[Little Monk actually let him choose and indulged him! That’s too doting. Other dads wouldn’t let their children have the final say in this matter. 333.]

Upon seeing this barrage, Cheng Lan couldn’t help but say, “At times like this, we shouldn’t let the child decide on their own. After all, they’re still young and don’t have much judgment. They can only rely on their feelings to make random choices.”

Lian Qing didn’t mind and patted the little guy who seemed a bit uneasy due to Cheng Lan’s words. He smiled and said, “It’s okay, as long as it’s chosen by our Xiao San’er, even if it’s a cowshed, it doesn’t matter. As long as the two of us are together, I’m willing to sleep under a bridge.”

The little one was moved, tears welling up in his eyes. After a while, he said, “Shixiong, it’s cold under the bridge, and I don’t really want to…”

Lian Qing: “…” He had said so much, even moved himself, and this brat responded like this?!

TN: We know where he got his mood ruining tendencies from haha

What an unfortunate family, what an unfortunate family!

Yu Wenning patted his head, comforting him, “Don’t be angry, it’s just that the child is young and doesn’t understand…”

Cheng Lan: “Hahaha…”

The program, after editing, had reached the point where everyone had to sing and get the votes of the villagers to receive their corresponding lunch. 

Everyone else obediently lined up to sing, but Lian Qing and Little Lian Sang disappeared right from the start. It wasn’t until it was almost their turn that the two of them appeared with strange-looking sticks and wooden stools.

In front of everyone’s eyes, the two little monks sat face to face and began to sing the sutras while tapping the stools. They had solemn and serious expressions, displaying great dedication.

“Pfff… Hahaha…” Cheng Lan, who was usually composed, burst into laughter.

Yu Wenning couldn’t help but kiss Lian Qing, laughing as he said, “How are you so clever!”

Lian Qing proudly touched his face, accepting the praise, and then kissed his Shidi as well.

Many netizens also laughed like crazy. Even if it was just ten percent of the barrage, it nearly covered the screen.

[Damn, what kind of divine operation is this, hahaha…]

[My mom said they sang the sutras very accurately and interestingly, not any worse than the ones she often hears from her grandmother in the big temple. However, they find it fascinating, while I can only laugh, 2333.]

[I don’t respect anyone except this pair of senior brothers and little brothers, hahaha…]

[Not to brag, but the situation in my grandma’s hometown is quite similar to that of these villagers. Most of the middle-aged and elderly villagers either believe in Daoism or Buddhism. Needless to say, these two monks are sure to win with their incredible performance!]

[While everyone else obediently sings, this pair is playing around and singing the sutras… I can’t stop laughing, my goodness, hahaha…]

Naturally, Lian Qing and Little Lian Sang emerged victorious and were honored with the titles of “Dashi” and “Xiao Dashi.” They also received a sumptuous lunch consisting of three meat dishes and one vegetarian dish.

After the satisfying meal, the adult and child duo in the program couldn’t help but lament that the food didn’t taste as delicious as the one Yu Wenning cooked. They genuinely expressed that they missed Yu Wenning.

Looking at the two of them, Yu Wenning remained expressionless and raised an eyebrow unhappily. “You only think of me in such situations?”

Lian Qing and Little Lian Sang exchanged guilty glances and then…

“Oh, ow, why does my back hurt again? It hurts so much…”

“Shixiong, what happened? Does it hurt a lot? Lie down, let me blow on it…”

Yu Wenning: “…” It was the first time he realized that having such clever kids wasn’t always a good thing. He couldn’t even settle the score with them later. He could only sigh helplessly, looking at the barrage filled with “heart aching for Boss Yu” comments, feeling sorry for himself. The only consolation was the few comments like “[This pair is so sweet][So does Boss Yu cook at home normally?]” and the like.

In no time, the participants in the program moved on to a new game – picking fake apples from the tree, finding note cards, and informing their respective children to retrieve the corresponding food.

When they saw Lian Qing swiftly climbing up the tree, Cheng Lan and Yu Wenning couldn’t help but be surprised. Many of Lian Qing’s fans expressed their feelings with comments like “[As expected][Always climbing trees without a word][Clever little monkey monk].” Some long-time fans even shared stories with curious netizens about the various trees and poles that little monk Lian Qing had climbed in the past.

At this moment, Lian Qing and his group couldn’t stop laughing at the children’s performance in the program. They wondered what these kids were thinking because most of them couldn’t even pick the right food their dads asked for. But the funniest part was when Li Lele, after finally recognizing a type of vegetable, picked a tree leaf and happily waved it at her dad, shouting excitedly, “Daddy, I got cabbage!”

Li Chengsi covered his face, completely overwhelmed.

The people in front of the screen laughed so hard that they bent over, and Lian Qing laughed so much that he leaned on Yu Wenning. Yu Wenning was afraid that he would laugh too hard and hurt his back, so he kept telling him to calm down. As a result, Cheng Lan and the tiny monk went from laughing at Li Lele to laughing at Lian Qing.

In the program, it wasn’t until all the dads had reported the names of the vegetables they had acquired, and the children had finished collecting them, that Lian Qing’s group finally took action.

They saw Lian Qing arranging a pile of apples he had gathered in a row on the tree trunk. Then, with an air of composure, he opened them one by one and named the vegetables for his shidi.

The child in the program swiftly picked up the vegetables, whether he recognized them or not, and poured them one by one into the basket. While pouring, he didn’t forget to mutter to himself— Shixiong likes to eat this, so take more; I don’t like this, so just take a little…

Cheng Lan was laughing so hard that she couldn’t care about her image and slapped the bed wildly. The room was filled with the infectious laughter of “hehehe…”

Yu Wenning couldn’t help but pick up the little one and kiss his little fuzzy head, saying, “Our San’er is really smart.”

The little one blushed and proudly puffed up his chest.

Yu Wenning turned to look at Lian Qing, who was looking at him with expectant eyes, and chuckled, “It’s all thanks to our little monk’s good education.”

And so, Lian Qing also puffed up his chest, feeling proud and confident.

Cheng Lan laughed even harder.

At this moment, Yu Wenning’s laptop screen was filled with overlapping barrage. Helplessly, he once again reduced the density of the barrage to five percent to barely read the contents.

[Damn, what kind of devilish monk brothers are they, hahaha…]

[What’s this? This is called ‘the beam below the crooked beam is not straight!’ But I like it, hehehe~]

[They truly live up to being the little monk’s Shidi. They always do things unconventionally!]

[Fang Yang’s expression: What the hell is this? But it seems fine. It’s stated that the children can only touch the food once, and the little monk’s team is indeed touching it for the first time, 333.]

[The other dads are dumbfounded, hahaha…]

[Comparing them to the other children, especially Li Lele proudly showing off a bird’s egg to her dad, I can’t stop laughing, hhhh.]

[Damn, this little one actually said, ‘There’s no way, my shixiong eats a lot!’ Oh my god, it’s so adorable. I can sense indulgence and helplessness from the face of a three-year-old!]

[My grandma and my mom were also laughing uncontrollably, and then they started urging me to quickly get married and have a child like the tiny monk to play with them, qwq…]

[High-five upstairs. Because of the tiny monk’s cuteness, my dad also started urging me to have a child, qaq.]

[The little monk wants to trick me into getting married, and the little one wants to trick me into having children, series of 2333.]

[Marry the little monk? Upstairs, Are you serious? He’s so cute, clearly he’s the celebrity who would win the vote for the most suitable little brother and son, and the least suitable husband, hahaha…]

Lian Qing furrowed his brow and earnestly said to Yu Wenning, “Don’t listen to their nonsense. I will definitely be a qualified gong!”

Yu Wenning: “…” Oh, his own wife always has this illusion that he’s the gong. What should he do?

Cheng Lan, who had stopped laughing, raised an eyebrow and happened to see the dangerous gaze in Yu Wenning’s eyes, like a wolf eyeing its prey.

She silently cheered for Lian Qing in her heart, hoping that this silly child would wise up a bit! Otherwise, he might end up being taught a lesson on how to behave!


I find it weird how most bl writers are so insistent on having the shou be referred to as ‘wife’. Unless they identify as ‘she/her’ why call them wife instead of just having both as husbands. It makes me feel like they’re trying to make the relationship fit the ‘normal’ standards of traditional relationships. I feel awkward about it. But that’s a matter of personal taste. If you like it, then you do you boo! There’s no shame in liking something that makes you happy!


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  1. Ethereal Rainbow has spoken 8 months ago

    Thanks for the chapter! A lot of C authors show hetero like dynamics, which some might object to in RL of course, but it can be fun in a story. A not so silly questions for you: why should a wife be female only, or a husband male? Maybe it could be a type or role in a couple dynamic we are familiar with. It could be a fun way to redirect stereotypes instead of always fighting gender norms (which is exhausting after a while, prejudice is a too stubborn creature, sigh).

    • EuphoriaT has spoken 8 months ago

      That’s the thing, to me it feels like they’re emphasizing these stereotypes instead. It may be my own prejudice but I don’t perceive “husband” and “wife” as a role type of thing but instead a gender kinda like male or female, which again, personal opinion. Gender roles are an outdated societal construct that are molded to box individuals into specific positions within the relationship(personal opinion). And assigning the “female” role to the weaker/submissive partner feels like they’re advocating for these gender roles. Why not then refer to the dominant partner as the wife? I have no problem with a man performing traditionally “feminine” duties or a woman being “manly”. Because that’s just bullshit. In this day and age such small minded opinions shouldn’t exist. A man being a stay at home dad or liking to knit shouldn’t make them be perceived as the feminine one in the relationship. Why can’t they just be a man who knits or a woman who likes monster track racing. Because let’s be honest, these two terms aren’t exactly seen as gender neutral. But I guess in the end it’s a matter of perception. Whether you see “husband and wife” as gender roles or the gender itself. This long ass essay is my own opinion and does not reflect the facts. The couples I know, gay, don’t refer to each other as husband and wife just husband. So I guess that may also influence my opinion. I’m not going to speak on all relationships coz like you said, that may be their own dynamic. This opinion may be riddled with my own prejudices or narrow minded thoughts and should be taken with a grain of salt. Hope my word v*mit made a lick of sense. Cause my thoughts were running all over the place writing this and it feels like I just botched this.

      • Ethereal Rainbow has spoken 8 months ago

        Oh it makes perfect sense. I wish people were to do/be whatever they wanted without being labelled. Life would be so much easier.

        It’s couple’s right of course to be hubby & hubby or wifey & wifey. If insisting on the title is because duh, they’re a same sex couple, that’s who they are, end of story. Someone wanting to deny your existence or who you are is not ok.

        I’ve read a lot of modern themed stories where I was like, dude, they’re 2 husbands, it’s not rocket science. Then I remember culture is one complicated beast 😅. Just because a concept exists for me doesn’t necessarily mean that it translates to the person in front of me’s view of the world. So I can only hope that C society becomes more accepting of non hetero couples.

        But on the other side of the medal, I’ve seen a guy (in RL, in a gay relationship) say before “oh, I’m a total wifey” all embarrassed as if there was something wrong with that. Why should “feminine” for a guy or “masculine” for a girl be hurled as insults, sometimes even by other gay people. Let’s face it, so many activities or traits are associated with a specific gender still today. & it irks me to no end when someone is emasculated or denied their femininity for doing something associated with the opposite gender.

        So I guess, rather then being a rigid “those are 2 husbands” as I was before, I’ve gotten to a more fluid: “sister in law” is a concept more than a gender (you always have the companions of the MC/ML go on about that), & if a character enjoys being a wifey, no objections from me. I only bring out the red card for non-consent.

        I hope my own my own ramblings make sense.

        • EuphoriaT has spoken 8 months ago

          I totally get your pov. What may seem “weird” or “wrong” to someone could be a source of happiness to someone else. You don’t have to accept it just respect the other person’s choices. At the end of the day it boils down to people minding their own effing business. If something makes someone happy and does not cause you harm, then what’s the point of being so negative and bitter about it. So it seems I also have a lot to learn regarding this. It’s not all black and white but numerous shades of grey.


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