Entertainment Circle’s Mascot
Entertainment Circle’s Mascot: Chapter 75

The program had reached the point where Lian Qing and the tiny monk distributed pig trotters to each family member. Afterward, Lian Qing found two large baskets and put the tiny monk and the vegetables in separate baskets.

The little one considerately insisted on walking by himself, but Lian Qing’s words silenced everyone. He said that he wanted to spend more time with the little one while he was still young. Otherwise, when the child grew up, he would have the desire to carry and hold him, but lack the strength to do so.

Their conversation afterward moved everyone, whether it was the other people in the program or the viewers in real life.

[I hope you grow up safely and quickly, yet I’m afraid you’ll grow up too fast. I want to hug you more, spend more time with you, because I’m scared that when you grow up, I won’t be able to carry you anymore, and you won’t need me by your side…]

[I can’t take it anymore. Why did this parenting program suddenly become so emotional? My tears are flowing qwq.]

[I suddenly realized that this is the essence of a parenting program – companionship.]

[It really touches the heart. Every time I measure my daughter’s height, I hope she grows slower so that I can spend more time with her.]

[I miss my parents. No, I have to call them.]

[How does that song go? ‘Time, time, slow down a bit…’ Whether it’s about mature and sensible children or parents, it’s the same principle.]

[The little monk truly treats the little one as his son, otherwise, such genuine emotions wouldn’t come naturally.]

[As a daughter and a mother, I think I need to reflect on whether I’ve spent enough time accompanying my parents and children.]

[If we don’t spend more time together, children will grow up, and parents will grow old…]

[This is why I gave up a high-paying job and chose to stay in my hometown – children are young, and parents are old.]

The atmosphere in the hospital room became somewhat gloomy. Cheng Lan couldn’t sit still and stood up, saying, “My kids should be getting out of school. I’ll go pick them up. Little monk, take care of yourself. I’ll bring you some snacks next time.”

After saying these words, Cheng Lan bid farewell to Yu Wenning, Little Lian Sang, and Lian Qing, and then left.

Lian Qing, not understanding the situation, looked at Yu Wenning and asked, “Didn’t she say she had something important to discuss with me earlier?”

Yu Wenning gently touched his hair and softly replied, “It’s probably not something urgent.”

Lian Qing murmured quietly, “Yeah, what could be more important than the children at home?”

Yu Wenning’s hand paused for a moment as she turned to the computer screen. On the screen, the little monk sitting in the bamboo basket earnestly expressed his desire to grow up quickly, while Lian Qing, who carried him, said, “Be patient, no need to hurry.”

He thought somewhat sadly that not all parents prioritize their children. For example, his mother, who abandoned him and sought death because of his father’s infidelity. For example, his father, who took in mistresses and illegitimate children while his late wife’s body was still cold and allowed them to mistreat him, his legitimate son.

Not everyone is suited to be a parent, and not everyone is a qualified child.

Lian Qing didn’t notice the fleeting sadness in Yu Wenning’s expression because at that moment, the little monk had naturally nestled into his embrace and called out to him in his soft, childish voice, “Shixiong~”

“Hmm, what’s wrong?”

The little one shook his head. He felt a bit uneasy after watching the program, but his vocabulary was limited, and he couldn’t express it clearly. So he could only rely on instinct to get closer to his senior brother.

Lian Qing gently stroked his back, soothing him with each touch.

Yu Wenning looked at this pair of brothers and suddenly felt envious of Lian Sang, envious that this child had encountered a good parent.

But with a change of thought, he realized that his own luck was not bad either, having met a good wife. It was like a buy one, get one free deal, with the bonus of such an adorable child. He thought that perhaps all the misfortunes of his early life had accumulated until he met Lian Qing.

After a brief moment of tenderness, the program had progressed to the part where Lian Qing and the others were preparing to cook. When Little Lian Sang saw his senior brother enter the kitchen, he immediately pointed at the TV and said to Yu Wenning, “Yu gege, look, Shixiong is going to blow up the kitchen.”

Lian Qing: “…” Some things are best left unsaid. His shidi still didn’t understand!

Yu Wenning immediately abandoned those miscellaneous thoughts and focused on the computer screen. He was very curious about what his partner had done to actually blow up the kitchen.

At the same time, all of Lian Qing’s fans were filled with anticipation, and the barrage in the live chat was flying.

[I remember that Teacher Li Chengsi mentioned that Lian Qing blew up the kitchen and got food poisoning. Is this the part?]

[Definitely, can’t wait for the reaction.]

[High energy warning ahead!]

[The tiny monk is so well-behaved, helping with washing the vegetables and worrying about his senior brother at the same time.]

[Is this really a three-year-old baby? So well-behaved!]

[He actually closed the door! It’s just cooking! Fortunately, there’s a camera inside.]

[Wait, did the little monk forget to add water when cooking the pig trotters?]

[Yeah, it seems like he only used soy sauce and oil, without any other seasonings.]

[It looks like we have a case of dark cooking.]

[They even used a pressure cooker to cook rice. That thing is dangerous!]

[Blowing up the kitchen might be an exaggeration. It’s probably just the fire from the pig trotters without water being exaggerated…

Lian Qing silently covered his face, and after a while, he heard a loud “bang” sound coming from the computer. At the same time, he heard Yu Wenning muttering to himself, “It actually blew up…”

The tiny monk clapped his hands and said, “Shixiong’s skills are amazing. He jumped onto the roof in an instant.”

Lian Qing: “Ha… Hahaha…”

That subtle feeling of being mocked… He quietly opened his eyes and glanced at the barrage. Sure enough, it was filled with laughter.

[They actually blew it up! Puhahaha…]

[I guess the pressure cooker was shaking too much when they picked it up.]

[Thank goodness the little monk can climb like a monkey and instantly jumped onto the roof. LOL.]

[I was worried and scared, but now I can’t stop laughing. What’s going on? Hahaha…]

[Puhahaha… The staff members are so cute. They were in a rush and kicked the door.]

[The little monk sitting outside covered in soot looks so pitiful, like a little beggar. Hahaha…]

[Teacher Li was right, he looks like a little beggar. LOL.]

[The devilish editing even gave him a broken bowl in front of him!]

[Ahahaha… What the hell? So, instead of being scared by the explosion, he’s upset because he has to pay for it?!]

[After worrying about the money, he finally remembers the pig trotters. Hahaha…]

[He’s totally panicked!]

]Oh, I can’t take it anymore. I’m laughing so hard my stomach hurts… This pair of little monks is my fountain of joy. 666.]

Yu Wenning said seriously to Lian Qing, “You better not enter the kitchen in the future.”

Lian Qing blinked his eyes and said, “This was an accident.”

Yu Wenning smiled subtly.

Lian Qing said, “…Well, anyway, with you around, I probably won’t enter the kitchen much.”

The tiny monk in his arms shook his head and said, “Shixiong, your cooking is actually not tasty at all.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he received a knock from his senior brother. Holding onto his slightly sore head, the little one muttered softly, “Stinky Shixiong.”

Lian Qing, the stinky shixiong, quickly encountered the biggest black mark in his life during the show—food poisoning.

In the program, he miserably squatted on the kitchen floor, peeling the charred pig trotters and eating them. His pitiful appearance made netizens flood the screen with laughter and “high-energy alerts.”

Next, the program cut to the middle of the night, with lights turned on in Lian Qing’s room and a weak moaning sound.

When Lian Qing lay weakly on the rocking chair and was diagnosed with food poisoning by a doctor, the barrage was filled with insane laughter.

[Why is it so funny that it’s funnier than feeling sorry!]

[I’m laughing so hard that I guess I must be a fake fan. LOL.]

[The little monk poisoned himself. Puhahaha…]

[The little monk is crying so much that I almost think he can’t handle it anymore. Hahaha…]

[Sorry, I can’t stop laughing. LOL.]

Lian Qing: “…” Fine, now he has embarrassed himself on the entire internet.

He was already in such a miserable state, but Yu Wenning still didn’t let him off the hook, saying seriously, “Will you dare to do it again in the future?”

“I won’t dare.” Lian Qing honestly replied. Just for that bite of meat, he had gone through so much trouble, lost several kilograms, and had to follow a restricted diet for days. It was such a loss!

Seeing him so earnest, Yu Wenning’s expression softened a bit. When he saw Lian Qing the next day, although he looked weak, he was far from how he appeared in the program, as if he had only a breath left.

Just by looking at him like this, Yu Wenning couldn’t laugh like the fans did. Instead, he felt a pang of heartache and some regret that he hadn’t gone earlier.

The tiny monk, seeming a bit scared, leaned against his senior brother and said seriously, “Shixiong, don’t get sick anymore, okay?”

Every time Lian Qing got sick or injured, he would be very afraid and sad.

How could he be the one to decide such matters! Lian Qing helplessly touched the little one’s bald head and said softly, “Okay. Xiao San’er, you have to promise Shixiong to take good care of your health and not get sick or injured, okay?”

“Okay!” The little guy responded loudly and then looked at Yu Wenning. “You too, Yu gege!”

Yu Wenning was momentarily stunned but then nodded with a smile.

Lian Qing looked at him and smiled warmly. Then he looked at the screen, remembering that Yu Wenning had replaced him to participate in the program recording, and he wondered what he and Lian Sang had done.

Soon, he found out the answer from the program.

The program team first arranged for them to find ways to earn money on the streets and then use the money to buy small gifts for the few left-behind children in the village.

Other dads followed the program team’s suggestions and went to the village craftsmen to make small handicrafts to sell, or they went to pick some fruits to sell in the small town outside the village.

Due to taking care of Lian Qing, Yu Wenning fell behind and couldn’t go with everyone in the beginning. However, he wasn’t one to fall behind. Seeing that time was running out, he borrowed two fishing rods from the villagers and took the little monk to the nearest riverbank to fish.

Lian Qing watched him sitting by the riverbank with his Shidi, motionless for a good half a minute, and asked in confusion, “Is the internet frozen?”

As soon as he said that, he realized it wasn’t the case because the screen showed a comment saying, “This isn’t a still image! They’ve been like this, not moving for over ten minutes.”

Lian Qing couldn’t help but laugh, and many netizens who saw that comment couldn’t resist making jokes.

[I thought my phone froze!]

[Although Mr. Yu is handsome, I still have to ask—Are you here to be funny?]

[Are they serious about not moving for so long? Hahaha.]

[I feel like Mr. Yu’s composure and calmness have infected the tiny monk. It’s the first time I’ve seen a child stay still for over ten minutes.]

[I almost smashed my phone because of this. Hahaha.]

The program team probably didn’t hold back anymore and fast-forwarded to over ten minutes later. Yu Wenning, with no catch, picked up the tiny monk with one hand and exclaimed, “Looks like there are no fish in this river. Let’s go.”

Lian Qing laughed, “Hahaha… Blaming the river for not catching any fish… Big brother, you’re so funny, hahaha…”

The tiny monk giggled secretly, “Yu gege, you’re so funny.”

Yu Wenning: “…” He had only wanted to give himself an excuse at that time.

Unfortunately, the program team zoomed in on the river behind them, showing that there were indeed fish swimming in it…

They completely demolished his excuse, and Lian Qing laughed even harder. Netizens didn’t hold back either, and the barrage of comments quickly covered Yu Wenning’s serious face.

[The sexy and charming river, online clarification: There really are fish here!]

[Xiu’er, is that you? 233]

[Please, give some face to President Yu in front of us, hhh]

[Be careful, President Yu might just buy all the fish in a fit of anger… Hahaha…]

[President Yu: It wasn’t easy for me to find an excuse for myself!]

[The tiny monk actually believed it and nodded, hahaha…]

[It seems that people who have a good relationship with the little monk each have their own cute points, 233]

Lian Qing grabbed Yu Wenning’s big hand and placed it on his own belly, laughing while signaling him to rub his belly, which was hurting from laughing.

Yu Wenning, feeling helpless, rubbed Lian Qing’s belly while watching himself on the show, empty-handed, taking the tiny monk to the town.

Then, Yu Wenning calmly found a music store and asked the shopkeeper to lend him a guitar. After that, he took the little monk to an open space and, standing there, placed the guitar case in front of him and started playing the guitar.

The tiny monk, excited, said, “Yu gege, I can sing. Can I accompany you?”

The Yu Wenning in the show had a smile in his eyes and said, “Sure, what will you sing?”

“I don’t remember the title, but I’ve heard Shixiong sing it many times. It starts like this: Let’s row the oars together~~”

Yu Wenning: “…”

He actually let the tiny monk sing that song and played the guitar as an accompaniment.

With the smooth and pleasant guitar sound, the bright and adorable voice of the tiny monk filled the air. This outstanding duo attracted countless passersby to stop and many people put money into their guitar case.

Yu Wenning would always thank people, while the tiny monk sang without saying thank you, but he bowed to them each time, never stopping his singing.

From “Let’s Row the Oars Together” to “There’s Only a Good Shifu in the World,” the tiny monk practically sang all the songs his shixiong had taught him—an impressive total of five songs.

[So adorable, exploding with cuteness~!]

[It’s so adorable, ahhh!]

[Xiao shidi is indeed the child brought up by his shixiong, haha!]

[I’m laughing like crazy, hahaha… What’s up with the guitar accompanying all sorts of children’s songs?]

[In the world, only the Shifu is good. It feels a bit heart-wrenching to listen to this song…]

[Xiao Shidi doesn’t have a mother, so when being taught by Little Monk, they replaced ‘mother’ with ‘Shifu.’ It’s both sad and amusing.]

[Mr. Yu spoils Xiao shidi so much! You can tell he originally wanted to play popular music on the guitar, but then…]

[The older one is handsome, the younger one is cute and polite. If I were there, I would give them money! Anything they want!]

[Hahaha… Am I the only one who finds this scene oddly fascinating?]

[The CEO is playing the guitar, and the monk is singing. What a world we live in, hahaha!]

[Picking up Xiao Shidi and sprinting!]

Looking at this scene, Lian Qing found it amusing and heartwarming. He looked at Yu Wenning and asked, “You can play the guitar too?”

Yu Wenning smiled and nodded, “I can play several instruments. When I was abroad, I often earned some living expenses by playing instruments.”

Lian Qing’s smile slowly faded, and he suddenly remembered what someone else had told him about Wenning being “exiled” to study abroad by his father when he was young. If it was an “exile,” he couldn’t expect his father or anyone else in that family to remember to provide Wenning with living expenses or even tuition fees.

Seeing the skilled performance on the show and Wenning’s street performance, Lian Qing’s eyes reddened with pity.

Yu Wenning immediately noticed that something was wrong with him and quickly understood the sudden melancholic mood and teary eyes.

He gently held Lian Qing’s hand and softly said, “When we have free time, I’ll play those instruments for you.”

Lian Qing forced a smile and hooked his lips, “Okay.”

Tiny Monk couldn’t stand being left out,

 “I want to listen too!”

Yu Wenning touched his head and smiled, “Sure, when the time comes, I’ll also ask you to sing.”

The little guy happily smiled and nodded vigorously. He loves singing, and his shixiong said he sings really well, hehe.

In the program, after returning the guitar, Yu Wenning took Lian Snag to buy some gifts suitable for left-behind children, such as comic books, storybooks, exercise books, and other items. Of course, at the suggestion of the little one, he also bought some candies.

The little one was too young and thought candies were better than the books. So, naturally, he wanted to give the older brothers and sisters in the village better things. This was an innocent gesture from a child, and Yu Wenning didn’t discourage him.

The following content of the program was about all the fathers gathering and participating in a water race to earn dinner.

It was at this moment that Lian Qing appeared on the screen, sitting in a wheelchair with a sunshade over his head. Without understanding the situation, when he heard his Shidi saying he would cheer for Yu Wenning, he immediately shouted without hesitation.

In the end, due to physical weakness, Lian Qing couldn’t shout anymore. He resorted to a little trick and had Xiao shidi bring the director’s megaphone. With the support of the megaphone, he cheered for Yu Wenning.

[Hahaha… That familiar mischievous move!]

[Did you see the shocked faces of Li Lele and the other kids? Hahaha!]

[The voices of the children were completely drowned out: Xiao Shixiong is shameless.]

[Suddenly, I feel like this parent-child program isn’t about Little Monk bringing Xiao Shidi, but about Yu Wenning bringing two little monks, hahaha!]

[Little Monk is so naughty, bullying the kids, hahaha…]

[I’m laughing so much, I’m going bald, 666!]

[These two brothers are toxic, hahaha…]

Afterward, Yu Wenning won the competition. When it was time to choose dishes, Lian Qing got excited and shouted for him to choose meat. But he was cruelly reminded by Li Chengsi that even if he chose meat, he could only drink porridge.

Suddenly, Lian Qing slouched in his wheelchair, while netizens burst into laughter again. When Little Lian Sang was asked what he wanted to eat and gave almost the same answer as his senior brother, everyone laughed even harder, and the barrage of comments on the screen piled up. If it hadn’t been set to semi-transparent earlier, at this point, the audience probably couldn’t see the video content anymore.

At dinner, the family of three sat at the table. Lian Qing had plain congee, while the other two enjoyed rice with various meats and vegetables, especially sumptuous.

[Look at Little Monk’s pitiful expression, hahaha!]

[Oh my, Mr. Yu is really talented! The food looks so delicious!]

[More than that, I’m starting to suspect that Mr. Yu secretly has a crush on Little Monk. Throughout the show, he’s been incredibly gentle and affectionate.]

[Little Monk in 0s: I can see it but can’t eat it. It’s so painful!]

[This strong sense of a family of three, hahaha!]

[Actually, when Little Monk was by the riverside earlier, the three of them were chatting and laughing among themselves. I already had this feeling.]

[I bet they have a special relationship. Otherwise, why would Mr. Yu, a powerful CEO, come all the way to help record such a small program?]

[The truth is coming out! Let’s count all the things Mr. Yu has done for Little Monk… tsk!]

[Flickering between the QingNing CP and the WenQing CP.]

[Upstairs, Welcome to the WenQing CP!]

The program ended against the backdrop of a peaceful night sky.

Lian Qing still felt a bit unsatisfied and said, “So, you had so much fun while I was away.”

Fishing, street performances, and water-based challenges all seemed like a lot of fun. Unfortunately, it seems that a considerable portion of the program was cut and not fully shown.

Yu Wenning smiled and said, “Would you like to see a more detailed version? I can get the complete version that only includes the three of us.”

Lian Qing’s eyes lit up, “Yes, please!”

So, not long after, the family started watching the exclusive version provided by Yu Wenning, tailored specifically for their family of three.

That night, Cheng Lan finally remembered something she hadn’t mentioned yet and called Lian Qing.


The original song tiny monk sings is called Only Mother is Good in the World. It’s a Chinese nursery rhyme. Listen to it here. The other one is the Chinese version of Row Row Row Your Boat. Listen to it here.


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